Chapter 75 – Burial ground

“Okay, let’s do it.”

Saga nodded in agreement.

The burial ground where a large number of corpses were piled up would create an environment with dense negative energy, which undead creatures like the little skeleton would enjoy. Before the undead creatures inside were born, the little skeleton would absorb the residual souls inside, preventing the birth of more undead creatures. It would be a good idea for the little skeleton to go and clean up, just in case there were any gnolls playing dead along the way.

Although Saga didn’t mind killing them again.

But he was too lazy to deal with such meaningless things.

Black Shark was prepared to take the little skeleton to the burial ground, but after thinking for a moment, Saga said, “I’ll do it myself. Tell me the location of the burial ground. You go and check on the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, feed it some food and water.”

Saga wanted to see if there would be any strange changes when the little skeleton entered the burial ground.

Immediately, Black Shark told Saga the location of the burial ground, and Saga flew there with the little skeleton in his arms.

In just a minute or two, Saga arrived at his destination.

It was a barren land on an island without any trees, full of rugged and strange rocks.

Among the rocks of various sizes, there was a patch of sand that looked out of place. Saga’s force field perception could sense that the sand was filling a pit with a diameter of about a hundred meters, full of gnoll corpses buried under the gravel.

Black Shark didn’t consider gnolls dirty and smelly, so he didn’t store them as food reserves.

The killed gnolls were buried here.

As soon as he approached, even though it was a hot day, Saga felt a sense of coldness.

The sunlight seemed to lose its warmth here.

“There is indeed a lot of negative energy in this burial ground.”

Saga squinted his eyes, and his eyes that could perceive elemental energy could also observe the presence of positive and negative energy.

Earth, water, wind, and fire, these four basic elemental energies were indispensable in the main material world, and there were four elemental realms in many dimensional worlds.

In addition to these, there were also two major positive and negative energy realms.

The four elemental energies and positive and negative energies were relatively common types of energy.

The death aura that undead creatures needed was a type of negative energy.

“The concentration of negative energy here is slowly increasing.”

Saga could see faint grayish-gray streams of energy hovering above the burial ground, dispelling the warmth of the sunlight.

This kind of aura formed by the gathering of negative energy was invisible to ordinary creatures. If one passed by here and was affected by the aura, they would suddenly feel a chill.

“Compared to the undead nest on Thorn Isle, this is child’s play.”

In the undead nest on Thorn Isle, the concentration of negative energy had condensed into gray clouds. Even snowflakes passing through the clouds would become gray and unfriendly to life. Once ordinary creatures were contaminated, their vitality would slowly fade away, making them weak.

“The Death Knights on Thorn Isle are actually quite powerful.”

“This Alfred guy and the necromancer he killed before seemed to be ninth-order existences, just below legendary.”

“After becoming a Death Knight, its strength should have declined compared to before. Is it now eighth-order? Or seventh-order? It should be eighth-order. It has been in the undead nest for a long time, and its strength will slowly recover and grow.”

Although he didn’t care about the Red Dragoness.

However, the Death Knight Alfred was indeed not weak.

“It doesn’t matter, I will surpass it sooner or later.”

Saga retracted his scattered thoughts, wagged his tail, and moved the little skeleton in front of him.

The little skeleton, who had been chattering all along, now had a fluctuation in its soul fire. Its head turned 180 degrees and looked at the burial ground, revealing a look of longing.

Very well.

It seems that it does have benefits for it, an instinctive attraction.


Saga extended his dragon claw and turned the little skeleton’s head back, making it face him.

“This is a reward from His Highness, the King.”

The three-year-old little hatchling dragon shamelessly declared himself a king.

The little skeleton currently had no intelligence and couldn’t understand Saga’s words or the meaning of the little hatchling dragon. It just simply wanted to go to the burial ground, attracted by the gathering of negative energy.

“Go ahead.”

The little hatchling dragon casually threw the little skeleton over.

Unexpectedly, due to Saga’s previous playfulness, the little skeleton, whose body had become much weaker, fell apart when it touched the ground, turning into scattered bones.


Fortunately, the skull of the little skeleton rolled a few times, and the soul fire inside had not been extinguished.

The hand bones scraped the ground, gathering the other bones bit by bit.

Under Saga’s curious gaze, the little skeleton slowly pieced together its body, then twisted its body, swaying left and right, losing a bone with each step. With a very eerie gait, it walked unsteadily towards the burial ground.

Finally, after reaching the burial ground.

It scraped away the sand and buried itself.

At the same time, Saga’s gaze flickered as he saw grayish-white death aura converging towards the buried little skeleton as if it had found its core.

His gaze seemed to penetrate the gravel.

Saga could sense that the soul fire of the little skeleton was quietly burning, and it had even touched a bit of joy and excitement. It seemed that it had been hungry for a long time and now had a rare opportunity to feed, and the food was delicious.

Just in case the little skeleton sucked up all the death aura and ran amok.

Saga left the burial ground and returned to the Bloodtooth Clan, instructing a few adult sharks to guard it.

Then Saga went to see the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

The location that originally belonged to the Fin Tail Clan was now occupied by the Bloodtooth Clan’s sharks. In the low hills and the intertwined trees, many sharks were moving in and out. The Fin Tail Clan no longer existed here.

Saga folded his wings and landed on a hill that was only a hundred meters high.

“Come out.”

He spoke in Dragon Tongue and at the same time released his dragon might, sweeping over the hill.At the base of this hill, there was a dark and deep cave. Accompanied by rhythmic ground tremors, a massive creature emerged from the cave. The surrounding saber-toothed tigers kept their distance out of fear. Their previous conflicts with the Gnoll tribe had resulted in many of their kind falling under the sharp claws of the Amber Earth Dragon, causing them to fear this Subdragon. Correspondingly, they held even greater awe for Saga, who had defeated and tamed the Amber Earth Dragon.

The Amber Earth Dragon, with its body covered in strange crystal clusters, robust forelimbs, and a tail like a siege hammer, came into Saga’s view.

Visible scars could still be seen on the Subdragon’s head.

One of its arms seemed to be inconvenienced when it moved.

The Amber Earth Dragon had not yet recovered from the blow dealt by Saga, but that was only physically. With the death of the Mind Warlock Gnoll, it had lost the mental control exerted by the latter. The spirit of the Amber Earth Dragon was actually getting better and better, which accelerated its recovery. It wouldn’t be long before it could return to its peak state. Although the recovery ability of a Subdragon was not as good as a True Dragon, it was not weak either.

Lifting its head, this twelve-meter-long creature, upon seeing the small Golden Dragon that was only half its size, did not show any intimidation or threat. Instead, it lowered its head, lay directly on the ground, and made a whimpering sound from its mouth, showing a submissive posture. There was even a hint of flattery in its eyes.

Like a griffon, the Amber Earth Dragon was a semi-intelligent magical lifeform.


The Amber Earth Dragon growled, its huge tail sweeping back and forth. It accidentally hit a Gnoll stone house that had not yet been demolished, instantly shattering it.

Saga had once defeated the Amber Earth Dragon head-on in an irresistible manner, almost killing it with a single strike of the Great Wasteland Dragon Meteor.

In addition to the might of the True Dragon and the innate longing and awe of Subdragons for True Dragons rooted in their blood, this big guy had surrendered under Saga’s dragon wings after just a little training upon awakening.


Saga swooped down and finally stood on the back of the Subdragon.

The Amber Earth Dragon was wide and stout, making it quite suitable as a mount.

However, a True Dragon using another Subdragon as a mount was a sight that seemed a bit strange no matter how one looked at it.

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