Chapter 69 – Great Desolation Dragon Meteor

“Are you trying to escape? This dragon can fly, you can’t leave it behind.”

“It has such an imposing presence, but it ran away so pitifully… Haha… That’s all it is.”

Looking at the golden hatchling dragon soaring high in the sky, the old gnoll felt a sense of regret and contempt.

However, Saga had no intention of running away.

In the sky about four kilometers above the sea, Saga stopped ascending and looked down, overlooking Waxing Crescent Island, which appeared small in the grand seascape, and the ant-like yellow crystal dragons on the island.


Saga made a move.

He used the three-fold super gravity field that he could control, targeting himself, and instantly experienced a tremendous gravitational pull.

Under the influence of this pull, the hatchling dragon began to plummet at high speed.

At the same time, Saga flapped his wings to accelerate.

Whoosh… The airflow rapidly rubbed against Saga’s dragon scales, creating sparks that merged into the golden flames that suddenly ignited – Saga’s flames.

His whole body was enveloped in golden flames.

A long tail flame swayed behind him.

Saga, plummeting at high speed, was like a golden meteorite, falling towards Waxing Crescent Island and the yellow crystal dragons.

The super gravity field applied to himself, combined with the dragon fire to increase its power, and the suppression of the target with the super gravity field, was very effective against large and heavy targets.

Saga named this move – Great Desolation Dragon Meteor!

Gabocoth’s face changed as he saw the “golden meteor” rapidly enlarging in his pupils.


Under the cover of crystal clusters, Gabocoth’s mind moved, controlling the yellow crystal dragon to dodge.

However –

Super gravity field: three times the gravity!


Terrifying pressure fell on the yellow crystal dragon, causing the ground to shake violently. Caught off guard, the dragon’s body was pressed tightly against the ground, causing the ground to sink.

The yellow crystal dragon roared in anger.

Its strongest forelimbs exerted force, slowly lifting its upper body, but the weaker hind limbs couldn’t support this immense pressure in such a short time.

If it were a true dragon, even with its enormous weight, it could definitely withstand Saga’s three-fold super gravity with its powerful strength.

Unfortunately, it was only a subdragon.

At this moment, the “golden meteor” was only a hundred meters away from the yellow crystal dragon.

In terms of the speed of rapid descent, it could be said that it was already within reach.


The yellow crystal dragon raised its right claw and heavily smashed it into the ground, its crystal-like claws piercing into the earth.

Sizzle… In an instant, clusters of yellow crystal-like mineral crystals erupted from the ground, converging from all directions to form an indestructible fortress centered around the yellow crystal dragon.

In the next moment.

The “golden meteor” made contact with the yellow crystal fortress.


A large number of crystal fragments flew and the fortress shattered.

The gnoll on top of the golden crystal dragon’s head raised his head in astonishment, listening to the thunderous roar of the fortress breaking, feeling as if time had slowed down, and looking at the “golden meteor” that was within reach, the mind warlock showed an expression of disbelief.

“Why is my dragon so vulnerable… Why is it like this…”

Unfathomable confusion filled its heart.

The next second, the entire field of vision was filled with golden scales, as the light from the dragon’s scales filled the surroundings.

At the same time, the yellow crystal dragon raised one of its sturdy arms and blocked in front of it.


An overwhelming, unstoppable force came.

The yellow crystal dragon wailed.

Its giant arm covered in horn and scales bent, falling, and pressed against the yellow crystal dragon’s horn.


The earth within a radius of hundreds of meters shattered, sinking violently as if collapsing. More cracks extended for kilometers, countless dust rose, nearby hills almost collapsed, and trees swayed and fell due to the shaking ground…


One of Black Shark’s tiger claws pierced through the chest of a gnoll warrior, its blood-stained mouth still biting the waist of a low-level gnoll warlock. Under the siege of a group of gnolls, it roared repeatedly, its body covered in the fresh blood of the gnolls.

These gnolls with combat abilities were mentally resilient, and with the slight resistance of their thought shields, they did not completely lose their combat effectiveness. Moreover, they had already had dealings with Black Shark as enemies, so they attacked Black Shark without hesitation. However, due to the impact of Saga’s dragon might, their spirits were weak and confused, and for a short time, they did not effectively strike Black Shark, but instead quickly died several elite gnolls.

At the same time.


A deafening explosion sounded like the earth’s lament. Due to the violent shaking of the ground, Black Shark stumbled, and some gnolls around him fell directly to the ground. The elite gnolls who could still stand were trembling all over, lost and disoriented.

The battle temporarily stopped.

Black Shark looked towards the source of the earthquake.

The terrifying scene caused by Saga, like a divine punishment, fell into Black Shark’s eyes as he watched.”My lord, you are so powerful…”

Gazing reverently at the dragon’s silhouette amidst the endless dust, it felt an inexplicable shudder throughout its body, taking pride in this sensation.

The Black Shark chose to follow Saga mainly because of Saga’s potential. It judged Saga’s strength based on his size, but due to its limited understanding, it didn’t believe that Saga could match the Amber Earth Dragon.

But now, the Black Shark realized it was wrong.

The being it chose to follow was no ordinary dragon.

This further solidified the Black Shark’s decision to follow Saga.

In this cruel world, ordinary lifeforms are as insignificant as dust. The mere gust of wind caused by the stride of a powerful being could send them floating. Those with bad luck would be trampled underfoot, meeting their end.

If they were lucky… they might land on the foot of a powerful being and have the fortune to follow them for a while.

This was an unimaginable opportunity.


A strong wind blew.

The pervasive dust gradually dispersed.

In the center of the collapsed and sunken earth, inside the already shattered fortress, the Amber Earth Dragon’s arm, which had been covering its head, was nearly crippled, trampled flat. The golden dragon claw was pressing on the Amber Earth Dragon’s head. The scales on its head were mostly shattered, its horns broken, and blood was flowing from its head, making it look extremely miserable.

However, thanks to the fortress it managed to construct at the last moment, this Subdragon didn’t die on the spot, but was severely injured.

This robust Subdragon was defeated by Saga in such a violent manner.

“It should have been able to exert more power.”

“The Mind Warlock’s enslavement weakened it.”

Subdragons are stronger than ordinary creatures. A fifth-tier Subdragon can at least fight against a sixth-tier Magic Lifeform, but the Amber Earth Dragon didn’t show such performance.

Part of its mind was always resisting the Mind Warlock’s enslavement.

In order to enslave this Subdragon without backlash, the fourth-tier Mind Warlock had been using psychic means to suppress its power for a long time, causing the Amber Earth Dragon to be unable to exert its full strength and its spirit to be always in a state of languor.

“If it were a genuine fifth-tier Subdragon and it fought me to the death… it would probably be a lot of trouble, but the outcome wouldn’t change.”

Crack! Saga pulled up with force.

In his dragon claw were some shattered crystals and the squashed, bloody body of a Gnoll.

This Mind Warlock was already dead.

Saga showed no mercy to this rebellious Gnoll Mind Warlock.

Its frail body couldn’t withstand such a heavy blow.

In contrast, Saga himself had some scales shattered on his body from the intense collision, and fresh blood was seeping out. He felt pain at the wound, but it didn’t make Saga uncomfortable. Instead, it made him feel exhilarated.

Huff… Saga let out a long breath.

“This attack method of falling from the sky—awesome!”

“When I have enough power in the future, I’ll pull down the stars from the sky to bombard my targets. For now, the attack method of falling from the sky like a meteor is also very satisfying.”

Saga looked down at the unconscious and severely injured Amber Earth Dragon.

With the death of the Mind Warlock, the mental burn he had cast on the Amber Earth Dragon naturally dissipated. The slave mark in its soul also shattered at the same time. The Amber Earth Dragon lay unconscious on the ground, its breath extremely weak. It had completely lost its combat and resistance capabilities. If Saga wished, he could kill it on the spot.

But Saga didn’t do that. He decided to keep the Amber Earth Dragon.

Even as a Subdragon, it still had a strong recovery ability.

The Amber Earth Dragon’s injuries looked horrific now, but given enough time to recover, it could slowly return to its peak state. After being subdued, it could serve as a good subordinate. If it was given more True Dragon blood through Dragon Vein transformation, it could gain even greater strength.

After subduing the Amber Earth Dragon and letting it recover a bit.

Then taking along two fourth-tier White Feather Gryphons.

If he wanted to seek revenge on the Tremorboar, it would be much easier if nothing unexpected happened.

Saga had no qualms about ganging up.

He wasn’t obsessed with facing powerful enemies alone.

In a situation where he had a numerical advantage, using a one-on-one knightly duel style of combat… didn’t suit Saga’s character.

If conditions allowed, he liked to outnumber his enemies.

This wasn’t the Red Dragon way.

But it was very much the Golden Dragon way.

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