Chapter 9 – Twist Force Field

The azure sky resembled a complete and massive sapphire, boundless and crystal clear.


Under the scorching and dry summer wind, the lush green forest below swayed with the wind, accompanied by the rustling sound of branches and leaves, mixed with faint low roars.


Under the dense shade of the treetops, a hatchling dragon could be seen.


Following Yekaterina's method, Saga had spent some time practicing and had already learned to suppress his dragon aura.


Without the easily noticeable dragon aura, his hunting actions became somewhat simpler. In just half a day, he had hunted a considerable amount of prey. However, before nightfall, Saga planned to have another meal to satisfy his growling stomach.


Because he hadn't eaten enough.


During the period when the hatchling dragon was growing, its appetite was astonishing, and its digestion speed was equally fast.


In order to sharpen its claws and fangs, and to incorporate the combat techniques from the Dragon's Inheritance, the dragon mother wouldn't provide enough food for the hatchling dragon. Hunger would drive the hatchling dragon to hunt on its own. In the dragon mother's territory, the remaining dangerous creatures were relatively ordinary, either killed or taken as companions.


In addition to wanting to get more food, Saga had another purpose.


He wanted to verify his own abilities.


A few days ago, after waking up from a slumber, he had awakened a decent ability.


A new ability that didn't belong to any normal red dragon.


Because the dense treetop foliage blocked the sunlight, the light in the forest appeared dim. Only a few rays of sunlight penetrated through the gaps between the branches, forming scattered patches of light on the ground.


The little hatchling dragon took a step forward.


Its already powerful dragon claws stepped on the flickering light.


At the same time.


Saga's thoughts concentrated, activating his power essence and exerting an influence on the force field around him.


Something strange happened.


The light shining on Saga was affected by the force field energy and began to distort. Not only the bright sunlight passing through the forest, but even some invisible light also distorted and changed around Saga. Even the scent was locked within the force field.


After distorting the light and concealing his presence, the little hatchling dragon took another step forward.


In the flickering light, its agile and symmetrical dragon body gradually disappeared into the air, becoming invisible.


This was a type of spell-like ability that Saga awakened.


After waking up from a sleep, Saga naturally mastered this ability, just as fish naturally knew how to swim.


Because he didn't find a similar ability inheritance in the Dragon's Inheritance, Saga called this ability "Twist Light Force Field."


When using the Twist Light Force Field, the force field existing around Saga would twist the light around him according to his will. Now, he could perfectly blend in with the surrounding environment, concealing his presence and form, achieving a kind of invisibility effect. Saga believed that the limit of the Twist Light Force Field was definitely more than this, but he was still too young. The connection between his power essence and force field was not deep enough to achieve more extraordinary effects.


But Saga believed that this was only temporary.


As a dragon, a pinnacle creature in the multiverse, it possessed special talents.


In addition to the crucial Dragon's Inheritance, a dragon's physique, thinking speed, mental power, and spellcasting ability would all become stronger as it grew older. Aging didn't exist for dragons. The moment a dragon died naturally was its peak moment of strength.


As a dragon, Saga's abilities would become stronger as he grew older.


Including his control over power essence.


As for spell-like abilities… they referred to abilities that could be triggered by the user's will without the need for spell preparation. Many creatures were classified as magical creatures because they possessed spell-like abilities.



In the lush forest, the wind rustled the leaves.


A few leaves twirled and fell from the sky. At the same time, a large, ice-blue wild rabbit looked left and right, crawling out of a cave covered by fallen leaves.




It didn't know how cruel the hunter behind it was.




A gust of wind struck.


Sharp claws held down the wild rabbit before it could react.


Then, the wolf with teeth bared and covered in thick fur kissed it with its fangs, instantly killing it with just one bite.


The terrifying wolf, with its body covered in heavy fur, appeared in the shade of the trees amidst the interplay of light and darkness. It held the freshly killed prey in its mouth, ready to feast.


This kind of wolf possessed disproportionately large and exaggerated teeth and claws.


Each sharp wolf claw and fang was like a gleaming dagger.




It also didn't know how cunning the hunter behind it was.


Just a short distance of less than half a meter away from the terrifying wolf, a dragon claw covered in diamond-like red scales suddenly reached out.


With Saga's current ability, he couldn't maintain the Twist Light Force Field while launching an attack. When he attacked the terrifying wolf, the Twist Light Force Field around his body fluctuated, exposing the hatchling dragon's body to the air.


The terrifying wolf remained highly vigilant even while eating.


Its reaction was extremely fast.


Faced with this sudden attack, the terrifying wolf narrowly rolled to the side, avoiding Saga's dragon claw.


A few strands of fur torn by the dragon claw slowly fell in the sunlight.


"It's difficult to maintain the Twist Light Force Field during a surprise attack."


"My proficiency is too low. I need more practice."


Looking at the stabilized body of the terrifying wolf, crouching on all fours, baring its teeth and growling, Saga silently thought to himself.


The terrifying wolf was a powerful beast in the forest.


Muscular, sharp claws and fangs, agile speed, and its current size were several times larger than the recently hatched hatchling dragon. Therefore, when facing the hatchling dragon, it didn't immediately flee but instead was eager to try."Stupid little lamb, not running away at the sight of me, you've got some nerve."


Saga liked to refer to foolish and weak creatures as lambs, and this Hatchling Dragon loved to eat lambs.


The Hatchling Dragon, with its splendidly scaled armor, slightly bent its hind legs, and spread its wings to both sides. The Terrifying Wolf on the opposite side also opened its wolfish maw, revealing its sharp fangs, its body crouched, ready to pounce.


The next second.


Saga flapped his dragon wings and leaped up with the force of his four limbs.


As he was fully focused on the kill, the feeling he had when he first fought with Yekaterina resurfaced. An invisible Force Field enveloped Saga, greatly reducing the gravitational constraints he was subjected to.


Thus, the body of the little Hatchling Dragon was like a golden lightning streaking across the sky, swooping towards the Terrifying Wolf.

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