Chapter 47 – Pirate

After about half an hour.

Ah woo!

Saga swallowed the slow-moving old sea turtle in one gulp, then adjusted his direction, spread his wings, and swiftly flapped them.


The hatchling dragon broke through the surface of the sea, causing a series of splashes.

Under the starlight, Saga’s golden diamond-like scales were adorned with crystal-clear water droplets, creating a beautiful image of a true dragon playing in the vast blue ocean.

The swimming speed in the sea could never compare to the speed of flying in the air.

After playing in the sea for a while, Saga flew towards the sky, using the twisting light force field. His golden body gradually dissolved into the darkness of the night, continuing to soar towards Moon Bay.

Under the cover of night.

The invisible hatchling dragon continued to fly forward, locking onto the direction of Moon Bay along the magnetic field, and swiftly flying with its wings spread.

Unknowingly, Saga had become even further away from Thorn Isle. Due to the vastness of the sea, he was no longer sure which part of the Vortex Sea he was in. The Dragon’s Legacy did not have specific records of the distribution of the sea.

Saga lowered his head and looked at the sea.

The brilliance of the stars poured down, shining on the sea, shattered by the waves on the surface, and merged with them, creating shimmering waves.

Saga then looked up at the sky.

In the velvety night sky, there hung pearls of various sizes, emitting faint light. Together, they formed a magnificent Milky Way, spanning from west to east, vast and endless.

In this vast and magnificent scenery between the sea and the sky.

Saga’s mind involuntarily expanded, his vision broadened.

He felt a sense of joy, so he gathered his wings to his sides in mid-air, and his body rotated around the dragon’s spine, tearing through the night breeze as he descended towards the sea.

As he approached the sea surface, Saga suddenly spread his wings, causing a gust of wind.


The sea surface sank under the pressure of the wind, splashing countless tiny water droplets, and ripples spread in circles towards the distance.

At the same time, Saga’s body traced a graceful arc, his tail lightly touching the water, and even caught a plump fish, soaring into the sky.

Due to the abrupt movement, the hatchling dragon’s golden body appeared and disappeared in the night, like a golden pearl embellishing the night sea.

Saga played and flew around, time gradually passing by.

The night gradually faded, replaced by the dawn.

A faint golden light sprinkled down, casting a faint golden edge on the calm sea, complementing the azure color.

Afterwards, it was probably around noon.

It should have been the time when the sunlight was the strongest and the world was the brightest, but the space was extremely dim.

“What terrible weather.”

Saga looked up.

The wind and clouds gathered in the high sky, with dark and oppressive dark clouds almost pressing down towards the ground.

Torrential rain poured down, droplets falling from the sky in strings, almost enveloping the entire world in a curtain of rain, splashing into the sea with a crashing sound.


The dull thunder shook the ears.

In the howling wind and roaring thunder, the sea surface surged with waves tens of meters high, even reaching a hundred meters high, with a shocking momentum, rolling waves.

Just ten minutes ago, the weather was fine.

The sea was like a teenage girl, and the weather was her mood, changing at will.

Drip, drip… the hatchling dragon moved through the rain curtain.

The raindrops the size of beans fell, outlining the faint silhouette of the invisible hatchling dragon.

Bathed in the wind and rain, in the vast curtain of rain that covered the world, Saga’s flying speed slowed down.


A silver dragon-like lightning bolt descended from the sky, breaking through the dim sky and illuminating the sea surface for an instant.

Saga was startled.

Because the lightning strike was only about a kilometer away from him, which was very close considering Saga’s range of activity and speed.

At the same time, Saga instinctively looked towards the lightning strike.

In Saga’s vision, when the lightning struck, more lines with special patterns appeared and intersected with the ubiquitous magnetic field lines.

In that instant, there was a significant change.

“Electricity generates magnetism, magnetism generates electricity.”

“A strong enough current can interfere with the magnetic field, and vice versa. The two interact and complement each other.”

Saga silently thought in his heart.

“When can I control the electromagnetic field? Control thunder and lightning.”

Whether it was the super gravity field or the twisting light force field, they mainly relied on Saga’s manipulation of gravity.

However, Saga could also sense the electromagnetic field, just like he could sense the gravitational field. Unfortunately, he did not yet possess the ability to influence the electromagnetic field.

If he could control the electromagnetic field, manipulate electromagnetic forces with precision at the microscopic level, and control thunder and lightning, it would only be the most basic and lowest level of application. Electromagnetic forces were everywhere, the most common force that all living beings came into contact with.For Saga, it would be better to control the electromagnetic force at the initial stage, because the gravitational effect is best demonstrated at the macrocosmic scale. In terms of the reality that Saga can currently access, the effect of the electromagnetic force would be better, as it is ubiquitous and exists in all material changes.

“It will come sooner or later.”

Saga was not in a hurry.

After all, even a single gravitational force was enough for Saga to explore. If he could freely control and manipulate gravity, it would be enough for Saga to gallop in the multiverse.

The heavy rain, apart from slowing down Saga’s flying speed, did not have much impact on him.

This kind of weather, even for a Hatchling Dragon, let alone a True Dragon, was not harsh.

“Hmm? There’s a ship not far away?”

In Saga’s perception, not far from him, there was a sailboat about forty meters long from head to tail, with about fifty humans on it.

Saga turned his head, and his True Dragon’s long-distance vision pierced through the rain curtain and waves, looking at the ship.

The sail was imprinted with a red flag, and a sharp skull hand pattern was branded on it. The sailors on the ship were burly and fierce, with missing arms and broken legs.

The view was a bit blurred due to the rain curtain, but Saga could still see clearly that it was a relatively small ordinary pirate ship.

Due to some historical reasons, pirates were rampant in all the oceans of Saiga Planet, committing all kinds of atrocities, and were regarded as a cancer by the sapient being nations.

As for the True Dragon’s view on the sea… Whether it was an Evil Dragon or a good dragon, they were all happy to encounter pirates, as they could bring unexpected wealth.

In the stormy weather, the pirate ship was undulating in the waves, like a toy held by a giant, lifted and put down, put down and lifted again, utterly helpless.

Wearing a captain’s hat, a one-eyed captain with an eyepatch was furiously shouting orders in the storm.

At the helm, a water Elemental Mage in a long robe was bathed in the wind and rain. His robe was already wet and fluttering in the wind. He looked strained, holding up his sky-blue staff, with a small, sea-like blue gem at the top of the staff.

Water control!

Ripples spread out from the staff and merged into the sea.

Under the will of the caster, the turbulent sea water around the pirate ship calmed down a lot in an instant.

The caster showed a tired look, with a lot of magic power consumed.

In such bad weather, stabilizing the sea area around the pirate ship was not something a low-level caster could easily do.

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