Chapter 80 – The steel giant ship comes across the sea, the danger of Thorn Isle

From a normal perspective.

——Boom! The weak gravitational field had not dissipated yet, and the blue dragon, which was much larger than Saga, was like a torn cloth doll, being punched by Saga’s Dragon Fist and sent flying dozens of meters away. Along the way, it scattered many treasures and pushed the ground into a long trench, covered in gravel and debris, looking quite embarrassed.

“Wow, a real gold mine.”

Saga’s eyes lit up, and he decisively and skillfully took out the spatial crystal, emitting a shimmering light, shining on the gold and silver coins and gem fragments scattered on the ground, quickly collecting them.

“Ah, my treasures!”

A scream rang out.

Several tens of meters away, Guli Tia, lying on her back, raised her head and watched Saga take away the treasures she had exploded, unable to help but scream.

Hearing the blue dragon’s exclamation.

Saga’s gaze flickered and looked towards the mother dragon.

Immediately, Saga flapped his dragon wings and took off directly, pressing heavily on the young blue dragon before it could turn over, using his body to suppress it along with the super gravitational field.

“What do you want to do?”

The blue dragon was a little panicked.

“What do I want to do? Of course, I want you to explode more gold coins.”

Saga responded in a low dragon language, accompanied by a golden iron fist coming towards him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Saga’s hind legs restrained the blue dragon’s forearms, sitting in front of its chest and abdomen. At the same time, his front dragon claws raised, striking the blue dragon’s head, neck, and chest like raindrops.

Accompanied by intense tremors.

The blue dragon’s outer scales became even looser.

More gold and silver coins burst out.

“Ah, no, my treasures.”

The blue dragon was anxious, being beaten dizzy in a short period of time, unable to resist for a while, and could only curse: “You golden dragon, how dare you steal dragon’s things, aren’t you a good dragon?”

“You blind dragon, when did I say I’m a golden dragon? I am the Red Dragon, the leader of the Evil Dragons!”

Saga had a flexible bloodline.

Depending on the scene, he could be a golden dragon or a red dragon.

At the same time, when the blue dragon was cursing, Saga keenly noticed a shiny thing flashing in the blue dragon’s mouth.

While the blue dragon was cursing at him.

Saga quickly stretched out his dragon claw and captured the upper and lower jaws of the blue dragon.


The blue dragon made an incomprehensible sound in its mouth.

His sensitive tail wrapped around to the front, and with a swoosh, it entered the blue dragon’s mouth, roughly pulling apart its wet and pink dragon tongue, and then took out the shiny thing under the blue dragon’s tongue.

It was a magic gem the size of a baby’s fist.

The egg-shaped gem was crystal clear, with a faint light on the surface, and seemed to contain strands of solidified elemental energy like floating hairs.

A high-quality magic gem – the Lionheart Gem.

Saga’s eyes brightened.

His tail pulled out from the blue dragon’s mouth, and his dragon claw loosened.

“My gem! Give it back to me!”

The blue dragon was furious, stretched its neck, and bit Saga’s tail.


Saga slapped backhandedly, making the blue dragon dizzy and bursting out several more silver coins.

He didn’t show any mercy.

This blue dragon was purely asking for trouble by provoking him. If it weren’t for the face of being the same kind, it wouldn’t be as simple as just beating it up and taking things away.

“She thought I was easy to bully because of my small size, so she wanted to lay hands on me. She didn’t expect that I have combat power that doesn’t match my size.”

“Well, in that case, maybe I can specifically lure some overconfident Five-Colored Dragons to come and make them burst gold coins in return.”

Saga’s mind was spinning, drawing inferences from one another, and came up with a bad idea.

At the same time.


The blue dragon under him accumulated enough strength and roared in anger.

Countless electric arcs emerged from her scales, flickering and jumping like living beings. At the same time, her suppressed body seemed to be infused with new power, surging with a strong resistance.

Overloaded electric current surged!


Centered around Guli Tia’s body, a bright thunder burst forth. Saga, who noticed her movement, had already waved his dragon wings in advance, unfolded the weak gravitational field, and flew high into the sky to avoid the confrontation.

Electric currents surrounded her body, and the blue dragon with thunder in her eyes stood up.

She glared at Saga in anger.

“Whether you are a little golden dragon or a little red dragon, I will take back everything I lost.”

With a slightly aggrieved tone, the teenage blue dragon, still in an overloaded electric current state, suddenly flapped her wings, creating a powerful storm. Under Saga’s gaze, she flew away in another direction, not towards Saga.

Guli Tia flew swiftly with her wings flapping, accompanied by thunderous roars.

In the night, she looked like a thunderball enveloped in a dragon shadow, with a grand momentum and extremely fast speed.

“Just you wait for me! If you have the ability, don’t change your territory! Roar!”

The dragon’s roar gradually weakened, and the young dragon flew farther away from Saga’s sight.

Guli Tia, the teenage blue dragon, twenty-seven years old.

Shortly after her territory was occupied by an adventurer team, she was robbed of many savings by a small hatchling dragon on a remote island.

“Why am I so unlucky, wuwuwu.”

“What kind of monster is this hatchling dragon?”

If she knew that Saga was just a hatchling dragon, not even a juvenile dragon, she would be even more shocked.

At the same time, although she spoke harshly, Guli Tia felt very aggrieved in her heart. After the excitement of the battle subsided, waves of pain came, making her even more sad. Fortunately, the intelligent sea creatures in the sea witnessed this rare scene.

The lonely blue dragon flew against the bleak moonlight.Flying all the way, there were continuous whimpers. Two crystal-clear drops of water fell from the sky, blown crookedly by the wind.

“You’re fast.”

Saga couldn’t see the figure of the young Blue Dragon anymore and snorted before retracting his gaze.

If the other party hadn’t run so fast in the end, Saga would have definitely taken the young Blue Dragon as his servant.


There is no concept of favoring females among the Dragon Clan.

The status of male True Dragons and female True Dragons is equal.

If one were to be humble, it would instead enrage the female True Dragon, thinking that the other party is trampling on their dignity and disrespecting them.

Saga looked around and looked towards the beach.

Because of the fighting between the two dragons, the originally flat beach was now in ruins, with pits and gullies everywhere. There were also some broken trees around, as if two dragons had fought here.

Saga hopped around and leisurely collected all the scattered treasures that hadn’t been collected yet into the spatial crystal. He took out the Lionheart Gem that he had taken from the dragon’s mouth and admired it under the moonlight, showing a satisfied expression.

“I didn’t expect to have unexpected gains.”

“This gem should be the most precious thing that the foolish Blue Dragon, who overestimated their own abilities, treasures.”

“With such a high-quality gem, after digging up the gem mine guarded by the Tremorboar, it can definitely form a high concentration of elemental energy. Staying in such an environment will further accelerate my growth.”

After admiring and playing with it for a while, Saga put away the gem.

“I wonder if the foolish Blue Dragon will seek revenge on me.”

“Hmm, if it were me, I would definitely find an opportunity. Having so many treasures stolen, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.”

“Come if you want, it doesn’t matter. When the time comes, I won’t give her a chance to escape. I’ll keep her as a servant and make her work like a cow and a horse.”

Saga raised his head proudly.

“Anyone who has been defeated by me shouldn’t think about surpassing me.”

The night gradually deepened.

Instead of resting on the Hanging Pine Cliff, Saga directly settled on a protruding reef on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and smelling the faint fishy smell carried by the sea breeze, then settled down.

He took a deep breath.

After using his dragon’s might to impact his mind a few times, Saga began to meditate while buzzing in his head.

The idea of having a good sleep was interrupted by the Blue Dragon.

Now Saga was not in the mood and instead started meditating.

His mind gradually became clear.

The sound of the waves, the sound of the sea breeze, the splashing sound of some fish jumping out of the sea, the rustling sound of branches and leaves, and the rubbing sound of small shrimps and crabs crawling on the nearby beach. Various sounds echoed in the deep night, interweaving into a natural island symphony.

But it didn’t seem noisy.

Instead, it made the night even more quiet and profound.

As the meditation progressed, Saga could feel the invisible seed brewing in the depths of his soul becoming clearer and stronger. It was growing.

“The seed of the soul. The seed before the awakening of psychic power.”

Saga knew what it was.

With keen perception, he could even feel the progress of the seed’s growth.

Meditation had positive feedback. He could feel the specific progress of his growth, making the meditation process not too boring.

Time flowed silently with each passing minute, along with the moonlight.

The night gradually brightened, and at some point, a touch of dawn quietly arrived.

When the pale golden dawn shone, the little Hatchling Dragon perched on the coastal reef opened its eyes at the same time.


Saga was full of energy, and the seed of the soul became more solid.

“At this rate, it won’t take ten days for me to awaken my psychic power.”

“Hmm, according to the records in the inheritance, it takes at least a year or more for a normal dragon to awaken their psychic power. For other creatures without talent, it takes decades of exploring the soul every day to have a chance to conceive the seed of the soul.”

Facing the dawn, listening to the rolling waves.

The little Hatchling Dragon, sitting with its limbs close together, raised its chin, feeling joyful and excited in its heart.

“I am indeed a genius.”

Now that the sky was getting brighter, the temperature in the air gradually rose.

Under the increasingly beautiful sunlight, Saga began his disciplined daily physical training.

The super gravity field was activated, one time, two times, three times, rotating back and forth.

The weak gravity field was also occasionally activated.

As Saga’s strength increased, his balance core became stronger and stronger. One second, he could withstand three times the pressure, and the next second, he could move agilely in the weak gravity field.

After the physical training, Saga thought about training his own abilities.

Recently, some abilities based on gravity had emerged in his mind. At the very least, the super gravity field and the weak gravity field needed further development. His current usage was still quite rudimentary.

“For example, in the super gravity field around me at the same time, make the intensity of the pressure chaotic and uneven, instead of having a uniform level of pressure in all areas.”

“For example, on the same target, at the same time, accurately exert different levels of pressure, or have the super gravity field and the weak gravity field act in opposite directions at the same time.”

Saga had tried many times.

With his current mental calculation ability, he couldn’t manipulate it delicately, resulting in these hypothetical skills being hit or miss. Most of the time, he could only use the force field in a rough and all-encompassing manner, wasting power essence and not achieving the best effect.

Just like all water mages know, if they can control the water in the enemy’s blood, they can easily cause great damage. However, only after mastering control over water elemental energy to a certain extent can they cast the corresponding spells and turn this idea into reality.The level is not enough, the ability is not enough, and even if the imagination is rich, it is useless.

Because it cannot be done, and there is no way to start.

However, Saga knows that this is only temporary.

Unlike many creatures limited by talent, as a dragon, he is constantly growing.

With the passage of time, with the growth of age.

His brain will become more developed, his spirit will become stronger, his physique will become stronger, and he will be able to control more power.

As for the ongoing awakening of spiritual energy.

This helps him improve his mental calculation power at this stage, strengthen his control and manipulation of basic power at a subtle level, and maximize the effects of each skill under the condition of unchanged total power intensity.

“Go and see how the little skeleton is doing.”

Saga didn’t forget about the little skeleton this time.


With his back facing the rising sun, Saga soared into the air in a gust of wind and headed straight for the burial ground of the Fin Tail Clan.

On the barren land full of rugged rocks.

The sunlight, which was not too intense in the morning, shone here, but the temperature and brightness seemed to be lower than other places. The air here naturally had a kind of silence and dimness.

Saga folded his wings and landed near the burial ground.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at the burial ground.

In his perception of elemental energy, Saga could see strands of negative energy converging towards the center of the burial ground. This caused the center of the burial ground to be filled with a strong aura of death, like a cocoon.

The little skeleton was buried here, in the middle of the burial ground.

It was absorbing the negative energy here, causing the negative energy to converge at one point.

By absorbing the negative energy it needed, the little skeleton was evolving. The cracks on its bones had been repaired and regenerated, and it looked crystal clear. Its bones became stronger and it was no longer weak.

“It hasn’t absorbed all the death negative energy here yet.”

“Three Gnoll corpses with spiritual energy talent are buried here, one of them is a fourth-order mind enchantment transmissionist. In addition, there are many other Blue Scale Gnolls, so there is quite a lot of negative energy being born here.”

“This little skeleton is lucky to be with me. It’s very lucky. I estimate that it will soon gain sentience.”

Saga sighed.

After watching the process of the little skeleton absorbing negative energy for a while, Saga didn’t stay here for too long. With a flap of his wings, he returned to the Hanging Pine Cliff and looked down at the Tremorboars below.

After annihilating the Fin Tail Clan Gnolls, the Tremorboars took over their territory, including the crops they planted, the orchards and vegetable gardens they developed, and the pens for raising Rainbow Crested Chickens, Fire Beak Chickens, and Flower Wool Sheep, as well as the fishing nets they set up by the sea.

The Tremorboars were not good at these things.

But they couldn’t just abandon them. Moreover, these were all ready-made, and they would gradually gain experience in the management process. There was no need to rush.

Tig, the Black Shark, recently arranged for his clan members to take care of the orchards, animal pens, and fishing nets. Due to the small number of intelligent Tremorboars, Tig had to coordinate everything. He was quite busy now.

But he enjoyed this feeling and willingly took on the responsibility.

After glancing at them for a while, Saga withdrew his gaze and didn’t have the idea of solving problems for his family.

With his dragon wings spread out, Saga flew towards the location of the Flower Wool Sheep pen.

He was ready to eat some delicious lamb.

“Little lambs, I’m here!”

Meditation, self-discipline, spiritual energy awakening, rest, enjoying delicious food, occasionally teasing the Tremorboars, and checking the situation of the Magic Gem mine. Saga’s life on Waxing Crescent Island was proceeding in an orderly manner.

In this way, after several days.

South of Thorn Isle, more than four hundred nautical miles away, a steel behemoth over five hundred meters long emitted the roar of its engines, carrying billowing steam and thick smoke, breaking through the waves and rushing towards Thorn Isle, scaring away countless sea creatures along the way, with great momentum.

Around the “steel behemoth,” there were a total of sixteen other magic ships with different structures and functions, guarding it like followers.

This was the Steel Giant purchased by the Rosen Kingdom at a high price from the Mechanar Empire.

It was named the Glandserm, which was the translated name in the common language chosen by the Rosen Kingdom.

If translated into the language of the Rosen Kingdom, Glandserm would be called the “King of the Sea.”

The roar of the engine of the steel giant sounded like the roar of a behemoth, and the towering Rosen Kingdom Sun Crown flag on the deck fluttered in the wind.

With the passage of time, the steel giant was getting closer and closer to Thorn Isle.

Obviously, it was not coming with good intentions.

The magic fleet led by the King of the Sea, Glandserm, was carrying tens of thousands of people.

Apart from the Mechanical Warlocks and low-level sailors who operated the Glandserm, the rest were elite soldiers and numerous professionals who had reached the Transcendent level.

The sun was scorching, and the waves were rolling.

At the helm, wearing a bear fur cloak, a tall and solemn naval general with a height of over two meters stood high and looked down at the vast sea, silent like a sculpture.

He was a legendary powerhouse.

He was also one of the top legends in the Rosen Kingdom.

The Storm General – Pasqual.

Between the realm of legends and demigods, there were also nine levels and 20 ranks.

Pasqual was not a newcomer to the legend. He was already a fifth-level legend, with a creature level of 30. In the entire Rosen Kingdom, both publicly and privately, there were few stronger beings than him.

This Storm General once went mad and furious when his son died at the hands of pirates. He single-handedly stormed a pirate stronghold and, at the cost of serious injuries, killed a legendary pirate general among countless pirates, earning great fame.

Recently, he had completely recovered from the injuries he sustained in the battle with the pirate general and was entrusted with an important mission by the King of Rosen.

Countless tiny droplets of water, lifted by the wind, brushed across his face.He recalled the king’s instructions before setting off.

“Thorn Isle was taken by a dragon, and our kingdom’s navy suffered three defeats in three battles, which has had a negative impact on our country.”

“Our economy, diplomatic relations with other countries, and political situation have all been affected.”

“We can’t continue like this anymore.”

“Fortunately, with the mediation of the Mechanar Empire, our relationship with the Alvo Kingdom has recently eased, and the Granseram, which was purchased at a high price from the Mechanar Empire, has successfully completed its trial voyage.”

“With you, Storm General Pasqual, my most trusted general, I believe you have the ability to change the situation of Thorn Isle being occupied by the dragon and avenge our Rosen Kingdom.”

The king’s hand heavily patted the Storm General’s shoulder.

“I hope this fourth campaign to retake the island will be the last. We must kill or capture the Crimson Flame Empress and reclaim Thorn Isle.”

Pasqual replied firmly:

“I will cut off the Crimson Flame Empress’s dragon head and return victorious, bathed in dragon blood.”

He raised his head, his gaze narrowed, looking at the faint outline of Thorn Isle that had appeared in his field of vision.

“The Crimson Flame Empress Renata, a legendary fourth rank.”

He muttered softly, expressionless.

In terms of rank, the Storm General was stronger than the Crimson Flame Empress, who was a fifth rank legendary. However, in the realm of legends, because only the strong could enter, and they possessed extraordinary means or talents, it was often difficult to bridge the gap of one rank.

But, in a one-on-one battle, Pasqual did not have the confidence to defeat the Crimson Flame Empress. He was not arrogant and had a clear understanding of his own strength.

Bridging the gap in rank was indeed difficult, but difficult did not mean impossible.

Dragons were creatures that could fight across ranks.

And the Red Dragon was exceptional among dragons.

The Crimson Flame Empress, the fearsome Red Dragon, was an outstanding individual among Red Dragons.

“In a one-on-one battle, I only have a thirty percent chance of winning against the Crimson Flame Empress.”

“But with the fleet led by the Granseram, the King of the Sea, you, Crimson Flame Empress, will become part of my many legendary achievements, hmm, one of the few top ones.”

The Granseram alone, this massive steel behemoth, was equivalent to a high-rank legend.

Under the blue sky and white clouds.

The fleet from the Rosen Kingdom advanced relentlessly, gradually approaching Thorn Isle.

As time passed, the fleet led by the Granseram arrived in the waters a hundred miles away from Thorn Isle, and then, a total of seventeen steel warships came to a stop.

Inside the volcano, the Red Dragoness focused on forging the Lord of Hell.

There were many ninth rank subordinates, but there were no legendary subordinates.

The monsters in the Ash Nest on Thorn Isle were unaware of the steel fleet appearing a hundred miles away. Following the orders of the Red Dragoness, they guarded the vicinity of the Yakan Volcano, not allowing any foreign creatures to approach.

At the same time.

The Granseram, King of the Sea.

Storm General Pasqual had a calm expression as he stood at the head of this steel behemoth, gazing into the distance at Thorn Isle. Thunder and storms flickered in his eyes, as if his gaze pierced through space and reached the Yakan Volcano.

Behind the Storm General stood a male and a female Mechanical Warlock.

The female Mechanical Warlock wore a short-sleeved shirt with a leather jacket over it, and a pair of hot pants that were completely different from the style of the Rosen Kingdom. Around her waist was a belt with exposed ammunition, with various strange solid bullets engraved with magic patterns arranged quietly.

She was an ammunition expert, a specialized profession within the Mechanical Warlock system.

The male Mechanical Warlock was 1.9 meters tall, with a well-built physique, and carried a giant firearm on his back that was half a meter taller than him. It resembled a sniper rifle, and the cold, hard surface of the firearm was covered in elaborate and exaggerated graffiti and magic patterns, with a faint purple and blue energy glow.

He was a Gunner, the same profession as the low-level female Mechanical Warlock that Saga had killed.

Both Mechanical Warlocks had distinctive features, deep eye sockets, high nose bridges, and very three-dimensional facial features. They were typical Iglen people from the Mechanar Empire.

The Granseram required Mechanical Warlocks to operate and control it. Ordinary people and ordinary Transcendents could not command this steel behemoth. Therefore, the Rosen Kingdom’s purchase of the Granseram was not a one-time payment. There were ongoing financial expenses for maintenance, upkeep, and recruiting Mechanical Warlocks from the Mechanar Empire.

Not all Mechanical Warlocks were Iglen people. The Rosen Kingdom also had native Mechanical Warlocks, but they could not compare to the Mechanar Empire, the birthplace of the Mechanical Warlock system, in terms of size and perfection.

Out of the ten Mechanical Warlocks, nine were from the Mechanar Empire.

The remaining one would often try various means to join the Mechanar Empire.

“Storm General Pasqual, Thorn Isle has entered the optimal attack range of the King of the Sea.”

“I think we can start the campaign against the Crimson Flame Empress now.”

The ninth rank Gunner was eager to try, grinning and saying.

“The King of the Sea will dock here and provide long-range support, while you, the legendary Storm General, will decapitate the Crimson Flame Empress with the assistance of the King of the Sea’s firearms.”

The ninth rank ammunition expert said with a light laugh.

“Thorn Isle is our territory. Please be careful not to cause too much damage to Thorn Isle with the firepower of the Granseram.”

The Storm General’s expression was cold as he spoke.

“Please rest assured. With the precision of the giant cannons loaded on the King of the Sea, we can accurately hit small demons a hundred miles away.”

The Mechanical Warlock replied nonchalantly.

The Storm General’s face grew solemn as he looked up at the blazing sunlight, and his bearskin cloak fluttered fiercely in the sea breeze.

“The first naval fleet of the Rosen Kingdom, all members, prepare to subdue the Crimson Flame Empress and carry out the fourth campaign to retake the island, for the glory of the Rosen Kingdom!”

“We will win!”The strong wind rose.

The wind carried the orders of the Storm General throughout the fleet.

“For the glory of the Rosen Kingdom!”

“We will win!”

The soldiers responded.

Immediately, the Storm General leaped from the bow of the Glandhelm and landed on a assault magic ship already filled with transcendent soldiers.

Leading the fleet was a streamlined, blade-like magic ship.

Half of the ships surrounding the King of the Sea began to move, speeding towards Thorn Isle, creating waves as they went.

At the same time, Pasqual, leading the brave and skilled transcendent army, advanced towards Thorn Isle.

On the steel deck of the King of the Sea, two mechanical warlocks also took action.

The female mechanical warlock went to the ammunition compartment, leading many low-level ammunition experts to inspect and prepare the ammunition for the giant ship cannon, while also enhancing it with enchantments.

At the same time, the steel deck of the Glandhelm split open.

Mechanical cannons emerged, forming a terrifying and cold-hearted matrix of cannons. The most exaggerated was the main cannon in the center of the matrix, with a caliber of 860 millimeters, equivalent to the full power of a legendary expert.

Surrounding the main cannon, there were hundreds of secondary cannons ranging from 400 to 600 millimeters.

The King of the Sea, this steel behemoth possessed by the Mechanar Empire, had no less than thirty of these cannons, which were parked in the nearby sea area, exerting immense pressure on other countries.

This was the profound heritage possessed by a high-level empire.

“We can finally have a good fight this time!”

The ninth-order male gunner licked his dry lips and sat down at the control panel behind the giant ship cannon. The lower-level gunners also took action, responsible for operating the secondary cannons, as well as calculating trajectories and locking targets.

In less than ten minutes.

Led by the Storm General, the elite soldiers of the Rosen Kingdom approached Thorn Isle. The magic ships docked, and the Storm General and the elite warriors set foot on Thorn Isle.

“Swift Wind Wings.”

Pasqual waved his hand, and the fierce wind formed a pair of wind wings behind each transcendent elite, as if they were alive.


Surrounded by strong winds, the wind wings flapped.

More than eight thousand elite soldiers took flight, passing through the air. The powerful wind pressure made the trees below sway and creak.

These figures, filled with powerful aura, blocked the sunlight and headed straight for the Yakan Volcano territory where the Red Dragoness was located.

“Children, hide inside the house and don’t come out.”

The human towns on Thorn Isle were in panic when they saw the figures flying in the air.

They knew that these were soldiers from the Rosen Kingdom, who wanted to reclaim their lost land.

They themselves were also citizens of the Rosen Kingdom.

But they were still afraid because once the battle between the Crimson Flame Empress and the Rosen Kingdom began, neither side would care about these people.

“Oh no, the army of the Rosen Kingdom is here again.”

“The one leading this time is the Storm General Pasqual. The Rosen Kingdom is serious this time. Sisters, quickly return to the caves.”

The succubi who had lived on Thorn Isle for many years knew about the Storm General.

It was close to noon, and the sunlight became hotter. The sound of cicadas chirping was incessant.

At various locations on the Yakan Volcano, such as the mountainside, foothills, and base, the leaders of the Red Dragoness’s followers were the first to notice the approaching army.

In addition to the Dragon Vein Rampant Bear and the Snake Woman Ieyona, there were also the True Dragon, which resembled a dragon but had both wings and legs, the Crimson Steel Tiger, with fiery fur and a strong and agile body, and the Lava Python, over thirty meters long, with magma flowing between its scales.

“Enemy attack!”

Whoosh! The leader of the True Dragon flew into the sky first. In its sharp and piercing roar, hundreds of fire-red, transformed by the Dragon Vein, bipedal flying dragons took off from the mountainside.

The bipedal flying dragons were the sentinels of the Yakan Volcano.

As the bipedal flying dragons moved, the other monster followers also became alert. Under the leadership of their respective leaders, they formed small armies and guarded the Yakan Volcano.


From a cave on the mountainside, the Dragon Vein Rampant Bear stepped out.

With each step it took, its already tall figure became even more majestic. The raging flames burned between its fur. Finally, a towering flame giant bear, twenty meters tall, stood in front of the Yakan Volcano, with winding and majestic horns on its head.

At the peak of the ninth rank, just one step away from being a legend, its aura surged and surged.

“The Empress is watching us from inside the volcano.”

“Followers of the Empress’s Wings, let the Empress be proud of us! For the Crimson Flame Empress!”

The Dragon Vein Rampant Bear growled.

The monster followers became restless, roaring and rushing towards the elite army led by the Storm General. The distance between the two sides rapidly closed.

“You insignificant humans, I will tear you apart!”

“For the Empress!”

“Kill them all, devour them all!”

The monster followers, who hadn’t engaged in large-scale battles for a long time, were extremely restless. Most of these monsters that followed the Red Dragoness were bloodthirsty and warlike, with violence ingrained in their genes.

However, the Dragon Vein Rampant Bear, brave, cautious, and skilled in battle, was not as confident as it appeared. It felt a heavy sense of oppression emanating from the Storm General leading the army.

The threat and pressure from the Storm General made it feel as if an invisible hand was choking its throat.

“The situation is very bad. The enemy has a powerful legendary leader, and the Empress is still in her slumber.”Before the Red Dragoness fell into her slumber, she had instructed Ulysses not to let any being disturb her sleep, or else, the consequences would be dire when she awakens.

“No matter what, we must delay this legend!”

“Just like the previous island conquest battle!”

The Dragon Vein roared within the bear’s body, its entire body dancing with flames.

As a high-ranking creature known for its defense, the earth bear, after undergoing the transformation of the Red Dragoness’s Dragon Vein, Ulysses, relying on his powerful physique, had once blocked a legend for a long time at the cost of severe injuries during the first island conquest battle.

On the other side.

The Storm General squinted his eyes, first noticing the most conspicuous and largest presence, the Dragon Vein bear.

However, he only gave it a brief glance. Upon realizing that the opponent was not a legend, he lost interest.

“The wind is coming!”

He murmured, raising his arm.

The sky and earth changed color, and without any warning, a furious wind rose.

Trees toppled, the earth cracked, and flying sand filled the air.

The bright weather instantly dimmed.

A chilling storm that stretched for thousands of kilometers, almost visible to the naked eye, was born, forming a vortex tornado, gathering in the right hand of the Storm General, wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, the tail firmly grasped by him.

It was as if he had caught a tornado with one hand.

(End of the chapter)

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