Chapter 67 – Psychic and Electromagnetic Force

Mind Warlocks are not perfect transcendent paths and have certain drawbacks.

If a Mind Warlock casts spells frequently, it will put a great mental pressure on themselves.

Twisting reality purely with the mind is not a simple task without consequences.

There have been cases of Mind Warlocks accidentally burning out their brains in intense battles.

However, overall, it is still a powerful and relatively rare transcendent path.

It is even rarer for a Gnoll to become a Mind Warlock.

There are some examples recorded in the Dragon Heritage, but they are few.

Saga folded his wings on both sides of his body and descended to the ground like a golden meteor.


The earth groaned, and dust filled the air, with cracks spreading everywhere.

Many Gnolls stood unsteadily and almost fell.

Then, in the gradually dissipating smoke and dust, a diamond-like golden dragon claw slowly emerged and waved gently.

Saga elegantly waved his dragon wings to disperse the surrounding dust, and his scales shimmered in the sunlight.

Noticing Saga’s appearance.

At the same time, a deafening tiger roar sounded at the edge of the Fin Tail Clan’s territory.

The ground cracked, and the Black Shark burst out of the earth, surrounded by silver-white electric currents, rushing towards Saga at high speed, and then stood beside Saga like a guard, with a fierce and ferocious expression.

“The leader of the Bloodtooth Clan, the Shark Tiger.”

Gabocoth’s gaze condensed, recognizing the Shark Tiger that had fought against his own clan, but he didn’t know that the Black Shark was now the chief of the Bloodtooth Clan.

“They came together with this golden dragon… it’s not good.”

“But there are only two of them, and look at the size of this dragon, it’s only six meters, it shouldn’t be too strong. It’s a good opportunity for them to intrude deep into our Fin Tail Clan’s territory.”

The old Gnoll’s thoughts turned, and he had a different idea.

“Mind Warlock, death, or submission to me.”

The noble and majestic “Little Golden Dragon” got straight to the point.

Having a Mind Warlock as a retainer is quite good in the early stages, and Saga became interested in this old Gnoll.

Although the other party looked like he was about to die…

That’s not a problem. As long as he bestows dragon blood on the other party and transforms him into a Dragon Vein retainer, he can at least extend his life for hundreds of years and rejuvenate his dying body.


Upon hearing this, Gabocoth’s expression slightly froze.

After a brief silence, a smile, a furious smile, slowly appeared on his old face.

“Should Gnolls submit to dragons, to powerful creatures?”

“Should Gnolls be born inferior and lowly?”

“No, I want to change this reality, I want to make dragons the servants of Gnolls!”

Because of his old and weak body, his voice was initially weak, but it became impassioned in the end, as if something in his heart was burning, supporting his spirit.

Saga blinked, not quite understanding why the Gnoll below him suddenly became so excited.

After hearing the other party’s words.

Saga’s expression gradually became indifferent.

Make dragons servants?

How audacious.

“Warriors of the Fin Tail Clan, we have successfully enslaved a dragon.”

“We Gnolls can also control dragons, and have the ability to trample dragons under our feet!”

“But this is not our limit. Now, another dragon has come to us. What should we do?”

Gabocoth straightened his hunched body and said in a deep voice.

With the inspiring words.

Centered around Gabocoth, invisible ripples of spirit spread out, brushing over his clan members.

Looking at the chief of the Fin Tail Clan standing on the head of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, stepping on the dragon’s head, with a tall and straight posture.

The Gnolls of the Fin Tail Clan felt their hearts burning, as if something inside them was burning and awakening.


Why should we Gnolls follow dragons? Why should we bow down and serve other powerful races?

We can also enslave dragons!

“Capture it, capture it!”

“Turn it into a beast tamed by our clan!”

For a while, the atmosphere in the Fin Tail Clan became abnormal.

“A wide range of spiritual inspiration… the methods of Mind Warlocks.”

It is not easy to change the character of Gnolls, who are bullies and cowards. Saga saw through the root of this change.

Of course, this is also related to their limited knowledge.

Including Gabocoth, all the Gnolls of the Fin Tail Clan have only a shallow understanding of dragons. After all, this is just a remote island.

They don’t know that there are differences among dragons.

They don’t even know that the one they have enslaved is just a Subdragon, not even a true dragon.

Under Gabocoth’s spiritual inspiration, the Gnolls became passionate and spiritually uplifted.

They wanted to capture Saga again.

Capture and enslave a second dragon.

Gnoll warriors, strong and robust, gathered with bone spears, stone knives, and other weapons.

Some agile Gnolls prepared nets and ropes to restrict the flight of the True Dragon.

Gabocoth controlled the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

Through the early-formed mental imprint, it made the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon show a ferocious posture, intimidating Saga.

However, what puzzled Gabocoth was.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon trembled mentally, showing a strong resistance, and a trace of fear. Its body slowly pressed down, as if it wanted to kneel…

“No kneeling!”

Gabocoth’s will was firm.

However, the fear of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon towards Saga in its deep heart made it ignore the will of its master.


Invisible spiritual power gave the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon courage.However, it underestimated the Subdragon’s fear of the True Dragon, especially the unique True Dragon like Saga. Although the trend of kneeling had stopped, it was still hesitant to fight Saga, showing a spirit of resistance to the command of the Mind Warlock.

“What are you afraid of? This dragon is only half your size!”

Gabocoth was annoyed when things went wrong at the critical moment.

Mental Whip!

An invisible whip of the mind lashed at the soul of the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon time and time again, causing its body to tremble and roar. Then, under Gabocoth’s will, it steadied its body and roared at Saga.

Years ago.

The Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon came across the sea, seemingly weakened from a fight with a powerful sea beast.

Then on Waxing Crescent Island, it happened to meet Gabocoth, who was out picking wild fruits. The small blue-scaled Gnoll was treated as prey, hanging by a thread. At the most critical moment, it awakened its psychic power, the power of the mind, and luckily defeated the already weak Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.


This newly born Mind Warlock developed his abilities around the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon, forming a unique set of mental enslavement techniques. In addition, he also had some abilities like mental encouragement and thought shield.

“The influence of psychic power…………”

Saga squinted his eyes and looked around.

He saw it.

An invisible line was emanating from the old blue-scaled Gnoll’s head, continuously spreading into the minds of the other Gnolls around him, especially the Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon under the old blue-scaled Gnoll’s feet, which was most affected.

“Psychic power is a mental force, it should be invisible.”

“But why is my perception of it so clear?”

“Its essence seems to be some kind of fundamental force, let me think about what force it is…………will, spirit, thought, mind……psychic power………….thought and mind……brain……brain waves……Electromagnetic Force!”

Saga pondered.

“The soul of a living being may just be some kind of electromagnetic energy body.”

The so-called control of thunder is just the most superficial use and mastery of electromagnetic force.

Electromagnetic force is everywhere, and the movement of thought also needs to rely on the existence of electromagnetic force.

Saga understood that if the control of electromagnetic force reached a deeper level, rewriting thoughts, mental control, etc., would not be a problem, which was somewhat similar to the effect of psychic power.

Upon closer observation.

A series of strange energies emanating from the old Gnoll, the ripples they brought up, the lines they outlined, their rolling trajectories………….all reflected in Saga’s eyes.

“Psychic power should be some kind of mutated energy based on electromagnetic force, it is the derivative manifestation of electromagnetic force.”

Saga gradually understood and saw the light.

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