Chapter 48 – Devil Duke

The pirates who were fighting against the calamity did not know that a hatchling dragon was watching them from the sky, to be precise, it was watching the spellcaster’s magic circle, especially the gem on top.

The gem was still shining brightly even in the dim and stormy weather, reflecting in the hatchling dragon’s eyes.

“Gem, pirate ship… There should be more treasures on this ship.”

“Otherwise, what’s the point of being a pirate?”

“Also, the spellcaster on the ship doesn’t look good after casting the spell to stabilize the sea…”

Bathed in the wind and rain, Saga hovered steadily in mid-air, gently flapping his wings, and licked his lips with his tongue.

Red Dragoness had taught Saga before.

“If you encounter a ship at sea.”

“Especially a pirate ship, not protected by the major empires, with numerous but scattered forces, you can safely plunder. If you can kill a powerful pirate, you can also check if there are any bounties from kingdoms or adventurer associations and earn more rewards.”


“Remember, assess the opponent’s strength and the situation, listen to your own thoughts, and then take action when the opportunity arises.”

Pirate ships were always a good source of wealth, especially if they encountered a recently successful pirate ship robbery, they would often have a good harvest.

Both evil and good dragons were willing to engage in such black-on-black activities.

By the way, in the Metal Dragon clan, this was not called black-on-black.

It was called – punishing evil and promoting good, upholding justice!

At this moment, Saga listened to his true thoughts in his heart.

In his mind, he imagined a little dragon with devil horns, screaming and roaring.

“Rob! Rob! Rob!”

“Treasure! Treasure! Treasure!”

Out of respect for treasure, Saga waved his dragon wings and rushed towards the direction of the pirate ship.

“Captain, it seems that something is flying towards us.”

“It seems… like a dragon made of raindrops!”

A tall and strong sailor, about two meters tall, happened to notice Saga.

Saga adjusted his light force field, concealing himself, but the continuous wind and rain formed his figure.

The sailor resisted the storm and approached the captain, shouting loudly in his ear.

“Don’t leave your post without permission!”

“Damn it, do you want to be buried in the deep sea? I don’t want to die before enjoying myself in a woman’s soft belly! Even if I die, I want to die on a woman’s soft belly!”

Captain Goatee roared, spitting saliva mixed with rainwater on the sailor’s face.

“Wait, what did you say?”

“I seem to have seen a dragon, a dragon made of raindrops!”

In the roaring wind and rain, the sailor said loudly.

“You damn thing, what kind of dragon is made of raindrops?”

Captain Goatee said.

“But I really saw it.”

The tall and honest sailor felt wronged.

“If you keep talking nonsense and affecting my command, I promise you that after we go ashore, I will use your grandmother Marian’s pants to slap your face hard!”

Captain Goatee roared.

“What color are Marian’s grandmother’s pants?”

A sentence suddenly interrupted, using the common language of the continent, with a curious tone.


“Wait, kid, why are you asking this?”

Captain Goatee instinctively shouted, then turned his head fiercely and scolded the strong sailor.

“Hey… I didn’t ask just now…”

The tall sailor felt wronged and shrank his neck.

Upon hearing this, Captain Goatee’s pupils contracted.

Following the sound just now, he suddenly looked up.

Against the backdrop of the endless rain curtain, a strange “Golden Dragon” with a body shining with golden light and scales like diamonds gradually appeared, inch by inch. In the gloomy rain, it looked like a small golden sun.

In terms of the size of a dragon, this “Golden Dragon” was still small. Even if it exceeded ten tons in weight, it was already an imposing creature that humans could not ignore.

The “Little Golden Dragon” folded its limbs and wings gracefully, standing on the mast of the ship in an elegant and dignified posture. Its golden pupils reflected the different expressions of the people.

When they saw Saga appear, some sailors showed greed, some curiosity, some fear… Each person’s expression was seen by Saga.

“Dragon, dragon, dragon… There’s a dragon!”

The tall sailor couldn’t stand steady and sat on the ground, frightened by Saga.

“Fool, that’s just a hatchling dragon! What are you afraid of!”

Captain Goatee kicked him and looked up at the little hatchling dragon with a greedy expression.

“Warriors of the Black Skull! This hatchling dragon has come to us, can we let it go!”

“Haha, this is a huge fortune, we are going to be rich!”

Upon hearing Captain Goatee’s order, the greed of the sailors overwhelmed their other emotions, and they regained their senses.

Some thieves quietly took out ropes, crossbows, and other weapons, as well as stink bombs with a pungent smell. Some warrior sailors took off the large swords or giant axes on their backs, slightly bent their legs, and enhanced their muscles with magic power, ready to move.

On this ship, there were more than ten ordinary warriors with transcendent strength.

There were also many lurking thieves and assassins.

And a water mage.

The captain himself was not an ordinary warrior either. He had tempered himself with elemental energy and was a skilled warrior specializing in water elemental energy skills. His aura was not weak and could rival a troll chieftain.

If it came to a direct fight, Saga would find it difficult to deal with so many transcendent beings at the same time.

However, this was the boundless ocean.

There was no place to take shelter in sight, and the distance from the mainland was very far. If he lost the ship… Even these transcendent beings would find it difficult to survive in the sea. There were also numerous dangerous transcendent creatures in the sea.

A brilliant smile appeared on Saga’s dragon face.At the same time, while Saga was working hard to accumulate wealth.

Thorn Isle, Yakan Volcano.

After a large-scale earth-shaking movement, the Red Dragoness hovered slightly in the sky, suppressed the anomaly of the Yakan Volcano, and then flew into the palace at the summit.

The palace was majestic, but it was not spacious for the Red Dragoness.

After the Red Dragoness, who was thirty-six meters long, entered the palace, the space inside seemed a bit narrow. The huge red dragon looked around, and the pillars standing tall, the surrounding walls, and even the dome and the ground were all engraved with numerous magic runes, forming a web-like pattern. At the center of the rune pattern, which was also the center of the palace, there was a lava pool.

Gazing at the lava pool, the Red Dragoness folded her wings, and her powerful dragon claws stepped on the hot palace floor.

Then, in a flow of faint light,

With each step she took, the body of this giant beast began to shrink and transform.

Her limbs turned into slender yet terrifyingly powerful arms and round, straight, and strong thighs.

Her scales turned into a bright and noble fiery red dress, as if flames were burning fiercely on it.

Her face turned into a beautiful and majestic woman’s face, with a domineering look in her dragon eyes under her thick eyelashes, and her lips were as red as fire and blood, like a stern and domineering queen.

Her dragon horns turned into a crown like thorns, red as a branding iron.


A head of red hair like a waterfall reached her waist, still elegant and beautiful under the restraint of the thorny crown.

The humanoid Red Dragoness walked step by step towards the lava pool.

Gurgle gurgle……….. It seemed to sense the approach of the Red Dragoness, the lava pool began to boil, and the strange black and red lava inside emitted a strong evil aura. The magic runes engraved inside the entire palace lit up at the same time, suppressing the lava pool like chains, making the boiling lava gradually calm down.

The Red Dragoness lowered her eyes, quietly gazing at the black and red lava pool.

Her gaze pierced through the cover of the black and red lava, looking at the lower layer of the lava pool, looking at a powerful existence that she had created and suppressed with lava and many magics.

This was an existence that would make people fall into fear.

It was a humanoid creature, with black and red skin full of crack-like textures, a strong and burly body, bulging muscles under the skin, a pair of winding horns on its head, a pair of bat-like wings folded behind it, and a long, sharp tail extending from the tailbone.

This was a demon.

This was a high-ranking demon.

This was a great demon created by the ruler of the Ninefold Hell, which only existed in terrifying legends – the Hell Refining Demon.

It seemed to sense the arrival of the Red Dragoness, the demon raised its head and opened its eyes.

“Renata………… Hehe, my power is gradually recovering.”

“When I break your seal, it will be time to kill you and drag your soul into hell for torture.”

“I have already smelled the scent of fear.”

The imprisoned Hell Refining Demon had a ferocious face, but it was quite composed.

It also had a name, Bael.

This name was nothing special, but any scholar who understood hell, as soon as they heard this name, would fall into an inescapable tremor and terror.

Bael, Hell Refining Demon.

There was only one such combination in hell.

The first layer of the Ninefold Hell, the lord of Avernus Hell, the Devil Lord – Duke Bael!


The Red Dragoness made a sacrifice to Duke Bael, and made a devil blood pact with the Golden Dragonfather.

This blood pact was the opportunity for the Red Dragoness and the Golden Dragonfather to unite and conceive Saga and Yekaterina, it was also the anchor point that attracted Duke Bael’s attention to the legendary Golden Dragon, and it was also the reason for Duke Bael to leave hell and descend on Saiga Planet, but as a result, he was imprisoned in the primary material world.

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