Chapter 63 – Dragon?

Under the starry night sky.

Saga, who had been napping for a few days, opened his eyes. His golden eyes shone brightly in the dark night, like two burning flames.

He looked up.

The night sky, like black velvet adorned with countless gems, reflected in Saga’s eyes, vast and beautiful.

“The Milky Way… Saiga Planet is just one of the billions of stars inside.”

The young hatchling dragon murmured softly, his eyes reflecting the starry sky.

In the main material plane, the scale of different main material worlds varies.

The largest is a complete universe-level world.

The smallest may only be a continent the size of a celestial sphere, and even sunlight and moonlight are just projections from the stellar realm.

The main material world where Saiga Planet is located is neither big nor small, and it is not just one planet here.

Legendary powerhouses and demigods on Saiga Planet have used various means to survey and determine the scope of this main material world.

There are also relevant records in the Dragon’s Inheritance.

This entire main material world has the scale of a super large galaxy.

According to the astronomical naming by scholars on Saiga Planet, translated into common language, this world is named the Milky Way.

With over a hundred billion stars.

Countless star clusters, nebulae, and dangerous celestial bodies, as well as legendary-level stellar behemoths.

With a diameter of over a hundred thousand light-years.


However, in this vast world, there are not many planets with actual life, and even fewer that can form civilizations.

Within a hundred light-years of Saiga Planet.

There are only three planets with life, and occasionally legendary beings cross the universe to travel between them.

Beings that have entered the legendary realm no longer need to fear radiation and harsh environments in the universe.

In addition to directly crossing the vacuum of space, there are also powerful legendary magic that can directly traverse space, ignoring the distance on the spatial level, and even reaching other main material worlds across planes.

Compared to exploring the vast but lifeless starry sky in the Milky Way, these powerful beings who can cross space and planes prefer to explore and travel to other worlds or planes.

Rather than staying within the Milky Way.

Although the Milky Way is vast, there are very few planets with life, and many individual universe-level main material worlds are in a similar situation.

The gods are not willing to invest too much attention in such vast but lifeless worlds.

The outer planes are the way out for advanced powerhouses.

“This choice is inevitable.”

“No matter how large the scale is, the upper limit of the main material world has already been locked, and demigods are the limit.”

“Whether it is the development of magic or technology, the energy level will stagnate after reaching the demigod level… To go further, one must go to the outer planes.”

“This is a rule that even the gods cannot change, a shackle left by the creators of the multiverse.”

Saga looked up at the starry sky and silently pondered.

The main material plane is infinitely vast, containing countless worlds, but the true powerhouses, those gods who are high above, and the god-like beings comparable to gods, are mostly located in the outer planes.

“The creator of the multiverse, the only god above all gods, the god of Aeo… I wonder if it truly exists or is just a fiction.”

“If the god of Aeo really exists, I wonder if one day, when I have grown to the point where I can fully master the four basic forces and use them at will, I can obtain the same power as the god of Aeo.”

Saga’s eyes brightened.

“This is truly worth…”

Just as Saga was filled with excitement and looking forward to the future.


An not-so-elegant sound came from the belly of the young hatchling dragon.

“…I’m hungry.”

“Forget about gods and such lofty aspirations. It’s more important to fill my stomach first.”

The young hatchling dragon shifted his gaze away from the starry sky, shook his head, and stood up, patting his belly.

He felt like he could fit an entire mammoth inside.

Young dragons actually have quite a large appetite. Whenever they wake up after sleeping for a while, they always feel a strong hunger.

“I’ve already instructed Black Shark to prepare food for me.”

“Otherwise, I can try the taste of shark-tiger.”

“I’ve eaten sharks and tigers before, but never a shark-tiger.”

Gods and such are too far away.

For now, it’s more important to fill his stomach.

Saga took off, flapping his wings.

Right next to the cliff where he perched is the territory of the Bloodtooth Clan. Saga flew into the air, overlooking the Bloodtooth Clan’s territory from above, taking it all in. Because the Bloodtooth Clan has already been subjugated and became Saga’s vassals, this territory belongs to Saga, his first territory.

After a brief hover, Saga folded his dragon wings and descended, like a golden meteor falling from the night sky.

Squawk!A loud eagle cry sounded, causing the dense ancient pine tree on the cliff to tremble slightly. Two White Feather Gryphons flapped their wings and took off, then landed with Saga.

Saga landed elegantly and smoothly.

The two White Feather Gryphons followed closely, one on each side. They lowered their heads and wings, lying down beside Saga.

Saga extended his dragon claw and stroked the head of the White Feather Gryphon on his right. The eagle head of the White Feather Gryphon was covered with a layer of fine, snow-white feathers, which felt smooth, delicate, and yet resilient to the touch.

It seemed that the White Feather Gryphon enjoyed being touched by the young dragon.

The female White Feather Gryphon squinted her eyes slightly and tilted her head, changing her position so that Saga could stroke her more easily. The male White Feather Gryphon watched his partner’s actions and let out a low chirp, extending his head to rub against Saga’s left dragon claw, vying for attention and asking Saga to stroke him as well.

These two White Feather Gryphons, raised by Chief Marcus of the Shark Tiger Tribe, were not killed by Saga. He had tamed them.

White Feather Gryphons were proud and untamed creatures. Normally, it was difficult to tame an adult White Feather Gryphon.

But this was not a normal situation.

As the top magical lifeform, dragons naturally had an inexplicable deterrent power over other magical creatures. With a display of dragon might, they could make all creatures submit. Legendary True Dragons only needed to stay in one place, and intelligent lifeforms would actively follow them, becoming their subjects. If dragons revealed their desire for subjects, countless creatures would come to follow them.

Saga was still quite young.

He still had a long way to go before becoming a legend.

However, it was relatively easy for Saga to subdue the two White Feather Gryphons with his dragon might.

“With these two White Feather Gryphons and the Shark Tiger Tribe, I can besiege and kill the Tremorboar.”

Although individually they were not as strong as himself.

But these subjects could still provide some help.

Especially the two fourth-tier White Feather Gryphons, they were considered good subjects for now.

“But in that case, my subjects will probably suffer heavy losses.”

“First Quarter Island, Tremorboar… No rush, let’s establish a foothold on Waxing Crescent Island first, and then go and kill or tame the Tremorboar.”

Saga silently thought to himself.

He didn’t care about the casualties among his subjects.

He just didn’t have the intention to deal with the Tremorboar yet. This big guy was hard to leave First Quarter Island, so there was no hurry to deal with it.

While stroking the smooth feathers of the White Feather Gryphons on both sides, both White Feather Gryphons squinted their eyes slightly and showed a look of enjoyment, making low chirping sounds.

“White Feather, White Wing, go patrol the sky.”

One minute later, Saga retracted his dragon claw and calmly instructed the two White Feather Gryphons.

White Feather and White Wing were the names of the male and female White Feather Gryphons respectively. They had excellent vision and sharp eyesight. At the beginning, they almost discovered Saga hidden in the sky. They were outstanding scouts and could detect any movement.

Saga’s perception couldn’t cover the entire Waxing Crescent Island.

At this stage, it was good to have the White Feather Gryphons as scouts.

In case any powerful creatures passed by or attacked, they could react in advance.

White Feather Gryphons were semi-intelligent creatures. After training, they could understand certain vocabulary, such as the common language Saga was speaking now.

“Chirp chirp…”

With a crisp sound, White Feather and White Wing spread their wings and soared into the sky. The sound of their huge wings flapping was no less than that of the young dragon, blending with the white clouds in the sky.

At the same time.

Saga turned his dragon head and looked around.

Because of Saga’s landing and the movement of the White Feather Gryphons, many Shark Tigers in the territory noticed Saga’s arrival. They looked at the ‘Golden Dragon’ who had just taken control of the Bloodtooth Tribe with expressions of fear, respect, or curiosity. They dared not meet Saga’s gaze and lowered their heads when Saga looked around. Their half-shark, half-tiger bodies also crouched down, expressing their submission to the ‘Golden Dragon’.

“My lord, please enjoy.”

The voice of Black Shark Tig sounded.

Saga turned his gaze to the pitch-black Shark Tiger.

Black Shark and some other adult Shark Tigers used pointed tree trunks as supports, carrying a sea fish over six meters long. The sea fish was covered in silver scales and was still trembling slightly, weak but not dead, and its flesh remained fresh.

There were other adult Shark Tigers carrying captured food behind them.

There were ferocious crab pincers, large red crabs the size of grinding discs, blue-green giant prawns with long antennae and a length of four to five meters, and large squids with slippery and elastic tentacles entangled together… Most of the food was captured from the sea, with a small number of creatures captured from the island.

Saga felt even hungrier.He strode forward, approaching the giant red crab that was as large as a millstone. He bit off one of the crab’s claws, the hard shell and tender meat entering his mouth together. The crunchiness combined with the soft and sweet meat was quite delicious.

“Leave half of it raw, roast the other half.”

Saga ordered as he ate.

Black Shark nodded, then he and some of the Shark Tigers took half of the food, applied the spices they usually couldn’t afford to use, set up a bonfire, and started to grill the food.

After Saga had eaten some raw food, the cooked meat was not yet ready.

The Hatchling Dragon stood quietly in place, its claws rubbing against the keratin layer on its chin.

It seemed to be thinking about something.

The atmosphere became silent. Black Shark stood still like a statue, waiting for Saga’s command.

Waxing Crescent Island, First Quarter Island, Waning Crescent Island…

The three islands of Moon Bay were close to each other, each with different species distributions. I plan to live here for a while, so I might as well take over the entire Moon Bay.

With my abilities, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

Since I’m here, this place should be under my rule.

After filling his stomach, Saga thought silently.

Let’s start with Waxing Crescent Island… Saga’s gaze shifted slightly, he tilted his head to look at Black Shark, his not-so-small body blocking some of the sunlight, casting a shadow.

“Tig, tell me about the situation on Waxing Crescent Island. The entire island should be like the Bloodtooth clan, under the wing of the True Dragon.”

The sun was gradually becoming brighter, and the temperature was rising.

A breeze with a faint smell of the sea blew by.

After hearing Saga’s words, Black Shark thought carefully, then chose his words and slowly began to speak.

“My lord, on Waxing Crescent Island, only my Bloodtooth clan and the Thin Tail clan are relatively strong. Now that the Bloodtooth clan has pledged allegiance to you, only the Thin Tail tribe remains.”

“Before you arrived on Waxing Crescent Island, there had been nearly ten years of disputes between the Bloodtooth clan and the Thin Tail clan. We… were at a disadvantage.”

The Thin Tail clan, is it also the territory of the Shark Tigers, or is it other creatures… Saga listened quietly to the other’s narration with a calm gaze.

“The Thin Tail clan is a tribe of Blue-scaled Gnolls.”

Black Shark’s next words answered the question in Saga’s heart.

“Gnolls? How can Gnolls compete with Shark Tigers, even if they are slightly stronger Blue-scaled Gnolls.”

Saga’s eyes narrowed slightly, he was somewhat surprised.

Gnolls, on Saiga Planet, or even in the entire Prime Material Plane, are a common intelligent race. They are low in status but can be found everywhere in the Prime Material Plane. They have good adaptability to various harsh environments and strong reproductive abilities, often serving as slaves and lackeys to powerful races.

Especially dragons.

Gnolls take pride in following dragons. They believe that their race has a faint dragon bloodline. Out of admiration for the powerful True Dragon, Gnolls are very proud of this, even their god is a subordinate of the Dragon God.

As for the Blue-scaled Gnolls.

This is a subspecies of Gnolls, commonly found in coastal areas or on islands. They are proficient in water, and the excellent ones can master certain water-related spell abilities, which are slightly stronger than ordinary Gnolls.


Blue-scaled Gnolls are still Gnolls.

Compared to Shark Tigers, they should be very weak.

A mature Shark Tiger can easily defeat four or five mature Blue-scaled Gnolls.

“Or is it that a strong individual has emerged in the Thin Tail clan?”

Saga didn’t consider the situation where the Thin Tail clan had a large population.

Because the area and resources of Waxing Crescent Island are limited, without a powerful Caster, it is impossible to support too many living beings.

The most likely scenario is that a strong individual has emerged, leading to the rise of the Thin Tail clan.


Under Saga’s gaze, Black Shark lowered his head and revealed the reason why the Blue-scaled Gnolls of the Thin Tail clan were stronger than the Bloodtooth clan.

“My lord.”

“The Thin Tail clan… has tamed a dragon.”

“Only with the help of the dragon can these weaklings suppress our Bloodtooth clan.”

Upon hearing this.

The Hatchling Dragon was silent for a while, then he leaned back and burst into uncontrollable laughter. His tail swished back and forth, his wings opened and closed, as if he was laughing so hard he was rolling on the floor.

“Tig, you big-eyed fellow, I didn’t know you could joke.”

“A dragon tamed by Gnolls, haha, this is the funniest joke I’ve heard recently.”

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