Chapter 7 – You also don’t want

Super gravity field!


Under the will of the hatchling dragon, the gravity from the ground suddenly doubled.


The doubled gravity range was not large, just enough to envelop the blackhide boar.


Doubling the gravity may not sound like much.


But for an ordinary beast that cannot use magic and does not have a strong physique, this doubled gravity is enough to make it difficult for it to move normally.


At the same time.


The blackhide boar suddenly felt its body become heavier.


It weighed around four hundred catties, and the sudden increase in gravity was like instantly pressing over four hundred catties of weight onto its body.


The blackhide boar, which was originally running at full speed, stumbled and fell, stumbling forward for more than ten meters under the effect of inertia, leaving a long trench on the ground, and finally heavily crashing into a black pine tree with a diameter of nearly one meter.




In the dull sound, pine leaves fell in the wind.


Due to the violent impact, the blackhide boar's fragile organs were ruptured and damaged, and because the effect of doubled gravity had not yet subsided, the condition of the injured organs quickly deteriorated, causing severe internal bleeding.


The situation was settled, Saga no longer wasted his strength.


The doubled gravity applied to the blackhide boar returned to normal.


Without the restraint of gravity, the blackhide boar struggled for a few seconds and stood up unsteadily.


However, its movements were very forced.


If it weren't for the blackhide boar's strong resistance to pain, it wouldn't even be able to stand up now.


And even though it stood up, it was swaying like it had drunk fake alcohol.


Saga retracted his dragon wings.


The hatchling dragon's not-so-large body descended, and amidst the rustling sound of dense branches and leaves, Saga landed steadily.


The hatchling dragon's gaze fell on the blackhide boar, pondering which part of the boar's meat would be the most delicious.


At the same time, seemingly realizing that besides fighting to the death, it had no other choice, the blackhide boar stared at the pair of eyes of the red hatchling dragon, gradually becoming bloodshot, with dense bloodshot veins appearing, giving off a fierce aura.


Thump, thump, thump… The blackhide boar scraped the ground with its hooves, using its last bit of strength to charge towards Saga.


At this moment, disregarding its own injuries, the blackhide boar charged at Saga like a small car.


It lowered its head and let out a low growl.


The tip of the blackhide boar's tusks shimmered with a faint cold light.


The momentum was not bad.


The hatchling dragon remained unmoved, calmly watching the blackhide boar getting closer and closer.


After a few seconds, the blackhide boar approached Saga to a distance of less than half a meter.


It lowered its head, gathered all its strength, and used its tusks to stab Saga's body.


Saga admired its courage to fight to the death.


At the same time, he pitied its overestimation of its own abilities.


"What level of existence dares to charge at me? I'll crush your skull."


If it were an ordinary tiger or lion, if it were hit head-on by the tusks of a blackhide boar of this size, even if it didn't die, it would be severely injured.


But the target of its charge was not a tiger or lion, but a dragon. As a magical creature standing at the top of the food chain, even a just-turned-full-moon hatchling dragon like Saga could not be challenged by an ordinary beast like the blackhide boar.


Saga raised his dragon claw and casually pressed it against the blackhide boar's head.




With a muffled sound, before the tusks of this blackhide boar could touch Saga's dragon scales, its charging body was firmly pressed down by the hatchling dragon's power.


The hatchling dragon, with a body length of only two meters, already had considerable strength. With just one claw, it made it impossible for a wild boar weighing hundreds of catties to make any progress.


Even if Saga didn't defend himself and let it collide with him, with the powerful defense of his dragon scales, this ordinary beast would not be able to break through.


Dragons are top-tier magical creatures, and the gap between them and ordinary beasts is huge.




The hard as iron dragon claw pierced the boar's skin, sank into its bones, and with another exertion of force, directly lifted its skull, causing this poor blackhide boar to meet its end.


At the same time.


Rustling… the sound of limbs rubbing against branches and leaves faintly came.


Saga's gaze narrowed as he looked in the direction of a dense forest.


"My foolish sister, I've already seen you."


Whether or not it possesses life, when an object is in motion, it will naturally cause the interaction of force fields. With Saga's current sensitivity to force fields, he was well aware of the movements of objects within a ten-meter range.


In the rustling sound, the little mother dragon Yekaterina walked out of the bushes.She looked at the prey under Saga's claws and licked her lips with a moist tongue.


"My foolish little brother, don't imitate me."


"Many sapient beings value respecting the elderly and caring for the young. Faced with your sister, shouldn't you offer your prey as a tribute?"


Are you looking for trouble?


Saga narrowed his eyes and flicked his tail from side to side.


"Are you suggesting that you can be compared to lowly creatures?"


Under Yekaterina's angry gaze, Saga's voice paused and continued, "My foolish sister, you possess none of the nobility and glory that belong to a True Dragon."




Yekaterina became angry and stomped heavily, approaching Saga step by step.


Hatchling dragons grow relatively fast. After a month of growth, Saga's body length reached two meters.


However, while he was growing, Yekaterina was also growing.


This little mother dragon with red scales embedded with golden threads had already reached a body length of two meters six and a wingspan of over three meters, resembling a tiger with wings.


The comparison between the two was like an adult male wolf and an adult female tiger, with a significant difference in size.


Both Saga and Yekaterina grew much faster than ordinary Red Dragon hatchlings.


These two dragon cubs were both mutated Outsider dragons.


Under Saga's gaze, Yekaterina's eyes sharpened as she walked step by step. Her dragon claws stepped on the light spots and left clear imprints on the soft soil, showing a considerable amount of pressure despite her young age.


Yekaterina's dragon might burst forth.




With the substantial power of her dragon might, Yekaterina stirred up the dry branches and fallen leaves on the ground, rushing towards Saga.


Saga was not proficient in restraining his dragon might.


However, the eruption of dragon might was an ability he instinctively possessed.


His scales, like diamonds, shimmered and reflected Yekaterina's approach.


Saga's expression remained calm.


There was no trace of fear on the face of the young hatchling dragon.




Another burst of dragon might.


The dragon might of the two hatchling dragons collided, like winds from two different directions hitting the same spot, causing a small whirlwind to form, filled with dust and fallen leaves.


The dragon might of the two mutated dragons was much stronger than that of ordinary hatchling dragons of the same age.


"Saga, my foolish and stupid little brother."


"Last time, Mother intervened and let you take advantage."


Yekaterina paused, raised her neck, and fully spread her dragon wings, making her appear larger and more imposing.


"This time, I will make you understand the difference between you and me."




Her dragon wings suddenly flapped, creating a gust of wind.


Yekaterina's body was like an arrow leaving the bow, leaving deep pits on the ground as she aggressively charged towards Saga.


Saga blinked his eyes and remained motionless.


It seemed that he was intimidated by Yekaterina's momentum.


Yekaterina wouldn't stop her attack just because Saga didn't move.


She wanted to make Saga understand who the big sister was.


Looking at Yekaterina, who was rapidly approaching, the young hatchling dragon remained calm and unhurriedly said a sentence.


At this moment, Yekaterina's dragon claws were only a few inches away from Saga, but because of Saga's words, they abruptly stopped in mid-air, hesitating and unable to descend.


"Yekaterina, don't you want Mother to know that you are going against her will and bullying me?"


Saga was now too lazy to fight with his dim-witted dragon sister.


Moreover, due to the significant difference in size between Saga and Yekaterina, in the eyes of the Red Dragoness, the competition between the two dragon cubs would be oppressive to Saga and hinder the growth of the hatchling dragon. Therefore, she warned Yekaterina that unless Saga provoked and attacked first, she was not allowed to attack him.


Normal competition is beneficial for the progress of hatchling dragons, and friction between hatchling dragons is allowed.


But if the difference is too great, the Red Dragoness will intervene. After all, it does not serve the purpose of urging the hatchling dragons to progress and may even result in one of them being seriously injured. Hatchling dragons fight without holding back.


As time goes by, the size difference between Saga and Yekaterina will gradually decrease. It won't be long before the difference is not so obvious, and then the Red Dragoness will lift the ban on Yekaterina, allowing her to fight Saga normally.


Just like now, there is still a difference in size between Saga and Yekaterina, but it is much smaller than when he was just born.


After hesitating for a while, Yekaterina, still full of anger, put down her dragon claws, which were within reach of Saga.She looked at the Hatchling Dragon, who was showing a pleased smile at her, swishing its tail and grumbled, "Saga, do you only know how to rely on your mother's protection?"


Damn mama's boy dragon!


What's even more infuriating is why does it only treasure Saga and not me! Yekaterina was very angry.

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