Chapter 4 – Saga, the top of the dragons

Saga furrowed his brow(Curved bulge above the eye).


He was only disgusted by the sister's saliva, but he was called arrogant and conceited.


Did he have to eat the fragments of the eggshell he snatched from her mouth in front of the little mother dragon to satisfy her? Saga looked at the little mother dragon with a dumbfounded expression.


At the same time, the little mother dragon became angry. She raised her neck and took a deep breath. Visible sparks appeared in the air and converged towards the little mother dragon's mouth. A ball of fire quickly rose in her mouth. The fire burned and rolled between her snow-white dragon teeth, causing the temperature around her to rise. The rapidly changing temperature distorted the air slightly, creating ripples. Biting the flames, the little mother dragon aimed at Saga and was about to spit at him.


On the other side, Saga's heart tightened, and he tightly gripped the ground with his limbs. He stared at the little mother dragon's movements, fully alert. Both of them were red dragon outsiders with high fire resistance, but the flame dragon breath not only had high temperature but also had powerful impact and explosive force. Saga didn't want to be hit by the dragon breath. The opponent was just a hatchling dragon, so the power of the flame dragon breath wouldn't be too great. But he was also a hatchling dragon, even smaller than the little mother dragon, a newly born and tender hatchling dragon. He couldn't withstand the damage from the flame dragon breath. When he was highly concentrated, Saga could clearly feel an invisible force extending and enveloping him.


"I seem to have become lighter." Saga thought to himself. He swung his dragon tail, creating a sense of lightness that was inconsistent with his body. The next moment, the little mother dragon spewed out the flame dragon breath. Her breath was different from that of an ordinary red dragon. It was a shining golden color and very rich, as if it were melted gold.




The fan-shaped golden flame dragon breath from the hatchling dragon's mouth spread in the air, covering a large area in front of her, surging towards Saga with a menacing momentum, like a golden curtain enveloping him. Saga felt the danger. However, he didn't panic. Saga felt that his body was agile, as if he could jump several zhang high, far surpassing the performance of a newly born hatchling dragon.


And this was not an illusion. Just like fish naturally swimming, Saga sensed his innate extraordinary power. At the same time, he came up with a fierce plan in his mind.


Step one, jump up to avoid the extending flame dragon breath.


Step two, step on the black-brown mountain wall around the dragon's nest and use the hatchling dragon wall-climbing technique to cross the fan-shaped flame.


Step three, land beside the little mother dragon, give her a good beating, then pry open her mouth and sprinkle lime inside. If there's no lime nearby, spit on it!


After the plan was set, Saga slightly bent his limbs, lowered his body, and was about to execute the first step.




Bang! With a loud noise, all the flames spewed out by the little mother dragon were intercepted. The red dragoness raised her dragon wings, like a huge red wall descending from the sky. With a gentle flap, the surrounding golden flames were instantly dispersed.


"Yekaterina, that's enough. You're not allowed to attack your newly born brother with dragon breath." The red dragoness's voice was mature and lazy, with a smoky texture. Saga found it very pleasant to listen to. Immediately, the dragon wings, like the sails of a giant ship, retracted. Saga and the little mother dragon, Yekaterina, appeared in her sight again. Yekaterina looked at the red dragoness, with golden sparks still emanating from the corners of her mouth. These tiny sparks fell to the ground, and when they came into contact with the ground, Saga heard a series of explosions. At the same time, golden flames bloomed on the ground like flowers. His heart trembled when he saw this. When the flames dissipated, he found that the points where the sparks landed on the ground had exploded into small craters.


Yekaterina was also an outsider dragon. Saga wasn't sure about the rest. But her golden flame dragon breath seemed quite powerful.


"But, mother, Saga insulted me." While speaking, Yekaterina glared at Saga fiercely.


"Insulted you?"


"When did I insult her? Just because I didn't want to directly eat the eggshell with her dragon saliva?" Saga was puzzled and couldn't understand Yekaterina's way of thinking. He didn't argue with Yekaterina, but looked at the red dragoness instead.


Due to his dazzling golden diamond-like scales, Saga had a high level of attractiveness. The more the red dragoness looked at Saga, the more she liked him, and a satisfied expression appeared on her face. "Yekaterina, that's my child. He's so good-looking… The red dragoness thought to herself.


The aesthetic sense of true dragons of the same species pays great attention to the texture and color of scales. Saga's golden dragon scales, like layers of embedded gold, were the most beautiful in the eyes of true dragons, as they combined precious metals and magic gems. The magnificent and dazzling scales of true dragons were highly sought after in dragon aesthetics. In addition to that, dragon horns were also very important. The number, curvature, length, and thickness of dragon horns were crucial in dragon aesthetics… Although the white dragon was a true dragon, it was often not recognized by the same species, partly because the white dragon didn't have dragon horns. On Saga's head, there were three pairs of cute and sharp dragon horns, which hadn't fully grown yet but were already extraordinary. Before Saga, the red dragoness had never seen a true dragon with three pairs of dragon horns. This was a lethal weapon for any female true dragon. A small hatchling dragon with multiple pairs of dragon horns and magnificent and dazzling scales, although it couldn't be said to be mighty, had already exceeded the cuteness level in the eyes of the red dragoness, who was naturally fierce and indifferent. It even made the red dragon, who was naturally fierce and indifferent, feel affectionate."Yekaterina, if your pride is so cheap, so fragile, don't ever claim to be the daughter of the Crimson Flame Empress."


The Crimson Flame Empress, Renata, was the name of the Red Dragoness. She turned her head and scolded the young Mother Dragon without hesitation. The so-called pride of the weak seemed laughable to her, even if the other party was her own offspring. Yekaterina was scolded by the Red Dragoness and did not retort. She slowly lowered her head, looking at the ground, and then whispered, "I understand, mother, thank you for your guidance."


The Red Dragoness had a fiery temper and did not like to be defied. The young Mother Dragon had suffered before for her youthful arrogance, so she dared not anger the Red Dragoness now.


After scolding her eldest daughter, the Red Dragoness glanced at Saga and said, "Don't worry, continue eating your food."


She turned her head and warned the young Mother Dragon again. "Yekaterina, don't disturb your brother's meal."


Meanwhile, the newly born, chubby and adorable Hatchling Dragon glanced at Yekaterina.


"Yekaterina looks very beautiful, the golden patterns on her scales are very distinctive, but it seems that the Red Dragoness likes me more… Could it be that I'm super cute?"


The Hatchling Dragon tilted his head, looked down at himself, and the inherited knowledge of aesthetics automatically surfaced in his mind. He then nodded seriously.


"That's indeed the case."


"No wonder the Red Dragoness favors me, I'm just too cute."


"Among humans, I am the dragon and phoenix, among dragons, I am Saga Alzhus." The Hatchling Dragon proudly raised his head.


The knowledge of dragon inheritance is vast, but it is not all poured into the hatchling's head at once. That would be like murdering the hatchling, even the best hatchling would have its brain fried. Dragon inheritance is a trigger mechanism. When a dragon encounters something recorded in the inheritance, the corresponding knowledge is triggered and naturally surfaces in the dragon's mind. For example, if a hatchling encounters a magical creature recorded in the inheritance in the wild, the corresponding inherited knowledge will emerge, giving the hatchling a clear understanding.


Of course, if the hatchling is interested, it can immerse itself in exploring the inherited knowledge in its mind, not waiting for this passive triggering, but the process can be boring. When Saga wondered if he was cute, the inheritance was triggered, giving him the corresponding knowledge. Through this knowledge, Saga realized that he was indeed very cute, and that he would be powerful and outstanding in the future, which was very promising. The Red Dragoness's attitude towards Saga was undoubtedly good news. For a hatchling, the protection from the dragoness is crucial, being able to receive more love and attention means safer and faster growth. Without thinking too much, Saga put all thoughts behind him.


He continued to eat the eggshell fragments, obtaining rich nutrients from them. The Hatchling Dragon ate deliciously, chewing the eggshell fragments with a loud crunching sound. During this process, the young Mother Dragon Yekaterina, hearing the crunching sound, also felt a bit hungry, but due to the Red Dragoness's warning, she dared not snatch Saga's eggshell fragments. The eggshell fragments tasted delicious, with a rich texture and clear layers, like a fine crispy pastry. Saga ate with relish, without gobbling.


After about ten minutes, Saga slowly finished all the eggshell fragments without leaving a single piece. He touched his little belly and squinted his eyes. However, he was not full. Newly born hatchlings have a large appetite, they can eat food several times their own weight, including meat and bones. The dragon's stomach is like a furnace, capable of easily digesting meat, wood, minerals, and even metal and steel. Since he was not full, he asked the dragoness for more. Newly born hatchlings, trying to hunt for food on their own, is obviously not possible. Normally, the offspring of the five-colored dragons would not actively ask the dragoness for food, they would only wait for the dragoness to give it to them, because there is not much affection and responsibility among the evil dragons, such behavior sometimes annoys the dragoness, which is not conducive to the growth of the hatchling.


This point was not mentioned in Saga's dragon inheritance. The content of the dragon inheritance is vast, but it is not omnipotent. The small Hatchling Dragon, covered in diamond-like beautiful scales, moved his feet, ran to the Red Dragoness in a few steps, then stretched out his claws, opened his mouth, and pointed into his empty mouth.


"Mother, I'm not full."


With clear big eyes, the Hatchling Dragon squeezed out an innocent and pitiful expression on his face.

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