Chapter 60 – Ambush!

“Your intentions and goals are good, but it’s important not to go overboard. The Bloodtooth clan is still weak and can only rely on their own strength. We need to take one step at a time and make steady progress.”

Relying on their own strength…

However, if we continue to develop in this steady manner, when will the Bloodtooth clan be able to leave Waxing Crescent Island? Maybe I won’t even live long enough to see that day. If we encounter a fierce sea beast attack along the way, all of our clan members might be buried here forever.

“I understand. Your wisdom and guidance have greatly benefited me.”

Black Shark said quietly.

“Alright, do you have any important matters to discuss here?”

The Sharktiger clan leader asked.

“I have been under a lot of pressure recently and feel exhausted. I hope to listen to your guidance and find peace in your wisdom. I don’t have any specific matters to discuss.”

Black Shark replied.

The Sharktiger clan leader smiled slightly.

“I see. Although you are not my biological son, I have always treated you as my own. You don’t need to be formal with me. If there are any similar situations in the future, you can come to me anytime.”

Black Shark nodded gently and began a conversation with the Sharktiger clan leader, discussing the situation within the clan, the future development path, and the overall situation of Waxing Crescent Island and Moon Bay.

After a while…

Black Shark Tig asked casually:

“Clan leader, I know that you hope the Bloodtooth clan can rely on its own strength to leave this remote island and not depend on outsiders.”

“I’m curious, if there was a transcendent and extraordinary True Dragon willing to accept the Bloodtooth clan as its followers, especially a kind-hearted Golden Dragon, would you consider accepting?”

As it spoke, it took two steps forward, approaching the Sharktiger clan leader.


In response to Black Shark Tig’s question, the Sharktiger clan leader said firmly.

“The Bloodtooth clan will never be enslaved, even if it’s a Golden Dragon!”

In this cruel world where the weak are preyed upon by the strong, it is common for small sapient beings to follow a powerful entity. Moreover, being a follower of a True Dragon is not an ordinary servant. It is something that many sapient beings can only dream of.

Tig could never understand why the Sharktiger clan leader was so persistent and unwilling to be subordinate to others.

…In that case, I must get rid of you.

You once taught me that any obstacles on the Bloodtooth clan’s path forward must be eliminated by any means necessary.

And now, you have become an obstacle.

Black Shark thought to itself.

As a combination of a tiger and a shark, the Sharktiger clan is not a kind-hearted race. They are naturally fierce, combative, and ruthless.

After receiving the Sharktiger clan leader’s answer, Black Shark made its final decision.

It abandoned the last trace of softness in its heart and decided to eliminate the Bloodtooth clan leader.

Suddenly, Black Shark Tig groaned, furrowing its brows and clutching its chest with its tiger claws.

Following Black Shark Tig’s movements, the Bloodtooth clan leader’s gaze subtly shifted to its chest.

On Black Shark Tig’s strong chest, beneath the dense black short fur, there were four faint claw marks, curving and winding like a centipede, indicating the severe injuries it had suffered in the past.

“Has the old injury caused by a dragon breaking your chest bone resurfaced?”

“Those filthy members of the Finetail clan somehow managed to tame a dragon… If it weren’t for the dragon, Waxing Crescent Island would have long been under the control of our Sharktiger clan.”

The Bloodtooth clan leader snorted coldly and said in a low voice.

“It’s just a bit painful.”

“It’s nothing serious and won’t affect my movements.”

Black Shark Tig gently pressed its chest and said in a low voice.

“The gentle water will soothe your pain.”

The Bloodtooth clan leader whispered.

Suddenly, a wave-like pattern of blue light appeared on its aged face, resembling a peculiar pattern.

At the same time, it raised its less sharp tiger claws and extended a hooked toe, pointing it at Black Shark, who was three steps away.


A faint blue water line shot out from the tip of the Bloodtooth clan leader’s hooked toe, straight into Black Shark Tig’s chest. Upon landing, it turned into ripples, carrying a magical power that could heal wounds and bring a sense of tranquility.

Second-tier spell: Healing Water.

“How does it feel? Is the pain still there?”

The Bloodtooth clan leader controlled the healing water and asked.

Without any warning, when the Bloodtooth clan leader spoke and asked, Black Shark Tig suddenly took a step forward.


Silver-white electric arcs, resembling small snakes, sizzled and filled the air with a burning and numbing smell. They danced and swiftly gathered on Tig’s strong body, converging on its right tiger claw, which was already extended towards the Bloodtooth clan leader.

In this moderately-sized and well-organized stone house, time seemed to slow down.


In slow-motion, the electric currents buzzed and converged, bit by bit, onto Black Shark’s tiger claw, making each hooked toe tip shine like silver metal, gleaming with sharpness and an invincible texture.

Ferocious Tiger Claw!

Ambush!The sudden claw attack was as fast as lightning.

Before the Bloodtooth chieftain could react, the tiger claw surrounded by electric currents tore through the air, tearing through its flesh, piercing through its chest –

Entering from the front, exiting from the back.


The Bloodtooth chieftain’s eyes reflected Tig’s cold and ruthless expression, his pupils dilated, revealing an expression of disbelief.

With Tig’s manipulation of lightning elements, he launched a sudden attack.

With the Bloodtooth chieftain’s rich experience, even without being on guard, he would have reacted at the beginning.

However, it was just in the process of organizing the healing water spell.

This caused the Bloodtooth chieftain to be unable to cast an effective shield spell in the first moment, and Tig’s close-range attack succeeded.

Third-tier spell: Summoning Waves!

The water elemental energy gathered, and the surrounding air suddenly became moist. The water vapor turned into droplets, and the droplets gathered into waves…


The elemental energy erupted, centered on the Bloodtooth chieftain, and a thousand-jin wave several zhang high rose from the ground, repeatedly hitting Tig’s chest, carrying it back until it collided with the stone house wall.


Magic patterns lit up, and the stone house wall bore the tremendous impact, but it only shook violently and cracked with dense fissures, without being directly shattered – the stone house wall was reinforced with a first-tier spell, strengthening its structure.

“Let’s get started.”

In the sky, the small Golden Dragon, concealed by the twisting force field, curiously watched the silent stone house in the shadow of the mountain cliff. It noticed the violent tremor of the stone house just now and heard the muffled impact.

“The black shark tiger doesn’t play fair, it attacks directly, as if it succeeded.”

“But after killing the chieftain directly, it still needs to convince the excited tribe to follow. If the chieftain has high prestige, it will be a bit difficult.”

Through the force field perception, Saga could determine the target’s weight, size, outline, movements… So, although his vision was obstructed, he could roughly understand what was happening in the stone house.

At the same time.

A roar that seemed like a lion’s but was sharp and piercing echoed in the sky.

Two White Feather Gryphons perched in the ancient pine tree crown on the mountain cliff let out a mournful neigh. Because of their spiritual connection, they felt the pain suffered by their contract holder and immediately spread their wings, leaving the nest and diving down.

Many adult shark tigers also heard the commotion and gathered towards the chieftain’s stone house.

“Those who have not been summoned are not allowed to enter the stone house where the chieftain and Tig’s leader are discussing important matters. Everyone, stop!”

Tig’s trusted subordinates guarded the stone house, their faces fierce as they roared.

Due to the prestige of the black shark and the hunting team, most of the shark tiger tribe hesitated, uncertain, but the two White Feather Gryphons did not listen to the shark tiger guards and had already dived down.

“Prepare the hook locks, get ready with the knife nets!”

As senior warriors of the hunting team, they had rich experience in dealing with magical creatures.

Six shark tiger warriors simultaneously took off the hook locks from their waists and threw them forcefully at the White Feather Gryphons, blocking their movement space. At the same time, two others took the opportunity to throw out knife nets with sharp bone knives, enveloping the White Feather Gryphons.

“These two White Feather Gryphons are fierce, but eight subordinates probably won’t be able to hold them for long.”

Saga leisurely watched the show, with his force field perception more focused on what was happening inside the stone house.

The Bloodtooth chieftain lowered his old head and looked at his chest.

A huge through-and-through blood hole came into view.

The edges of the blood hole were full of charred marks, and there were sizzling electric currents flickering, severely paralyzing him to the point where he couldn’t even feel the pain.

The Bloodtooth chieftain was a fourth-tier shark tiger warlock, skilled in medium to long-range spell attacks, and had a weaker physique than the shark tiger warriors.

At close range.

It had suffered a full-force sneak attack from Tig, and it was directly hit, instantly suffering a severe injury that was enough to be fatal.

The elemental energy in the Bloodtooth chieftain’s body circulated, and a faint blue energy pattern lit up all over its body, barely allowing it to stand, but its figure was already swaying.

It raised one tiger claw, aiming from a distance at the black shark, who had already stood up and was dripping wet.

“Tig, why?”

The voice of the Bloodtooth clan was weak, slowly saying.

At the same time, all the elemental energy in its body converged towards its fingertips, turning into a dazzling azure light spot, emitting an extremely strong dangerous aura.

Fourth-tier spell: Blood Stripping!

The shark tiger chieftain’s heart was destroyed, suffering a fatal injury, but before dying, as a fourth-tier shark tiger warlock, it disregarded everything and counterattacked, intending to drag Tig down to hell with it.

“Chieftain, I’m sorry.”

“I found a way out for the Bloodtooth clan. A Golden Dragon is willing to take the Bloodtooth clan as its dependents, but you will definitely not agree.”

“What I just said was not a hypothesis.”

Tig’s expression remained unchanged as he faced the Bloodtooth chieftain and said in a deep voice.

“A Golden Dragon?”

“Even if it’s a Golden Dragon, so-called dependents are nothing more than servants.”

“Do you really want the Bloodtooth clan to become servants of the dragons… Tig, do you want to lead the Bloodtooth clan to become servants of the dragons?”

The life force of the shark tiger chieftain was rapidly fading away, like a candle in the wind.The azure light at its fingertips flickered uncertainly, questioning in agony.

Upon hearing this, Tig fell silent for a moment, bloodshot eyes welling up.

“Chieftain, you are too stubborn. You should understand the world we live in.

The law of the jungle, survival of the fittest.

Being a slave or a servant is better than the annihilation of our entire clan.

I don’t understand what you’re thinking!

The Bloodtooth clan can’t even defeat the Thin-tail clan now, our living space is being compressed day by day, and we will eventually perish on this narrow island.

If we follow your idea, relying solely on our own strength, other than being exterminated and becoming food for those filthy creatures, I can’t think of any other way out for the Bloodtooth clan.”

Tig’s voice was low, almost roaring.

“Chieftain, why are you so stubborn!”

“This is a world where the weak are prey to the strong. If you want to climb up from the bottom, you should abandon your dignity, your face, everything, and stop at nothing.”

After a pause, Tig’s passionate tone calmed down and said:

“Chieftain, you can kill me directly, and then watch the Bloodtooth clan you built with your own hands fall apart, buried namelessly on this remote island.”

“Or, please die, and I will lead the Bloodtooth clan out of the island, towards a broader ocean, towards a future you can’t imagine!”

After speaking, Tig stared into the chieftain’s eyes, waiting for his decision.

Looking at Tig, whose expression was resolute and cold.

The Bloodtooth chieftain looked dazed, his raised tiger claw trembling more and more.

The blood separation technique, which he had gathered all his magic power to construct before his death, could kill Tig as soon as it was activated.

But time was ticking away.

The azure light eventually dissipated. The Bloodtooth chieftain did not use the blood separation technique on Tig, and his arm fell weakly.

If he killed Tig, the clan that the Bloodtooth chieftain had built with his own hands would face the real end.

He didn’t want to see this happen.

“Tig………you win.”

In an instant, he seemed to age a hundred years, his life force draining away like a floodgate had been opened.

“It’s too late to turn back now.”

“I’ll fulfill you, fulfill your ambition.”

The Bloodtooth chieftain coughed up blood, his expression dazed, and said:

“You think I’m stubborn, but you don’t know, I was once a slave, I’ve experienced what it’s like to be a slave.”

“I was born a slave to a shark noble in the Shark Empire.”

“You can’t imagine the oppression, bullying, and whipping I’ve experienced.”

“Unable to bear the life of a slave, I took some young shark tiger slaves, went through a lot of trouble, and luckily escaped from the territory of the shark noble, from the Shining Ocean all the way to the Storm Ocean, to the Whirlpool Sea…………finally settling on this small island.”

The Shining Ocean, one of the four oceans of Saiga, is under the jurisdiction of the Shark Empire.

“Even if I die, I don’t want to experience being a slave again.”

Tig was stunned, not knowing what to say.

He didn’t know that his chieftain had such a past.

But even if he knew, if he had to choose again, he wouldn’t change his previous thoughts.

“The Bloodtooth clan is yours now, I hope you can fulfill your promise, lead the Bloodtooth clan to glory, and if you can go further, let the entire shark tiger race, get rid of the shadow of the Shark Empire……….”

The voice of the shark tiger chieftain grew weaker and weaker.

The Shark Empire has always regarded the shark tiger clan as slaves.

The legendary shark tiger that once appeared in the history of the shark tiger clan was brutally killed because he led the shark tiger clan to resist the Shark Empire.

“Who was the shark noble who enslaved you? Chieftain, if I have the chance, if I have enough power, I will avenge you.”

Tig whispered.

Hatred and fear rose in the eyes of the Bloodtooth chieftain, he whispered: “It is a higher race of the Shark Empire, the Tentacle Shark clan, named……….”

The weak voice of the Bloodtooth chieftain paused.

He didn’t finish the other’s name.

The Bloodtooth chieftain was dead.

After a moment of silence, listening to the increasingly sharp and piercing roar of the White Feather Gryphon, and the gradually approaching footsteps of the shark tiger people, Tig turned around and pushed open the stone house door heavily.

“He killed the chieftain.”

In the sky, Saga, who was invisibly hovering, felt the passing of a life force.

“The black shark tiger is young and strong, in his prime, and the chieftain of this clan, although strong, is old and weak.”

“Even if he is a bit stronger than the black shark tiger, once he is successfully ambushed, the result is obvious.”

Saga blinked, looking down.

“My first clan of followers will probably be these shark tigers.”

“The lower limit is first order, the upper limit is legendary, um, although the probability is not high, but overall it’s not bad, much better than the initial followers like gnolls, lizardmen, and jackals.”

Many young True Dragons who had just left the nest, because they were not strong enough, could not find strong or potential good followers.

They could basically only recruit and tame the likes of gnolls and jackals.

Compared to that, the shark tigers were already very good.

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