Chapter 17 – Adding blood to light the lamp

"Why aren't you lighting the wick?"


The old lady looked surprised to see that neither Jiang Hong nor Sima Mu had lit their wicks.


"Aren't you afraid of death?"


"Look, it's shrinking! Shrinking!"


A young man with glasses excitedly pointed out the shrinking Buddha statue on his back as he lit his wick.


The dim light didn't give off much heat, but the Buddha on his back began to shrink as if it were melting in the sun.


The others breathed a sigh of relief and began lighting their own wicks with their lighters.




Lin Baici shouted and grabbed Sima Mu's wrist. "Let's see what happens first!"


"What's there to see? The statue is shrinking in the light, doesn't that mean the oil lamp works?" someone asked.


"Shrinking doesn't mean it will disappear!" Lin Baici replied. "And there's another problem. The oil lamp only has one wick and no oil. How long can it stay lit?"


The man with glasses trembled as he realized his wick was burning too quickly.


"Lin, you're the one with a sharp mind!" Sima Mu wiped the sweat from his forehead.


Jiang Hong felt the heat from his lighter and was scared.


"Don't scare me, we don't need oil!" the man with glasses stuttered as he tried to scare the Buddha statue away with the lamp. But it didn't work.


In less than a minute, the wick burned out and the Buddha on his back grew seven or eight times larger.


"Help me!" the man with glasses panicked.


"Get another lamp!" Lin Baici urged.


The man with glasses ran to the wooden rack to get another lamp, and the others followed suit. But even with a new lamp, the Buddha statue continued to grow.


Suddenly, the Buddha on the man with glasses' back opened its mouth and bit his throat, tearing out a piece of his windpipe and flesh.


The man fell to the ground, unable to make a sound, as the Buddha statue began to devour him.


The others who had lit their wicks suffered the same fate when their lamps went out, and their Buddha statues began to grow and attack, consuming their flesh.


This terrifying and bloody scene sent shivers down everyone's spine."Everyone, go search and see if there's any lamp oil?" Jiang Hong shouted.


A chaotic scene ensued.


Jin Yingzhen saw this and suddenly understood why Lin Baici didn't take out the lighter.


If one takes out a lighter but doesn't light the wick, and instead waits for others to do it first, it would seem too scheming.


In the eyes of others, Lin Baici was still the innocent and kind student.


Only Jin Yingzhen knew how meticulous he was. He not only considered the consequences of every action but also shaped his personal image.


Now, the impact of Jiang's words was probably not as great as Lin Baici's.


He had money, but Lin Oppa could lead everyone to survive!


"We can't find any lamp oil!"


The tourists had searched several times but found nothing. They were afraid as the Buddha statue on their backs grew bigger.


Lin Baici had already considered the lack of lamp oil and looked for a substitute.


"Are we going to use human oil?"


Jiang Hong suddenly spoke, startling Hua Yueyu.


"What did you say?"


Hua Yueyu had heard him clearly, but the consequences were unimaginable.


"Human oil, to light the lamp. Haven't you heard of it?"


Jiang Hong covered his mouth and lowered his voice. "We might have to use human oil to pass this level!"


Jiang Hong couldn't think of any other way to get lamp oil.


Jin Yingzhen, the old lady, and Xiao Li were already pale at the thought of that horrifying image.


"You…you're just guessing. What if human oil doesn't work?"


Hua Yueyu retorted.


"If it doesn't work, we'll think of something else. This thing is getting bigger, and we don't have much time left!" Jiang Hong said, willing to kill to survive. He looked at Lin Baici. "What about you?"


"No way!" Lin Baici refused directly.


If they had to kill for oil, he would live with a psychological shadow for the rest of his life.


"Okay, if my plan works, don't come begging me later!" Jiang Hong said decisively and immediately gathered a group of strong men who could fight.


"This guy is scum," Hua Yueyu thought Jiang Hong was too inhumane.


Lin Baici didn't give up. He observed the oil lamp.


The patterns on it were beautiful.


[A bronze oil lamp, no matter how exquisite it is, cannot be eaten. What's the use of it?]


Lin Baici was almost annoyed by this comment from the Gourmet God. Always talking about food, couldn't he say something important?


[In the cold night, with all sounds silenced, adding blood to light the lamp, the Buddha's light shines forever. Eating a vegetarian meal in this environment would have a unique flavor!]


The Gourmet God's words made Lin Baici think.


"Adding blood to light the lamp?" Lin Baici caught a keyword.


Could it be that this oil lamp was not using lamp oil but fresh blood?


With this thought, Lin Baici drew the machete from his waist, cut his finger, and began to drip blood into the oil lamp.




The crimson blood dripped into the bronze lamp, creating ripples.


"What are you doing?" Hua Yueyu didn't understand.


Besides her, Xiao Li, Jin Yingzhen, Xu Xiu, the old lady, Sima Mu, Zhang Ju mother and daughter, and fifty other people followed Lin Baici.No one noticed that when Lin Baici added blood to the lamp, the dark Buddha on the altar suddenly opened its eyes and glanced at him.


"Uncle, lend me a lighter!"


Lin Baici saw that the lamp was filled with fresh blood and was about to stop, but he heard a voice in his mind.


[Once filled, it can burn for three years.]


What does that mean?


Lin Baici frowned.


He didn't want to bleed anymore. Although the lotus bud lamp was small, it would probably take 200cc of blood to fill it.


But if it wasn't filled, what if the lamp couldn't hold on until that thing disappeared…


Lin Baici turned his head and looked at the dozens of bodies that had been gnawed by the Buddha infants, suddenly gritting his teeth.


Just some blood, he could find a chicken to replenish it when he got out.


"Lin brother, what are you doing…"


Sima Mu wanted to say, if you find anything, don't come by yourself, use the cannon fodder first. Otherwise, if you die, what will we do?


Lin Baici took the lighter and lit the wick.




The light was small, but the warmth was comforting.


"Shrinking! Shrinking!"


The old lady exclaimed happily.


"Jiang Hong, blood can replace lamp oil!"


Lin Baici shouted.


The tourists gathered around.




Jiang Hong came to Lin Baici's side.


He had already convinced eight people.


"See for yourself!"


Lin Baici held the lamp in one hand and the torch in the other. Unlike the panicked crowd, he remained calm.


The wick burned, and the Buddha infant on Lin Baici's shoulder had completely shrunk behind him, not wanting to be exposed to any light.


Even so, its body was gradually decreasing.


"It seems to work!"


A young man with a hooked nose behind Jiang Hong spat, "Do we have to use our own blood?"


Everyone was taken aback.


"As you just saw, each person can only take one lamp. If you use someone else's blood and stain the lamp, what if the wick doesn't light?" Lin Baici retorted.


Jin Yingzhen secretly praised his wit.


This hooked nose guy was obviously stubborn and hard to persuade, but with this retort, he became cautious. After all, no one dared to gamble with their own life.


Except for Jiang Hong and the hooked nose guy, some people also thought about using someone else's blood as lamp oil, but Lin Baici's retort made them give up the idea.


"Let's play it safe!"


The hooked nose guy took out a switchblade and cut his finger.


"It's better to fill the lamp at once!"


Lin Baici reminded loudly.


"Do we have to fill it up? It hurts!"


Hua Yueyu cried.


"Don't you do this every month? Haven't you gotten used to it?" Sima Mu teased.


Because of the pressure of the Buddha infant, everyone moved quickly, and even fought for the lighter and knife.


After some fuss, everyone added blood and lit the lamps."Quick, help me check if this ghost thing on my back has gotten smaller?"


"It works! This method works!"


"Young man, you're really amazing!"


"Don't call me young man, that's impolite. Call me handsome!"


As they watched the hunched over Buddha infant shrink and survive, the tourists' moods relaxed slightly.


Lin Baici didn't care about these discussions. He only wanted to find the divine remains and destroy them to make this God's Ruins collapse. Otherwise, they wouldn't have enough lives to spare.


"It seems like there won't be any more problems!"


Just as Sima Mu finished speaking, he heard a girl scream.


"Why is my blood burning so fast?"

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