Chapter 74 – Forgotten Skeleton

“The first time I meditated, I had this feeling. I am indeed a genius,” Saga said.

The hatchling dragon raised its chin and lifted its head.

Immediately, Saga stood up, stretched his muscles after exercising his mental will, and began disciplined physical training.

He stood at the top of the cliff.

Bathed in the pale golden morning light.

Saga, under the pressure of three times gravity, repeatedly flapped his dragon wings, first locally training his wings, then standing up and squatting, or lying on the ground with his arms supporting him as he moved up and down, or even upside down with his head down and feet up, using one dragon arm to support his powerful body. Saga did not miss any part of his training.

Three times, two times, one time.

Saga also occasionally adjusted the super gravity field to maintain balance in the suddenly changing gravity field, increasing his balance and adaptability.

The power of the mind, soul, will, and other aspects are what mind warlocks pursue.

But Saga is also a dragon, a “Red Dragon” who is passionate about a strong physique. He has always been very disciplined in physical training and feels a sense of pleasure as he feels his body becoming stronger.

External physical training.

Internal mental cultivation.

Saga wants to shape himself into a hexagon, no, he wants to shape himself into a well-rounded warrior without any weaknesses.

Feeling his body becoming weak, Saga paused his training.

In addition to physical and mental training, Saga also explores more uses of his abilities.

For example, advancing the super gravity field to simultaneously apply different levels of gravity to different parts of the same object, or adding a weak gravity field to simultaneously apply both super and weak gravity to the target, achieving extraordinary effects.

However, in terms of Saga’s current control, these are still just theoretical ideas.

And what he needs to do now is to try to make these ideas come true.

First, he needs an object that can be used as a target for the force field.

As if suddenly thinking of something, Saga slapped his head and touched his dragon horn.

“I almost forgot about you.”

He took out a spatial crystal from the inner layer of his neck scales.

Saga held the spatial crystal and moved it with his mind. The spatial crystal immediately emitted a beam of light, landing on the surrounding ground.

When the beam of light disappeared, a small skeleton appeared in front of Saga.

Finally freed from the silent space inside the spatial crystal, the small skeleton slowly moved its head, making a creaking sound like a rusty machine.

Before it could figure out its situation.


The super gravity field descended.

Under the pressure of gravity, the small skeleton was directly pressed to the ground.

It struggled to get up with its arm bones, and then in an instant, its body seemed to become unusually agile. Without even realizing it, with a gentle push of its arm, its body leaped more than three meters high. Saga alternated between the super gravity field and the weak gravity field, using the small skeleton as the target, increasing his proficiency in using his abilities.

He tried to apply different force fields with different effects on the small skeleton at the same time.

Like a child playing with toys, Saga found great joy in it.

Soon, it was noon.

Saga paused his torment of the small skeleton.

Looking at the pitiful small skeleton, which was used as an experimental target by the hatchling dragon, lying motionless on the ground, no longer showing the persistence it had before, even if its body was broken into pieces and it wanted to hit Saga’s head.

“It’s a bit too much to play during broad daylight.”

Saga looked up at the intense sunlight, then glanced at the dim soul flame of the small skeleton.

“Undead creatures are powered by negative energy. Their activity under positive energy like sunlight will be greatly reduced.”

Without a rich negative energy environment.

Undead creatures usually only move at night and rest during the day.

“I should wait until night to play. It’s not good to play too much in broad daylight.”

Saga curled his tail in front of him, lifted the small skeleton by its neck vertebrae, and observed its hollow eye sockets up close.

Inside the eye sockets, a pair of dim soul flames flickered, as if they could extinguish at any moment.

“The soul flame of an undead skeleton. Once this flame is extinguished, the undead skeleton will die.”

“The power of the soul flame is related to the power of the soul. What if I use a soul energy dispelling force field on it?”

Saga thought about it but did not take action.

He estimated that if he used a soul energy dispelling force field on the small skeleton, this little guy would probably die on the spot.

Saga planned to continue honing his fine control of the force field with the small skeleton’s help.

Changing the target would not be conducive to his research.

Looking at the small skeleton’s despondent appearance, Saga encouraged, “If I can hone my use of the force field with you, once I become powerful in the future, I can directly reshape an indestructible body for you.”

The small skeleton did not react.

“It seems useless to make promises to undead creatures without intelligence.”

Saga clicked his tongue.

Saga carried the small skeleton with his tail and descended to the Bloodtooth Clan’s territory below the cliff.

He summoned Black Shark and handed the small skeleton to him, instructing, “Take it to the vicinity of some recently deceased creatures and let it absorb their souls to strengthen itself.”

Saga didn’t want to play with the small skeleton too much too soon.

Thinking that undead creatures can absorb the souls of living beings to strengthen themselves, Saga gave this order.

From beginning to end, cultivating a powerful skeleton is also an interesting thing, like playing a character development game.

“The Black Europe Continent, one of the six continents, has the most undead creatures.”

“The ruler of the Undead Empire, which stands on the Black Europe Continent, is a skeleton king. This skeleton king has caused several undead calamities, turning the Black Europe Continent into a paradise for the undead.”

“Little skeleton, little skeleton, I don’t expect you to grow to the level of a skeleton king. Just don’t let me play with you too much too soon,” Saga thought in his heart.At the same time, Tig of the Black Shark lowered his head and whispered, “My lord, the Gnolls of the Thin Tail clan that were killed earlier have all been gathered in a pit for burial. Can I take this skeleton to the burial ground of the Thin Tail clan?”

A burial ground. A place where a large number of corpses are piled up, there is a high probability that the Undead will be born.

The transition of the authority of death between the Lord of All Ends and the current Death God, Karthus, had a strong impact on Saiga Planet. Now that the authority of death is controlled by the Death God, the impact has been reduced, but there is still some residue, making it quite easy for the Undead to be born on Saiga Planet. This is also one of the reasons why the Undead Empire was born on this planet and still stands today, not being exterminated by the many living empires.

A dead body suddenly rises to attack you.

This is not a rare occurrence on Saiga Planet.

(End of Chapter)

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