Chapter 62 – Treasure chest

In an instant, a beautiful, unparalleled, dazzling silver light reflected in the eyes of the Hatchling Dragon.

A whole box filled with round silver coins.

The silver coins were engraved with exquisite patterns on both sides. The front side depicted a magic airship, while the back side showed a sky with clouds. They varied in size and had different weights, with the weight marked on the front of the coin.

“The currency pattern of the sky and airship makes me wonder which power it belongs to.”

“………. According to the inheritance, along the northwest coast of the Yar Continent, from the lush forests of Locke, to the continuous mountains of Copus, and then to the Brant Falling Star Archipelago… there is a large free trade city-state alliance called the West City-State Alliance, composed of thirteen independent city-states.”

“These pirates must have robbed the merchant ships of the West City-State Alliance. It’s highly likely.”

“The inheritance specifically records that the West City-State Alliance is extremely wealthy, with some wealthy merchants’ floors even paved with gold… If you pass by a trading city in the West City-State, it is recommended that True Dragons who want to get rich not miss it, provided they can ignore the legendary guardians inside.”

“… But looking at these old boxes filled with silver coins, it seems that the pirates repackaged them.”

Taking a deep breath, Saga temporarily put aside the source of the silver coins and his longing for the West City-State Alliance.

Saga blinked his eyes, grabbed a handful of silver coins, and then gently spread out his dragon claw.

The round silver coins slipped through the gaps in the Hatchling Dragon’s claws, drawing beautiful arcs in the air, and fell back into the box. As they collided with the other silver coins inside, they made crisp and pleasant metallic sounds.

Clatter, ding ding ding.

They were like silver elves, sealed in the box for a long time, finally seeing the light of day again. Bathed in the sunlight shining from above, they emitted a strong aura of wealth, intoxicating the dragon.

“I’m getting rich, I’m getting rich.”

“Indeed, robbing is the fastest way to make money. The Red Dragoness didn’t deceive me.”

Saga repeatedly grabbed the silver coins and released them, listening to the delightful collision sound that represented wealth, with a happy expression on his face.

“This is just the first box…”

A few minutes later, Saga looked at the other boxes with sparkling eyes.

Next, under the bright daylight, the Hatchling Dragon, with a happy expression on its face and its tail wagging, eagerly opened one box after another, counting the wealth inside.

One box of silver coins.

One box of silver coins.

Another box of silver coins.


Six boxes in a row were opened, all filled with silver coins.

This made Saga slightly disappointed.

However, when he opened the seventh box, a dazzling, dazzling, and eye-catching golden light, similar to the color of Saga’s dragon scales, reflected out, causing Saga’s breathing to become heavier. His eyes, which were already as if made of gold, became even brighter.

Wow, the legendary gold!

A large amount of gold coins appeared in Saga’s field of vision.

Unlike the silver coin pattern, Saga liked the design on the gold coins more because it depicted a dragon. On the front of the gold coin was the delicately textured head of a golden dragon, while the back was a pair of high-spread dragon wings.

Gold Lagong, also known as Golden Dragon Coin, is a gold coin issued by the West City-State Alliance. It is widely circulated in the Clair Continent, especially in the areas close to the Yar Continent.

“It’s lighter than the Skyrealm Empire’s Sunshard Gold Coin.”

Saga compared the Golden Dragon Coin with the Sunshard Gold Coin he had obtained before.

In Saiga Planet, different countries, city-states, and even organizations issue different forms of general equivalents based on their credibility and influence. Even if they are all gold coins, they have different values due to differences in quality or national standards.

Generally, the currency issued by more powerful empires has a higher value.

One Sunshard Gold Coin can be exchanged for approximately 1.6 Golden Dragon Coins.

“There are still seven boxes left… I hope there are more good things inside.”

“Maybe there’s a whole box of Magic Gems.”

The Hatchling Dragon licked its tongue greedily, thinking.

Magic Gems are even more valuable. Even if they are just gem fragments, they can be exchanged for ten times the value of a Magic Gem in metal currency. If they are intact and of excellent quality, their value is even more unimaginable. In the history of Saiga Planet, an adventurer once exchanged a whole magnificent city with a top-grade divine gem.

As for the value of Magic Gems, it is determined and confirmed by a specialized Gem Merchants Association. The evaluation criteria include the appearance, concentration of magic power, purity, hardness, adaptability, and so on. It can be said that there are various standards, and all conceivable factors are taken into account.

“Oh, Goddess of Wealth… um… I bless you to be freed from the Abyssal Abyss soon. As a return, I hope you can bless me with a box full of Magic Gems.”

Opening a blind box always brings joy to dragons.

Especially when good things are found.

As for the Goddess of Wealth, she is one of the many gods in the multiverse.

She is a relatively unlucky goddess.

According to the Dragon’s Inheritance, the Goddess of Wealth was deceived by a demon lord and is now imprisoned in the Abyssal Abyss.

The various Wealth Goddess Churches in the multiverse have issued a unified mission statement.

The brave warrior who can rescue the Goddess of Wealth will receive 80% of all the treasures accumulated by the Wealth Goddess Churches.

This has attracted many adventurers to explore the whereabouts of the Goddess of Wealth in the Abyssal Abyss.

Unfortunately, the result is often that they never return. Until now, the Goddess of Wealth is still imprisoned somewhere in the Abyssal Abyss, and she doesn’t even know which demon lord captured her. The Dragon’s Inheritance does not record the specific demon lord behind it.

Saga pretended to pray to the pitiful Goddess of Wealth for a minute, then opened another box with anticipation.

At the moment the box opened.In Saga’s astonished eyes, a wet and saliva-covered bright red tongue instantly shot out.

It curled towards Saga’s dragon claw, and the opened box also revealed its true form.

Rows of sharp teeth around the edge of the box, and a layer of bloated red flesh inside—it wasn’t a treasure chest, but a monster, a treasure chest monster.

“What the hell, scared me.”

Saga reacted quickly.

The dragon claw retreated and extended again, avoiding the somewhat disgusting bright red tongue. It then violently clamped down on the upper and lower jaws of the treasure chest monster.


The treasure chest monster was closed again, and half of its tongue was bitten off by its own fangs, falling to the ground and hopping around.

“Damn it, Goddess of Wealth, did you do this on purpose? I just prayed to you and you turned around and let me open a treasure chest monster.”

Finding a treasure chest monster meant losing a box of treasures.

Saga was furious and violently opened the upper and lower jaws of the treasure chest monster again.

He aimed his flame dragon breath at the flesh and fangs inside the box, and a golden flame immediately ignited, engulfing the treasure chest monster. The treasure chest monster trembled violently but couldn’t move due to the dragon claw’s firm grip. In less than two or three seconds, it turned into ashes and dust.

“Phew…calm down.”

“According to the law of conservation of luck, since I opened a treasure chest monster, there should be another box of gold coins below, or even a box of magic gems.”

“Goddess of Wealth, bless me…forget it, you’re useless.”

“The Dragon Gods…let’s not mention them.”

“Lady Luck, bless me with good fortune.”

“Lady Misfortune, keep misfortune away from me.”

Muttering prayers to the gods, Saga, full of anticipation and a smile, opened another box.


Another slippery tongue shot out.

The smile on the hatchling dragon’s face froze.

Another burst of golden flame ignited.

The treasure chest monster turned into ashes.

The hatchling dragon sat on the ground, panting heavily, looking at the few remaining treasure chests. Because he opened two treasure chest monsters in a row, he lost two boxes of treasures. For the moment, he didn’t want to open any more, and his tail angrily swept from side to side.

The most painful thing about opening blind boxes was the anticipation, only to gain nothing and even have a treasure chest monster bite you.

“Damn treasure chest monsters, if another one comes out next…”

“Hmph, when I have the ability, I will gather all the treasure chest monsters in the world and burn them with fire. These monsters shouldn’t exist.”

“And these gods are so useless, not a single reliable one.”


Saga blew a breath, blowing away all the ashes from the treasure chest monsters. He gradually calmed down and looked at the few remaining boxes, continuing to open the blind boxes.

After opening another box of silver coins.

Saga extended his dragon claw, about to open another box. However, when his sharp and sharp dragon claw was about to touch the box, Saga suddenly stopped, his eyes narrowed, showing a serious expression. He carefully examined the seemingly ordinary box from top to bottom.

The hatchling dragon sniffed its nose.

“I smell magic.”

Once again, he extended his dragon claw, covering the entire box. Saga slowly exerted force, starting from light to heavy.

Soon, the force he exerted gradually exceeded the limit that an ordinary box could bear. However, the treasure chest inside the dragon claw remained motionless. Saga wasn’t in a hurry and continued to exert force slowly. Then, he saw a faint texture and pattern appearing on the surface of the box, faintly outlining a lock-like contour, emitting a hazy magical light and the aura of magic.

This was a box protected by a magic lock.

The hatchling dragon’s eyes reflected the magic patterns on the box, triggering the knowledge recorded in the dragon’s heritage. The corresponding knowledge naturally appeared in his mind.

“The protective spell of the Eight Schools of Magic, a third-tier spell—Charat Magic Lock.”

“A box that has been enchanted with the Charat Magic Lock cannot be opened without the corresponding magic incantation.”

“If it is forcibly opened with violence that exceeds the protective power of the magic lock, the box and the items inside will self-destruct.”

Saga continued to exert force.

The third-tier magic lock couldn’t withstand the violent force of Saga’s dragon claw. The magic patterns on the surface of the box had already begun to dent and deform under the dragon claw. However, the magic lock was also gradually brewing a force of self-destruction. Once the magic lock was broken by Saga, the contents sealed inside would also self-destruct.

Before the magic patterns on the surface of the box shattered, Saga released his dragon claw and gently touched the fine dragon scales on his chin. The hatchling dragon’s tail swayed from side to side as it contemplated in its heart.

“There are so many boxes here…even the one containing a box of golden dragon coins doesn’t use a magic lock.”

“There should be something more precious inside this box than a box of gold coins.”

“What could it be?”

The hatchling dragon rubbed its paws.

“It seems that I need to find time to learn magic. Otherwise, it would be such a pity to have a treasure chest that can’t be opened.”

Dragons were top-tier magical creatures and would naturally gain corresponding magical abilities as they grew older. All adult dragons could use magic. Saga was still too young, just a small hatchling dragon, and hadn’t reached the age when he could awaken his magical abilities.

However, the dragon’s heritage contained knowledge of magic.

For those who didn’t want to wait for natural growth to gain magical abilities, they could explore the magical knowledge in the dragon’s heritage themselves. By gradually learning magical knowledge step by step, they could enhance their understanding and cognition of magic, allowing them to gain spellcasting abilities ahead of time.

Learning magic was a long and tedious process.

Since they could naturally gain magic as they grew older by eating, drinking, and sleeping, few dragons were willing to endure the boredom of deep learning. Most dragons were hedonists and quite lazy by nature. When they had nothing to do, they would rather sleep than get involved in such boring things as learning.

To love magic and be willing to spend a lot of energy learning it was often seen as a peculiar hobby in dragon culture.Dragons with such a predilection are known as Magic-loving Dragons.

Many scholars of sapient being races believe that if all True Dragons loved studying spells and sought active growth…

Given the magical talent of True Dragons, ninety-nine percent of them could become excellent casters.

Even the dragon with the worst magical talent can be considered excellent compared to creatures of other races.

“I don’t have a love for spells, I don’t have a magic-loving habit.”

“In my spare time, compared to studying spells, I prefer to exercise in a super-heavy environment, temper my dragon body, and study the use of Power Essence.”

“But when I need spells, I don’t mind spending some time and energy to study.”

Saga stared at the treasure chest protected by the magic lock, thinking silently.

Since he hadn’t formally studied magic, Saga wasn’t clear whether his magical talent was strong or weak, after all, Outsider talent couldn’t represent magical talent.

It is said that in the history of the dragon race, there were Outsider dragons with exceptionally strong bodies but who knew nothing about magic.

However, Saga estimated that his magical talent wouldn’t be too bad.

After all, he could already clearly perceive the existence of Magical Elements.

“This magic lock can’t be violently opened now, but it’s okay, I’m not in a hurry.”

“There must be good treasures in the locked chest.”

The Hatchling Dragon rubbed his claws, took back the locked chest into the space crystal, and then counted his gains.

A box of Golden Dragon coins was the most precious.

The rest were silver coins that were not as valuable as gold coins, but the quantity made Saga quite satisfied.

“Which Hatchling Dragon could have so many treasures at my age, I’m too excellent.”

Saga was very happy.

After calming down his joyful mood, he looked at the treasures he now had, then looked at the open-air nest decorated with colorful shells and pebbles.

“The Red Dragoness left a Dragon’s Nest on First Quarter Island but didn’t tell me the exact location… I need to find an opportunity to slaughter that Tremorboar, the Red Dragoness’s former Dragon’s Nest is likely near the Tremorboar’s habitat, on the highest peak.”

Saga thought to himself.

Then he picked up a treasure chest in each dragon claw, walked to the edge of his little Dragon’s Nest, lifted the chests and turned them over, the opening facing the open-air Dragon’s Nest, and sprinkled evenly.

The crisp and pleasant sound rang in Saga’s ears, the silver coins falling from the chest like a small stream of mercury, falling into Saga’s Dragon’s Nest, each round little darling shining with a different color under the bright sunlight, it was extremely beautiful, just looking at it made Saga feel very comfortable.

Grab the chest, overturn.

Grab the chest, overturn.

Grab the chest, overturn.

…The Hatchling Dragon sprinkled the gold and silver coins evenly on his Dragon’s Nest, laying a thin layer of silver blanket dotted with gold, it was so beautiful that the Hatchling Dragon couldn’t take his eyes off it.

A dragon breath was exhaled, burning all the empty chests.

Walking into the Dragon’s Nest, the Hatchling Dragon coiled up.

Lying in the Dragon’s Nest sprinkled with many gold and silver coins, the feeling was immediately different, the Hatchling Dragon felt the subtle touch of his scales and the gold and silver coins rubbing against each other, and couldn’t help but squint his eyes comfortably, all the previous discomforts in the Dragon’s Nest disappeared.

“This feeling is too wonderful.”

The Hatchling Dragon murmured, shaking his head and tail, playing happily, rolling over and over, letting the gold and silver coins stick to his body, the already very beautiful diamond-like golden dragon scales became even more gorgeous, shining gold and silver, more dazzling than the bright summer sun.


The Hatchling Dragon, who is now cheering and jumping, doesn’t know that an invisible danger is approaching him.

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