Chapter 12 – Black altar bowl

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Everyone’s heart was in their throat, like a death row inmate waiting to be executed at noon, hoping to exchange their luck for a chance to be spared.

The serious expression on the chef’s face suddenly blossomed into a smile, as if it had just cleared up after a rain.

“Guest, congratulations, you can take them out now!”

The chef congratulated.


“We survived! We survived!”

“Thank heavens!”

The tourists cheered excitedly, with many people collapsing on the table, gasping for breath.

This time, they were really scared to death.

He actually got it right again?

This is too lucky, right?

No one believed that Lin Baici could taste the time it took to cook this pot of porridge, because it was too unbelievable.

“What does God have to do with it? Oppa saved us all!”

Jin Yingzhen sneered.

“You guessed, right? You must have guessed, right?”

Hua Yueyu looked at Lin Baici, her heart pounding like a curious kangaroo inside.


Lin Baici smiled slightly.

“Wow, that calm smile, I love it!”

Hua Yueyu grabbed Xiao Li’s arm and shook it hard.

I used to like those young actors before?

It’s really shallow!

I declare that from today on, Lin Baici is my male god!

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

The old man urged, smiling and speaking softly to Lin Baici, “Little handsome guy, I was wrong just now. When we get out, I’ll treat you to a table at Fu Jinglou to apologize!”

Fu Jinglou is the best restaurant in Guangqing City, with an average consumption of about a thousand yuan per person.

The old man was reluctant to let go.

So, he just promised an empty check to get Lin Baici to take him out of Long Chan Temple.

“Can we leave now?”

Someone impatiently asked the chef.

“Ask him!”

The chef pointed to Lin Baici.

Everyone looked at him eagerly.

“Handsome guy, let’s hurry up and leave, okay?”

“Let’s go! Let’s go!”

“Hurry up!”

Everyone urged anxiously, not wanting to spend even a second longer in this terrifying temple.

“I say, shouldn’t you thank him first?”

Jin Yingzhen complained, “You have no manners at all!”

Everyone was stunned by her criticism, and awkwardly turned to Lin Baici to express their gratitude.

For a moment, thank yous were heard one after another.

“No need to thank me, just hurry up and leave!”

Lin Baici waved his hand. He saved these people purely out of convenience, and with the Gourmet God present, it was just an extra “time” to him.

Everyone looked at the chef, seeing that she didn’t object, and rushed out all at once.


Lin Baici stopped them.


Everyone stopped and looked at Lin Baici, puzzled.”I didn’t say it was you!”

Lin Baici looked at the old man. “Who told you to leave?”


The old man looked frightened, afraid.

Was this kid holding a grudge against him?

“Handsome guy, I…”

The old man squeezed out a smile and quickly thought of words to persuade Lin Baici.

“Chef, I don’t care about this guy!”

Lin Baici’s voice was cold.

What this old man did was really disgusting, especially kicking over the little girl’s stool to divert the chef’s attention. It was no different from murder.

Lin Baici’s mind was rusty, and he wouldn’t help him!

“Don’t! Don’t! I’ll kneel down for you! I’ll kowtow to you!”

The old man’s face turned pale with fear, and he knelt down with a bang, kowtowing to Lin Baici.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

“I still have two grandsons to take care of. I can’t die!”

The old man cried and began to act pitiful.

“You just need to taste the fragrant porridge and tell me how many ingredients were used, and you won’t have to die!”

Lin Baici chuckled. “It’s quite simple!”

“Simple my ass, I’m not a food god!”

The old man cursed in his heart, but he didn’t dare show any disrespect on his face.

The chef walked over and glanced at the old man.

“This kind of spineless person who kneels to anyone isn’t worthy of drinking my porridge. He should be used as firewood!”

The chef grabbed the old man’s hair and dragged him towards the kitchen, obviously intending to throw him directly into the stove.

“Let me go!”

“You son of a bitch, I’m an old man. Don’t you understand respecting the elderly and loving the young?”

“I was wrong, I apologize. Give me a chance.”

The old man shouted incoherently and tried to struggle, but it was useless. The chef was two meters tall and a fierce woman with arms like horses.

With a slap, the old man’s teeth were shattered and his chin dislocated.

Everyone saw this terrifying scene and ran even faster.

At the same time, they realized how much Lin Baici’s help meant to them.

With just a word, he could really decide their life and death!

Everyone left the temple and came to the courtyard outside Xiangji Kitchen.


The wooden door closed.

Some people shook with fear and sat on the ground, while others came over to chat with Lin Baici.

They weren’t stupid. They knew that only by clinging to this big thigh could they increase their chances of entering Long Chan Temple, so they wanted to team up with Lin Baici.

The old aunt was anxious and kept fanning herself with her sun hat. If so many people followed Lin Baici, she would become a marginalized person.

“Lin ge’s tongue is really powerful. Were his ancestors chefs for three generations?”

Gu ge was very curious.

“Three generations? Who are you looking down on? Lin ge’s ancestors must have been imperial chefs!”

Xiao Li analyzed.

Lin Baici didn’t leave and looked back at Xiangji Kitchen. Was there any divine grace on the divine taboo inside?

After enjoying the benefits of “Listening to the Scriptures,” he had only four words for divine grace…”I really want it.”

“Why are we leaving? Let’s find a way to grab it!”

“I have never seen someone who wouldn’t pick up money from the ground. It’s something you can get for free, don’t miss out, otherwise, even the goddess of luck will despise you.”

“You guys wait here!”

Lin Baici clenched the wooden torch and walked towards the gate of the hall.


His stomach growled, feeling even hungrier.

“What are you going to do?”

Hua Yueyu instinctively grabbed Lin Baici, not understanding.

“Oppa, do you want to go get the Divine Taboo?”

Jin Yingzhen guessed Lin Baici’s plan and quickly persuaded him, “Only the Divine Taboo sealed in the black coffin is safe. Otherwise, getting close to it carries the risk of being contaminated by the rules!”

Jin Yingzhen held a fragrant cushion in her arms and was actually quite nervous. If she could choose, she would have thrown this thing away long ago.

“It’s okay, I’ll act when the time is right!”

Lin Baici reassured her and walked quickly towards the kitchen, pushing open the door.

Because he had just completed the Divine Taboo game, the rule contamination had not yet taken effect on him.

The kitchen wasn’t very big.

Lin Baici quickly scanned the area and didn’t see the cook’s shadow. It seemed that the cook only appeared when new customers were attracted by the aroma.

Inside the stove, the flames were blazing, burning a corpse that had turned black and unrecognizable.

“Which one is the Divine Taboo?”

Lin Baici’s gaze swept over the kitchen knife, cutting board, iron pot, and bamboo sieve…

“Look what I found! A black bowl! This is a very practical tableware!”

A bowl?

Isn’t it the bowl that monks use to beg for food?

In Journey to the West, Tang Sanzang had one.

Based on the words of the Gourmet God, Lin Baici found a black bowl on the stove.

It was quite large, flat and round, like a box for storing Go pieces.

Lin Baici walked over quickly and picked up the black bowl.

It was quite heavy!

From the outside, it was black, as if the night without a bright moon had been solidified. There was a circle of gold around the bottom and the rim of the bowl.

Lin Baici knew it was the one.

Because when he picked up the bowl, his hunger disappeared.

“Use it to hold rice and dishes. Just let it sit for a minute, and it can purify the impurities and toxins in the food!”

“The world is heavily polluted. People eat grains, mixed grains, and meat from birds and beasts, which will inevitably intake some harmful substances. These substances accumulate in the body, and over time, they will make people sick and shorten their lives!”

“With this black bowl, even if it’s food made with gutter oil, expired snacks, or drinks mixed with chemicals, you can eat with peace of mind!”

The Gourmet God’s three-part evaluation.

Lin Baici raised his eyebrows. This was a good thing.

But the vacation was ending, and he was about to go to university. During his four years in college, he would definitely eat at the cafeteria. He couldn’t carry a bowl with him every day, could he?Do students who don’t know the situation think I’m a monk who has returned to secular life?


Even if I were a serious monk now, I wouldn’t use this thing to eat, right?

Lin Baici was depressed.

It’s a waste to have something good but no way to use it.

[Its biggest function is that it has an “internal granary”. You can store rice, flour, oil, vegetables, and fruits in it. As long as you carry this bowl, you will never have to worry about the risk of starving to death.]

When Lin Baici heard this, he was excited: “What?”

[It’s confirmed. It is indeed a Nine-Leak Fish. Can’t you understand such a straightforward explanation? I suggest you redo nine years of compulsory education!]

Kuishen was sarcastic.

“No, of course I understand. I mean, is there really a ‘granary’ in this bowl?”

Lin Baici put his hand into the bowl and touched it around, then turned it over and shook it hard, but nothing came out.

People who have experienced the epidemic era know how important survival supplies are.

Therefore, Lin Baici was very excited about the effect of this “granary”.

[Please call it a bowl and pronounce it with me, boyu!]

Kuishen’s pronunciation was very standard, and he could host the news broadcast on CCTV.

“Where is the granary? How do I open it? How big is the space?”

Lin Baici asked eagerly.

[You mutter ‘drink porridge’ to it, and you can open the granary!]

Lin Baici immediately lifted the black altar bowl with one hand and brought it to his mouth.

“Drink porridge!”

“Drink porridge!”

After Lin Baici finished speaking, he saw a vortex-shaped halo appearing at the mouth of the bowl.

He was excited and stared inside with wide eyes.

“How do I use it?”

Lin Baici was very interested, as if he was an Ultraman who had seen a little monster attacking.

“I’m Kuishen, not a nanny!”

Kuishen refused to teach him hands-on.

Lin Baici put down the wooden torch, picked up a kitchen knife from the chopping board next to him, and put it into the vortex-shaped halo.

He had been cautious all along and had not put down the torch since he entered the kitchen, always ready for a fight.

After waiting for a few seconds, Lin Baici put his hand into the halo and scooped it a few times. When he took it out, he was holding a kitchen knife.

“Haha, it’s fun!”

Lin Baici was happy.

Wait a minute!

Although this is a granary, it didn’t say that only food must be stored, right?

Clothes, shoes, socks, bedding, and computers should also be possible.

Doesn’t that mean that I don’t have to carry a lot of luggage when I go out to play in the future?

“By the way, Kuishen, how do you know all this?”

Lin Baici found that Kuishen seemed to be familiar with all these divine taboos!

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