Chapter 15 – Reciting scriptures in front of painted walls

"I'm alive!", The old auntie breathed a sigh of relief.


"What scripture were you reciting?"


The middle-aged man with short hair pushed through the crowd and came to Lin Baici.


"Teach us, please?"


The tourists with sparks in their foreheads were getting more and more anxious.


"When the temple door opened just now, didn't we hear a recitation? I had her recite that!"


Lin Baici informed the crowd.


"I see!"


The tourists suddenly understood.


"You actually remembered it all?", Hua Yueyu was shocked. What kind of godly memory was this?


"That's amazing!"


"Don't just stand there with sparks in your forehead, hurry and kneel in front of the Buddha with this handsome guy and recite the scripture!"


The middle-aged man took charge.


From the current situation, everyone had to rely on this student to survive. But he couldn't be forced to help others, so it all depended on his mood. That's why the middle-aged man wanted to hear him recite the scripture again and quickly wrote it down.


The unlucky ones immediately knelt in front of the Buddha and looked anxiously at Lin Baici.


"Listen carefully…"


Lin Baici didn't mind, it was just a matter of reciting it again.


Everyone stumbled through the recitation, like people who had never learned English trying to follow along as the teacher read a short passage in English…


It was too difficult.


Even if Lin Baici paused after every sentence, there were still people who couldn't keep up, and many people didn't pronounce the words correctly.


The Dark Buddha listened for a few sentences, and his brow furrowed.


Was this a scripture recitation for paying respects to the Buddha?


This was clearly a bunch of mosquitoes buzzing around, which was ruining this passage of scripture.




These unlucky people were ignited by the sparks in their foreheads and quickly turned into charcoal.


At this point, there were already over a hundred bodies lying in the temple, which was very frightening.


"Why were they killed again?", Zhang Ju tightly hugged her daughter, completely confused.


"It should be because they didn't recite it correctly!", Sima Mu said, "If I heard this kind of recitation, I would want to hit someone too."


The middle-aged man with short hair listened carefully for a few sentences, but found that he couldn't understand or remember it. This made him wonder how the pretty girl did it, because no matter how he looked at her, she didn't seem like a study god.


The middle-aged man's gaze fell on the cushion that Jin Yingzhen was holding.


Could it be related to this thing?


"Come forward!"




"Pay respects to the Buddha!"


The Dark Buddha urged, humming again and spitting out sparks.


It was the fourth group.




Everyone's gaze turned to Lin Baici.


Lin Baici didn't take the initiative, but this time, the sparks spewed out by the Buddha drifted to his forehead, and Hua Yueyu didn't dodge either.


"Kneel on the cushion and recite with me!"


Lin Baici had the female anchor hold the fragrant cushion and quickly prepared.In order to hear more clearly, the tourists wanted to get closer to Lin Baici, so some people pushed and cursed, and even started fighting.


Hua Yueyu was very nervous, worried that she wouldn't remember, but she quickly realized that she was overthinking it.


She could remember Lin Baici's strange pronunciation after hearing it once.


"Was I always this smart?"Hua Yueyu was amazed.


"Don't get distracted!"


Lin Baici warned her.


Hua Yueyu immediately straightened her back and tried to pronounce every word correctly. She didn't snap out of it until Lin Baici's voice stopped, and then she finished reciting.


She then looked up at the giant Buddha, waiting for the verdict.


"You two, step back!"


When Hua Yueyu heard this, she excitedly raised her small fist.




"Baici, thank you!"


Hua Yueyu's eyes were filled with tears.


The other sixty-plus tourists with sparkling eyebrows were panicked. The dark Buddha didn't mention them, obviously dissatisfied.


"Handsome guy, help us!"


Before they could ask for help, the sparks ignited them.


There were casualties everywhere!


The smell of burnt flesh was spreading.


"It's definitely related to that cushion!"


The middle-aged man with short hair didn't care about the burned people and rushed to Lin Baici in a few steps.


"Hello, I'm Jiang Hong, the boss of Hongji Real Estate. I'll give you ten million. When it's my turn to offer incense, can you lend me this cushion?"


The middle-aged man got straight to the point.


In fact, more than ten tourists had also noticed the vanilla cushion and wanted to borrow it, but Jiang Hong's name and ten million directly suppressed them.


The middle-aged man was very confident when he said this.


Hongji Real Estate is the leading enterprise in Guangqing City, and Jiang Hong himself is the richest man in the city. His reputation is huge. Who wouldn't give him face?


Ten million, enough to knock down that boy?


But this money cannot be given in cash. Two sets of houses will be used to offset it at market price. It's the most cost-effective.


Jiang Hong thought the other party would agree.


"Ten million?"


Lin Baici looked at the middle-aged man.


So this is the heartless businessman that his uncle mentioned?


"Since you have money, why don't you finish building your company's abandoned building?"


Seven years ago, his uncle's family bought a Hongji Real Estate house for his son's wedding, but it's still an abandoned building without a roof. It's said that many people can't move into their new homes and still have to pay their mortgages every month, which is a scam.


Jiang Hong didn't feel embarrassed at all and pointed out to Lin Baici in an elder's tone, "You don't understand business!"


"Baici, I can come up with two million in cash. Please help me!"


Old Aunt Xu Xiu was sincere and wanted to use this money to save her life. She was now very afraid of being in the same group as Jiang Hong.


"I'll also give money, one million. Can I reserve a spot?"


"I don't have that much cash, but I have a villa. Once we get out of here, I'll transfer it to you!"


"I'll give you half of the profits from my canned food factory every year!"


Some wealthy people started bidding, trying to offer prices that would impress Lin Baici and make him help them first, but most of the people were poor and remained silent.


A monthly salary of three to four thousand yuan left them with no qualifications to compete.


"Don't worry, Xu Auntie, I'll help if I can!"


Lin Baici comforted her.




"Bow to Buddha!"


The Dark Buddha yawned and this time, he emitted a large spark that engulfed over two hundred people.


The little girl and her mother Zhang Ju, the old auntie, Jiang Hong, and Xiao Li all had sparks attached to their eyebrows.




Jiang Hong cursed, laughing and continuing to persuade Lin Baici, "Little brother, help us out. I'll remember this favor for a lifetime!"


"Brother Hunger God!"


The little girl saw Lin Baici looking at her and waved her small hand.


"Handsome guy, please save my daughter?"


Zhang Ju cried.




The old auntie was trembling.


Xiao Li didn't say anything, but her eyes were full of pleading as she looked at Lin Baici. Who wouldn't want to live if there was a glimmer of hope?


Hua Yueyu and Xiao Li were good girlfriends. For moral and emotional reasons, she hoped Lin Baici would help Xiao Li, but the little girl was only three years old and hadn't even experienced adolescence.


Lin Baici was just a high school graduate who should have spent a happy summer vacation, then gone to college, found a girlfriend, and enjoyed his youth. But now he had to choose who to help survive.


Those who weren't chosen were undoubtedly going to die.


Lin Baici hated this kind of decision.




Lin Baici exhaled and looked up at the Dark Buddha, who sat high on the platform, overlooking all living beings. "Can I recite sutras and bow to Buddha on behalf of these tourists?"




Jin Yingzhen was startled and wanted to persuade him not to act rashly, but after seeing Lin Baici's eyes, she gave up.


This… was probably what a hero was like, right?


"Brother Lin, are you trying to get yourself killed?"


Sima Mu was anxious and didn't want Lin Baici to take unnecessary risks for these people.


"Saving one person is the same as saving a group. There's no difference!"


Lin Baici waited for the Dark Buddha's reply.


"You can!"


The Dark Buddha revealed a smile full of wickedness and pointed to the mural of the virtuous men and women on the wall. "As long as you can recite with them and complete a bow to Buddha, I can forgive these ants for their disrespect!"




Lin Baici agreed. Wasn't it just reciting sutras?


Even if it was long, with a good memory and a cushion, it wouldn't be a problem.


"Don't rush, listen to me. If you interrupt the recitation halfway, you will die!"


The Dark Buddha chuckled.


Hearing this, everyone took a deep breath."Brother Lin, don't take risks!"


Sima Mu advised with force, "Just do your best to save someone you want to save!"


The Dark Buddha looked down with interest at Lin Baici and asked, "So, do you still want to recite sutras for them?"


"Let's begin!"


Lin Baici sat cross-legged on the cushion, concentrating.


"Everyone, don't speak. Whoever talks, I'll beat them to death!"


Jiang Hong roared, "If you want to fart, hold it in!"


It was a matter of life and death, and Jiang Hong couldn't afford to make a mistake.




After three crisp bell chimes, the male and female believers in the mural began to recite sutras.


The tourists' faces changed after listening for a few sentences.


The sound was pleasant, but it was too difficult. It was like listening to a foreign language.


Who could remember all of that?


They looked at Lin Baici with despair.


It's over!


In the Sanskrit formation, they shared the same Dharma rain and bathed in the Buddha's grace.


What seemed impossible to others, Lin Baici accomplished. Although he didn't know the meaning of the scripture, he recited it accurately and precisely with the believers.


"It's possible!"


The tourists were excited.


Hua Yueyu and Jin Yingzhen were still worried because the recitation was getting faster and faster, like they had to say thousands of words in one breath.


Fortunately, Lin Baici kept up.


After fifteen minutes, Lin Baici's lips were numb, and he finally waited for the recitation to end.


When he stopped, every tourist's face was filled with excitement and relief.


With such a perfect recitation, the Buddha statue shouldn't find any faults, right?


This guy's memory is too good, isn't it?




Jin Yingzhen looked at Lin Baici, amazed.


She had just used the Divine Taboo cushion to listen and recite, which was impressive, but remembering it and being able to say it were two different things.


The cushion didn't have the function of automatically correcting pronunciation errors.


Therefore, Lin Baici's language expression and imitation abilities were very strong, and he did it under the immense pressure of knowing that he would die if he failed.


Lin Baici did it!


His ability to withstand pressure was incredibly strong.


"Is it enough?"


Lin Baici asked with a smile, rubbing his lips with the back of his hand.


To improve his English listening skills, he had been reciting a short passage loudly every morning since his first year of high school, and over time, he had developed his speaking skills.

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