Chapter 58 – Mage and Warlock

“Please give me a chance!”

Black Shark Tig pleaded again, his huge and ferocious head lowered in front of the Golden Dragon.

“Since you are so sincerely requesting, then I will give you a chance out of mercy.”

“No matter what method you use, no matter the process, I want you to lead all the Shark Tiger tribe to pledge allegiance to me.”

The young Hatchling Dragon, whose face mask had already gained a sense of majesty, stared at Shark Tiger Tig.

“Prove it to me.

You have enough qualifications to become my subordinate, and then I will accept your loyalty.”

Tig’s face, half shark and half tiger, changed expressions, and finally nodded heavily after a few seconds.

“I will prove my abilities to you.”

“Next, please witness.

Witness how I bring the loyalty of all the Bloodtooth Shark Tigers to you.”

It said.

Immediately, under Saga’s silent gaze, Black Shark Tig, accompanied by his trusted subordinates, left the beach area and entered the dense forest, rushing towards the camp of the Bloodtooth Clan.


Saga flapped his wings, stirring up a strong wind, his agile body breaking through the sunlight, soaring into the sky, and then using the Force Field to hide his figure, silently observing the actions of Black Shark Tig and the other Shark Tigers.

“It wants to use my power. The current Bloodtooth Clan Chief is probably stronger than it.”

“How to replace the Bloodtooth Clan Chief and win the trust and support of the other Shark Tigers, this is the problem it is facing now.”

“However, judging from its decisive actions, it probably already has a plan in its heart.”

Saga observed with interest, his gaze penetrating through the dense treetops, wanting to see how Shark Tiger Tig would present a satisfactory result.


Led by Tig, the Shark Tigers moved swiftly, disregarding the friction of their bodies against some sharp branches, crossing the chaotic undergrowth, leaping over the swift streams on the island, and stepping over the blocking boulders, gradually approaching a protruding cliff that was tens of meters high.

“Leader, do you really want to lead the tribe to pledge allegiance to a dragon?”

“The Clan Chief will definitely not agree. What do you plan to do?”

As they approached the Bloodtooth Clan camp, a Shark Tiger warrior said to Tig.

“Marcus won’t agree, but the Clan Chief will.”

Tig’s black fur trembled, his eyes filled with a fierce light, and the surrounding atmosphere seemed to freeze. The falling leaves were dyed with a sense of solemn killing.

“Ah? Isn’t Marcus the Clan Chief?”

“Why does he agree sometimes and disagree at other times?”

A Shark Tiger scratched the shark fin on his back and asked with intelligent eyes.

Tig’s ferocity slightly subsided, feeling speechless towards this trusted subordinate.

“You idiot, what the leader means is that Marcus will soon no longer be Marcus. He will let Marcus step down and become the new Clan Chief, our new leader, and he will agree.”

Another slightly smarter Shark Tiger explained.

“Shut up, just follow my orders when the time comes… Listen to my commands.”

Tig originally wanted to say that he would let his subordinates react appropriately according to his eye signals, but thinking that they might misunderstand, he had to give up.

After a while.

Crossing rows of towering island cedars, the Shark Tigers’ field of vision suddenly opened up.

The vegetation in front had been cleared, and whole tree trunks were sharpened and inserted into the ground, arranged together to form a wall. Some Shark Tigers patrolled around the wall, only giving a glance at Tig and the others’ arrival, then smiled to welcome them.

In the middle of the wall was a large gate, with two guards standing in front of it.

One of them was a Shark Tiger, and the other was also a Shark Tiger.

“You’ve worked hard.”

Tig walked towards the central gate of the wall with his subordinates, and said to a young Shark Tiger guard on his right.

“Not hard at all, just guarding the gate, no danger at all.”

The young Shark Tiger guard’s eyes clearly showed admiration for Black Shark Tig as he said, “Big Brother Tig, I hope to join the hunting team like you in the future, hunting beasts and sea creatures to provide food for the clan.”

Tig’s prestige in the Bloodtooth Clan was second only to the Clan Chief, and he was respected by many young clan members.

“Train hard and strengthen your physique, and you will have a chance.”

“I look forward to fighting alongside you.”

Tig nodded gently, encouraging the young guard with his gaze, and then, under the admiring eyes of the guard, strode into the clan territory.

Behind the wall.

The ground was covered with a layer of irregularly solidified tree sap and gravel, barely considered flat. Some houses with rough styles, mainly made of stone, were interspersed with a few houses decorated with colorful shells and pebbles. Under the sunlight, they reflected a faint light, adding a touch of beauty to the rough style houses.

At the end of the field of vision, there was a steep cliff tens of meters high. A lush ancient pine tree grew out of the cracks in the cliff, and its roots occupied most of the cliff. The trunk was as thick as a dragon, and the canopy covered the sky, casting a heavy shadow, enveloping some of the Bloodtooth Clan’s houses.In the dense canopy, you could vaguely see a large bird’s nest with a diameter of about ten meters, formed by stacking materials such as animal fur, bones, rocks, and metal between the branches.

Two white feather gryphons were nestled closely in the nest.


This magical creature with a head like an eagle, a body like a lion, wings on its back, and black and white fur raised its head. Its sharp gaze swept across the sky, staring for more than ten seconds before slowly retracting its gaze and snuggling together again.

【White Feather Gryphon, a magical creature, a semi-intelligent lifeform of the fourth rank, with snow-white feathers on the edge of its wings, as sharp as iron and steel】

【White Feather Gryphons are alert and fierce by nature, unruly and untamed, possessing superb combat and hunting skills. They often live in pairs as a family unit. If one dies and there are no cubs to raise, the other will commit suicide out of grief…】

Saga had never seen a white feather gryphon on Thorn Isle.

But as soon as he saw these two fierce beasts, the Dragon’s Legacy gave him feedback.

A semi-intelligent lifeform refers to a creature with a certain level of intelligence that can communicate through actions, eye contact, tone, gestures, etc., but cannot speak any language. The vast majority of magical creatures are semi-intelligent lifeforms.

“They are highly alert. Are these two white feather gryphons raised by the Shark Tiger Tribe? White feather gryphons are unruly and not easily tamed. It is more likely that they have a cooperative hunting relationship with the Bloodtooth Tribe, similar to the Frost Giants and Winter Wolves.”

There is no master-slave relationship of domination and subjugation. They cooperate in hunting, each utilizing their own strengths. There are many species that live together in this way.

His gaze shifted from the white feather gryphons.

Saga adjusted the twisting light force field, suspended in the air, overlooking the actions of Black Shark Tig and the other Shark Tigers within the tribe.

Inside the Bloodtooth Tribe’s enclosed territory surrounded by walls and cliffs.

Black Shark Tig and his subordinates walked among the ruggedly shaped houses.

The scorching sunlight poured down.

Black Shark Tig saw many members of the tribe within the territory.


A cute little shark tiger that had just reached Black Shark’s knee accidentally bumped into his leg while playing and chasing with its little companions. It didn’t notice the path ahead and fell on its bottom.

The tender claws of the little shark tiger touched its painful forehead, and its eyes instantly became watery.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Black Shark Tig, with black patterns scattered on his black fur, bent down and picked up the little shark tiger.

“Little Dick, didn’t you say you want to become a powerful shark tiger warrior and protect the Bloodtooth Tribe when you grow up? A powerful shark tiger warrior won’t shed tears even if they bleed.”

The rigid and cold lines on Tig’s face softened a lot as he spoke.

“Look at this.”

At the same time, he extended his tiger claw and flicked it, producing a small electric arc that danced like blooming flowers, attracting the attention of the little shark tiger and stopping its tears from falling.

At this moment, more little shark tigers crowded around, clinging to Black Shark Tig, wanting him to hold them.

The young shark tigers were all adorable and fluffy, without sharp fangs yet, looking like soft and chewy rice dumplings.

“Little ones, I have something to discuss with the tribe leader. I won’t play with you for now.”

His tall figure crouched down, patting each little shark tiger’s forehead before Black Shark spoke.

The little shark tigers obediently left without lingering, not bothering Black Shark to play with them.

Black Shark Tig stood up, raised his head, and looked ahead.

At the end of his vision was a cliff with an ancient pine tree growing on it. In the shadow cast by the cliff, there was a simple and sturdy stone house covered in moss and vines.

This was the house where the Bloodtooth Tribe leader resided.

Looking at the leader’s house, Tig’s face, resembling both a tiger and a shark, was bathed in sunlight, and his thoughts became hesitant.

Fighting against the cunning and vile Fin Tail Tribe on this secluded island, and even being at a disadvantage… This is not the future I expected. I want to sail towards a broader ocean, Chief Marcus, I’m sorry.

– Tig whispered in his heart.

“Tig, do you have something to discuss with me?”

“The sun is scorching, don’t stand outside, come in.”

Like a subtle ripple on a calm sea.

An old but confident voice reached Black Shark Tig’s ears.

The chirping of cicadas under the scorching sun became more urgent.

After a few seconds of silence, Tig lowered his head, and his gentle and soft expression became firm again. His gaze was resolute as he strode towards the leader’s stone house.

His eight loyal subordinates followed closely behind.

The tribe leader himself was the strongest in the Bloodtooth Tribe, a mid-level fourth-rank shark tiger warlock. Therefore, there were no shark tiger warriors guarding around the leader’s house.

A warlock is a type of caster.Unlike the majority of casters who rely on a wealth of knowledge accumulation and rigorous research experiments, step by step to uncover the truth of spells, enhance their understanding and cognition of the world and the universe, and thus gain the power of spells that can influence, even reshape reality.

Warlocks study themselves, by gaining a deeper understanding of their own bloodline, like magical beasts, they unearth and master spell-like abilities.

When a warlock casts a spell, they basically don’t need to chant or prepare for casting.

However, there are also disadvantages. Warlocks are not as versatile and flexible as orthodox casters, they are rather single-minded.

Simply put.

A normal caster needs to understand the principle of a spell before using it, but a warlock only needs to have this ability, they don’t need to understand, just press the skill key in their bloodline.

Warlocks generally have powerful ancestors, or they have undergone bloodline transformation, such as being baptized by dragon blood, and have the opportunity to become a Dragon Vein Warlock.

Many True Dragons, who naturally master magic based on the inheritance and growth of dragons, without their own efforts to learn, can be considered as Warlock Dragons.

Warlock Dragons often disdainfully call their kin who love to learn magic as Magic-addicted Dragons.

Being too keen on learning magic is considered a quirk in the eyes of normal True Dragons.

“You guys stay here.”

In front of the stone house, Black Shark’s subordinates stopped and stayed outside.

It moved forward, crossing the boundary of light and shadow, its body was enveloped by the shadow formed by the cliff, it walked into the stone house, pushed the door open, and at the same time closed the door.

The stone house had no windows.

But the light inside was not dim.

A pearl the size of a baby’s fist was embedded in the center of the ceiling, casting a glowing light, illuminating the entire interior of the stone house, leaving nothing hidden.

Tig saw the medicine shelves filled with various herbs, a table full of bottles and jars, and a Shark Tiger, not particularly robust, with its back to Tig, pacing between the table and the medicine shelf, seemingly picking suitable herbs.

Its colorful fur was slightly dull, without luster.

The tiger whiskers on its half-tiger half-shark face had completely turned white, and wrinkles could be faintly seen on its skin, its body slightly hunched.


A fourth-tier Shark Tiger Warlock, the chieftain of the Bloodtooth tribe.

Noticing the approach of Black Shark Tig, the Shark Tiger chieftain put down the herb he was examining and turned around.

On the aged Shark Tiger face, a pair of bright and deep brown eyes, not at all dim, were the first to come into Tig’s view.

“Tig, ever since you became the leader of the hunting team, you rarely come here.”

The Shark Tiger chieftain looked at Black Shark, his face calm, and said.

“There are many tribesmen who need food, the resources on Waxing Crescent Island are limited, and there’s the prying of the Thin Tail tribe, the hunting team is under great pressure, I almost have no free time, I’ve been leading the team to hunt.”

Black Shark responded.

The Shark Tiger chieftain nodded, a smile appeared on his aged Shark Tiger face.

“If nothing goes wrong, you will be the next chieftain of the Bloodtooth tribe, I see enough responsibility and commitment in you.”

“When I’m old and lose my strength, unable to use spells to protect the tribe, and no longer fit to be the chieftain, I will transfer the guardian contract of the White Feather Gryphon to you.”

“I’m very reassured to have you as the chieftain, leading the Bloodtooth tribe.”

The two White Feather Gryphons perched on the ancient pines on the cliff were raised by the Shark Tiger chieftain since they were young, and now they have formed a guardian contract with each other, their hearts connected, they are part of the Bloodtooth tribe.

But the proud Gryphons mainly obey the commands of the contract holder, and don’t pay much attention to the ordinary Shark Tiger tribesmen.

Even Black Shark Tig couldn’t get their attention.

The Bloodtooth chieftain and the two White Feather Gryphons.

A total of three fourth-tier lifeforms.

This is the highest combat power currently possessed by the Bloodtooth tribe.

The Bloodtooth chieftain, due to his old age, has declined in physical strength, and his thinking reaction is no longer at its peak.

His combat power in a direct fight ranks below the two White Feather Gryphons in their prime.

However, as a warlock, he has a variety of methods, and the nearly hundred years he has lived through have given him profound experience.

Equally not to be underestimated.

Black Shark’s resolute and stern face remained unchanged.

He exhaled a breath, and slowly said:

“Thank you for your trust, chieftain, I promise you, I will lead the Bloodtooth tribe to leave Waxing Crescent Island, towards a broader future, so that the tribesmen no longer have to worry about beasts, no longer have to endure the torment of hunger and cold.”

Hearing Black Shark’s words, Chieftain Markus slightly frowned.

He lifted his eyelids, staring at Black Shark Tig, his voice low:

“Tig, I recognize your decision-making and execution ability, you are swift and decisive in your actions.”

“I believe you can make the Bloodtooth tribe develop better.”

His voice paused, Chieftain Markus changed the subject and continued:

“But, you are too impatient, I can see the burning, impatient fire of ambition in your chest, if not restrained, this flame will one day burn away your reason.”

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