Chapter 11 – Hungry person at Lin University

In the vast Xiangji kitchen, you could hear a pin drop.

All ninety-three tourists trapped here looked at Lin Baici.

This guy actually took the initiative to provoke that kitchen maid, is he crazy?

Everyone had already witnessed how terrifying the maid with the horse-running arm was. It was like cutting a watermelon to chop off a head, as easy as pie.

But when everyone’s gaze fell on the trembling little girl who was scared like a quail, they all sighed.

They understood that this big boy was saving her.


Jin Yingzhen stood up and advanced and retreated with Lin Baici.

Hua Yueyu saw that even a foreign girl was so fearless, she didn’t want to be inferior, so she immediately stood up.

“Lin ge, let’s charge!”

Hua Yueyu shouted.

Like playing a game, winning or losing was not the point. You couldn’t lose in terms of momentum. Charge first.

The kitchen maid turned her head and looked at Lin Baici. “Do you want another bowl?”

Lin Baici’s original intention was to attract the kitchen maid’s attention and take advantage of the torch to fight, but when he drank that mouthful of porridge, the foodie spoke up.

[Fuxing Shouxi Porridge, made from twenty-eight carefully selected ingredients such as red dates, wolfberries, longans, angelica, lotus seeds, and silver ears… After nine processes and fifteen hours of slow cooking, it is complete!]

[After the porridge is cooked, the fragrance spreads ten miles!]

[Drinking this porridge makes you forget your worries, open up, prolong your life, and extend your years!]

Three simple sentences perfectly displayed the style of a god-level foodie.

Lin Baici immediately changed his strategy.

“This porridge is so good, I drank it all. It’s too wasteful. More people should taste it!”

Lin Baici smiled slightly.

The old man rolled his eyes and thought to himself that it would be best if you drank it all by yourself.

“No, you said you wanted another bowl, so you have to drink it!”

The kitchen maid walked three steps to Lin Baici like two stone pillars, lowered her head, and looked down at him with a fierce expression.

“If you can’t drink it, I’ll pry open your mouth and pour it in!”

“Go and serve the porridge!”

Lin Baici sat down with a domineering aura.

The kitchen maid left.

“My Lin ge, what are you pretending for at this time?”

Sima Mu smiled bitterly. “You really don’t care about your life!”

“Thank you! Thank you!”

The little girl’s mother hugged her daughter and kept thanking Lin Baici.

“Oppa, you looked so cool when you faced that monster kitchen maid just now!”

Jin Yingzhen was full of admiration.


Hua Yueyu nodded eagerly.

“Even if you’re as cool as a tyrannosaurus, you still have to die!”

The old man gloated. He was comfortable now, at least this annoying guy would die in front of him.

“Big brother…”

The little girl knew that this handsome big brother was targeted by the kitchen maid because of her, so she felt very guilty.

“Don’t be afraid, we’ll be out soon!”Lin Baici smiled gently and brightly, like the sunshine in March, warming people’s hearts.

The cook came over with a bowl of porridge and placed it in front of Lin Baici.


With her left hand, she was ready to pry open Lin Baici’s mouth.

“After I finish the porridge, can I leave?” Lin Baici asked as he took the bowl.

It was a bit hot!

“No!” The cook stared at Lin Baici. “This porridge is only for friends. If you’re not a friend, you have to pay for it!”

“How much?” Jin Yingzhen asked.

Pay? Why didn’t you say so earlier? I don’t lack money.

“One life!” The cook’s clear words sent shivers down everyone’s spine.

“How do you define a friend?” Hua Yueyu asked.

“Guess how many ingredients are in this porridge!” The cook glanced at everyone and pulled out her kitchen knife. She pointed at Lin Baici. “I’ll start with him and ask one by one. If you can’t answer, I’ll use you as firewood to cook the porridge!”

Many men exchanged glances secretly.

It was better to take a chance than to sit and wait for death!

Guessing the ingredients in the porridge? Even a gourmet wouldn’t be able to do it.

“Speak up!” The cook urged.

“Sticky rice, black rice, yellow rice, sorghum, red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, lily, tremella, lotus seeds, angelica, wolfberry, red dates, longan, rock sugar…” Lin Baici’s voice was clear and loud.

The ingredients he mentioned were all common ingredients, including beans, rice, and medicinal herbs…

But it was impossible to taste them all in one pot of porridge.

“You made it up?” “Of course, he just took a wild guess.” “Kidding, if he’s right, it’s even more amazing than winning the lottery jackpot.”

The tourists murmured, but compared to the previous twenty-something people who guessed the ingredients, Lin Baici was much calmer when he listed them.

“Twenty-eight kinds!” The little girl counted and looked at the cook.

“That’s it!” Lin Baici smiled faintly.

Thanks to his divine gift, he wouldn’t have been able to remember the twenty-eight ingredients that the food god mentioned if he hadn’t heard them before.

The cook looked at Lin Baici with a stern expression, but suddenly her expression softened, and she put on a big smile.

“Please enjoy your meal, and welcome back anytime!” The cook made a welcoming gesture.


The door of the Xiangji Kitchen opened.

“He actually got it right?” Sima Mu was stunned.

“He must have used up all his luck in his life.” The old lady muttered.

“… “Jin Yingzhen couldn’t describe her feelings at the moment. Lin Baici’s excellence once again refreshed her cognition.

The ninety-three tourists felt the same way.

How could this big guy get it right?Immediately, they began to feel remorse.

Damn it!

I didn’t remember anything.

“Who remembers?”

“Do you think I have a photographic memory?”

“Why don’t we ask him again?”

The tourists murmured excitedly, many of them looking at the open door, wanting to rush out with all their might, but ultimately holding back.

The chef’s knife was dangerously close.

The old man looked puzzled. This guy actually got it right?

Following him was a big mistake!

Damn it!

I’ve offended the wrong person!

This is bad!

I wonder if bowing to him will make him forgive me?

“Big brother, are you a food god?”

The little girl blinked her bright eyes and looked up at Lin Baici with admiration.

“No, I’m just hungry!”

Lin Baici thought to himself that he hadn’t stopped feeling hungry since he entered this Dragon Zen Temple. It was almost unbearable.

Once he got out, he would go eat hot pot!

Just meat, no vegetables.

“Evil person?”

The little girl was confused, then shook her head firmly. “Big brother is not evil, he is a hero! A great hero!”

“I’m just a hungry person!”

Lin Baici joked.

“Hungry person? Aren’t you a foodie?”

The little girl giggled. “I think Hungry God sounds better. Big brother can taste everything in the porridge. He’s the reincarnation of the Hungry God!”

“Lin brother, stop joking!”

Sima Mu whispered. “Quickly tell us all the ingredients!”

We made it!

The old lady was excited but also a little worried as she looked at the chef. Would it ignore such blatant cheating?

The nearby tourists perked up when they heard Sima Mu’s words.

Lin Baici was speechless. Did they think the chef was blind?

What if it got angry and started killing people?

“The ingredients for the Fulu Shouxi porridge have already been announced by the guest of honor, so it’s meaningless for you to say them again. I will go back to the kitchen and add a new ingredient to the porridge!”

The chef’s words immediately caused a wave of wailing and cursing.

“Guest, you may leave!”

The chef prepared to close the door once Lin Baici left.

“Lin brother, don’t leave us behind!”

Sima Mu pleaded.

“Baici, please help us!”

The old lady was still crying.

Jin Yingzhen and Hua Yueyu didn’t say anything, but they looked pitifully at Lin Baici.

Other tourists also began to plead.

“Since I’m your acquaintance, can I take them with me?”

Lin Baici asked with a smile.

The chef hesitated for a few seconds. “Since you put it that way, I can give you a privilege!”

“I’ve been cooking this porridge for a long time. If you can answer how long, you can take them with you. But if you’re wrong, I’ll chop off your head and use your body as firewood!”

“What’s your decision?”

The chef held the knife and stood in front of Lin Baici again.

Everyone looked at Lin Baici, extremely worried.This big guy can now decide everyone’s life and death with just one sentence.

“Oppa, why don’t you give up?”

Jin Yingzhen felt that guessing the time was too difficult.

Lin Baici finally passed this divine taboo game and there was no need to gamble the lives of these strangers.

“Shut up!”

The old man exploded when he heard Jin Yingzhen’s words. He then begged Lin Baici with a smile, “Just guess one, any one will do!”

What if he guessed it right!

The old man knew that with his physical condition, he would definitely die if everyone started fighting with the cook.

“Baici, if you’re not sure, give up!”

Hua Yueyu grabbed the edge of the table with both hands, ready to flip it over. Even if she died, she wanted to make the monster cook suffer.

“Fifteen hours!”

Lin Baici reported a time with a straight face, but he was actually laughing inside.


I can’t afford to lose!

With the food reviews of the Gourmet God, I can do whatever I want!


Everyone looked at the cook, waiting for its verdict.

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