Chapter 78 – What are you barking about?

Gulitia is a teenage Blue Dragon, 27 years old this year.

Blue Dragons are considered the most orderly among the Five-Color Evil Dragons. Sometimes, these dragons also live together in the form of families. There is a Blue Dragon Bay on the border between the Yar Continent and the Cleis Continent, where a group of powerful Blue Dragons live.

Blue Dragons are the only dragon kind among the Five-Color Dragons that have a strong sense of family. It is common for young Blue Dragons to live with their elders.

As for Gulitia, she has been expelled from the Dragon’s Nest by her own dragon mother for stealing a gold coin two years ago. She has been wandering around for two years.

It is worth mentioning that if one were to choose the kindest dragon kind among the Five-Color Dragons, the Blue Dragon would be unanimously elected.

Of course, this kindness is relative.

If one really thinks that Blue Dragons are a kind and benevolent race, they will undoubtedly pay a painful price.

Blue Dragons prefer desert or coastal environments.

Gulitia has never been to the desert. She has always lived in coastal areas and has gathered some Gnolls under the influence of the True Dragon.

Unfortunately, because she attacked a coastal town in an attempt to rob some wealth, she became wanted by the Adventurer Association. As a result, powerful adventurers who wanted to slay the dragon came to her territory and broke through. Gulitia only had time to hide her meager treasures in her scales and then fled into the Whirlpool Sea, leaving her followers behind.

As a 27-year-old teenage Blue Dragon, Gulitia has no special talents. She has a standard biological level as an ordinary teenage Blue Dragon, which is level 9, still within the range of a fourth-order lifeform.

True Dragons have strong combat power, and it cannot be judged solely by level.

She mostly wins when fighting against fifth-order lifeforms.

Unfortunately, the adventurers who attacked her territory were led by a sixth-order Druid, and there were also members of the fifth and fourth orders. So she could only flee.

Now, Gulitia is flying over the Whirlpool Sea with a belly full of anger, thinking of avoiding trouble first and then returning to the Yar Continent.

Then she passed by Moon Bay.

Moon Bay was not her destination. She didn’t plan to rest on the island. According to her habits, it would be better to dive into the sea.

However, when she passed by Moon Bay and Waxing Crescent Island.

“Eh? The scent of the same kind?”

Under the night sky, Gulitia sniffed her nose.

The waves swept over the sea, and the sea breeze mixed with the dragon aura belonging to Saga caught the attention of this female Blue Dragon.

Then she turned her head and followed the source of the aura to take a closer look.

A small Hatchling Dragon, about six meters long, was resting against a tree trunk in a relaxed and comfortable manner. Its golden scales and three pairs of crown-like horns caught the attention of the Blue Dragon.

After a moment of surprise, curiosity and danger gradually lit up in Gulitia’s eyes.

“A Hatchling Dragon of an Outsider? Or a Hatchling Dragon of a Gemstone Dragon?”

“Whatever, I’m in a bad mood now, so you’re a Hatchling Dragon of an Outsider.”

“And there is no other True Dragon aura on these islands. That means…”

Because her territory was occupied by adventurers and she was driven away, Gulitia is now full of anger.

In this situation.

Encountering a lone Hatchling Dragon that seems to be a Metal Dragon, what would a Blue Dragon do according to the nature of the Five-Color Dragons?

Of course, it would fiercely attack and show dominance over the weaker!

This would vent her anger and make her feel happy.

There have been countless examples of Metal Dragons and Five-Color Dragons encountering each other in the wild and erupting into conflicts. It is difficult to end without a fight.

Gulitia is not sure if Saga is a Metal Dragon or a Gemstone Dragon.

But she unilaterally assumes that Saga is a Hatchling Dragon of an Outsider.

Just the thought of beating the leader of the Metal Dragons made Gulitia a little happy before she even started.

She struck a proud pose.

Gulitia roared angrily and flew towards the beach of Waxing Crescent Island.


This ten-meter-long Blue Dragon folded her wings and landed on the beach with a bang. Her blue indigo eyes stared at Saga, examining this cute little Hatchling Dragon as if her gaze had substance.

“A small Hatchling Dragon with a diamond-like golden scale. It looks pretty good.”

“When I beat it, I’ll make it beg me for mercy. That will make me even happier.”

She thought so maliciously.

With her head held high in arrogance, Gulitia looked down at the little Hatchling Dragon and spoke in a menacing tone, “Hey, little Hatchling Dragon over there, when you see a True Dragon older than you, shouldn’t you come and pay your respects?”


On the other side, Saga listened to the Blue Dragon’s provocative words, and his golden eyes gradually sharpened.

“If you had just disturbed my sleep, I wouldn’t mind, but now you’ve come back to find trouble with me.”

Saga’s body flipped, changing from a half-lying relaxed posture to a combat stance where he could unleash his power at any time. He raised his chin in anger.

Then he said to the Blue Dragon, who was much larger in size and older than him, “What are you barking about?”

“Do you, a lowly Blue-scaled dragon, dare to shout in front of me?”

“Kneel down! I will forgive your offense.”

As a combination of Red Dragon and Golden Dragon bloodlines, Saga is the crystallization of the two dragon kinds, and although Blue Dragons are second in the Five-Color Dragons, they are not worth mentioning in Saga’s eyes.

A hundred meters away.Seeing that Saga was good-looking, Gulitya thought she could go a bit easy on him later. Besides, he was just a young dragon, it wouldn’t be right to hit him too hard.

However, upon hearing Saga’s rebuke, a visible rage appeared on Gulitya’s dragon face after a slight pause.


The electric arcs dancing between her scales became finer and more frequent.

“What did you say?”

“A tiny young dragon like you dares to defy me, Gulitya, dares to defy the future Fury of the Storm!”

Many dragons had the odd habit of giving themselves titles, thinking it was very cool.

Fury of the Storm, this was a title that Gulitya quite fancied.

Saga’s eyes became vertical, his golden vertical pupils appeared majestic and indifferent.

He took a step forward, whispering.

“I said, kneel before me!”

Suddenly, a triple gravity force field unfolded.


An invisible and massive pressure descended, as if a giant hand suddenly pressed down on the Blue Dragon’s body. The ground trembled abruptly, the soft sand sank and became compact.

The adolescent Blue Dragon was caught off guard.

Under this pressure of over a hundred tons, her strong limbs softened, and she knelt down directly.

No, she fell prostrate in front of Saga, her head, belly, tail, all touching the compact ground.

It was as if she was humbly submitting to the little Golden Dragon not far away.

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