Chapter 14 – Three Difficulties Before Buddha

In the main hall, the lighting was dim, and there was a creepy atmosphere.

The dark Buddha was so eye-catching that everyone saw it. A few timid tourists were still wondering if they should kneel down and kowtow to the Buddha first.

“Move forward!”

“Kneel and bow!”

“Pay respect to the Buddha!”

The dark Buddha, which looked like it was made of brass, spoke concisely and authoritatively.

The tourists were restless and didn’t know what to do.

“Baici, should we kowtow first?”

The old lady was afraid, “It’s just kowtowing, it won’t hurt!”

“Let’s kowtow first!”

Sima Mu also agreed.

“Oppa, the rule contamination should have started. I just don’t know what the deadly effect is?”

Jin Yingzhen felt that the imposing Buddha was so terrifying that kowtowing alone wouldn’t solve the problem.

When there were too many people, there would be a herd mentality.

More than 800 tourists were watching each other.

Kowtowing was not the problem. The main concern was that accidents might occur if they kowtowed first.

The Buddha snorted coldly when it saw that no one moved.

A spark flew out of its two thick nostrils, and then scattered like fireflies in the summer, falling down.


When Lin Baici heard this, he quickly moved to the corner.

“Step back!”

Lin Baici reminded Jin Yingzhen and the others. In fact, everyone acted instinctively to dodge these sparks.

One spark after another fell and suddenly accelerated, flying onto the nearest person’s forehead.


A small flame ignited on their forehead.

“What is this?”

“It’s a little hot!”

“What should we do now?”

These tourists who were marked by the sparks panicked.

“Don’t hesitate. You might die. Go and kowtow to the Buddha!”

A middle-aged man with short hair anxiously roared.

He didn’t have any sparks on his forehead, which meant that he wanted these people to go first. If it was dangerous, they would be the first to step on it.

The tourists heard this and didn’t dare to delay. They quickly ran to the Buddha and knelt down to kowtow.

“Bodhisattva bless!”

“May Buddha have mercy!”

“I am a good person and have never done anything wrong. Please spare me!”

The tourists kowtowed, prayed, and many promised to offer incense.

The Buddha held its cheek in its palm and looked at these people expressionlessly, suddenly revealing a grim smile.

“Those who disrespect the Buddha shall die!”

As the word “die” fell, those tourists with sparks on their forehead met their doom.The spark burst with a pop, igniting their hair and causing them to burn like candles. The fire spread rapidly, engulfing their entire bodies in an instant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The temple was suddenly filled with so many “torches,” dispelling much of the darkness, but the surviving tourists felt like they were in an ice cave and became even colder.

The old lady and Hua Yueyu hugged Lin Baici’s arm, trembling.

The seventy-five unlucky ones who were lit up screamed, wailed, and called for help…

They ran around like headless flies, but after only a dozen seconds, they fell to the ground and were burned to death.

The corpses turned into black charcoal emitting a burnt smell in the air.

Ew! Ew!

Many people vomited.



“Bow to Buddha!”

The Dark Buddha spoke again.

This time, everyone didn’t dare to be careless. Except for a few cats still standing, everyone else knelt down and kowtowed to the Buddha.

“Baici, kneel down quickly!”

The old lady saw that Lin Baici didn’t kneel and pulled him.

“Lin Ge, don’t worry about your face, saving your life is more important.”

Gu Ge urged.

Regardless of whether it was useful or not, they kowtowed first.

The tourists bowed down, but the Buddha was not satisfied. It snorted again, and a spark shot out of its nostrils.

Everyone had witnessed the horror of this thing. With a swoosh, they anxiously dodged and pushed each other to try to use others as human shields.

The speed of the spark was fast, and its flight path was irregular, making it difficult to dodge.

It was purely a matter of luck.

Another sixty-odd unlucky ones were attached by the sparks to their foreheads.

“Lin…Lin Ge!”

The photographer cried.

He was unlucky and had a spark burning on his forehead.

“Bowing is not enough. We need to quickly find the correct way to worship the Buddha!”

Lin Baici analyzed while asking the Gourmet God in his mind what to do.

However, the mysterious voice did not reply.

“It seems that we can only rely on ourselves!”

Lin Baici began to save himself and called on everyone, “Don’t waste time here, quickly search the temple carefully and see if there are any clues!”

In the Great Dharma Temple, apart from the Dark Buddha enshrined on the front altar, there were eighteen small altars on each side.

If Lin Baici guessed correctly, those should be the positions of the eighteen Arhat monks who had rushed out earlier.

Behind these two side altars were a row of purple-lacquered wooden frames, each holding a row of unlit bronze oil lamps.The main hall was paved with blue stones, smooth as a mirror, with scriptures engraved all over it. The dome was too high to see clearly.

The walls around were decorated with colorful murals.

There were images of the Buddha descending to earth to save all beings;

There were devout men and women praying and reciting sutras;

There were incense burning brightly, and the Buddha shining forever…

Even the inconspicuous weeds on these murals were carved vividly, and the expressions of every believer were lifelike.

“There’s nothing in this hall!”

Many people couldn’t find any clues and became hopeless.

Lin Baici looked around and then back at the mural on the left wall.

A group of devout men and women sat on cushions, reciting sutras and worshipping.

“Do we have to recite sutras?”

Hua Yueyu also noticed this and her eyes lit up.

“Does anyone know how to recite sutras? Quickly recite a few passages!”

The middle-aged man with short hair shouted.

“I…I know!”

An old man stood up. He was old and sick, and started to believe in Buddhism in order to live longer.

There was a Guanyin statue in his house, and he had to recite a passage every day.

“What are we waiting for? Hurry up!”

The middle-aged man urged.

The old man knelt down, put his hands together, and began to recite the sutras in a low voice.

Everyone held their breath and watched him.

The Black Buddha in the darkness listened.

“It seems to work?”

The tourists were excited.

The old man glanced at the Black Buddha, thinking he had passed, and was about to breathe a sigh of relief when the Buddha spoke.

“Wild dogs barking, noisy!”

The Buddha was impatient and raised his left hand, pressing it in the air!

A black Buddha palm condensed from light suddenly appeared more than ten meters above the old man’s head and then quickly slapped down.


Dust flew up, and blood and flesh splattered.

When the black Buddha palm disappeared, there was only a mass of flesh and blood smeared on the blue stone.

The old man was dead, and his bones were gone!

Many people saw this scene and their scalps tingled. Couldn’t they recite sutras?

The Black Buddha swept around.

The tourists with sparks on their foreheads were frightened and bowed even harder. Two of them even self-harmed to show their devotion to the Buddha.

But unfortunately, it was useless.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Sparks burst and ignited them.


The photographer looked at Hua Yueyu with reluctance. He knew he was going to die and wanted to confess, but he didn’t finish his words before he was ignited.

“Gu Ge!”Hua Yueyu was in a bad mood. Gu Ge was a good man and a good partner who took his photography seriously, didn’t smoke or drink, but he died in a place like this.



“Pay respects to Buddha!”

The giant Buddha spoke in a cold voice.

“If you want us to pay respects to Buddha, then tell us what to do!” someone shouted angrily.

The Buddha ignored him and snorted again, emitting a spark from his nostrils.


The tourists hurriedly retreated. Now everyone knew that if they touched this thing, they would die.

The sparks exploded like a meteor shower, landing on the foreheads of some people.

At this moment, regardless of status, wealth, or appearance, luck was all that mattered.

A spark passed by Hua Yueyu and landed on Jin Yingzhen’s forehead.

“Oppa…” Jin Yingzhen panicked.

“Don’t give up!” Lin Baici encouraged her, his gaze wandering over the murals while he recalled what happened after the Buddha allowed everyone to enter the temple and pay respects to Buddha.

“Kneeling, copying scriptures, burning incense, offering tribute, reciting sutras…reciting sutras?” Lin Baici had a sudden realization.

Reciting sutras must be a way to pay respects to Buddha, but the Buddha was not satisfied, was it because he couldn’t understand it?

Lin Baici looked down at the scriptures written in a language he didn’t recognize on the stone floor and remembered the chanting that had sounded in the Daxiong Baodian at the beginning.

None of it was in Chinese.

“Yingzhen, follow me and recite a passage of scripture!” Lin Baici quickly opened his backpack, took out the black alms bowl, muttered “drink porridge” twice, and took out the herbal cushion.

Hua Yueyu was surprised to see this, but if it were any other time, she would have asked what he was doing. But now that people were dying, she had no interest: “Reciting sutras won’t help, Baici!”

“Not necessarily!” Lin Baici walked towards the Buddha. “Hurry up!”

Jin Yingzhen quickly followed.

Lin Baici placed the herbal cushion, had Jin Yingzhen kneel on it, and began reciting the scripture.

Thank you for listening!

After hearing it once, he remembered the passage.

Jin Yingzhen repeated each sentence as Lin Baici recited it, and her memory was enhanced by the power of the alms bowl.

Some tourists walked around the hall, not giving up on finding clues, while a few gave up and lay down.

They watched Jin Yingzhen reciting sutras and thought she was wasting her time.

The old man had already proven with his life that reciting sutras was useless.”Rather than being beaten into a pile of meat, I’d rather be burned to death!” the old lady grumbled.

Soon, people realized that something was wrong. The Buddha did not kill anyone. It was listening to the girl with the egg-shaped face chanting, and the murderous expression on its face had also softened.

Five minutes passed.

Jin Yingzhen finished chanting and looked at the Buddha nervously.

“Step back!”

The Buddha waved its hand, and the spark on Jin Yingzhen’s forehead burst with a snap and disappeared.

“I’m alive! I’m alive!”

Jin Yingzhen jumped up excitedly, hugged Lin Baici like a koala, and kissed him fiercely.

“Oppa, you’re my superhero!”

Jin Yingzhen was full of gratitude towards Lin Baici for saving her life again.

“Can chanting save lives?”

“Then why was that old man killed?”

“It seems like they were chanting different scriptures!”

The tourists gathered around Lin Baici, wanting to inquire about what had happened.

Everyone could see that this girl, who looked like a member of a Korean girl group, was able to survive solely because of this big guy.

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