Chapter 76 – Saga Tremorboar

Saga lowered his head and looked at the yellow crystal distributed on the body of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

Even in the intense sunlight of the day, these yellow crystals emitted a faint halo and contained a certain amount of earth elemental energy. They were genuine magical materials and looked somewhat like crystal magic gems. They looked pretty good.

Some cunning casters would use the yellow crystals produced by the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon to disguise them as magic gems and sell them. There were many examples of inexperienced casters being deceived.

“They look pretty good. I’ll take some and put them in the Dragon’s Nest, pretending they are magic gems,” Saga muttered to himself.

He didn’t have many magic gems.

For now, he could use these yellow crystals as a substitute. It was better than nothing.

With that in mind, Saga extended his dragon claw and snapped off a cluster of crystals, storing them in his spatial crystal.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon only trembled slightly and didn’t react much.

As long as it ate more earth, it could naturally grow more yellow crystals.

These were some spare and renewable energy sources. They were not its true body and could replenish its magic power and restore its strength in intense battles. It didn’t matter if some were plucked off, but if too many were taken at once, it would become weak.

At the same time, it seemed to realize that Saga liked its yellow crystals.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon tilted its head back and rubbed its most eye-catching horn against Saga’s dragon claw, indicating that Saga should take its horn. It also made a whimpering sound.

Yes, it was indeed a whimpering sound.

This fierce-looking and huge creature was making whimpering sounds that were completely inconsistent with its appearance.

Saga laughed, remembering the deep roar the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon had made before.

He found the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon adorable.

Saga extended his dragon claw and patted its head, touching its horn. Speaking in Dragon Tongue, he said, “Once your body has fully recovered, I will give you some True Dragon’s blood to make your True Dragon bloodline more concentrated.”

Dragon Vein transformation.

For ordinary creatures, this was an opportunity, but also a trial.

Because Dragon blood was domineering, creatures that underwent Dragon Vein transformation mostly had a slim chance of survival. Subdragons had a better chance, as they already had a weak True Dragon bloodline. However, completing the Dragon Vein transformation was not easy for them either, so it was best to be in the best condition when undergoing the transformation.

Subdragons could understand some Dragon Tongue.

Upon hearing this, the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon tilted its head back again, rubbing against Saga and wagging its tail more vigorously.

After playing with the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon for a while, Saga let it rest in the cave.

He didn’t randomly come up with the idea of giving the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon a Dragon Vein transformation.

After the transformation, the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon’s strength could even surpass Saga’s to some extent. This big guy was a fifth-tier Subdragon. If it wasn’t controlled by the Mind Warlock, it would have performed even better in battles with Saga and could rival sixth-tier ordinary magical creatures.

After the Dragon Vein transformation, it might even reach the level of a Tremorboar.

“The insignificant Tremorboar is not worth mentioning. My subordinates will be enough to kill you,” Saga thought, recalling the embarrassing situation of being chased by a Tremorboar when he first arrived at Moon Bay.

He had to regain his dignity.

“Go to First Quarter Island and check on the Tremorboar’s situation.”

The situation on Waxing Crescent Island had basically stabilized, so Saga decided to go to the nearby First Quarter Island.

There was only the Tremorboar, a huge creature, on First Quarter Island, and no other sapient beings.

Due to the presence of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, the Shark Tigers had wanted to seek refuge on First Quarter Island after losing to the Fin-Tailed Tribe in the conflict. However, the entire First Quarter Island was considered the Tremorboar’s territory. Once other outsiders were discovered, they would be fiercely attacked by the Tremorboar.

After paying the price of some Vanguard Tribe members’ lives, the Shark Tigers’ plan to migrate to First Quarter Island was shattered.


The Hatchling Dragon flapped its wings against the gentle sea breeze and soared into the sky, leaving Waxing Crescent Island behind.

Soon, Saga left the airspace of Waxing Crescent Island and arrived at First Quarter Island.

He didn’t wander around aimlessly but headed straight for the Tremorboar’s territory, the tallest peak on First Quarter Island.

“Hmm? Where is it?”

Saga arrived at the mountain peak, folded his dragon wings, and grasped the rugged rocks at the top, looking around.

The Tremorboar was nowhere to be seen.

With his eyes slightly closed, Saga activated his Force Field perception and searched for the Tremorboar’s trace.

Just then, a low growl of anger sounded from the beach on the other side of First Quarter Island.

On the beach near Waning Crescent Island.

Crashing waves, splashing water, the massive body of the Tremorboar leaped out of the shallow sea. Its nose caught Saga’s scent, and it galloped with its four hooves. Its bulky body moved at a speed that didn’t match its size, charging angrily towards Saga’s location.

At the same time, five stone cones formed, resembling cannonballs.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The stone cones broke through the air, accompanied by loud explosions, and shot towards Saga.Saga was shocked and turned his head to look at the furious Tremorboar.

What he saw was a giant boar over 18 meters long, exuding a strong oppressive aura. Every step it took while running caused the ground to shake, and its dangerous aura was even stronger than when Saga first saw it.

“Wow, it has advanced? How did it promote so quickly?”

Weak gravity field!

The weak gravity field affected the trajectory of the stone spikes, and Saga took off directly, soaring into the air again, increasing the distance between him and the Tremorboar. At the same time, he closely observed and assessed it.

The Tremorboar had a sturdy figure, with a short neck and tail. Its body length was almost the same as the length of its torso. The visual impact of this 18-meter giant body was much greater than that of an 18-meter-long dragon. It rampaged through the forest, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. It trampled countless mountains and rocks, even smashing several low hills, creating a strong sense of oppression.

After reaching the edge of the highest peak of First Quarter Island, the Tremorboar lifted its head and stared angrily at Saga, regretting that it couldn’t fly.

“It has now reached the seventh rank and become a high-level magical creature.”

From the sixth rank to the seventh rank.

The Tremorboar crossed the threshold between the middle rank and the high rank, officially becoming a high-level magical lifeform. Its strength had leaped to a higher level, making it even more difficult to deal with.

However, the high-level Tremorboar still couldn’t fly.

“The last time I encountered it, it was at the peak of the sixth rank. Maybe it’s just one step away from reaching the seventh rank. Its promotion is only natural.”


“Something doesn’t seem right. It seems even angrier than when I ambushed it last time, and it’s more alert.”

“Why is that?”

“Hmm? The magical elemental energy here seems to be higher.”

Saga narrowed his eyes and stared from thousands of meters above, observing the Tremorboar walking around the mountain peak.

Targeting the area around the highest peak, Saga focused on activating his force field perception.

In the convergence of countless arcs, like a transparent three-dimensional model, the entire mountain, inside and outside, unfolded in Saga’s perception.

Suddenly, the golden dragon eyes of the little Hatchling Dragon lit up with a terrifying light.

Just below the highest peak, dozens of meters above the ground, in the horizontal rock layers, there were irregular pieces that seemed to have just formed recently, resembling small veins of minerals.

There were at least a hundred magic gems quietly waiting here to be harvested.

“Stay calm, stay calm.”

“It seems to be a micro-sized magic gem vein that hasn’t fully matured yet. The ordinary gems here are absorbing magical elemental energy and transforming into precious magic gems. The gemification of the gems is almost complete.”

Magic gems not only represented treasures.

Devouring magic gems could accelerate the growth of True Dragons. If a large number of magic gems were gathered together, these lovely little gems could gather the free elements in the air, making the elements more concentrated and aiding in growth. The impact would be long-lasting.

Devouring gems was for short-term gains.

Gathering gems was for long-term gains.

In any case, as long as he could obtain magic gems, there would be many benefits.

“No wonder it was able to quickly advance to become a seventh-rank magical lifeform and strictly guard First Quarter Island.”

“So there is a magic gem vein in the process of formation here!”

Even if it was a micro-sized vein, Saga was delighted by this discovery.

“The Red Dragoness used to occupy Moon Bay and regarded it as her initial territory.”

“It was at least two hundred, or even three hundred years ago. After that, I guess the Red Dragoness didn’t expect that a magic gem vein would be formed on First Quarter Island.”

A micro-sized magic gem vein.

It could probably produce one hundred to five hundred magic gems.

The most important thing was that by placing ordinary gems in the vein and giving them enough time, there was a chance that the later placed ordinary gems would also be gemified and become extremely precious magic gems. The vein itself was the most important, as the elemental energy gathered together in a special reaction that couldn’t be replicated, making it possible to form a magic gem vein. It was a rare find.

Suddenly, the sunlight became more intense.

Saga felt a bit hot.

A hungry gaze flashed in the golden dragon eyes on his face mask.

Saga stared fixedly at the highest peak, hovering in the air, casting shadows on the ground.

He took a deep breath.

After calming his restless mind, Saga shifted his gaze and looked at the Tremorboar.

“Should I use the Golden Radiance Shield against it? No, that would be too wasteful.”

“The Golden Radiance Shield is my trump card that I can only use when my life is in extreme danger. I can’t let temporary wealth blind my eyes.”

Saga’s rationality was not destroyed by the sudden discovery of the gem vein.

“I think it’s precious only because I’m still quite poor right now.”

“It’s just a micro-sized magic gem vein. When I become stronger and accumulate a huge amount of treasure, it might not be worth my attention. Stay calm, stay rational.”

The little Hatchling Dragon exhaled slowly.

“I am currently at the peak of the third rank as a seventh-rank high-level magical lifeform. I’m just one step away from the fourth rank.””I have a fifth-tier Subdragon under my command, along with two fourth-tier White Feather Gryphons.”

“Numerous first and second-tier Shark Tigers, and a third-tier Shark Tiger leader, Tig.”

Saga pondered:

“With the power of my subordinates, plus my own, we should be enough to deal with the Tremorboar.”

Under the legend, quantity can still bridge the gap between individuals.

“There’s no rush, the Magic Gem mine here hasn’t fully matured yet, it looks like it will take several months.”

“During this time, I should be able to break through to the fourth tier, and then give my key subordinates a round of Dragon Vein enhancement.”

“It will be easy to take this gem mine.”

Just as Saga was pondering, the Tremorboar below, who was intently watching Saga’s movements, became restless.

It made a grunting sound from its mouth, its limbs stomping on the ground, causing the earth to tremble as if it were alive.

Saga’s gaze became focused.

He sensed a large gathering of earth Elemental Energy.

At the same time, the Tremorboar lifted its head and opened its mouth.


The ground cracked layer by layer, and countless tiny particles emerged from the surface, rising from bottom to top, turning into a yellowish breath, which then flowed continuously into its mouth with the Tremorboar’s breath.

Saga felt a sense of being targeted.

The Force Field arc in his perception also underwent a strange change.

The big one is coming!

Saga’s pupils contracted slightly, and he focused his mind.

Weak Gravity Field!

A sense of lightness was born, and in an instant, like a golden straight line, Saga flapped his wings, his body abruptly turning, agile beyond compare.

At the same time, just as Saga moved his body.


A yellow energy beam as thick as a water bucket shot up into the sky, disappearing in a flash, piercing through thousands of kilometers in less than a second, landing where Saga had been, piercing through the thick clouds, leaving a hole.

High-level Spell ability – Earth Light Wave!

This is a powerful skill that can tear through mountains.

“This high-level Magic Lifeform, this pig, is much more fierce than last time.”

“It didn’t seem to have this move last time.”

Able to sense the subtle changes in the Force Field, Saga took a step ahead, narrowly avoiding the Tremorboar’s attack.

Missing its target, the Tremorboar was furious.

Humming, the ground’s rocks and soil rose up, turning into stone spikes, bombarding Saga like cannonballs, but these stone spikes were far slower than the previous Earth Light Wave. Saga alternated between using Super Gravity Field and Weak Gravity Field, easily causing the trajectories of the stone spikes in the sky to become chaotic.

Surrounded by dangerous stone spikes attacking from all directions, the little Golden Dragon was not afraid, quietly hovering in the air, letting the stone spikes pass by him.

The erratic stone spikes posed no threat to him.

“I know you’re in a hurry, but don’t rush.”

Saga slightly soothed the agitated Tremorboar.

The Tremorboar, lacking the ability to fly, had no good way to deal with Saga flying high in the sky, and could only roar and rage in place.

Saga took a deep breath.

A large amount of free fire Elemental Energy in the air was sucked into his mouth, reacting strangely with the magic organ in his body, the base blood vessel, brewing into the stored Golden Flame Dragon Breath. Saga’s throat and chest swelled up, and his chest scales faintly emitted a more brilliant golden light.


A mouthful of brilliant golden flames rolled out from between Saga’s crisscrossing dragon teeth, then spat out, carrying a high temperature that could melt metal and a powerful impact that could break steel barriers.


The Tremorboar growled.

A piece of earth and stone, over ten meters in diameter, reinforced by earth Elemental Energy and harder than ordinary black iron, rose from the ground to meet Saga’s dragon breath.


The earth and stone first went up a distance against Saga’s dragon breath.

It started off fast, then gradually slowed down, until it completely stopped, and then was pushed in the opposite direction by the dragon breath towards the Tremorboar.

The golden flames even ignited the surface of the earth and stone, sticking to it.

It was like a meteor of fire falling from the sky.

The Tremorboar showed an explosive power that did not match its body, sprinting to dodge.


The earth shook, a golden fire ring rampaged open, catching up with the Tremorboar and igniting its little tail.


The Tremorboar jumped up, its short tail spinning fast, burning in a frantic blaze.

(End of the chapter)

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