Chapter 6 – Force Field

Time flies, like a middle-aged man who is unable to fulfill his aspirations, it seems like he hasn't even started yet, but unknowingly, time has already passed.


In the blink of an eye, two and a half months have already passed.


It is a sunny afternoon.


The sun, like a giant fireball, hangs high in the sky, motionless. The gentle breeze brushes against the treetops, creating a soft rustling sound as the leaves and branches lightly rub against each other. The dense canopy of trees sways with the wind, resembling layers of rolling green waves.


The scent of rain-soaked earth and fragrant grass mix together, refreshing the mind and spirit.


Saga, who woke up two weeks ago, is now firmly perched among the thick branches.


His dragon claws tightly grip onto the thick branches, his wings folded, and his tail naturally hangs down, swaying slightly in the air.


After two and a half months of growth, the young hatchling dragon has reached a length of about two meters. Its originally chubby and adorable appearance has gradually disappeared, and its figure has become more agile. The golden scales covering its body are like countless small diamond-shaped gems, reflecting the sunlight that shines through the gaps in the branches.


The branches sway with the wind, gently rubbing against Saga's scales, making him feel a bit itchy.


However, Saga squints his eyes as if he doesn't feel anything, remaining motionless.


A pair of golden dragon eyes stare intently ahead.




Amidst the sound of rustling as its limbs rub against the ground, a chubby blackhide boar slowly enters Saga's field of vision.


This blackhide boar is about two and a half meters long, slightly larger than the young hatchling dragon at this time.


The  the blackhide boar , originally from a continent with extremely scarce resources. Because it only requires very little food to sustain itself and can grow a good amount of muscle, it has been domesticated by many sapient races. Through numerous overseas trades, it gradually spread throughout the Saiga Planet, becoming a widely consumed meat source.


In this place, the blackhide boar is considered the food that Red Dragoness releases for her hatchlings. Many true dragon clans will hunt them for consumption. They are numerous and fierce due to being released, but compared to Saga, the blackhide boar is just an ordinary wild beast, belonging to the bottom of the food chain. Although its size is not small, it is not a match for a hatchling dragon, even one that has just been born.


Due to their weak strength, creatures at the bottom of the food chain possess a highly sensitive perception of danger and can easily detect lurking threats in their surroundings.


Under Saga's gaze, the blackhide boar keeps sniffing.


It pricks up its ears and its eyes move back and forth, showing a vigilant and cautious expression towards its surroundings.


"Conceal the dragon's might, conceal the dragon's might…"


As time passes, the blackhide boar slowly approaches Saga's location, while Saga silently concentrates his spiritual consciousness, silently reciting to conceal the dragon's might.


Around Saga, there is an invisible but tangible aura.


This is the special aura belonging to a true dragon.


A supernatural power that has its exclusive name in the dragon's heritage – formidable aura.


Formidable aura, in the mouths of many races, is also called dragon might.


Dragon might is not only a temperament and power, it possesses substantial strength. It is a powerful force that true dragons possess, and the dragon might of an adult dragon can easily oppress targets within its range, making them unable to move.


However, for a hatchling dragon that has just been born, dragon might not only fails to provide assistance in hunting but also has a negative impact.


Because the uncontrolled dragon might of a hatchling dragon lacks the oppressive power, prey that comes into contact with the hatchling dragon's dragon might will be greatly frightened, fleeing like a startled bird.


Saga tries his best to control his dragon might.


Under his control, the dragon might is gathered as much as possible around his scales.


Slowly, the alert blackhide boar approaches within a range of about two hundred meters from Saga.


Saga holds his breath, his gaze fixed on the slowly approaching blackhide boar, silently waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.


However, at this moment, a trace of uncontrolled dragon might dissipates.


In the instant when it is swept by Saga's dragon might, the blackhide boar immediately becomes alert.


It turns around and runs, its hooves stepping on the ground, leaving shallow marks on the soft soil, and its short tail nervously wagging.


"The dragon might is still a bit lacking, unable to control it perfectly."


The next second, amidst the trembling sound of rustling tree crowns, a golden figure leaps into the air, blending with the radiant sunlight.


It is a small golden hatchling dragon, its diamond-like scales refracting a dazzling noble color under the sunlight, and its golden dragon eyes on its face shining brightly.


Saga spreads his dragon wings.With a wingspan of about two meters, Saga steadied his body, tearing through the gale while blocking the sunlight, casting a dragon-shaped shadow on the ground that moved at an incredible speed.


His gaze was firmly locked on the Blackhide Boar that was running away, and his mind became highly concentrated in an instant.


In a blink of an eye.


The world in Saga's eyes underwent a complete transformation.


From towering mountains, lush ancient trees, to the blazing sun in the sky.


To tiny pebbles, fluttering green leaves, and even the dust in the air.


Everything, all matter… All things in Saga's eyes at this moment seemed to have turned into countless invisible lines intersecting in a peculiar way.


There were infinite lines extending from unknown origins to unknown destinations, and there were also curved lines that meandered and eventually converged, intertwining like ocean currents.


Different objects were connected and influenced each other through these lines.


These strange ripple lines originated from within the matter and covered the matter itself.


All matter in the world composed of countless lines was constantly emitting subtle fluctuations.


Subtle as a grain of sand falling into the sea.


But Saga could faintly sense their existence.


Thanks to the knowledge of physics he acquired in his previous life, and his recent research on his abilities, Saga now knew what the strange scene in front of his eyes was.


Force Field.


Gravitational field, electric field, magnetic field…


Apart from the macro world, at the micro scale, Saga felt that there were also force fields in the most minute parts of his body, deep within the cells, at an even smaller scale. However, he was currently unable to control or manipulate them, he could only vaguely sense their existence and nature, in conjunction with his existing knowledge.


"It should be the interaction forces, strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force… gravitational electromagnetic force, strong and weak interaction forces… theoretically speaking, if one could fully master the four fundamental forces, one would be no different from a god."


This was an innate feeling.


Saga had already perceived the essence of his Outsider ability, which was the control of the four fundamental forces that constitute various force fields: gravity and electromagnetic force in the macro domain, and strong nuclear force and weak nuclear force, or strong and weak interaction forces, in the micro domain.


At the current stage, the Hatchling Dragon could barely control a bit of gravity.


But the future potential was terrifyingly high.


Back to the point, under Saga's gaze, the Blackhide Boar was passionately sprinting through the jungle filled with force fields, seemingly feeling that it was about to escape to safety, and it couldn't help but grunt.


However, in the next second.


The Hatchling Dragon, shadowing its prey, murmured.


"Super Gravity Field!"

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