Chapter 5 – The dragon who loves to act coquettishly has milk to drink

The Red Dragoness turned her gaze towards the little Hatchling Dragon that was begging for food. Sparks accompanied her breath as she exhaled through her nostrils.


Seeing this scene, Yekaterina's eyes lit up.


Unconsciously, she wagged her tail and a smug expression appeared on her face.


This little Mother Dragon, who was born a little earlier than Saga, had also asked the Red Dragoness for food when she was hungry. However, she was heartlessly grabbed by the Red Dragoness with her claws and set aside to eat dirt to satisfy her hunger, without disturbing her.


She dared not defy the Red Dragoness and could only endure her dissatisfaction, gnawing on the dirt.


Dragons can eat dirt, and eating dirt and stones can to some extent provide them with more inorganic substances, promoting the development of scales and claws. However, the taste of dirt and stones is very unpleasant for dragons, bitter and astringent. Moreover, gnawing on dirt is a rather embarrassing behavior for dragons.


As for the benefits of promoting scales and claws…


Unless done consistently, it is actually unnecessary.


"Hmph, this stupid little brother will definitely be scolded by Mother."


"When he's gnawing on dirt, I'll go and mock him."


Yekaterina muttered softly in her heart.


The little Dragoness had a pleased expression as she looked at Saga with a look of anticipation, her face filled with a smug smile, waiting to see Saga being reprimanded by the Red Dragoness.


The Red Dragoness lowered her head and looked down at the tiny figure in her field of vision.


Extending her fiery red dragon claw with scorching temperature, she slowly approached Saga.


Seeing the Red Dragoness's movement, Yekaterina stretched her neck with interest, contemplating what kind of words would be more ironic towards Saga, preparing for her next move.


Saga didn't notice the appearance and expression of the little Dragoness.


He lifted his head, and his field of vision was almost filled with the Red Dragoness's enormous dragon claw. He couldn't help but feel a little frightened, but he still bravely stood his ground without retreating or dodging.


The Red Dragoness was thirty-six meters long from head to tail, and when she stood on all fours, her shoulder height was nearly eight meters, like a tall building. Moreover, the Red Dragon's physique was incredibly strong, with muscles coiling like tree roots beneath her dragon scales. She was an unquestionable behemoth, exuding a terrifying pressure from head to toe.


Her dragon claw was much larger than Saga.


Although he knew that the other party was his mother dragon and wouldn't harm him under normal circumstances, facing such a behemoth, Saga couldn't help but feel a slight fear. His breathing became difficult, and his heart felt as if it was being clenched by an invisible hand, making his breath become labored.


However, amidst the tension, Saga also felt a faint excitement and anticipation.


"When will I grow to be the same size as the Red Dragoness?"


"Or even bigger, stronger, and more awe-inspiring than her."


Saga ambitiously thought to himself.


With this thought, he looked at the Red Dragoness's slowly descending dragon claw, and his fear diminished. Instead, he was filled with anticipation for the future.


The giant dragon claw descended, and one of its hooked toes gently tapped Saga's small head.


Seizing the opportunity, the cunning Hatchling Dragon extended its head, avoiding the sharp parts, and rubbed against the side of the Red Dragoness's claw.


Seeing this, the Red Dragoness let out a laugh with a magnetic voice.


"Little Saga, you will definitely grow up to be an outstanding dragon."


She retracted her dragon claw and turned her head towards the Dragon's Nest, shouting, "Ulysses, bring in an adult Giant Earth Bull."


Pausing for a moment, she added, "Choose one with a strong physique and delicious meat."


"As you wish, Great Crimson Flame Queen."


A deep and hoarse response came from outside the Dragon's Nest, spoken in Dragon Tongue.


"Wait, the food will be here soon."


The Red Dragoness patted Saga's head and said.


On the other side, the smile on the little Mother Dragon's face, which was hanging on her face mask, had already stiffened and gradually disappeared. She stood still in place, like a lifelike dragon sculpture, in disarray in the wind.


This development was different from what Yekaterina had planned.


On the other hand, Saga's mouth gradually curved upwards, and he smirked, winking at the little Mother Dragon.


The smile didn't disappear, it just shifted.


"Damn you, Saga."


The little Mother Dragon cursed in her heart.


"Thank you, Mother. Mother is so kind."


Saga hugged the Red Dragoness's dragon claw and rubbed against it.


Having become familiar with each other, he now acted spoiled towards the Red Dragoness without feeling as much embarrassment as before.


A few minutes later, a towering bear stood up and slowly approached.


It was nine meters tall, with a powerful and muscular body. Its orange-yellow fur was mixed with fiery red, swaying in the wind like clusters of burning flames. With each heavy step it took, the ground trembled slightly.


On the right side of the bear's face, there were several twisted scars, as if they were torn by the claws of some creature.


On the bear's forehead, there were also two winding and majestic horns.


It emitted a strong dragon aura, originating from the same source as the Red Dragoness, resembling sulfur and magma, but much weaker than the Red Dragoness.


This was a powerful Dragon Vein creature.


At the same time, it was also the core follower of the Red Dragoness, personally transformed and bestowed with Dragon Vein by her.


Dragon Vein creatures were not dragons, but they possessed a certain amount of dragon bloodline. They also possessed some dragon-like characteristics and abilities, much stronger than ordinary magical creatures.


Just now, Saga heard the Red Dragoness calling it by its name.




Ulysses had blood-red pupils. This Dragon Vein Berserk Bear walked step by step, carrying a yellow giant bull on its strong arm.




Ulysses placed the giant bull on the ground, causing the earth to tremble, and dust rose and fell.The adult giant earth bull is over four meters long, with muscles all over its body. It weighs six tons and feeds on plants, wood, and rocks. It is easy to raise and has a good taste, making it a type of food raised in the Red Dragoness's territory.


This giant earth bull, which can penetrate rocks, is still alive.


However, it is on its last breath.


There is a noticeable fatal wound on its neck.


"You can leave."


The Red Dragoness lazily waved her dragon claw.


The Dragon Vein Bear fell silent. After hearing the Red Dragoness's words, it left decisively without a word.


"Alright, little ones, enjoy your meal."


The sharp claws, as sharp as a red steel knife, sliced the giant earth bull's body in half.


"Don't steal your brother's food. He has just been born."


The Red Dragoness warned lightly.


Immediately, she closed her eyes and curled up on the ground, falling asleep in an instant.


Under normal circumstances, the dragon hatchlings would compete for food, and the Dragoness would not intervene. On the contrary, she would encourage this behavior. In the dragon's concept, the stronger ones would obtain more food and resources, which was only natural.


The competition among the hatchlings was beneficial to their growth and evolution.


However, as the Red Dragoness said,


Saga had just hatched and was smaller than Yekaterina. It wouldn't be considered competition if Saga participated.


Saga's performance just now was impressive.


But the Red Dragoness felt that it was because Yekaterina underestimated him. Her eldest daughter had a strong and well-developed body. Due to her mixed blood and a certain degree of mutation, her strength was much stronger than other hatchlings of the same age. If Saga took it seriously, he wouldn't be able to perform so easily.


Saga looked at the freshly cooked and steaming beef, hesitating for a moment.




The sight of this bloody and fresh beef made him hesitate for a moment.


The little hatchling approached the food and tentatively sniffed it.


Saga's eyes lit up.


He didn't smell the pungent bloody scent he had imagined.


On the contrary.


The smell that rushed into his nostrils was so delicious. Fresh meat was a delicious food for Saga's sense of smell. Dragons could eat anything, but without a doubt, they loved meat.


Without hesitation, Saga opened his dragon mouth, and his sharp dragon teeth easily tore off the meat.


The cowhide, which was like leather, was as thin as paper under the hatchling's sharp teeth and was easily torn apart.


Even some ribs were crushed by Saga's fierce chewing.


Dragon teeth, even hatchling dragon teeth, were precious magical materials, incredibly sharp.


Saga enjoyed the meal.


The beef had a chewy texture and a distinct layering. The parts with tendons were especially elastic, making Saga unable to resist indulging in it.


Time passed gradually.


Soon, Saga finished the food given by the Red Dragoness.


The hatchling had an astonishing appetite.


Saga consumed a portion of food that weighed more than his own body weight, but even so, he didn't feel full. It was as if he could eat another cow.


Rubbing his belly, Saga was still unsatisfied.


The little hatchling turned his gaze towards the sleeping Red Dragoness.


"Should I wake up the Red Dragoness and ask her for more food?"


Saga licked his lips and murmured to himself.


However, after thinking for a few seconds, Saga gently shook his head and didn't dare to do it.


Dragons were generally lazy and disliked trouble.


Especially now, the Red Dragoness was sleeping. Dragons whose sleep was interrupted halfway wouldn't be in a good mood.


The Red Dragoness favored him more, but he couldn't rely on her favor. If he accidentally annoyed the Red Dragoness and lost her affection, it wouldn't be the result Saga wanted to see.


He didn't disturb the Red Dragoness's sleep.


Saga also didn't bother with his dragon sister.


During the dispute with the little Mother Dragon, the sudden and seemingly omnipresent power made Saga unforgettable.


It was different, definitely unusual.


Then, under Yekaterina's strange gaze, Saga stood in place and made a vigilant posture towards the air. After persisting for a while, he moved around, lifted his front paws, kicked his hind legs… constantly changing positions.


"Could he be a little silly dragon?"


The little Mother Dragon looked at Saga's movements and secretly wondered.


Saga didn't know what the little Mother Dragon was thinking at this moment, and even if he knew, he wouldn't care.


His behavior was to replicate his state when he felt the invisible power, hoping to feel its presence again.


But unfortunately, Saga gained nothing.


That power seemed to be just his illusion. No matter how he tried, it didn't appear again.


"It can't be an illusion."


"Maybe it's like dragon breath. Because I'm too young, I can't use it many times."


Although he couldn't sense it for a while, Saga was extremely certain in his heart.


Then, the little hatchling closed his eyes.


Saga's consciousness immersed in the dragon's heritage, searching for descriptions that matched that power, hoping to find relevant records.


After two hours, Saga opened his eyes, feeling somewhat exhausted.


A faint disappointment appeared in his golden pupils.


Because Saga didn't find any relevant knowledge records.


"What kind of power is it?"


"There is no record in the dragon's heritage. Could it be that I'm the only one in the entire history of the dragon race? Am I the first one to possess it?"


Saga shook his head.


He felt it was unlikely.


But it wasn't completely impossible.


"I have obvious mutations on my body. I am an undisputed Outsider Dragon. Maybe this power belongs only to me, appearing for the first time in a dragon's body."


This was a good thing.


Saga felt joy in his heart.


At the same time, a clear drowsiness struck, causing the little hatchling's eyelids to tremble.


Young hatchlings needed sufficient sleep.


Saga didn't resist the drowsiness.The Hatchling Dragon curled up like a large cat, tucking itself into a ball. It wrapped its tail around to the front, holding the tip in its mouth, and closed its eyes, beginning to snore loudly.


At this moment, the invisible force that Saga had been pursuing earlier began to converge from the surrounding space. It flowed into Saga's body like a gentle stream, nourishing the Hatchling Dragon's physique.

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