Chapter 65 – Dragon in captivity

This is a few hundred meters south of Waxing Crescent Island, away from the coastline.

There are scattered low hills here.

Among the scattered low hills, there are some different colored islands trees, such as reddish-brown, yellow-brown, and green, and in the gaps between these hills and trees, you can also see rough stone houses that are shaped like inverted stone bowls, as well as meat drying racks, bonfires, fur drying racks, and so on. There are also some small animals in the animal pens and orchards with fruit trees.

Gnolls are busy here, with a total of over a thousand of them.

The Bloodtooth clan has only a little over three hundred members.

However, considering the difference in size between the two sides, the resources needed for the survival of over three hundred sharks are not fewer than those needed for over a thousand Blue Scale Gnolls, or even more.

These Gnolls are busy as usual.

What they don’t know is that their movements are quietly reflected in a pair of motionless golden dragon eyes.

“Blue Scale Gnolls… these are probably the Gnolls of the Fine Tail clan.”

The full appearance of these Blue Scale Gnolls is revealed in Saga’s eyes.


These intelligent lifeforms are called Gnolls, but they don’t actually have a face similar to dogs. They just mix in a bit of barking when they speak, so they are called Gnolls.

In terms of appearance, it is more accurate to say that they resemble lizardmen rather than Gnolls.

Gnolls have a head similar to lizards, with three aspects resembling dragons. This is one of the reasons why they believe they have a weak True Dragon bloodline. In addition, almost all Gnolls can speak Dragon Tongue and understand it, but their Dragon Tongue is very awkward and mixed with barking, making it sound particularly unpleasant.

Lizard-like heads.

Adults ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters in height, with a slightly hunched posture.

Their bodies are covered in various colors of rough and mottled fur, such as brown, brown, gray, black, etc. They also have a long tail that extends from the tailbone, which is thin and long with fine fur, resembling a rat’s tail.

Under the blowing wind, a layer of sparsely scattered blue scales can be faintly seen beneath the fur…

These characteristics together form the image of the Blue Scale Gnolls.

“For dragons, Gnolls are good early followers, willing to work hard and not afraid of hardship. They are qualified lackeys… The Red Dragoness also has a group of Gnoll clans in her territory, but they have been trained by the Red Dragoness and are much stronger than these. The combat units among them are at least two meters tall and as strong as vicious dogs.”

Saga silently pondered.

“I can consider subduing this group of Blue Scale Gnolls and make them my second clan of followers, serving me and having the honor to bow down to me.”

Many Gnolls want to follow True Dragons, but it is difficult for them to find a way.

Adult True Dragons generally look down on Gnolls. The Dragon Tongue they speak with barking sounds too noisy and annoying. Only young dragons or even younger True Dragons who lack followers will reluctantly accept Gnolls as followers. The Gnoll followers of the Red Dragoness have been following her since before she reached adulthood, so they have the opportunity to appear in the Yakan Volcano territory.

“I don’t have many followers, but it is difficult for a Sharktooth clan to satisfy all my needs. It is already a bit of a stretch for them to provide me with food alone.”

“It would be nice to have a group of Blue Scale Gnoll followers.”

“But before that…”

“Where are the so-called ‘dragons’ raised by the Fine Tail clan?”

If there are dragons here.

As long as the other party is not much stronger than Saga and actively conceals their dragon aura, Saga should have already sensed their presence, even when he just entered the range of Moon Bay. But Saga did not detect any trace of dragon aura.

This also confirms Saga’s belief that the creatures raised by the Fine Tail clan are not dragons, but the Sharktooth clan, due to their limited knowledge, mistakenly believes that they are other dragon-like creatures.

In addition, if the Fine Tail clan really does raise dragons.

Saga would never consider accepting them as followers.

Wiping out the Fine Tail clan, turning all the Blue Scale Gnolls into ashes, is what Saga would do. Taming True Dragons… this is an unforgivable disrespect to dragons.

Saga closed his eyes slightly and began to perceive carefully.

An invisible force field arc covers the entire territory of the Fine Tail clan, silently flowing as usual, outlining different patterns, which are also reflected in Saga’s eyes.

After just two seconds, Saga opened his eyes.

“So this is the ‘dragon’… It’s normal for the Bloodtooth clan to make a mistake. They know too little about dragons.”

Saga confirmed his target.

At the bottom of a low hill, where the sunlight is blocked by the mountain, there is a dark and deep cave without sunlight. The so-called ‘dragon’ is inside.

Although Saga did not see the specific appearance of the other party.

But based on the rough outline determined by the force field perception, Saga roughly knows what this ‘dragon’ is.

At the same time, the Fine Tail clan is taking action.

Originally, they were supposed to lead Saga, but the Black Sharks, who are much slower than Saga, quietly approached the Fine Tail clan. Since they did not receive any instructions from Saga, the Black Sharks did not act rashly, but lurked outside the territory of the Fine Tail clan.

Saga didn’t rush to show himself.

He was observing the actions of the Blue Scale Gnolls inside the Fine Tail clan.

Under Saga’s silent gaze, an old Blue Scale Gnoll with colorful bird feathers woven into a wide hat, wearing a rough robe made of gray and white animal skins, and holding a shoddy staff, slowly approached the cave where the ‘dragon’ resides.

Behind this old Blue Scale Gnoll, many adult Gnolls followed closely.They had prepared a lot of meat, mainly from sea creatures.

They seemed to regard the old Blue-Scale Gnoll as their leader.

“Judging by the attire of this old dog and the attitude of the surrounding gnolls towards it, it should be the leader or chieftain of this Thin-Tail tribe.”

“Hmm… I can’t sense any elemental energy fluctuations around it. Isn’t it a caster?”

“How could this decrepit body have the power to make other gnolls submit and be loyal?”

“Could it be that it possesses high intelligence? No, gnolls don’t buy into that.”

“How did this frail old gnoll become the leader or even the chieftain?”

Gnolls are a very pragmatic species. They are weak but extremely worship power, bullying the weak and fearing the strong. They show completely different faces to the weak and the strong. If the leader or chieftain does not have enough power, the gnolls underneath will not obey orders. To make these guys obedient, they can’t do without beating and whipping. Only wisdom without power is not feasible in the gnoll tribes.

This character trait is similar to that of domesticated dogs.

It is also one of the origins of the name of the gnoll race.

“Perhaps it possesses some kind of special power.”

Saga was a little curious, thinking quietly while continuing to observe the actions of the Blue-Scale Gnolls below.

Gabocoth, the chieftain of the Thin-Tail tribe, also known as the old Blue-Scale Gnoll that Saga noticed, was unaware that his every move was being watched by a True Dragon.

He led some of his tribesmen, step by step, closer to the ‘dragon’ den.

His old and thin body stood still.

Gabocoth looked at the dragon cave, his eyes calm, but his mind was full of thoughts.

“My life is not much left.”

“When I die, the dragon will also leave. The Thin-Tail tribe… will no longer have the power to contend with the Bloodtooth tribe, will be eaten by the sharks, disappear from the Waxing Crescent Island, disappear from this world.”

Gabocoth is indeed a wise Blue-Scale Gnoll, and he has both wisdom and power, possessing a special power.

However, the lifespan of gnolls is not long.

Even the Transcendent among them, it is difficult to extend their lifespan without achieving legend.

Gabocoth had already faintly felt the approach of death.

“Before I die, I will take the dragon to the Bloodtooth tribe alone, causing as much damage to the Bloodtooth tribe as possible.”

“Alas, if there was more time for me to cultivate a successor… Unfortunately, there is no time.”

In the Thin-Tail tribe, there are two young gnolls who have the same talent as Gabocoth and have inherited his bloodline.

But they have not grown up yet.

They cannot subdue the dragon, even the dragon that has been kept by the Thin-Tail tribe for a long time.

This dragon only recognizes Gabocoth.

Unless there is a second young dragon that can be bound and raised from a young age, otherwise, the Thin-Tail tribe will no longer have a dragon.

“We gnolls have been slaves and servants for generations, regarded as inferior and low-level species.”

“But I’m not willing to accept this.”

“I must pass on my dragon taming technique, so that the gnoll race can one day become a noble race!”

Gabocoth gathered his mind and stared at the dragon cave.

The old Blue-Scale Gnoll closed his eyes slightly, his pale and messy fur moved without wind, and his withered face seemed to be coated with a faint glow. At the same time, he exuded an invisible prestige, an invisible power, spreading into the dragon cave.

“Oh? Interesting, I’ve encountered a rather rare special caster, and it’s a gnoll.”

Feeling the power emanating from the other party, Saga’s eyes narrowed slightly.


A few seconds later.

A low roar sounded from the dragon cave.

The ground trembled with a rumbling sound, the low hill shook slightly, and small rocks rolled down, as if something huge was moving inside, causing the hill where the cave was located to shake.

Accompanied by heavy footsteps.

A huge creature slowly walked out of the dark cave, exposed to the scorching sun.

This huge creature was twelve meters long, twice the size of Saga.

It had no dragon wings, its body was covered with earthy yellow scales that had a rocky texture, its front claws supporting its body were exceptionally thick, its hind legs seemed a bit weak in comparison, and on its elbows, shoulders, back, and dragon-like head, there were clusters of yellow crystal-like substances. The end of its long tail was a heavy round hammer, like a terrifying siege hammer. Its body was full of oppressive force, coming straight at you.

Subdragon – Yellow Crystal Earth Dragon.

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