Chapter 13 – Buddha worship in the main hall

The devouring god did not respond.

Lin Baici wanted to know what was causing the hunger he had been experiencing since middle school. Whenever he felt hungry, valuable things would inevitably be lost nearby. Now, he found that his hunger was even more pronounced when in the presence of divine taboos. The closer he was to a divine taboo, the stronger his hunger became. When he obtained a divine taboo, he felt as though he had just had a full meal. It was quite comfortable!

“Yingzhen, come in!”

Lin Baici called for Jin Yingzhen.

The Korean girl immediately ran over, her light golden hair flying and full of vitality.

“What does Brother Lin want?”

Xu Xiu asked curiously.

“You’ll know if you go see for yourself.”

Lin Baici suggested.

“Why don’t you go?”

Xiao Li rolled her eyes.


The old auntie awkwardly smiled. She didn’t dare to go, afraid of being scolded by Lin Baici.

“Oppa, what’s up?”

Jin Yingzhen came in and saw the black altar bowl in Lin Baici’s hand.

It was quite beautiful, like an exquisitely crafted antique if it wasn’t so new.

“Give me the cushion!”

Lin Baici wanted to put the herb cushion in it, but it was too big to hold. He didn’t want to do it outside to avoid suspicion. After all, the fewer people who knew about his possession of divine taboos, the better.


Jin Yingzhen handed the cushion to Lin Baici. Then, he muttered something and a vortex-shaped halo appeared on the bowl. Afterwards, a cushion much larger than the bowl was easily placed inside.

“Wow, it’s amazing!”

Jin Yingzhen exclaimed, “Does it have divine blessings on it?”

There was no need to ask. This bowl was definitely a divine taboo, and the pollution caused by the rules just now was caused by it. If it weren’t for Lin Baici’s intervention, everyone would have died from the pollution.


Lin Baici shook his head, but he felt that the “purification” and “granary” effects were not inferior to a divine blessing. “Let’s go, let’s hurry and find the divine remains!”

According to Jin Yingzhen, there was at least one divine blessing on the divine remains.

The little girl saw Lin Baici come out and immediately broke free from her mother’s embrace, running over with her small legs. “Thank you, Hunger God Brother!”

The little girl smiled sweetly and took out a piece of candy, handing it to Lin Baici. She remembered Lin Baici’s self-mocking words of being a “hungry person” just now, so she changed the “person” to “god”.

Her mother also ran over and kept bowing to Lin Baici, thanking him!

Many rescued tourists also came over, not only to express their gratitude but also to ask to team up with Lin Baici.

“Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Lin Baici squatted down and touched the little girl’s head. Her face was pale, and she looked tired, like she was seriously ill.

“I’m fine!”

The little girl shook her head. She didn’t want her mother to worry. In reality, she felt very nauseous, like she had been in a car for a long time.

“Here, have some candy!”

Lin Baici peeled off the candy wrapper and stuffed the candy into the little girl’s mouth. “Don’t worry, big brother will take you out soon!”


The little girl nodded heavily, “Hunger God Brother is amazing!”

“Baici, let’s hurry and find the divine remains.”

The old auntie didn’t want to waste any more time here.

Lin Baici raised his hand and looked at his watch.It’s been two hours since the appearance of God’s Ruins.

“Wow, Rolex? Lin Ge is a rich second generation!”

Gu Ge likes watches, but can’t afford them.

Xiao Li’s eyes lit up when she heard this.

Good-looking, wealthy, intelligent, with a fearless heart and love…

Love! Love!

“No, I picked it up!”

Lin Baici tells the truth.

“Baici is too modest, can anyone just pick up a Rolex?”

Xiao Li thinks Lin Baici wants to keep a low profile.

Lin Baici thinks to himself that it’s possible to find one in this Dragon Zen Temple, after all, there are many corpses.

“Handsome guy, what do we do next?”

The woman with red hair who had mocked Lin Baici for being ignorant and fearless before squeezed out of the crowd and asked with a smile.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The piercing sound of the bell echoed over the Dragon Zen Temple, sounding like the roar of a monster under the cover of the black mist, eerie and sinister.

“Please, all pilgrims, go to the Daxiong Baodian to pay homage to Buddha!”

The majestic and deep voice repeated three times.

“Who’s talking?”

The tourists looked panicked. Could it be a monster scarier than the chef?

“Baici, don’t go, please don’t go!”

The old lady is scared.

“We have to go!”

Jin Yingzhen is annoyed, “This must be some kind of Divine taboo that has started to contaminate the rules, and judging by the signs, it should be an extremely dangerous Divine taboo.”

Lin Baici frowned. The God’s Ruins had warned him that the Daxiong Baodian was very dangerous, but now there was no way to avoid it.

“Why can’t we just hide?”

The old lady argued, “We can hide!”


The black mist had dissipated a bit, and Jin Yingzhen could already see the Daxiong Baodian clearly. It looked like a giant beast ready to devour people, crouching there.

“Those who don’t want to go can stay.”

Lin Baici won’t force anyone. He held a pine torch in his hand, a hatchet hanging from his waist, and walked towards the Daxiong Baodian.

Jin Yingzhen and Sima Mu immediately followed.

“What should we do, Yueyu?”

Xiao Li didn’t want to go.

“Leave him, what do you think our chances of survival are without him?”

Hua Yueyu finished speaking and went to catch up with Lin Baici.

“Let’s go, I trust Lin Ge!”

Gu Ge raised his Canon camera out of professional habit, wanting to take a picture of Lin Baici, but he forgot that the camera was broken.

“Wait for me!”

The old lady jogged to catch up.

The rest of the tourists were hesitating.

Going was certainly dangerous, but not going might result in punishment?

The little girl tugged on her mother’s arm, “Mom, follow the big brother!”

The mother shook her head!

In the end, only one-third of the tourists went, and the rest were either scared or cunning, wanting others to go first and decide whether to go themselves.

The Daxiong Baodian had flying eaves and corners, and was covered in golden glazed tiles, looking magnificent and grand, like a monster wearing a suit of golden armor.

The grand and tall redwood door of the temple was closed, and everyone could only wait in the open space in front of the steps.

More and more people gathered.

Some of them were in bad mental states, obviously having suffered great sins in the Divine taboo game.”Final warning, all pilgrims please proceed to the Daxiong Baodian Temple to pay respects to the Buddha!”

The voice was grand and severe, like a cruel official who enjoyed punishing prisoners.

People arrived one after another, but there were still many who didn’t come.

Lin Baici glanced at his watch from time to time. After ten minutes passed, the large redwood door of the Daxiong Baodian Temple, inlaid with brass rivets, creaked open, making people’s teeth ache.

A melodious, solemn, and sacred chanting began to resound, as if thousands of high monks were meditating and chanting.

“You know, this sound is quite nice!”

Hua Yueyu didn’t understand what scripture they were chanting, it was definitely not Chinese, but the melody and pronunciation made people feel comfortable.

If she sang this passage of scripture and made a short video, it would definitely become popular.

“Oppa, let’s wait a bit before we go in!”

Jin Yingzhen reminded in a low voice.


Lin Baici was indeed enjoying the chanting.

On the paved ground, over 800 tourists gathered, looking around and waiting for someone to enter the main hall first.

Suddenly, 18 two-meter-tall monks wearing gray robes and made entirely of steel ran out of the Daxiong Baodian Temple.

“There’s a monster!”

Screams erupted from the tourists, scattering them like a swarm of ants scalded by boiling water.

These 18 monks were clearly not human. Each one was burly and fierce-looking, holding a thick Zen staff, like evil spirits from hell.

But they didn’t kill anyone. After descending the stairs, they immediately split up and went to different areas of the Longchan Temple.

“Are they going to kill those who didn’t come to the Daxiong Baodian Temple?”

Many people were scared and wanted to leave, but after hearing this, they immediately stopped in their tracks.

“Not paying respects to the temple is a sin!”

A rebuke came from the main hall.

The scene erupted in chaos, followed by gasps of fear.

“It’s confirmed, those who didn’t come will die!”

Hua Yueyu breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she made the right choice. Otherwise, if she saw others hiding and winning by lying down, she would definitely be depressed.

“That little girl…”

Lin Baici frowned and looked in the direction she came from.

Sima Mu and the old woman instinctively grabbed Lin Baici’s arm, worried that he would go to save people.

After all, this big guy looked very kind.

“Hunger God brother, we’re here!”

The little girl grabbed her mother and squeezed through the crowd.

“Thank goodness you came. Did you see it? Those who didn’t come will be killed by those monster monks!”

Hua Yueyu ruffled the little girl’s hair.

“We saw it!”

The little girl’s mother, Zhang Ju, was trembling slightly.

After Lin Baici left, her daughter dragged her over, saying that the big brother was a good person and that they could survive if they followed him.

Zhang Ju thought so too. They could hide outside the Daxiong Baodian Temple first, but she didn’t expect 18 monster monks to rush out and scare her into carrying her daughter and running away.

When those monster monks passed by her, she was almost scared to death.

This was truly a choice that decided life and death.

“All pilgrims, please enter the Daxiong Baodian Temple to pay respects to the Buddha!”

The voice sounded again.”This is truly a rare sight, food delivered to our doorstep?”

The Gourmet taunted.

“Let’s go!”

Lin Baici called out to everyone and led the way towards the main hall.

No one can escape the contamination of the rules, whether they come early or late.

Inside the main hall, the dome was towering and spacious.

In front of the Buddha altar, there was a nine-meter-tall dark Buddha statue. It sat cross-legged with its right elbow resting on its knee and its palm supporting its cheek. Its sharp eyes were watching these humans with great interest.

Very good!

The toys have arrived!

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