Chapter 61 – As if the emperor has descended

After pushing open the door, Tig looked at the people of the tribe under the sun’s rays from the shadow of the cliff.

“Black Shark Leader, where is the chief? What happened inside?”

A shark-tiger guard asked in a deep voice.

Tig looked around and saw the shark-tiger people who were wary and suspicious of him, as well as his subordinates who were already covered in injuries from resisting the White Feather Gryphon in a short period of time.

At the same time.



Two White Feather Gryphons flapped their wings fiercely, emitting a sharp roar and screech.

They flapped their wings and suddenly rose, leaving the battle.

When the Bloodtooth Chief died, the protective contract between the Bloodtooth Chief and the White Feather Gryphon was also invalidated. In his heart, the chief also asked the White Feather Gryphon to leave, not to let them get hurt, not to harm the shark-tiger people of the Bloodtooth tribe, and not to have any murderous intentions towards the Black Shark.

The two White Feather Gryphons hovered in mid-air, perhaps because they still had some reluctance, they did not leave immediately, and continued to roar and screech.

“The tribe is dead, killed by me, and the position of the chief has been passed on to me, Tig the Black Shark.”

Tig’s gaze shifted away from the White Feather Gryphons and he said in a deep voice to the shark-tiger people.


A second-order shark-tiger guard’s eyes flashed with hostility as he angrily questioned, “You actually killed Chief Marcus! The chief had already designated you as the next chief, are you so impatient?”

More shark-tiger adults with combat power gathered around, surrounding the Black Shark and his subordinates.

In the shark-tiger tribe, adulthood is equivalent to being a first-order lifeform, and the elites can reach the second order, while some talented leaders can reach the third order.

The Bloodtooth tribe originally had two third-order shark-tigers.

However, the other one died in a conflict with another intelligent species on Waxing Crescent Island, leaving only Tig the Black Shark.


For lifeforms below the legendary level, the hierarchy is not insurmountable.

Dozens of first-order shark-tigers or a dozen second-order shark-tigers surrounding Tig the Black Shark would not be an easy situation to deal with, especially now that nearly a hundred shark-tigers from the Bloodtooth tribe, who were capable of fighting, were all glaring at him.

Others hesitated and pondered, thinking that there might be some hidden situation.

Tig the Black Shark had a high prestige in the Bloodtooth tribe.

This was beyond doubt.

However, its prestige still couldn’t compare to Chief Marcus, who had developed the Bloodtooth tribe single-handedly and treated all the shark-tigers as his own children, earning their love and respect.

Killing the Bloodtooth Chief… this had angered everyone.

If it weren’t for the fact that Tig the Black Shark’s prestige was not fake, it would have already been torn apart by the angry shark-tigers.

A group of second-order shark-tiger warriors slowly approached the range of the stone house with their weapons.


“Do you really think that I, Tig, killed the chief for the position of chief?”

A low and thunderous roar came from Tig the Black Shark’s mouth.

Hundreds of silver-white electric arcs flickered on its strong body, exuding a strong sense of oppression and a formidable aura.

The shark-tigers hesitated in their actions due to the prestige and power of the Black Shark.

“Everyone, let’s listen to the explanation of the Black Shark Leader first.”

“I believe that the Black Shark Leader would not do anything detrimental to the Bloodtooth tribe.”

In the group of shark-tigers who were watching from behind, an older shark-tiger said.

“Yes, yes.”

“The Black Shark Leader wouldn’t kill the chief for no reason.”

“Don’t act, let’s all calm down first.”

More shark-tiger people persuaded.

Tig the Black Shark exhaled and scanned the many tribe members with its tiger-like eyes.

After considering its words for a moment, it slowly said amidst the shocked and fearful gazes of the tribe members, “Before returning to the Bloodtooth tribe, I encountered a dragon, the most powerful dragon – the Golden Dragon!”

A golden dragon, that’s what Tig knew.

After all, it was a creature living on a remote island, with limited knowledge and had never seen a real Golden Dragon, so it was natural to make a mistake.

“The boss is telling the truth, we can all testify.”

“With just a glance, the Golden Dragon made us all kneel down, without any resistance.”

“The Golden Dragon is definitely stronger than the dragon raised by the Fin-tailed tribe!”

The shark-tiger warriors who followed Tig echoed.

“A dragon, the Golden Dragon, is it going to destroy our Bloodtooth tribe?”

“Oh my god, why is our Bloodtooth tribe so unlucky? Having one dragon as an enemy is not enough, now we have encountered another dragon.”

“Stronger than the dragon of the Fin-tailed tribe… it’s over, it’s over.”

The shark-tiger people became restless.

From the shark language spoken by them, one could hear their shadow and fear of dragons.A gentle breeze swept through the shadow of the cliff. Under the gaze of many confused and fearful eyes, Tig, the Black Shark, remained calm and composed, his tiger whiskers swaying in the wind.

“Everyone, calm down. This is not bad news.”

“On the contrary, the appearance of the Golden Dragon is our opportunity.”

“The Golden Dragon has taken a liking to the Shark Tiger Clan. It just accepted the Bloodtooth Clan as its vassal. I guarantee that as long as we serve it as vassals, becoming its minions, its wings will also protect us.”

“The Golden Dragon, the Golden Dragon, is the most powerful True Dragon. Our Bloodtooth Clan follows the Golden Dragon and relies on its radiance to gradually move towards glory.”

“But if we act according to Chief Marcus’s will, it will definitely lead you to resist the Golden Dragon. By then, angering the Golden Dragon will only lead to the destruction of the Bloodtooth Clan!”

The Black Shark boasted about the Golden Dragon, while using its name to deceive others.

In its words, Saga had already accepted the Bloodtooth Clan as its vassal.

But in fact, the Black Shark had not yet passed the test.

After listening to Tig’s words, many Shark Tigers fell silent.

Although there was a sea breeze blowing, and the distant sound of waves could be faintly heard, and the cicadas were chirping, the atmosphere of the Bloodtooth Clan seemed deathly silent, with the sound of a pin dropping.

So that’s how it is… Tig’s half-truths and half-lies, along with the prestige it had accumulated in the past, had gained the trust of its clan members.

“Tig! Who gave you the right to decide the fate of the Bloodtooth Clan, to decide to pledge allegiance to the dragon, you…”

A young Shark Tiger who had not yet reached the second rank shouted, breaking the silence.

Before it could finish speaking.


An electric arc sparkled, and the Black Shark suddenly disappeared from its original position, crossing a distance of more than ten meters, appearing in front of the Shark Tiger that had spoken, its blood-filled mouth opening wide, biting off half of the tiger’s neck.

Hehe… The young Shark Tiger fell to the ground, blood flowing profusely.

The other Shark Tigers remained silent, taking a few steps back, distancing themselves from the intimidating Black Shark and the dying Shark Tiger, not saying a word.

Although their intelligence was not very high, the current situation was already clear.

According to the Black Shark’s meaning, there were only two paths before the Bloodtooth Clan.

One was to follow the Golden Dragon.

The other was to anger the Golden Dragon and be destroyed.

All living beings have a desire to live, without any lofty ideals or goals, no one wants to die.

“Those who are unwilling to follow my lord, leave now.”

“At the same time, they no longer belong to the Bloodtooth Clan. If they appear in the territory of the Bloodtooth Clan, they will be considered invaders and killed on the spot!”

The Black Shark said coldly.

Once the bow is drawn, there is no turning back. Hesitation will only lead to falling into the abyss.

The Black Shark had already decided to follow the “Golden Dragon” and regarded the “Golden Dragon” as the lifeline of the Bloodtooth Clan. It would clear away all unstable factors for this reason.

It didn’t know if the “Golden Dragon” was watching or if it could understand the language of the shark people, but it assumed that the “Golden Dragon” was observing in secret, so it had already begun to show its loyalty.

Saga was indeed observing in secret.

These scenes were all reflected in the golden dragon pupils of the Hatchling Dragon.

Saga looked down at the earth, watching everything happening below with great interest.

“Hmm… It doesn’t know what it said, but it stabilized the situation.”

“While stabilizing the situation, it also killed… its own clan members who defied it with the force of thunder.”

“It should be like this.”

“With a certain leadership ability, it can be cultivated. It can become the leader of my vassals in the future.”

Although Saga couldn’t understand the language of the shark people, by observing their actions and expressions, Saga’s analysis was almost accurate.

Under the imposing manner and persuasive words of Tig, the Bloodtooth Clan’s Shark Tigers gradually let go of their guard and were willing to recognize Tig as their chief and follow the Golden Dragon as vassals.

However, not all Shark Tigers agreed.

A dozen or so Shark Tigers, mostly young ones, angrily expressed their desire to leave the Bloodtooth Clan and cut off ties with their fellow clan members. The current Bloodtooth Clan disgusted and hated them.

They were ready to leave the Bloodtooth Tribe.

However, under the command of the Black Shark, a group of Shark Tiger guards blocked their way.

How could the Bloodtooth Clan let those who harbored disgust and hatred towards them leave?

“Black Shark, you are despicable!”

“I said that once they no longer belong to the Bloodtooth Clan and appear in the territory of the Bloodtooth Clan, they are enemies of the Bloodtooth Clan and will be killed on the spot.”

The Black Shark responded calmly.

Shark Tigers were naturally ferocious, and as an exotic species, the Black Shark was even more cruel and ruthless. It was impossible to let these unstable factors go free.

What a bunch of fools… My warning was already clear.

Under the command of the Black Shark, the Shark Tiger warriors rushed forward and killed the rebellious Shark Tigers in just a dozen seconds.


Hiss!After losing the contract with the Shark Tiger Warlock, the two White Feather Gryphons circled for a long time and no longer lingered. They spread their wings and flew high together, intending to leave the Bloodtooth Clan’s territory.



A tremendous oppressive force descended, the might of the dragon shook and made the pupils of the White Feather Gryphons shrink, their bodies stiffening.

Before they could recover from the influence of the dragon’s might, it seemed as if an invisible giant hand pressed down, causing the White Feather Gryphons to plummet towards the ground at high speed. They resembled shooting stars with white tails, shattering the brilliant sunlight into fragmented and dazzling pieces.


The “shooting stars” crashed to the ground.

The former clan chief’s stone house collapsed and shattered.

Dust flew, the earth cracked, spiderweb-like fissures rapidly extended, the ancient pine trees on the cliffs trembled slightly, and countless leaves fluttered down.

Amidst the deafening noise.

The many Shark Tiger clan members did not look towards where the White Feather Gryphons fell.

They all raised their heads in astonishment, gazing up at the sky.

As if a brilliant golden sun was rising, countless sections on the scales reflected the sunlight, creating a dreamlike and majestic “Golden Dragon” that stood silently.

This figure, against the light, stirred up a wind that dispersed the dust in the air. Inch by inch, the golden scales gradually appeared, even more dazzling than the sun, noble and majestic, making it impossible to look directly at it, while also evoking a sense of reverence and worship.

As if…an emperor had descended.

The radiance surrounding the “Golden Dragon” was too dazzling, making it difficult for the Shark Tigers to see the True Dragon’s face clearly.

However, a pair of deep golden dragon pupils, as well as golden dragon horns resembling a king’s crown, deeply imprinted themselves into the eyes and hearts of every Shark Tiger, unforgettable.

“Now that you have seen this dragon, why not pay your respects?”

A deep dragon tongue resounded from mid-air.

“Our Lord!”

“All Shark Tigers of the Bloodtooth Clan pledge their loyalty to you!”

Amidst the continuous mournful cries of the White Feather Gryphons, Black Shark Tig was the first to kneel down and shouted.

Thud, thud, thud…

Under the shadow cast by the True Dragon blocking the sunlight, the Shark Tigers of the Bloodtooth Clan fell to the ground one after another, welcoming the arrival of the Dragon Lord.


Several days later.

On the peak of the Hanging Pine Cliff behind the Bloodtooth Tribe.

Various materials, such as colorful corals, shells, various types of pebbles, bones of creatures with magical luster, leaves, and flowers…were piled together, forming a semi-circular open-air Dragon’s Nest with a diameter of about ten meters. The magnificent and rich colors could not conceal the shabby and rough truth.

The Hatchling Dragon bathed in the bright sunlight, lying in the middle of the Dragon’s Nest, but had to change its position frequently, as if it was sleeping uncomfortably.

No, it wasn’t just pretending, Saga was really uncomfortable sleeping.

Because the Dragon’s Nest was too rough and crude, Saga changed positions many times, but no matter how it slept, it couldn’t find a comfortable position.

After changing to a strange position where its tail pressed against its head, Saga opened its eyes, adjusted its posture, and lay properly in the center of the Dragon’s Nest. It just felt that its little belly was being poked uncomfortably.

—This is mostly psychological.

Saga was a bit disgusted with its shabby Dragon’s Nest.

But after emptying the accumulated possessions of the Bloodtooth Clan, there were only some ordinary low-level magical materials left. They were things like corals, shells, stones, and branches, which had been infused with a certain amount of magical elements, and their gloss and texture were clear and bright. However, they were not valuable items like magic gems or precious metals, so they couldn’t win the favor of the Hatchling Dragon.

Ah…the Hatchling Dragon raised its neck, opened its mouth, and its agile tongue rolled a white crystal from under its tongue, placing it in its hand.

If it had a spatial equipment, the dragon would be more cautious and put it in its mouth, pressing it under its tongue.

Because it felt good to have some coins and gems stuffed inside its scales, it gave the dragon a sense of fulfillment. So even if there was spatial equipment, it would still leave some coins and gems stuffed under its neck scales.

The spatial crystal contained all the belongings Saga obtained on Thorn Isle, as well as the treasures looted from pirate ships during a storm at sea. Although Saga hadn’t opened and examined them specifically, it had high hopes for the treasures acquired later.

Now that things had calmed down, it was time to count its own gains.

Saga held the spatial crystal, concentrating its mind, and locked onto it with its dragon eyes. Invisible and intangible mental power radiated out.


While being able to see the surrounding environment, Saga also saw another scene, the interior of the spatial crystal.

The overall shape was a cube, with wooden boxes embedded with iron plates and metal; an enchanted revolver placed on top of the boxes; a small skeleton holding its knees, burying its head between its leg bones, curled up in a corner of the space, facing the boundary gap.

Just with a glance at the small skeleton, Saga’s gaze was attracted to the boxes containing treasures one after another.With a thought, the space crystal shot out a white beam, landing on the cliff area in front of Saga. At the point where the white beam landed, space rippled like a stone falling into a lake, and boxes appeared one after another, neatly arranged under Saga’s control.

Looking at the box closest to him, the Hatchling Dragon licked its tongue, rubbed its claws, and then stepped closer.

He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and extended his dragon claw, slowly lifting the seal of the box.

“…………..May the gods bless.”

The Hatchling Dragon prayed in his heart, opening a slit in his closed eyes.

“What’s inside them? I hope there are good treasures.”

In fact, if Saga wanted, he could use the Force Field to sense what was inside the box. As time passed and he grew, his perception of the Force Field became more and more refined.

But then…………

That would take away the fun of unboxing blind boxes.

At the same time, the first box was opened by Saga.

Saga also fully opened his eyes, looking down.

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