Chapter 73 – Flower of Psychic Power

“Perhaps I have psychic talent, but I just don’t know.”

“After all, psychic talent doesn’t immediately manifest.”

“Psychic power is derived from electromagnetic force. I can sense electromagnetic fields. Last time, when I had contact with the mind warlock gnoll, I also comprehended the psychic force field based on electromagnetic force. According to this logic, I should have psychic talent.”

“But it’s not certain. Psychic power is psychic power, and electromagnetic force is electromagnetic force. Even if psychic power is indeed derived from electromagnetic force [I still can’t be completely sure], there are still significant differences between the two. I can influence electromagnetic force, but that doesn’t mean I have psychic talent.”

“And my influence on electromagnetic force is very weak, currently far inferior to gravity.”

Saga thought this way, and at the same time, he opened his eyes, lifted his head from his tail, moved his tail to his back, lifted his limbs, and stood up.

“To verify if I have psychic talent. Use the Dragon’s Might for self-assessment.”

As the target, release all mental and psychic defenses, and directly impact the brain with the aggressive Dragon’s Might—this is recorded in the inheritance, a crude and brutal method to determine one’s psychic talent when there is no psychic detection device.

When a dragon with psychic talent impacts their own brain with the Dragon’s Might, it directly triggers the psychic talent and bursts out psychic self-protection.

A dragon without psychic talent is equivalent to fiercely hitting their own forehead with a hammer, causing dizziness and being affected to a certain extent.

“It really is a crude and brutal testing method.”

“I don’t have any items to detect psychic talent, so let’s try it like this. The consequences aren’t severe.”

Saga took a deep breath and his golden dragon pupils became focused.

“And as an outstanding true dragon like me, how could I not have psychic talent, haha.”

Saga relaxed his mind, let go of his mental and psychic defenses, and gathered the Dragon’s Might. He erupted, boom! It was as if a thunderous roar echoed in his mind.

It felt like a giant rising and a giant fist punching Saga’s forehead.


Saga only felt dizzy, his vision blurred and chaotic, and his ears filled with random and noisy sounds. His head was buzzing.

As the combination of the Red Dragon, the leader of the Color Dragons, and the Golden Dragon, the leader of the Metal Dragons.

Saga, an outstanding outsider dragon without proficient psychic dragon bloodline, reluctantly had to admit that he regretfully did not possess psychic talent.

After recovering from the buzzing state in his head.

Saga swept his tail unhappily and felt a bit frustrated for not having psychic talent. In Saga’s opinion, it was unreasonable for such an outstanding true dragon like himself to not possess psychic talent.

This is unreasonable!

“If I’m not given psychic talent, I’ll just have to obtain it.”

“Naturally not possessing it, but awakening psychic talent later.”

Saga searched for dragon inheritance and found two relatively mainstream ways for true dragons to awaken psychic talent.

First, meditation.

Through effective meditation for self-awareness, mental training, and spiritual cultivation, psychic talent can be awakened. This is the most mainstream way of awakening psychic talent for all creatures. However, because true dragons have naturally powerful spirits, as long as they can calm down and meditate properly, they can basically succeed in awakening psychic talent, while ordinary creatures have a high probability of failure.

Second, self-impact with Dragon’s Might.

This is a method of awakening psychic talent that only dragons can use because Dragon’s Might is the manifestation of a true dragon’s powerful spirit. Just like testing psychic talent, using Dragon’s Might with aggressive impact on oneself can train the mind and will, and this brutal method can quickly awaken psychic talent.

The two awakening methods are not mutually exclusive and can be used simultaneously.

“Meditation and Dragon’s Might training.”

“First, use Dragon’s Might to impact my mental will, and then meditate to recover when mentally exhausted. This is the most efficient way to awaken psychic talent.”

Saga pondered.

However, the feeling of Dragon’s Might training was not pleasant.

The buzzing feeling in his head seemed to still linger in Saga’s perception and had not completely faded away, making him feel a bit dizzy and intoxicated, as if he had drunk fake alcohol.

But since Saga had decided to become a mind warlock.

He could endure these thorny and muddy obstacles.

“Take a few more impacts with Dragon’s Might, and then meditate to recover.”

Immediately, Saga began to use Dragon’s Might to impact himself again. His dragon face seemed to wear a mask of pain, and his expression involuntarily twisted slightly. His head buzzed, and his body trembled slightly, as if he had stuffed himself under a giant iron bell and then rang the bell.

Saga did not push himself to the limit of mental exhaustion.

Although this would be more helpful for awakening psychic talent and was the most efficient awakening method, Saga couldn’t do this. He needed to reserve enough energy and spirit to deal with any possible accidents. This was Moon Bay, not Thorn Isle. Without the protection of the dragon mother, Saga couldn’t be too reckless. He needed to be cautious.

Then, Saga began to meditate.

For true dragons, meditation was a relatively simple matter because dragons were naturally good at sleeping. They were good at maintaining a certain level of alertness while in a deep sleep, being sensitive to any movement or sound around them. This was somewhat similar to the relaxation of mind and the maintenance of clear will required for meditation.

With a little practice, dragons could successfully enter a meditative state without any hindrance.

So, true dragons had a unique talent that surpassed any other race. Even for special and rare casters like mind warlocks, if true dragons were interested, they could choose a suitable path to become a mind warlock, instead of being limited by their innate talent like many other races.


Perhaps because they were inherently powerful, many dragons also dabbled in spells, showing little interest in many Transcendent systems.

This could be considered a problem brought about by innate strength.

Saga, not being a traditional dragon, did not have this issue. Since there was a need to become a Mind Warlock, he was willing to devote time and energy to it. He was quite interested in methods that could strengthen himself.

In a state between sleep and wakefulness, Saga quickly found his rhythm.

He had coiled up his body, adopting a sleeping posture.

His breathing became incredibly steady, following the rhythmic and regular pattern of meditation as recorded in the heritage.

Moreover, unlike normal sleep, his consciousness was very clear. His senses seemed to have separated from his body, observing his own body from a god-like perspective, while also clearly feeling the state of his body.

At the same time.

His slightly tired spirit was recovering at a faster rate than normal sleep.

The process of meditation was dull, and dragons preferred to sleep carelessly rather than concentrate on meditation. But as long as one could endure this dullness, the benefits were obvious.

Time passed by every minute and every second.

Moonlight fell like a curtain, the sea breeze gently blew, branches and leaves rustled softly, insects slowly crawled through the cracks in the rocks, and waves rose and fell on the sea surface. In a state of meditation, Saga felt his spirit becoming increasingly sharp.

Just like that, the sky gradually brightened.

A hint of fish-belly white appeared on the distant horizon, the moon disappeared from the sky, and the dawn of the sun sprinkled down, casting a faint golden edge on the vast sea. It also shone on the more dazzling Golden Hatchling Dragon, adding a sheen to its beautiful and noble dragon scales.

Saga opened his eyes.

His golden dragon eyes were bright and spirited.

Through a night of meditation, the spirit that Saga had depleted due to his dragon’s might had fully recovered. He now felt refreshed.

A gentle breeze blew by.

Saga quietly listened to the sound of the sea waves in the distance.

He felt as if something was gestating in his heart.

It was as if a seed had been quietly planted in his spirit during his meditation, waiting for the right time to take root and bloom into a flower named psychic power.

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