Chapter 8 – Dragon’s might

"Saga, do you only rely on the protection of our mother?"


"Are you a brave and fearless Red Dragon, or a timid and inferior White Scale and Black Scale?"


The Black Scale and White Scale mentioned by Yekaterina refer to the Black Dragon and White Dragon, both of which are Five-Color Dragons. Because they are weaker in the same age group, it is difficult for other Dragon Kinds to regard them highly.


Especially the White Dragon.


Many True Dragons are unwilling to acknowledge the true dragon status of the White Dragon, feeling that the White Dragon, as their own kind, is quite embarrassing.


"Don't mention our mother. I want you to fight me head-on right now. I want to beat you down to the ground."


Yekaterina shouted.


Saga rolled his eyes, unaffected by Yekaterina's words.


His control over Power Essence was not strong enough yet, only having some basic usage. It was not enough to bridge the gap between him and Yekaterina in terms of physique. Moreover, Yekaterina was not a Blackhide Boar that could be easily slaughtered. She was also an Outsider Dragon with unique powers different from ordinary Red Dragons.


Battle is a means, not an end.


Saga did not intend to confront Yekaterina head-on until he had a certain chance of winning.


It would not benefit him in any way.


As for Power Essence… that was the name Saga gave to his special power.


Because it is related to power, it is called Power Essence, which is very reasonable.


"No, no, I won't, hehehe."


The Hatchling Dragon raised its chin, glanced at Yekaterina sideways, and playfully stuck out its tongue, saying mischievously.




Yekaterina's face turned angry, and flames burst out from between her teeth.


But this anger could not be vented, making Yekaterina more and more furious.




She forcefully swept her Dragon Tail, breaking a nearby white pine tree in the process. The poor white pine tree suffered an undeserved disaster, falling heavily to the ground with a circle of dust and ashes splashing, and the trembling of its branches and green leaves seemed like a lament.


Even though it was a Hatchling Dragon, its power was still extraordinary, far surpassing ordinary adult beasts like wolves and tigers.


"Saga, you are such a despicable little brother."


Yekaterina glared at Saga.


"When our mother lifts the ban, I will definitely teach you a lesson."


Saga shook his head and said, "Really? I'm so scared."


"Hmph, it's useless to be afraid. Don't expect me to go easy on you then."


Upon hearing Saga's words, Yekaterina raised her head proudly, stretching her neck long and said to Saga.


Saga was slightly stunned, then chuckled.


This guy is quite straightforward, actually thinking that Saga is afraid of her and showing weakness.


Why does he seem a bit cute?


Hmph, even if he becomes cute in the future, he still has to be beaten back if he wants to eat my eggs!


Saga knew how terrifying the potential of his Power Essence was.


The Four Basic Powers, they are the cornerstone of the world, the truth order that governs the operation of the multiverse, the fundamental rules. Even if one only masters one of them, it is already remarkable.


When he continues to grow and his understanding of Power Essence deepens, even if it's just a little bit, Saga doesn't think Yekaterina can defeat him.


"Do you want to stay here and watch me eat?"


Saga tore off a piece of flesh from the back of the Blackhide Boar with his claw, chewed it a few times, and swallowed it.


Yekaterina snorted lightly, flapped her Dragon Wings, and retracted her imposing Dragon Aura, not giving Saga a good face, then turned and left.


At this moment.


Saga noticed that Yekaterina could retract her Dragon Aura, unlike himself who could emit but not retract it. He couldn't help but pause his meal and call out to his sister.


"Yekaterina, wait."


Yekaterina's footsteps paused, she turned her head and said, "What do you want? Are you begging for mercy?"


"Little brother, if you kneel down in front of me, become my little follower, and obey my instructions, I can consider forgiving your disrespect before."


Saga ignored this and said directly, "I am learning how to retract Dragon Aura. Do you have any good suggestions?"


Under the bright sunshine and gentle breeze, the dense tree canopy rustled.


A few leaves fell slowly and landed on Saga's body.


On the other side, after hearing Saga's words, Yekaterina paused for a moment, then sneered, "You seem to have forgotten our grievances. Do you think I will teach you how to control Dragon Aura? Figure it out yourself."


She had no intention of providing any help to Saga.


After thinking for a moment, Saga shook his head lightly and said seriously to Yekaterina, "I think it's not that you don't want to teach me, but that you are not proficient yourself."


Saga could see that Yekaterina was very good at retracting her Dragon Aura, but he still said so.


Yekaterina became furious, staring at Saga intently, her tone rising, "Are you underestimating me?"


"Dragon Aura is nothing to me!"


Saga had an expression of disbelief, but he echoed, "Yes, yes, you will definitely be able to retract Dragon Aura. I was just saying it casually."


After saying that, Saga lowered his head and continued tearing at his prey, as if he had forgotten about this matter.


However, what Yekaterina couldn't stand the most was being underestimated.


Saga's behavior showed that he completely doubted her abilities.


This was something Yekaterina couldn't accept.


"My foolish little brother, come here!""I'll tell you how to control your dragon's might. Once you try it, you'll know whether I, Yekaterina, know what I'm talking about!"


Having a deep understanding of Yekaterina's character, Saga had a firm grasp on his naturally proud dragon sister.


Immediately, Yekaterina spread her dragon wings, and a faint dragon's might emanated from her.


"Dragon's might is a supernatural power that belongs to True Dragons. We are born with it and will eventually master it."


Since it was something they would eventually master, there were no records of it in their heritage.


"However, learning to control your dragon's might early on requires certain techniques," Yekaterina said seriously.


"You can try to associate it with a specific action, like releasing your dragon's might when you lift your tail, and retracting it when you lower your tail."


"Try this cycle several times to reinforce your mental suggestion."


"In this way, it won't be long before you can control your dragon's might through a specific action."


Yekaterina retracted her spread wings to her sides, and at the same time, the dragon's might she emitted dissipated.


It seemed like a good method… Saga thought to himself.


"Do you understand?"


Yekaterina looked at the thoughtful Hatchling Dragon and asked.


However, as soon as she finished speaking, her expression changed, and she continued in a harsh tone, "My foolish brother, it's normal for you not to understand what I'm saying with your abilities."


Turning her head and casting a glance at Saga from the corner of her eye, Yekaterina flapped her wings, her body rising into the air in the gust of wind, and then flew towards the Dragon's Nest.


"Don't rush off, as a reward, I'll share the boar's intestines with you," Saga called out before Yekaterina left.


"Hmph, I can hunt for myself."


"You're so foolish, you'll definitely have a hard time catching prey, you should keep it for yourself!"


The  dragoness didn't look back.


Her voice mixed with the wind.


At the same time, her red and gold figure was quickly obscured by the dense canopy of leaves.


After Yekaterina's figure disappeared from sight, Saga withdrew his gaze.


Next, following Yekaterina's method, Saga tried to release his dragon's might while spreading his wings, then slowly retracted his dragon's might along with his wings.


At first, he naturally failed, but as time passed and after repeated attempts, Saga clearly felt that he was much more at ease with controlling his dragon's might.


"Using this method, I can indeed control my dragon's might freely in a short time."


Saga affirmed Yekaterina's method.


Immediately, Saga lowered his head, pressed a claw on the lifeless Blackhide Boar, and began to feast.

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