Chapter 46 – Dragon and Shark

“Moon Bay… in the vicinity of the Yar Continent, in the Eastern Sea region.”

“It’s relatively close to the continent. After I become stronger, I can go to the Yar Continent to develop.”

Saga carefully pondered the geographical knowledge within the Dragon’s Inheritance, silently thinking to himself.

He didn’t plan to stay at sea for his whole life.

The location chosen by the Red Dragoness was just right for Saga, and he also wanted to go to the Yar Continent after gaining the ability.

This continent was definitely the most brilliant and dazzling part of the Saiga Planet, with an area of over one billion square kilometers. It was known as the place where the sun rises, and there were many empires, including high-level empires, kingdoms, and duchies. It can be said that there were many powerful forces rising.

However, for now, Saga had no plans to go there. After all, it was too dangerous.

The True Dragon, which had not yet grown up, was considered a delicacy in the eyes of many sapient beings. The scales, claws, blood, flesh, bones, and even saliva of the True Dragon were all valuable magical materials that many coveted.

“On the Yar Continent, there are numerous empires, kingdoms, and city-states.”

“Hehehe, I’ll capture a few princesses when the time comes.”

Saga lowered his voice and smirked evilly.

For a qualified Red Dragon, princesses were like luxury yachts for the wealthy. They could do without them, but they couldn’t be without them.

As the Hatchling Dragon sped towards Moon Bay under the night sky, it eagerly envisioned the future.

Although the ocean was vast, with no sun in the night sky, there were no reference points. However, Saga would not get lost.

In his perception, the sky and the sea were filled with intersecting or parallel arcs, some of which represented magnetic fields, the lines of magnetic force.

With these ubiquitous lines of magnetic force, Saga would never lose his way.

Occasionally, the Hatchling Dragon would soar into the sky, reaching the highest position it could achieve, overlooking the vast sea. At the same time, the stars seemed within reach, and the scene of the night sky was reflected in its eyes.

Occasionally, it would glide over the sea like a golden straight line, lowering its body. Under the pressure of the wind, the sea behind Saga would spread out like a curtain, with waves surging and then slowly closing.

Sometimes, Saga would dive directly into the sea, chasing the fish inside and playing with them.

Unfortunately, the groups of fish were unwilling to play with Saga. They were frightened by the Hatchling Dragon and even scared to death by the aura of the True Dragon, floating belly-up on the surface of the sea.

Under the sea, the Hatchling Dragon’s wings were folded on both sides of its body, and its tail swayed like seaweed. Bubbles boiled around its mouth.

Even in the sea, Saga could breathe freely.

The light in the sea was dim, but the deep and turbid seawater could not hinder Saga’s vision.

If one observed carefully, they would notice that at this moment, the Hatchling Dragon’s eyes had unfolded two layers of inner eyelids, which could isolate the seawater and filter out stray light.

The True Dragon was a magical creature that could live on land, in the sea, and in the air, and it was never afraid of the ocean.

Experiencing freedom and unconstraint for the first time, the Hatchling Dragon happily played in the sea.

However, there were many fierce creatures living in the sea.

There were sea beasts with enough courage that, upon discovering that Saga was just a Hatchling Dragon, they greedily resisted their fear of the dragon’s might and chased after it from a distance.

Saga paused, sensing the ripples in the water.

His perception of force fields was not hindered by the presence of seawater.

Before the opponent started chasing after Saga, he had already discovered it. He just didn’t pay it any attention. Although Saga was having fun, he always maintained a certain level of vigilance, with his perception fully open, never relaxing his guard, and avoiding obviously dangerous sea beasts.

At the same time, Saga restrained the impact he caused within a relatively small range, not spreading too far, at least not beyond his perception range.

Of course, playing in the sea still had its risks.

As for why Saga didn’t quietly swim all the way to Moon Bay, avoiding all risks… it was because Saga was a dragon, a True Dragon that could soar in the sky and dive into the deep sea trenches, not a snake or an ant in the sewer.

True Dragons could be cautious and careful, but they would never be timid.

At the same time, in Saga’s perception of force fields, as the opponent moved, a series of fine arcs simultaneously undulated, interweaving to form the outline of a shark that was a full twelve meters long. Its fins were short and thick, and its dorsal fin was tall and curved like a sickle, with lightning-like patterns on it.

This shark followed closely behind, like a sinister shadow in the already dark sea, trying to quietly approach and then launch a surprise attack on Saga.

However, it had no idea that it had already been exposed.

This shark was not an ordinary beast but a magical creature called the Thunder Shark, which was quite active in the Vortex Sea.

The Thunder Shark mainly locked onto its target through magnetic fields and the movement of seawater. If the target bled, it could also pursue its prey with high sensitivity to blood.

Suddenly, the Hatchling Dragon that was still within the Thunder Shark’s perception disappeared.


The shadow in the sea stopped, puzzled.

The Thunder Shark shook its head, and small electric arcs continued to burst from its body, merging into the seawater and spreading with the water flow caused by its movements, continuing to search for the Hatchling Dragon’s trace.

Unfortunately, it didn’t receive any feedback.

The Thunder Shark, feeling disappointed, swayed its tail and began to swim aimlessly.

One minute later.

A tiger-striped fish, about two meters long, passed not far from the Thunder Shark and was stunned by the electric current released by the shark.

It wagged its tail, creating subtle water currents, approaching its prey. At the same time, it opened its large mouth, ready to have a taste.

Just at this moment.

“You think you can ambush me? You can’t even think about it!”

“I happen to be hungry too.”

A dazzling golden light suddenly appeared in the dark sea.

Almost within arm’s reach, a sharp claw covered in diamond-like golden dragon scales suddenly shot up. In the rapidly expanding dark currents, it accurately landed on the Thunder Shark’s forehead, while its five sharp and hooked toes exerted force together.


The rough, sandpaper-like skin of the shark, tough and capable of reflecting damage, was torn apart in an instant, followed by its skull being pierced by dragon claws.


With a forceful upward pull, Saga ripped off a piece of the shark’s skull, still smeared with murky brain matter.

In an instant, the thunder shark fell into a chaotic frenzy due to the intense pain.

Zzzzzzzz… The lightning patterns on the thunder shark’s body all lit up, with bright blue lightning dancing around. Silver snake-like arcs of electricity moved rapidly through the sea, climbing onto the body of the hatchling dragon in the blink of an eye.

Saga’s body tingled, then a look of comfort appeared on his face.

When the arcs of electricity, which could normally char a person to a crisp, finally penetrated the dragon scales and landed on Saga’s flesh, they only brought him a tingling comfort, without even a hint of pain.

Whether it’s physical resistance or magic energy resistance, True Dragons are extremely powerful.

Dragon scales have always been the best, a treasure used to create magic armor.

Saga was extraordinarily gifted. His dragon scale defense was even stronger than that of a Red Dragon of the same size, and Red Dragons were known for their strong bodies. This showed just how strong Saga’s defense was.

Even as a hatchling dragon, the thunder shark, a low-level magical creature that mainly relied on its body for survival, could not harm Saga with its spell-like abilities.


The thunder shark’s massive body turned, its tail, almost as large as Saga’s body, swung horizontally, causing the seawater to churn.

Seeing this, the slender tail of the hatchling dragon moved, bending like a fully drawn bowstring. Then, stirring up the seawater, it shot out forcefully.


The thick shark tail and the seemingly weak dragon tail collided, like a rope hitting an iron rod.

The result was… the ‘rope’ shattered the ‘iron rod’.

The entire tail of the thunder shark was blasted apart by Saga’s tail, turning the surrounding seawater red with blood.

Size does not represent true strength.

Dragons are top-tier magical creatures in the multiverse. Even if they are only half the size of this thunder shark, they surpass low-level magical creatures like the thunder shark in all aspects such as strength, speed, defense, and reaction.

Dragons are not invincible, but those who can kill dragons are generally the pride of their species, hero units. Even elites often need to form teams to outnumber them.

This thunder shark was far from worthy.

Just a minute later, under Saga’s fierce and swift attack, the life force of the thunder shark had completely dissipated.

After eating almost all of the shark meat, leaving only a skeleton, the well-fed Saga continued to roam the sea.

He swam towards Moon Bay, while admiring the bizarre sights in the sea.

He danced with the schools of fish.

When he was tired, he would feast on the fish.

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