Chapter 57 – But I refuse

“Even creatures larger than it, such as sea beasts over ten meters long, we have successfully hunted.”

“It shouldn’t be a problem to capture it.”

Most of the shark tigers were eager to try.

“Boss, let’s go. This is a rare opportunity.”

The shark tigers communicated quietly.

The black shark tiger’s gaze swept over these tribe members who seemed a bit foolish in its eyes.

Most of the shark tigers were not very intelligent, although they were considered intelligent lifeforms, they were only slightly better than ogres and trolls, and they were just comparing themselves to others. The difference was not significant. Of course, there were individuals with higher intelligence who served as leaders, and Tig was one of the shark tigers with higher intelligence.

“Fools, this is a dragon!”

“Stupidity and shallowness will eventually kill you.”

Tig decisively rejected the proposal of his subordinates.

………… Another dragon appeared, it seemed to be a young dragon with a golden scale. Could it be the legendary Golden Dragon? Is it just passing by or planning to stay here for a long time? Tig, who was half tiger and half shark, thought in his heart.

This was not the first time the black shark tiger had seen a dragon.

Thinking back to the confrontation with the dragon in the past, Tig’s chest ached.

Its sternum had been crushed by the dragon’s claw, and it was saved by the shark tiger warlock, barely surviving.

It was proud of its shark tiger strength, which could throw hundreds of pounds of boulders, which was nothing in front of a dragon.

It was proud of its saw-like teeth and tiger claws that could tear rocks. It had tried its best, but only managed to break through the dragon’s scales.

It knew very well the power that dragons possessed, almost dying from the dragon’s claw.

Even though it was just a young dragon, it was still not easy to deal with. Moreover, the dragon kind behind it seemed to be the leader of the legendary metal dragons. It was said that metal dragons were more protective of their offspring. Who knew if there was an adult dragon watching behind this young dragon?

“Although I am much stronger now than before… it’s still best not to provoke a dragon.”

“The Bloodtooth clan cannot have another dragon as an enemy.”


Tig, the leader of the shark tigers, made a gesture, signaling his subordinates to slowly retreat.

They did not turn around, but carefully and slowly stepped back.

On the spacious and bright beach, nine strong shark tigers slowly retreated, cautiously and gently, their slow movements contrasting sharply with their strong and fierce figures, looking quite comical.

Slowly, they exited the beach area and approached the dense forest behind them. Their slow steps gradually quickened, and it seemed that the young dragon had no intention of chasing them. In the end, they turned and ran directly.


The sound of the wings tearing through the wind came from behind.

The golden young dragon flew across the sky, its body blocking the sunlight, casting a shadow over the shark tigers.

The shark tigers paused, instinctively looking up at the dragon’s figure.

The golden young dragon circled, turned, folded its wings, and descended.

In one fluid motion, it stopped right in front of the shark tigers’ path, its diamond-like beautiful dragon scales reflecting light, as if its whole body was glowing, magnificent and dazzling.

With its upper body almost upright and its limbs close together, the dragon tail curled forward in a graceful arc.

Saga stood on the ground in an elegant and majestic posture, his head slightly raised, his indifferent gaze enveloping the shark tigers.

“I don’t remember allowing you to leave.”

Saga spoke in Dragon Tongue, his voice deep.

At the same time, Saga raised his right dragon wing and gently waved it.

An invisible gravity blade swept through.


The lateral gravity wave crushed down, leaving a twelve-meter-long crack between the shark tigers and Saga, like a huge scar, an insurmountable barrier.

This violent scene startled the shark tigers.

They all stopped their footsteps at the same time, staring at Saga with vigilance and caution.

“Respected… dragon, the shark warriors of the Bloodtooth clan, Black Shark, Tig, express… respect to you.”

Under Saga’s gaze, the unique black shark tiger spoke slowly.

It spoke in Dragon Tongue, which sounded a bit non-standard and somewhat frivolous and intermittent to Saga’s ears.

But understanding was not a problem.

The shark tiger clan originated from the Shark Empire. Although they were considered mixed-blood low-level ethnic groups abandoned by the orthodox shark tribe, they still retained some customs and traditions of the Shark Empire.

For example, speaking Dragon Tongue.

The Deep Sea Dragon City was a holy land for the sea tribes.

The Shark Empire, Sea Nymphs, and Demon Fish, the three major sea empires, all popularized Dragon Tongue. The conflicts and disputes between them were not small. They all wanted to become the sole ruler of the ocean, so they hoped that the Deep Sea Dragon City would lean towards them and wanted to win over the Metal Dragon Kind, a huge force.

“We… just didn’t want to disturb you.”

Tig, the shark tiger, spoke intermittently, expressing full humility in front of the dragon.

No matter what, it was never wrong to lower one’s posture a bit in front of a dragon.

“You did indeed disturb me, disturbed my slumber.”

Saga said calmly.

“You will pay the price for this.”

He said, and the pair of golden dragon pupils on his face mask seemed to accumulate a storm.

Hearing the low and dangerous words of the young dragon, the faces of the shark tigers became serious.

“Respected… dragon, the shark tiger warriors of the Bloodtooth clan, Black Shark, Tig, are not afraid to be enemies with dragons.”

Tig spoke in Dragon Tongue, solemnly addressing Saga.

“Listen to my command, prepare for battle.”

It spoke in Sharkman language to its fellow warriors.

The shark tigers, as if facing a great enemy, changed their footsteps at the same time, forming a crescent formation. One tiger paw tightly gripped rough weapons such as bone spears, bone knives, and bone swords, while the other tiger paw quietly touched the hook lock at their waist.

Looking at the shark tigers who were extremely nervous in front of him.

Saga grinned.

He was not angry at the shark tigers’ reaction.

On the contrary, he was quite satisfied with their nervous reaction, which indicated that the shark tigers feared him deep down, which was why they were so nervous and had such a strong reaction.

Saga liked it when others feared him.If their reaction is indifferent, Saga needs to examine whether there is a problem with his appearance.

“Small creatures, don’t be nervous.”

“I’m in a good mood now and don’t plan to make you pay with blood.”

“On the contrary, you will feel honored for this.”

Under the uncertain gaze of the tiger sharks, the little hatchling dragon, bathed in sunlight, already exuded a certain royal demeanor.

His golden pupils were bright, like a golden starry sky, overlooking the tiger sharks, he said, “Submit to me, kneel before me, and let all your people become my subjects.”

Super gravity field, triple!


A powerful, substantial oppressive feeling descended.

As if an invisible giant hand pressed down, the tiger sharks were caught off guard and fell directly to the ground.

Saga raised his chin and said with pleasure, “This is the price you have to pay, and it is also my gift to you.”

What kind of power is this… the tiger sharks were shocked.

The third-order tiger shark warrior, known as the black shark and only one step away from the middle-level lifeform, Tig, was also pressed down and knelt.

Under its pitch-black fur, muscles like the roots of old trees were faintly visible, with arcs winding, jumping, and making faint sounds on its body.

Black Shark Tig seriously felt the sudden invisible pressure, and his heart was shocked like the other tiger sharks.

The opponent could make them kneel just by not moving.

…If he really made a move…

Tig was a mutated tiger shark, unlike other shark tribe members who mastered water elemental energy. It was born with the ability to perceive and use a rare sub-element – lightning element.

Earth, water, wind, fire, these are the basic elemental energies that make up the world.

Different elemental mutations will lead to specialized reactions, and will also extend to radiation elements, lava elements, lightning elements, and other sub-elements.

The main element and the sub-element are not distinguished by strength or weakness. The specific performance mainly depends on the user’s control and mastery of the corresponding elemental energy.

Sizzle… the arcs extinguished.

In order not to provoke the dragon’s killing intent, Tiger Shark Tig did not continue to resist, and the flow of elemental energy in its body slowed down.

Even if it could stand up, so what… dignity is something that only superior races consider. Compared to dragons, the shark tribe is like wild grass that can be trampled on the roadside.

Wild grass can only bend to survive.

Moreover, to submit to a true dragon and become a dragon’s subject is not a bad thing, especially when the other party seems to be a relatively gentle golden dragon.

Some sapient beings may not even have the opportunity to kneel and become a dragon’s subject, even if they want to.

“Do not resist.”

Tig worried that his subordinates would be too impulsive and spoke to remind them.

But it found that its worries were unnecessary.

The tiger sharks now felt the might of the dragon and dared not move, and even if they wanted to move, they couldn’t.

Only Tig had a certain ability to resist here.

The other second-order tiger sharks couldn’t even stand up under the strong pressure.

Seeing the tiger sharks with their fierce heads deeply lowered and no fierce resistance, Saga’s faceplate revealed a satisfied smile and lifted the super gravity field.

The tiger sharks relaxed their bodies a lot, but they still didn’t stand up and knelt in front of Saga.

“Respected dragon… I am willing to become your subject… but I am not the chief of the Bloodtooth clan, and I cannot decide the choices of other clan members.”

Tig said in a low voice.

Because it had a true dragon as a communication partner, its Dragon Tongue was slightly smoother than at the beginning, but the tone and grammar were still somewhat incorrect.

“Oh? I thought you were the leader.”

“It turns out that it’s not the case. I overestimated you.”

Saga smiled or not, looking at the pitch-black shark.

Tig fell silent for a while, then spoke without avoiding the presence of its fellow clan members, “Noble dragon, if you are willing to help, kill the chief of the Bloodtooth clan, and I will become the new clan leader and lead the entire clan to serve you and become your minions.”

A gust of sea breeze blew.

The beautiful and noble hatchling dragon narrowed its eyes, and a dangerous scent emanated from its golden pupils, its gaze resolute.

“Do you want to use me to achieve your ambitions? Use a true dragon?”

“You humble reptile! Do you want to die without a burial place!”

The weather was hot, and the sun was scorching.

But Tig felt cold all over, as if in a cold winter, and the sunlight seemed to lose its warmth.

It clenched its teeth, faced the dazzling sunlight, raised its head, and looked at the majestic dragon in the light, saying:

“You have misunderstood…”

Due to the humble attitude and awe of dragons, Saga retained some patience and said, “Since you are not, why should I kill the chief of the Bloodtooth clan for you?”

“I can go and subdue the true leader of the shark tribe and let it lead the entire tribe to serve me.”

Saga decided to establish a firm foundation in Moon Bay.

He planned to gradually subdue the sapient beings of Moon Bay.

Compared to true dragons who only start thinking about accepting subjects in their youth, Saga had already had relevant plans and ideas.

The shark tribe he encountered directly after awakening was Saga’s first target.

Tig shook its head, and although its words were slow, they were firm.

“I understand the character of Chief Marcus.”

“It advocates free will and relies only on its own strength. It will not submit to any existence, even such a noble and great true dragon like you.”

“I am different from the chief. I know the necessity of attaching to the strong. Becoming a dragon’s subject is an honor in my eyes.”

It lowered its head.

Perhaps because of its complete focus, Tig’s Dragon Tongue was no longer intermittent this time.

“I will offer my loyalty, only to you, and all I ask is that after you grow up, do not forget the followers of the Bloodtooth clan.”

Advocating free will is not a bad thing, but it also depends on the situation… Tig believed that in order for the Bloodtooth clan, which is limited to remote islands, to survive and develop better, it needs to abandon this meaningless insistence.


Can freedom be eaten as a meal?

Can freedom allow them to live carefree?

“Can freedom grant them dignity?

The answer is, no.

In that case, why not consider reality? Abandon freedom, and choose a suitable entity to follow for a better future.

A young dragon desiring kinship is an excellent target to follow.

It should value its first reclaimed kin, at least it won’t abandon them like chaff. It might even actively protect us, providing better conditions for the Bloodtooth clan.

Once it grows into a dominant force, we have the chance to live a better life, even the opportunity to transcend our class.

I can see it desires kinship, otherwise, the proud dragon wouldn’t patiently communicate with what it sees as an inferior race. In this situation, I am willing to offer my loyalty. It will surely agree… Tig thought silently.

“Chief Marcus, this is the Bloodtooth clan’s chance to become a superior race, to one day leave this remote island. And you will surely destroy it… So, for the Bloodtooth clan, prepare to die.”

“After I become the chief, I will carry your last wish, making the Bloodtooth clan famous in the ocean.”

In the gradually warming sunlight, Tig silently murmured in his heart, his jagged teeth gleaming.

This shark-tiger’s intelligence and emotional quotient are both above average, capable of bending and stretching, understanding the situation, and it’s an Outsider, with certain cultivation value. Letting it serve me as the Bloodtooth chief is indeed not a bad idea…

Saga spoke in Dragon Tongue, unhurriedly saying:

“I refuse.”

Tig was slightly stunned, raising his head in a somewhat bewildered manner.

The black shark didn’t expect Saga to refuse.

Didn’t it want kinship… Why would it refuse me… My request is reasonable.

Did some part of my wording offend the dragon?

Things didn’t develop as he expected, Tig suddenly lost his confidence, doubting himself.


Tig heard the other party casually say: “The purpose of kinship is to serve me, please me, and satisfy me.”


“In such a short interaction, you who want to become my kin, want me to solve your problems, haha, you think very well.”

Saga looked at the black shark Tig, indifferently saying:

“I overestimated you, you are not qualified to be my kin.”

“Because your reverence satisfies me, so, while I’m still in a good mood, take your clan and scram, disappear from my sight.”

Shark-tiger Tig finally made up his mind to become the dragon’s kin, to lead the Bloodtooth clan to grow and strengthen, but he never thought that the other party didn’t fancy him.

His rational thoughts were somewhat chaotic, losing his previous calm.

Looking up at the True Dragon, the black shark’s Dragon Tongue was hurried and stuttered, saying:

“Respected and noble… True Dragon, please give me a… chance to prove myself, I won’t disappoint you again!”

This is what I wanted to hear.

Hearing the other party’s request, Saga subtly smiled.

Saga’s desire to take in kin, to first solve their troubles, to satisfy their demands, was transformed into — the shark-tiger begging Saga, requesting to become his kin, needing to first prove its worth.

Passivity turned into initiative.

Saga liked to hold the initiative in his own hands.

If he wanted the stars, he wanted the stars to come to him.

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