Chapter 56 – Awakened

The tiger shark has a strength that is not inferior to that of ogres and trolls, and it is also proficient in water, with a powerful sawtooth bite. It can generally control water elemental energy and becomes a first-order lifeform after adulthood, possessing a certain growth ability.

The Saiga Planet has given birth to legendary tiger sharks.

However, ordinary tiger sharks cannot live in the sea for a long time and also cannot do without the ocean. They need the nourishment of seawater every once in a while.

They are mainly distributed on many islands.

There is a tiger shark clan on Waxing Crescent Island.

Tig Bloodtooth, a third-order lifeform tiger shark warrior, belongs to the Bloodtooth clan and is currently hunting with other tiger shark tribesmen.

Behind Tig.

Accompanied by the trembling of the bushes, eight tiger sharks appear one after another. Their tiger claws hold weapons such as bone bows, spears, and swords, which are made of unknown large sea creature bones and have a rough texture.

Among the tiger sharks, Tig has the strongest physique, and it can be seen that it is the leader of these tiger sharks in guiding this hunt.

Unlike other tiger sharks with black and yellow spotted fur, Tig’s fur is all pitch black, mainly mixed with deep black stripes, making it look more ferocious than other tiger sharks.

As the distance between them and the wind wave deer narrows, Tig’s eyes reveal a fierce light, and a low roar comes from its mouth.

With a casual throw, Tig discards the bone bow in its tiger claw, bends its waist, lowers its head, and dives into the beach, instantly transforming from a running posture of a meteor into a walking shark submerged in the sand.

Using the land as the sea—consuming a large amount of physical stamina, it can swim in the land for a short period of time.

This is an ability that talented tiger sharks can master after special training.

Buried in the gravel, the black tiger shark exerts its strength, and silver-white electric currents faintly appear on its steel-like muscles, making a sizzling sound.

Its speed increases dramatically, faster than when running on the ground.

Like a fish fin, it cuts through the sand, leaving behind tearing marks, and directly chases after the wind wave deer.

Two seconds later.


A muffled explosion.

Countless sand grains scatter like flowers.

Like a frenzy shark, it leaps out of the sea, accompanied by a surging sand wave. The powerful tiger shark jumps more than ten meters, and its fin tears through the breeze, leaving behind a dangerous black trajectory under the sunlight.

It pounces on the wind wave deer from mid-air, extending its claws forward, with a posture resembling a tiger or a fierce shark locking onto its prey.

At a critical moment, time seems to slow down. The wind wave deer notices the approaching shadow of the tiger shark.

It neighs, and a strong wind and water surge under its feet. In the moment of crisis, it swiftly jumps.


The beach sinks and explodes.

Tig, like a cannonball, falls, and its landing point creates a sand wave several meters high.

The wind wave deer narrowly avoids the attack, but under the impact of the shockwave, it lets out a cry and is heavily hit by the sand wave. Its already injured body loses balance and falls to the ground, sliding for about ten meters due to inertia, leaving behind a long trail.

Due to the friction with the hot and rough sand, its body surface is bloody and its leg is broken.

The wind wave deer keeps crying and cannot get up.

At the same time, the splashing sand and dust dissipate, and the black tiger shark stands in the center of the sunken sand pit twelve meters away. It takes a step and leaves the sand pit, walking towards its spoils.

The other tiger sharks follow closely a few steps behind.

However, just one second later, Tig suddenly narrows its eyes, stops its steps, and looks ahead with vigilance and caution.

It speaks in a voice that sounds like the roaring sea, saying in a deep voice, “Stop and be on guard.”

Upon hearing the leader’s command, all the tiger sharks pause their steps and look ahead with vigilance.

Grains of sand, colorful shells and pebbles, conches, and panicked small shrimps and crabs on the beach—all these things float unnaturally against gravity. The whole process is silent and terrifying.



A blurry figure leaps out from the ground, and before Tig can see clearly, millions of sand grains splash and shoot out, forming a ring-shaped sand wave sweeping in all directions.

Tig’s eyes reflect the approaching sand wave, and its half-shark, half-tiger face sinks.


Its tiger whiskers tremble rapidly as it says in a deep voice.

However, just as all the tiger sharks are about to retreat and have already taken action, the ring-shaped sand wave that spreads ten meters away suddenly seems to be pressed by an invisible giant hand and instantly falls downward.

The tiger sharks freeze, their pupils nervously shrinking into pinpoints as they look ahead.In their field of vision, a circular depression about twenty meters in diameter appeared. The loose sand was pressed by an unknown force, as firm as golden marble. The Wind Wave Deer was directly embedded into it, its bones crushed, and it died on the spot.

But this anomaly was not the root of the Shark Tigers’ dread and fear.

Their focus was on the center of the circular depression.

A golden True Dragon, over six meters long, with three pairs of dragon horns like a royal crown on its head, and diamond-shaped dragon scales fitting together on its body, was stretching its massive wings, each ten meters long, as if no one else was present.

The sunlight seemed even more scorching at this moment.

In the Shark Tigers’ view, the ‘Golden Dragon’ was shining brilliantly, dazzlingly beautiful yet dangerous.

The sea breeze was gentle, and the white waves were rolling.

The rustling of the wind through the trees and the sound of the ocean waves were constant, but this beach on Waxing Crescent Island was as silent as death, so quiet you could hear a pin drop.

Lowering his upper body like a big cat while raising his rear, Saga, who had just awakened from his sleep, stretched his spine with a crackling sound. He glanced at the Shark Tigers not far away, their bodies tense and rigid like statues.

He withdrew his gaze indifferently.

The Hatchling Dragon lifted its legs, shook its wings, turned its head… carefully examining its current state.

“My body length has reached 6.2 meters, and my wingspan is close to 11 meters.”

The Hatchling Dragon blinked, a satisfied expression appearing on its faceplate.

A wingspan twice the body length was considered the most perfect proportion in True Dragon aesthetics.

Saga was still a bit short of this, but he felt he could achieve this perfect ratio.

He lifted his claw, then gently stepped on the ground, the Hatchling Dragon felt his current weight.

“…About fifteen tons.”

After a period of sleep, Saga’s weight had increased by more than four tons.

As for why his size had only grown by one meter, but his weight had increased by four tons, nearly half of his previous weight… the growth of a creature’s size and weight was never proportional. The relationship between the two was more like an exponential curve.

A person two meters tall wouldn’t weigh only twice as much as a person one meter tall.

“Can I beat a Tremorboar now… Probably not yet.”

Saga pondered in his heart.

His improvement was not too big or too small, his lifeform level had gone from six to seven, still within the range of a third-order lifeform, not yet fourth-order.

When his lifeform level reached eight, he would be considered a fourth-order lifeform.

“Third-order fighting sixth-order, the risk is too high.”

“If I have to use the Golden Halo Shield because of a pig… I can’t afford to lose this dragon face.”

“I can try again when I reach the fourth order. After all, Tremorboars can’t fly, they can’t do anything to me. If I’m careful with their long-range attacks, they’re just a big sandbag.”

Saga thought so.

Meanwhile, about twenty meters away from Saga, the Shark Tigers recovered from their inner shock, held their breath, and stared at Saga on the beach with tension and dread.

The Shark Tiger warriors used a special way of communication, a subtle sound like the gentle flow of seawater, mostly imperceptible to most creatures under the cover of the sound of the waves, to communicate silently and secretly.

“Black Shark leader, we happen to have hooks and nets. This dragon doesn’t seem to be very old, its size is within our manageable range. We have a chance to capture it and try to tame it.”

A Shark Tiger with yellow and black spotted fur expressed his opinion.

Black Shark was the nickname of Shark Tiger Tig.

“That’s a good idea. If successful, our Bloodtooth clan will also have a dragon, and we won’t have to fear those dirty, small, and ugly guys from the Thin Tail anymore.”

Another Shark Tiger agreed.

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