Chapter 79 – Explode into gold coins for me!

“Damn it!”

“You actually, actually made me kneel to you.”

After Gulitiya reacted, she was furious.

More dazzling electric currents flickered and danced on her sky-blue body, and her horn on her nose was even brighter, forming a small, fist-sized azure thunderball.

The thunderball flashed and disappeared from the tip of the blue dragon’s horn, and quickly collided with Saga.

Saga was already prepared, and a weak force field surrounded him. With a light flap of his dragon wings, he easily avoided the swift and fierce thunderball.


The originally fist-sized thunderball collided with a fruit tree resembling a durian tree behind Saga, and in an instant, the thunderball expanded into a four-meter diameter thunderous sphere. The air was filled with a burning smell, and the fruit tree that Saga relied on turned into charcoal, while the ground gravel melted due to the high temperature, forming a crystalline texture.

Gravity Blade!

The horizontally expanding gravity wave, larger than the blue dragon’s body, attracted numerous sand and shell-like small objects, heading straight towards the blue dragon.

At this moment, the blue dragon’s body was filled with electric currents, resisting the overwhelming pressure of over a hundred tons.

She opened her mouth, took a deep breath, and her chest and throat swelled up. In the next second, she forcefully exhaled.


Clusters of linear lightning bolts gathered together and spewed out from the blue dragon’s mouth.

The moment the dragon breath was exhaled, Gulitiya was slightly surprised.

“Oh no, I shouldn’t have used my breath.”

After being forced to kneel just now, her mind was filled with anger. After feeling the threat of the gravity blade, she subconsciously used her most powerful dragon breath.

If this little dragon was hit by the dragon breath…

In the conflicts between dragonkind, unless there is deep hatred, killing each other is absolutely forbidden. Beating, robbing, enslaving, and other methods are allowed, but killing a fellow dragon without a grudge is a despicable act that all true dragons despise. Those who go too far may even be wanted by their own kind and be despised by the Dragon God.

But just as she exhaled for a moment, Gulitiya closed her mouth.

Deep inside her heart, she felt a little regret.

The red dragon is the leader of the five-colored dragons.

But this doesn’t mean that the red dragon can overpower other dragon species in all aspects.

The most powerful aspect of the red dragon is its stronger and more robust physique compared to other dragons, which allows it to be the leader of the five-colored dragons.

If only the breath is considered.

Among the five-colored dragons, there is no doubt that the blue dragon has the strongest breath.

The power of the blue dragon’s breath is the greatest.

Teenage dragons do not possess many effective attack methods, and the dragon breath is the most powerful attack method.

At the same time, the lightning breath she had just exhaled was extremely powerful, sweeping across Saga’s gravity blade. However, Saga’s gravity blade was not an ordinary skill.

Under Gulitiya’s astonished gaze, when the lightning breath and the gravity blade came into contact, it seemed as if there was some kind of energy reaction, triggering an extremely powerful shockwave that spread and radiated, causing heavy sand waves and sweeping across Saga and the blue dragon at the same time.

Both dragons retreated, being lifted by the tremendous impact force.

Saga flapped his wings to stabilize his body and landed steadily, while the blue dragon rolled on the ground a few times in a somewhat embarrassed manner.


After the brief contact, the blue dragon was somewhat uncertain.

On one hand, she breathed a sigh of relief that Saga didn’t die.

On the other hand, seeing that Saga was unharmed and that his gravity blade directly collided and nullified her breath, she felt a bit dissatisfied.

Her previous worries seemed like a joke.

“Something’s not right. It’s just a six-meter-long little dragon. How can it have so many powerful abilities? My dragon breath can’t even have any effect.”

“It’s an outsider dragon, but an outsider dragon shouldn’t be this powerful.”

“What kind of monster is this golden little dragon?”

The blue dragon lowered her body, her muscles tense all over, and she abandoned her disdain for Saga.

After realizing that her dragon breath couldn’t harm Saga, she was now on high alert.

“Perhaps this little dragon is skilled in long-range combat as an outsider.”

“Yes, the sudden heavy pressure and the strange giant blade just now should be similar to spell-like abilities.”

“His physique must be weaker than mine.”

“A little six-meter-long creature having a stronger physique than me would be strange. I should engage in close combat with him and beat him up!”

The blue dragon’s gaze swept over Saga, who was several sizes smaller than her.

The sound of waves continued, and a sea breeze blew. She changed her battle strategy and did not give up on her plan to beat up Saga.

On the other side, Saga lightly stomped on the ground.

“The gravity blade I used was a horizontally expanding high-pressure gravity wave. When it came into contact with her lightning breath, there was a mixed gravitational and electromagnetic wave fluctuation.”

Saga recorded the reaction just now.

He didn’t think deeply. With his current level and understanding, he couldn’t figure out the reason and couldn’t comprehend the microscopic level of the principles, so he decisively put it aside for now.

“Little golden dragon, I admit that you’re a bit special.”

“But your fate tonight has already been determined—being beaten up by me until you drop gold coins!”

In the instant of the roaring dragon tongue.The adolescent Blue Dragon unleashed its dragon might, swiftly swooping towards Saga.

“What arrogance.”

Saga refused to be outdone, his own dragon might surged forth. The two different dragon mights clashed, with Saga holding his own.

Even the dragon might is so profound. Guli Tia spread her dragon wings, exerting force with her limbs.


Arcs of electricity danced around her body, leaving a trail on the ground as she moved. The earth and stones scattered to both sides in her wake.

In just a second.

The ten-meter-long Blue Dragon charged in front of Saga, its hind legs and one forepaw supporting its body. The right side of its body was raised high, and at the same time, it lifted its right dragon claw, aiming for Saga’s head.

“What a fierce burst.”

Saga squinted his eyes.

The opponent was much older than him, larger in size, and moved swiftly. The pressure was somewhat overwhelming.

Facing such an opponent, Saga needed to be serious.

In an instant, the super gravity field erupted again.

Maintaining the super gravity field consumed a lot of Power Essence and also gave the enemy a chance to adapt. Saga chose to activate it suddenly at critical moments.

The heavy pressure descended.

The Blue Dragon was already on guard. A large amount of electricity flowed between its muscles, transforming into surging power. Although its movements were somewhat slowed, it was not as unbearable as the first time when it was directly pressed to the ground.

Its movements brought about many changes in the Force Field arcs.

Saga’s senses were fully open, finding a gap, he timely stepped back, avoiding the Blue Dragon’s violent claw.

But this was just the beginning.

The Blue Dragon, like a bulldozer, was unstoppable. In a semi-leaning posture, it supported its body with its hind legs. Its forepaws danced like a storm, creating countless afterimages, and bright electricity crackled between its hooked toes.


In front of the Blue Dragon.

Saga was like a slippery eel.

He retreated all the way, swaying left and right, always managing to dodge the Blue Dragon’s attacks just in time.


The Blue Dragon exerted too much force, its claw missed and hit the ground, causing numerous rocks to explode. Due to its aggressive attacking posture, it accidentally lost its balance.

Great opportunity!

Saga’s eyes lit up, and the super gravity field erupted again.

As the Blue Dragon’s body lowered, all four limbs exerted force to support the ground, and electricity surged throughout its body to resist the super gravity field.

“Take off!”

Saga chuckled.

The super gravity field dissipated, and the Blue Dragon’s body relaxed. But before it could react, a weak gravity field enveloped it.

The effect of the weak gravity field, which was completely opposite to the super gravity field, acted on the Blue Dragon for the first time.

It felt its body lighter than ever before.


Due to the excessive force used to resist the super gravity, under the influence of the weak gravity field, the Blue Dragon’s body subconsciously leaped high.

At the same time.

The Golden Dragon had already stood upright, its powerful hind legs and Dragon Tail supporting its body. Its right dragon claw clenched into a fist, twisted its waist around the dragon’s spine, and then suddenly exerted force.


“Explode into gold coins for me!”

Saga roared lowly.

The dragon fist shot out like a cannonball, bringing up a howling wind.

Then it heavily landed on the exposed belly of the Blue Dragon in front of him.

Saga had always been disciplined in exercising his body in a super gravity environment, and his attributes were superior to ordinary True Dragons. His strength was definitely not small, even if it was not as strong as the adolescent Blue Dragon, it was not far behind.

This all-out dragon fist landed.

Slowing down the action, one could even see the depression and waves on the Blue Dragon’s belly. The waves rippled from the weak point of the dragon fist to its entire body. The powerful impact caused the scales on the Blue Dragon’s body to rustle, and the originally tightly stacked structure was shaken apart.

Inside the trembling scales.

There were gold coins, silver coins, and a few gem fragments, drawing beautiful arcs under the moonlight, scattering out.

(End of the chapter)

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