Chapter 68 – Spiritual dispelling

At this moment, the surrounding Gnolls were already restless.

The ferocious and massive yellow crystal earth dragon was also ready to attack.

“Master, I will stay behind and hold them off. You should quickly leave this place and lead the Bloodtooth clan warriors to come together.”

“We are deep in the territory of the Fin Tail clan, and they have a large number of people….”

Tig roared lowly, crackling with electricity all over his body, and spoke at the same time.

Although he didn’t say it directly, the meaning behind his words showed that he underestimated Saga.

At this moment, it heard the calm and deep Dragon Tongue.

“Tig, comparing the True Dragon and the Subdragon is an offense to dragons.”

“In consideration of your limited knowledge, I will forgive your offense, but only this once, it won’t happen again.”

Pausing for a moment.

A dazzling golden Hatchling Dragon revealed a wild smile on its faceplate:

“I will let you know the difference between dragons and subdragons. The difference in size cannot be compensated.”

As soon as the words fell.

Saga raised his head and a resounding dragon roar echoed from his mouth.


Like the deafening and thunderous roar coming from rolling dark clouds, this earth-shaking but low and muffled roar resounded through the sky. The trees hundreds of meters away rustled, and rocks rolled down the low hills.

Accompanying the dragon roar was the dragon’s might.

Gabocoth had been on guard, and at the moment the dragon roar and dragon’s might emanated, it pointed a finger at its own brow, exerting so much force that it broke the skin and blood trickled out.

At the same time, invisible psychic energy burst forth, forming a stronger mental shield for their own units.


Under the shocked gaze of the Mind Warlock Gnoll.

The Gnoll warriors who had their mental shields applied to them had their shields shattered the moment they came into contact with the dragon’s might.

Under Saga’s dragon’s might, the mental shields were like a thin sheet of paper blocking a torrent.

Easily shattered.

The Gnolls who had gathered around, their blood boiling and spirits high, were once again struck by terror.

They fell into a state of being overwhelmed by endless fear, with tears, snot, and excrement flowing. Some had even suffered mental breakdowns and died on the spot.

Saga’s dragon’s might had been enhanced compared to before.

“Ah ah ah!”

Just as the Gnolls were somewhat encouraged and had the courage to fight the True Dragon, the massive yellow crystal earth dragon suddenly collapsed to the ground with a thud, its limbs going limp. Its huge head hung low, not daring to meet the True Dragon’s gaze. With the violent shaking, the old Gnoll standing on the yellow crystal earth dragon’s head almost got thrown off.

In fact, if the yellow crystal earth dragon wasn’t a subdragon but another creature.

With its abilities, it wouldn’t be so afraid of Saga.

This behemoth’s life level was around level 10, already a fifth-tier intelligent lifeform, surpassing the two-tier difference from the current third-tier Hatchling Dragon in terms of strength.

But the oppression of the True Dragon on the subdragon was innate, something ordinary creatures couldn’t imagine. This was the powerful suppression of the superior race on the inferior race. Before Saga had even shown his power, the yellow crystal earth dragon didn’t want to be enemies with Saga and wanted to retreat.

Even if Saga was only a second-tier, this yellow crystal earth dragon would still fear him.

This fear was engraved in the bones of subdragon creatures, the fear of the higher bloodline True Dragon.

Unless the gap in strength between the two was large enough, this fear couldn’t be eradicated.

As for the dragon’s might that instantly shattered the mental shields….

Saga had mixed in something else.

“I should thank you, Mind Warlock. You have allowed me to master another skill.”

“For this, I will grant you a painless death.”

Saga grinned and said to the old Gnoll.

Just now, because he saw Gabocoth’s use of psychic energy and the changes that occurred with the electromagnetic force, Saga had a feeling and a realization.

His understanding of the electromagnetic force had deepened slightly. He referenced the abilities of the Mind Warlock and went from only being able to sense the existence of the electromagnetic force to being able to exert a weak influence on it. Through the combination with the dragon’s might, he formed a new skill.

Saga named it – Psychic Dispelling Force Field.

Specifically used to eliminate the effects brought by psychic energy.

This unexpected gain made Saga feel doubly pleased, and the tip of his tail unconsciously curled up.

“How could this be….”

Gabocoth couldn’t understand.

“There’s something different in his dragon’s might.”

“Is it also psychic energy…. but it seems different.”

Due to excessively using psychic energy, Gabocoth’s face became even older.

On the other side.

Although it was only a six-meter-long small dragon, its aura at this moment seemed like that of a colossal creature, as if a towering shadow enveloped all living beings present.

“No, I refuse to accept this.”

Gabocoth roared lowly.

“Why must we Gnolls always be at the bottom of the world? This is unfair, I won’t accept it.”

The flames burning in its heart grew stronger and stronger.

Its passionate emotions turned into even more powerful psychic energy.

In the surge of emotions, Gabocoth realized a new use for psychic energy. Its withered fur automatically stood up, and there was a faint light flowing on the thin blue scales on its lower body. Its eyes, which were previously cloudy, became clearer, as if rejuvenated.

“The strength of the mind is the foundation of us Mind Warlocks.”

“My will is unbreakable, my ideals are like a rock, I will not fail!”

“Dragon, our battle is not over yet!”As it spoke, its palm, touching the horn on the head of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, lit up with a bright halo. A volatile spiritual energy was infused into it, making the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon become wildly excited.

Spiritual Burn!


It was as if a flame had ignited from the soul of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon. This illusory spiritual flame plunged the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon into a state of frenzy, and its aura began to surge dramatically.


The face of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon under the effect of Spiritual Burn became ferocious. It roared at Saga, its amber eyes filled with dense bloodshot veins. Its muscles bulged, its body swelled, and the crystals all over its body shone brightly. It reached a length of thirteen meters, and its strong forelimbs caused the ground to tremble with every movement, creating cracks everywhere, exuding an overwhelming pressure.


Gabocoth’s voice was hoarse and strained, and a loud roar came from his withered body.

The crystals on the head of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon grew and multiplied with a crackling sound, protecting the Gnoll within. At the same time, it stomped on the ground with its powerful arms, its body twice the size of Saga’s, came thundering towards him, causing the ground to tremble continuously.

It lowered its head, the top of its head lit up with a rich and heavy earthy yellow light, and charged towards Saga.

“It seems to have had an epiphany… It has made a breakthrough on the spot, its spiritual power has suddenly become more profound, and it has formed a stronger mental shield around itself and the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon. It should be able to resist my newly learned but not yet proficient spiritual dispelling Force Field.”

“Then it thinks it can defeat me, a Gnoll and a Subdragon defeating a True Dragon.”

Saga grinned and whispered:

“But I’m sorry, I’m going to disappoint you.”

Weak Gravity Field!

Saga could now control it autonomously, reducing the gravity he was subjected to. In this state, he could fly at an extremely fast speed.

The development of the Weak Gravity Field could potentially evolve into an Anti-Gravity Field.

The ‘Golden Dragon’ spread its wings, narrowly and dangerously, but seemingly in control, its body rose in a straight line at an extremely fast speed, avoiding the charge of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

The Black Shark had already burrowed into the ground, taking advantage of the chaos to swim away from the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, under Gabocoth’s control, didn’t bother with the Black Shark. All its attention was on Saga.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon and the old Gnoll both looked up at the same time.

They both saw a golden figure rising straight up at an extremely fast speed, until it stopped after climbing to several thousand meters high. It was already as small as a golden dot, hardly noticeable unless you looked closely.

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