Chapter 64 – Go to the Xie Wei clan

A dragon raised by gnolls?

There’s no way a true dragon would be tamed.

Hmm… that’s not right either. White dragons can be tamed. Giants can tame young white dragons, and it’s possible to tame them when they’re young. But even so, as they grow older and reach adolescence, tamed white dragons will definitely rebel, even if it means death. Only hatchling and young dragons have the possibility of being tamed.

As for other dragons, hatchling dragons cannot be tamed.

Some sapient beings who don’t understand dragons might raise objections to this idea.

For example.

If true dragons cannot be tamed, then what are dragon knights?

The reason is simple. Just as humans sometimes pick up kittens and puppies, true dragons sometimes see certain humans they find pleasing as pets… So-called dragon knights are actually seen as pets by dragons.


Even the lowest-ranked white dragon, even brainless dragon beasts, even hatchling or young dragons, should not be tamed by gnolls.

Gnolls are only fit to be slaves to dragons, bowing and kneeling before them.

Slaves becoming masters?

Dragons being tamed?

How ridiculous.

In the unlikely event that a dragon is truly tamed by gnolls, that dragon would definitely be branded with the shame of being tamed in the dragon’s heritage. If such a thing were to happen, the dragon race would surely annihilate the tamed dragon and the gnolls along with it.


While Saga sneered at these thoughts, the tempting aroma of meat slowly wafted over.

Juicy grilled dragon lobster, chewy grilled squid, savory roasted wild boar meat, accompanied by freshly picked white mushrooms, sunset fruit, bell peppers, and unknown exotic wild fruits as garnish, combined with the spices smeared on the surface to create a unique reaction, emitting a captivating aroma.

Saga’s appetite was whetted, and thoughts related to dragons were temporarily set aside.

He approached the barbecue grill, sniffed the delicious aroma, and began to devour the food. In Saga’s voracious appetite, the food quickly diminished.

During this process, the shark-tigers that had hunted and prepared the food for Saga stayed nearby, eagerly watching him eat. Their hunger was intensified by the enticing aroma.

Black Shark remained calm, standing silently in place.

Seemingly unaffected by the aroma.



An embarrassing sound came from under Black Shark’s belly, and some shark-tigers secretly looked at him. Black Shark maintained an expressionless posture, as if the growling sound did not come from him.

To provide enough food for Saga.

These shark-tigers had not eaten yet.

They had to wait until Saga was satisfied before solving their own food problem.

Due to the abundant resources in the sea, which nurtured countless sea creatures, shark-tigers could dive and hunt in the waters near Waxing Crescent Island. Food was not scarce in the past, but the rich resources also meant danger. There were powerful sea creatures that the shark-tigers could not handle. Encountering them meant risking their lives and becoming prey.

Frequent hunting meant dancing with danger. However, this was a necessary sacrifice. If they wanted the protection of dragons, they had to demonstrate their own value.

After a while.

Cooked food and tender meat entered Saga’s stomach.

He ate several times his own body size in food.

A dragon’s stomach was like a furnace, with an incredibly strong digestion ability.

“Eating so much food, I won’t need to eat for a week.”

“But it’s just not needing to eat, not that I can’t eat. I enjoy the feeling of eating delicious food.”

Saga turned to Black Shark and said, “Next time, try boiling and cooking. I want to drink fish soup.”

“Understood, I will make sure to do so.”

Black Shark did not hesitate and nodded in agreement.

Gurgle… The little hatchling dragon raised its neck, opened its mouth, and a golden flame rolled in its mouth, burning away the food residue between its teeth, cleaning its mouth.

Then it looked at the shark-tigers.

Saga squinted his eyes and spoke in Dragon Tongue, “Alright, go hunt for yourselves. Tig, stay.”

The shark-tigers half-understood, nervously looking at Tig.

Not all shark-tigers could speak Dragon Tongue, and their Dragon Tongue was mostly clumsy and incomprehensible to Saga.

Tig translated Saga’s words for them, and the hungry shark-tigers obeyed and left.

Black Shark Tig stood still like a tower, rooted to the spot.

“My lord, what are your orders?”

It asked.

“First, popularize Dragon Tongue within the Bloodtooth clan. I don’t want to be the only one who can speak Dragon Tongue.”

Saga was not the type to accommodate others.

With a dragon’s learning ability, it was easy for him to learn the shark-tiger language, but Saga had no interest in actively learning it. He wanted the shark-tigers to learn Dragon Tongue to adapt to him.

Adapt to the environment?

No, the environment should adapt to him.

Powerful true dragons had the ability to radiate and transform the surrounding environment.

“Understood, I will make sure to instruct them and have the clan members learn Dragon Tongue.”

Black Shark bowed its head.

The shark-tigers may not have high intelligence, but their memory was good. Coupled with Saga’s request, learning Dragon Tongue was necessary. It was acceptable for them to learn a small part of it, at least being able to understand and speak a little.

After hesitating for a moment, Black Shark pointed to its chest.

“My lord, I wasn’t joking earlier. It was indeed a dragon that the Fin Tail clan had raised.”

Visible claw marks could be seen between its pitch-black fur, indicating the initial fierce battle.

“I saw it with my own eyes and almost got killed. Many shark-tiger clan members died under its claws.”

Black Shark said firmly.

“Is that so?”Saga remained noncommittal.

The cicadas’ song rose and fell, growing louder.

Basking in the gradually intensifying sunlight, the Hatchling Dragon, its scales dazzling, cracked a grin. “If that’s the case, I want to meet the ‘dragon’ of the Thin Tail Clan. I want to see what kind of ‘dragon’ could be tamed by lowly gnolls.”

Saga didn’t believe that a dragon could be tamed.

“Tig sees me as a ‘Golden Dragon’, but his perception is limited.”

“What he thinks of as a ‘dragon’ may not necessarily be a dragon.”

So thought Saga.

Looking at the black shark, the Hatchling Dragon spoke in a calm, low voice, “Lead the way. Let’s go to the territory of the Thin Tail Clan.”

The black shark perked up.

“My lord, just the two of us? Should we bring along White Feather and White Wing, or perhaps some shark-tiger warriors?” it asked, a hint of worry in its voice.

Saga stared at the black shark, saying nothing.

The atmosphere grew tense.

The Hatchling Dragon’s golden eyes were filled with an oppressive force. The immense pressure made the black shark’s heart sink, its body trembling.

“Please punish me, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have doubted your power.”

“Although the dragon of the Thin Tail Clan is larger than you, it could never be your opponent. It’s not even worth mentioning in the same breath as you.”

The black shark knelt on the ground, its half-shark, half-tiger head bowed low, almost buried in the ground, as it whispered.

“Lead the way.”

Saga withdrew his gaze and uttered two words.

The invisible pressure dissipated.

The black shark dove into the ground, leaving only its blade-like dorsal fin exposed. It moved through the soil as if swimming in the ocean, its fin breaking the surface, basking in the sunlight as it headed towards the other side of Waxing Crescent Island at a fairly fast pace.


With a flap of Saga’s dragon wings, a gust of wind kicked up, stirring up falling leaves, and he soared into the sky.

In the blink of an eye.

The Hatchling Dragon, with its diamond-like golden scales, disappeared as if it had merged with the clouds, becoming hidden.

The black shark continued to burrow underground.

After gradually moving away from the territory of the Bloodtooth Clan, it completely submerged itself under the ground, its dorsal fin that had been breaking the surface also hidden. However, Saga was still able to accurately track the black shark’s movements through his Force Field.

Saga, who was invisibly soaring in the sky, had a wider view than the black shark.

After predicting the black shark’s trajectory and looking ahead, the Hatchling Dragon, maintaining its light-bending Force Field, squinted its eyes before the black shark reached its destination, spotting a place with signs of life and activity.

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