Chapter 10 – Grow

The Terrifying Wolf was originally staring at Saga, preparing to attack.


But before it could make a move, the Hatchling Dragon within its field of vision had already pounced. Its speed was so fast that the Terrifying Wolf could only see a dazzling golden afterimage, making it difficult to catch Saga's movements.




The Terrifying Wolf let out a low growl.


It tried to roll and lower its body to dodge Saga's sudden assault.


However, it was too late this time.


With a distance of only about ten meters between them, the Hatchling Dragon, after exerting all its strength, appeared in front of the Terrifying Wolf in the blink of an eye, just within reach.




While the Terrifying Wolf was rolling to the side, the powerful dragon claw swiped across, cutting through its thick fur, tearing flesh, and leaving several bloody wounds that were deep enough to expose bone.


This ferocious beast, which was over three meters long and several times larger than the Hatchling Dragon, let out a mournful howl. Its original eager impulse was no longer present.


After standing up from the roll, the Terrifying Wolf tightly tucked its tail and stared at the non-lethal injuries, then turned and fled.


At the same time, the Hatchling Dragon, who had successfully struck, stood still and watched the fleeing Terrifying Wolf. Its slender tail unconsciously swayed.


"Super Gravity Field, double gravity!"


In the countless hunts, Saga was the first to master the skill he named Super Gravity Field, and he became more proficient in controlling it.


Saga muttered softly.


At the same time, he extended his dragon claw and aimed it at the Terrifying Wolf from a distance.


In fact, he didn't need to make any sound or movement, but through the technique of condensing his dragon aura, Saga discovered that giving the skill a name and performing a pointing motion would have a certain psychological suggestion, helping him better control his abilities.


This was only temporary.


Saga's goal was to be able to activate the force field at will with just a single thought.


Accompanied by the Hatchling Dragon's tender voice, the dragon claw pressed down heavily.


Crack… The fleeing Terrifying Wolf's body seemed to be held down by an invisible giant hand.




Under the pressure of the super gravity field, the blood vessels in its already injured body instantly ruptured on a large scale. Blood shot out from the wounds like arrows, splattering on the surrounding grass and soil, dyeing them red.


Due to the massive loss of blood, the Terrifying Wolf instantly became extremely weak.


Its already injured body became unstable, and it fell to the ground, rolling several times before finally whimpering and falling down, unable to get up.


Fresh blood continued to flow out.


Under the suppression of the super gravity field, the weakened Terrifying Wolf struggled incessantly but was unable to stand up.


Saga then took a step forward, approached the Terrifying Wolf, and looked at this beast that was not much shorter than himself. He extended his dragon claw and snapped its neck, ending its painful struggle.


"Maintaining the Twisting Light Force Field requires my full concentration."


"However, if I use it a few more times and become more proficient, maybe I can maintain the Twisting Light Force Field in a combat state."


Saga thought to himself.


Super Gravity Field, Twisting Light Force Field.


These were the two abilities he currently possessed.


Currently, the Super Gravity Field doubled the control over gravity. Saga's current limit was double gravity, targeting creatures with a weight of one hundred pounds, they would bear a pressure of two hundred pounds. In an instant, ordinary magical creatures and beasts were powerless to resist. The heavier the weight, the stronger the suppression force.


The Twisting Light Force Field twisted light, achieving the effect of invisibility.


As for the ability to reduce his own gravity during a surprise attack, Saga couldn't control it well yet. It was unreliable, so he didn't give it a name.


Without much thought, Saga began to eat.


However, he was tired of blood meals, so this time he decided to have something warm.


Saga sniffed the strong smell of sulfur in the air, felt the temperature around him, and then took a deep breath.


At this moment, it seemed that there were invisible particles in the air that surged into Saga's lungs with his breath, causing a violent energy reaction with the special substance contained in his blood vessels.


Within the structure of a dragon's body, there was a special structure called the base blood vessel, which was considered to be the root of a dragon's magical abilities.


The dragon's base blood vessels were almost spread throughout its entire body, like a precise energy circuit that could absorb magic particles contained in the air.


In the dragon's heritage, magic particles were also known as magical elements, arcane energy, elemental energy…


To use magic, magical elements were indispensable.


After absorbing the magic energy in the air, dragons would convert it into magic power that could be controlled at will. The magic power was stored in the base blood vessels and reacted with other substances within the dragon's body, allowing them to breathe out dragon breath.


As a Red Dragon, Saga's dragon breath was fire.


As for the other dragon species, which were also known as the Five Colored Dragons…


The Blue Dragon's breath was lightning, the Green Dragon's breath was poison mist, the Black Dragon's breath was acid, and the White Dragon's breath was frost. The power of dragon breath would increase as the dragon grew, and it was the most well-known ability possessed by dragons. It was also a powerful weapon that made countless creatures fear and dread.


There were countless powerful creatures that died in dragon breath.


But let's get back to the main point.


Dragon breath was an ability innate to dragons.


As Saga took a deep breath, preparing to accumulate dragon breath, he felt a special elemental reaction occurring within his body. It was as if a scorching breath was brewing deep inside his body, becoming increasingly thick and robust, and then it began to surge madly towards Saga's throat.


In Saga's mouth, between his interlocking fangs, a rapidly swirling bright flame appeared.The flame was golden, similar to Yekaterina's breath, but without the omnipresent explosive rumble.




A burst of golden flame erupted, carrying an extremely high temperature, and landed on the body of the Terrifying Wolf.


Using dragon breath to roast food was also a way to master the dragon breath more proficiently. Saga was focused, adjusting the temperature of the dragon breath to cook the Terrifying Wolf. Unfortunately, because his use of dragon breath was not yet proficient, he accidentally overheated it, burning the body of the Terrifying Wolf to a charred state.


"Oh, my meat."


The Hatchling Dragon showed a look of regret.


After hesitating for a few seconds, Saga decided not to waste food and crunched down on the nearly carbonized Terrifying Wolf, which tasted like chewing wax.


"Dragon breath, Force Field, super gravity field… I need to use them more to increase my proficiency. I'm too rusty now."


After finishing his meal, Saga thought so.


Then, the golden-cast Hatchling Dragon took a step forward, its eye-catching body once again disappeared into the light and shadow, vanished on the spot, and began the next round of hunting and ability experiments.


In the following period.


In the dense forest surrounding the volcano, where prey was abundant.


Hunting, studying his own abilities, deep sleep, and then starting to hunt again after waking up… Saga's days became filled yet peaceful.


Time flowed like water, with the sun and moon rotating.


Time quietly passed in this way.

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