Chapter 77 – Blue Dragon Girl

The tail was burned, and the Tremorboar’s eyes turned blood red. Its body was filled with magic power, and it was preparing to unleash a powerful attack in a state of desperation. Its momentum was even more fierce than before.

This was somewhat dangerous.

“I’ll come back next time.”

With a flap of his dragon wings, Saga swung several gravity blades towards the Tremorboar as a provocation, without even looking back at its reaction. He turned around and left without hesitation.


Accompanied by the angry roar from behind.

Saga left calmly.

Instead of returning to Waxing Crescent Island directly, he flew towards Waning Crescent Island, using the Twisting Light Force Field to conceal his figure. He hovered in the sky above Waning Crescent Island, observing and examining the island.

The low-lying hills of the island were covered in dense forests.

The waves swept across the sandy beaches, and scattered reefs were distributed throughout.

These scenes were not much different from First Quarter Island and Waxing Crescent Island.

At the same time, the sapient beings living on Waning Crescent Island were somewhat restless.

The commotion on First Quarter Island caught their attention.

The beam of light that had shone through the sky and pierced through the clouds was too conspicuous.

Unlike First Quarter Island and Waxing Crescent Island, there were many signs of sapient beings’ activities on Waning Crescent Island. There were obvious non-natural structures in various terrains, and they all had a unified style, belonging to the same species.

“The Demon Fish Clan?”

As Saga’s gaze swept over the numerous creatures on Waning Crescent Island, he muttered to himself.

What caught Saga’s eye was a kind of fish-like humanoid creature.

They had scales covering their entire bodies, colorful and vibrant like carp. They had strong limbs with fish-like webbed toes, and a wrinkled spine extended from the top of their heads to their backs. A pair of intelligent fish eyes occupied almost half of their faces, giving them a strange and eerie appearance. They also had sharp teeth in their mouths.

What was more eye-catching was…

There was a small tentacle on the forehead of these fish-like creatures, and the circular organ at the tip of the tentacle emitted a faint glow.

“A type of sapient fish creature within the Demon Fish Clan, the Demon Lantern Fishman.”

The Demon Fish was a general term for a type of sapient marine creature. The Demon Fish Clan had a large number of branches. In the distant frozen region of the Saiga Planet, located in the northern polar position of the Storm Ocean, there was a vast empire founded by the Demon Fish Clan. It was one of the three major marine empires, standing alongside the Shark Clan Empire and the Sea Nymph Empire.

The Demon Lantern Fishman was an amphibious sapient creature.

They could be found in deep seas, coastal areas, and islands.

“They shouldn’t be from the Demon Fish Empire, just wild Demon Lantern Fishmen.”

At this moment, Saga noticed a tall Demon Lantern Fishman who was much taller than the others.

This Demon Lantern Fishman was currently eating.

It held a jelly-like blue slime in its hands and tore it apart mouthful by mouthful.

“Water Slime. These Demon Fish have raised so many slimes.”

“Water Slime, Fire Slime, Thunder Slime, Earth Slime. So many elemental slimes. These Demon Lantern Fishmen have done a good job raising them. They all seem to have been infused with elemental power.”

Saga’s gaze shifted and he saw slimes that looked sticky and glutinous, placed in wooden barrels or gathered in wooden enclosures. They were all different colors.

“The inheritance mentioned that the Demon Lantern Fishmen are good at raising and herding slimes.”

“They use slimes as food, materials, and even weapons.”

Saga noticed that a slender Demon Lantern Fishman picked up a Fire Slime and threw it at a blocking boulder.

Bang! The Fire Slime panicked and self-destructed. In the blossoming flames, the boulder, which was half the height of a person, also shattered into pieces. It was quite powerful.

Saga narrowed his eyes and looked down from above, overlooking the most prosperous area of the Demon Lantern Fishmen.

This place was close to the coast, near the beach.

Houses made of coral stood tall, and a large number of Demon Lantern Fishmen moved between the houses. They occasionally entered the sea, and there were also Demon Lantern Fishmen emerging from the sea from time to time.

In front of the houses, which were made of colorful coral and decorated with shells, pebbles, and metals, there was a slime with a diameter of about three meters. It looked round and chubby.

This slime was very strange.

Its color changed constantly as time passed, and when it changed to blue, red, yellow, or green, it corresponded to the respective color. It also emitted different elemental fluctuations, representing water, fire, earth, and wind.

“Elemental Slime is already a slightly advanced type of slime within the slime clan.”

“Generally speaking, Elemental Slimes can only control a single element.”

“This Elemental Slime seems a bit different. It is large in size and can emit four different elemental fluctuations. It is a rare mutant.”

Saga’s gaze moved upward.

On top of the mutant slime’s head, a Demon Lantern Fishman was sitting cross-legged.

This Demon Lantern Fishman had its eyes tightly closed, and the lamp on its head emitted a flickering light. It wore a crown made of shells on its head and clothes woven from seaweed. Unlike many other Demon Lantern Fishmen, it did not expose its scales.

Although it was sitting motionless, it naturally exuded a powerful aura that was not to be trifled with. The mutant slime beneath it also had a powerful aura, much stronger than an ordinary slime.

“There are quite a few Transcendent beings in this Demon Fish tribe. Their influence has spread throughout Waning Crescent Island, and their overall strength is estimated to be stronger than the combined strength of the Fin Tail Clan and the Bloodtooth Clan.”

Saga made a judgment.

He did not disturb the Demon Lantern Fishmen here and quietly left after observing for a while.

When Saga returned to Waxing Crescent Island, it was already night.

Under the bright moonlight, Saga did not immediately return to Dragon’s Nest to rest.He noticed that on the edge of Waxing Crescent Island’s beach, there were scattered fruit trees with abundant fruits, shining with various colors under the moonlight.

Now is the season when many fruits are ripe.

The fragrance of the fruits wafted over, making Saga’s mouth water.


Listening to the sound of the waves rising and falling.

Little Saga arrived at a place where fruit trees were rooted, stood up, and stretched out his dragon claws to pick the ripe fruits without any hesitation.

The first thing that caught his eye was a stack of banana trees.

Ah! He stuffed several bananas into his mouth, skin and all, and after feeling the slightly astringent taste of the banana peel, he peeled off a dozen more bananas and ate all the soft and sweet banana flesh in one bite.

A pile of banana peels quickly accumulated on the ground.

At the same time.

The poor banana trees, unable to bear the weight of the little hatchling dragon, creaked and bent, swaying as if they could break at any moment.

“Sustainable development, sustainable development.”

Saga noticed the banana tree that was about to be broken by his weight and muttered as he moved away.

Turning his head, Saga set his sights on the coconut trees with large and dense fruits.

He flapped his dragon wings and flew several meters high in the air, then picked off the largest coconut with one claw.

Extending a hooked toe, he gently poked it.

Pop. The hard coconut shell was pierced like paper.

Looking up, Saga held the pierced coconut and the sweet coconut juice flowed into his mouth.

After drinking the coconut juice.

He loosened his dragon claw, and the coconut fell into Saga’s mouth, along with the coconut shell and the flesh inside.

The whole process was seen by some small flower spirits hiding among the branches and leaves.

They were super small humanoid creatures with exquisite faces, only one centimeter tall, and had a pair of translucent wings like insect wings on their backs.

These fairy-like creatures, almost the size of bees, were almost scared silly.

They trembled and huddled together, hiding inside closed flower buds, afraid of being discovered by Saga, this “giant creature”.


The commotion subsided.

The small flower spirits waited for a while, then quietly opened the flower buds and looked around.

In their field of vision, there was no trace of the golden dragon.

They breathed a sigh of relief.

However, a warm airflow blew from behind, and the ordinary breath was like a storm to these little creatures.

Their faces stiffened, and they slowly turned their heads.

What came into their sight was a huge head, a head even bigger than their bodies. The golden dragon’s eyes were shining brightly, staring at them without blinking.

Immediately, under the gaze of several frightened flower spirits, the “golden dragon” opened its mouth, and its sharp fangs gleamed.


Its sensitive dragon tongue stretched out and licked the bodies of several flower spirits.

“Oh no! We’re going to be eaten by the dragon.”

Several flower spirits, soaked in dragon saliva, rolled their eyes and fainted on the spot.

Seeing this, Saga revealed a satisfied smirk.

“The species on this island is indeed abundant, and there are fairies living here.”

He didn’t eat the flower spirits.

These little creatures were harmless fairy-like sapient beings. The places where they existed were often lush and fruitful. The fruit trees here grew so well thanks to their presence.

Moreover, their size was not enough to get stuck in Saga’s teeth.

Immediately, Saga continued to wreak havoc on the fruit trees here.

In addition to the more common banana and coconut trees, he also found some fruit trees with magical energy. Among the lush crowns of these fruit trees, there were bright red exotic fruits, surrounded by faint fluctuations of fire elemental energy.

“Sunset fruit, a fruit nourished by fire elemental energy, can be used as a low-level magic material.”

When Shark prepared food for Saga, he had prepared sunset fruits before. Saga loved the taste of this fruit.

Huffing and puffing, Saga kept eating most of the sunset fruits.

After sweeping through the fruit trees along the beach like a whirlwind, Saga leaned against a relatively sturdy fruit tree, half sitting and half lying down, stroking his belly with one dragon claw, and the tree behind him creaked.

Another dragon claw stretched out.

The super gravity field erupted, and the branches were bent. A durian-like fruit, full of spikes, was sent into Saga’s dragon claw.

Twisting it off, he skillfully put it into his mouth.

The little hatchling dragon bathed in the moonlight, relying on the creaking “durian tree”, occasionally picking some fruits to eat, living a very comfortable life.

As time passed, drowsiness came over him.

Saga wanted to enjoy the beauty of sleep and didn’t plan to meditate tonight.

Meditation indeed made his energy and spirit vigorous, but it was not as comfortable as sleeping soundly without caring about anything.

His eyelids slowly closed.

Saga was slowly entering the realm of dreams.

However, before he fell asleep, a strong wind with a strong dragon aura swept through the sky, disturbing Saga.

Saga abruptly opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the aura.

In his field of vision.

Under the night sky adorned with countless stars, there was a dragon about ten meters long, with a strong physique, flapping its wings and flying at high speed. The flapping of its wings stirred up a gust of wind, and it didn’t conceal its own aura at all, appearing quite arrogant.

It had sky-blue scales, which could blend with the sky if it were daytime. When it moved at high speed, faint electric arcs could be seen jumping between its scales. Its head, huge ears, and the horn on its nose were particularly eye-catching.

“The Blue Dragon, the second-ranked dragon of the Five-colored Dragon Kind, also known as the Storm Dragon.”

“Judging from its size and appearance, it should be a teenage mother dragon.”Watching the retreating figure of the Blue Dragon, Saga’s eyes narrowed slightly.

His sleep had been disturbed, which left him slightly annoyed. However, the other party didn’t seem to have any ill intentions, and they had already flown far away. Saga didn’t feel like chasing after them, especially since he planned to sleep a bit more, so he let them fly away.

But before Saga could shift his gaze away.


The Blue Dragon, which had already flown past Waxing Crescent Island, seemed to have sensed the presence of Saga, a fellow dragon. Whether it was with good or bad intentions, it surprisingly flapped its wings and turned back.


“A juvenile Blue Dragon. Encounters between dragons in the wild rarely end well, especially if she mistakes me for a Golden Dragon.”

“I wonder how many treasures she has hidden under her scales. Heh, the more the better.”

Saga’s gaze became sharp, and he licked his lips.

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