Chapter 45 – Leaving the nest

“You understand me too well.”

“Yeyona, I will treasure these treasures.”

Saga’s eyes lit up, without refusing, he approached the purple python, touched its head, and then took out the space crystal given by the Red Dragoness to collect the treasures.

“As long as you like it.”

The purple python coiled up, its long and soft body wrapping around Saga.

Scales rubbed against scales, making a soft sound.

After a while.

Saga bid farewell to Yeyona and flew into the air, preparing to leave Thorn Isle under her reluctant gaze.


As the distance between Yakan Volcano and Saga grew farther and he had not yet left Thorn Isle, Saga felt like he had forgotten something.

Looking down at the mountains, rocks, and vegetation on Thorn Isle, Saga instinctively slowed down and flapped his wings at a slower frequency. When passing through a low-waisted valley, the little hatchling dragon’s eyes flickered, suddenly realizing something.

“I almost forgot about you.”

Patting his own head, Saga changed direction by swinging his tail and waved his wings towards a certain place in his memory, flying under the sunlight.

After just a few minutes, a short and deep rift appeared in the view of the golden hatchling dragon.

There were scattered olive trees and redwood trees around, with no signs of any living creatures, quite desolate.

This place was located between Yakan Volcano and the Ruins of the Undead.

Saga folded his wings and landed on the edge of the rift, his dragon claws gripping the rocks on the edge of the rift. He stretched out his neck and lowered his head, his golden eyes scanning the bottom of the rift, as if searching for something.

Soon, the little hatchling dragon’s gaze focused, locking onto its target.

————A pitiful little skeleton lying collapsed at the bottom of the rift, with dim soul fire in its eye sockets, its skull drooping, appearing completely exhausted.

It was lying on a slightly protruding rock, motionless, with a numb and lifeless expression.

On the slender bones that made up the little skeleton, especially on the leg bones, one could vaguely see many cracks and marks, seemingly formed from falling from a high altitude. There were also traces of objects hitting the ground in the rift, and the finger bones had many signs of friction and wear.

Based on the traces on the bottom of the rift and the little skeleton, Saga could imagine a series of scenes.

Facing the cold moonlight, the little skeleton, thrown and forgotten by Saga, struggled to climb up from the rift, wanting to climb out of the rift. Unfortunately, the nearly ninety-degree steep slope was rugged and difficult to climb for a non-flying creature. Climbing and falling again and again gradually made the little skeleton numb, and it finally gave up and lay motionless at the bottom of the rift.

“Fortunately, His Highness remembered, otherwise you, poor little skeleton, would have pitifully stayed at the bottom of the rift for a lifetime.”

The little hatchling dragon clicked its mouth, talking to itself.

In its words, it completely ignored the predicament of the little skeleton, which was caused by its own actions… The Five-Colored Dragon basically didn’t care about the impact of its actions on lower creatures.

This rift was not narrow, allowing Little Saga’s current size to enter and exit.

With its wings spread out, the hatchling dragon flew towards the bottom of the rift.

The sound of the airflow caused the little skeleton to pay attention.

The soul fire in its eye sockets flickered, and it mechanically raised its head. Its neck bones made a cracking sound, and then it saw Saga, who appeared like a god descending to earth, under the sunlight.

The little skeleton didn’t react, standing dumbly in place until Saga’s tail wrapped around its waist and lifted it into the air, swaying in the wind.

Saga folded his wings and flew in a graceful arc, effortlessly carrying the little skeleton out of the rift and placing it on the barren ground at the edge of the rift.

“Huh? Why aren’t you coming to hit me this time?”

The little skeleton seemed to have forgotten the little evil dragon who used to bully it. Its hollow eye sockets only glanced at Saga a few times, then turned around and instinctively attracted, stepping towards the ruins where negative energy gathered.

But before the little skeleton could leave, a faint light enveloped its body.

In this light, the little skeleton’s body gradually shrank and was eventually drawn into a crystal held by Saga’s claws.

“It can really fit inside.”

Space crystals cannot hold living creatures, and Saga was a little curious if undead creatures could be stored inside. So he tried it directly just now, and it succeeded.

“Since that’s the case.”

“Hmm… Come with me and leave Thorn Isle, it can be considered as a memento.”

“It’s your honor to be able to follow me, Your Highness.”

Thinking like this, the little hatchling dragon spread its wings again and quickly arrived at the coastline at the edge of Thorn Isle. In front of it was a vast and sparkling ocean.

“If only I could go to the Deep Sea Dragon City and seek refuge with the Golden Dragonfather… But I don’t know the exact location of the Deep Sea Dragon City.”

“Although the Deep Sea Dragon City is also located in the Storm Ocean, just like Thorn Isle, they are in different seas. The Deep Sea Dragon City is in the Golden Sea, deep in the Storm Ocean, while Thorn Isle is in the Vortex Sea, on the edge.”

“The two seas are far apart. Even if I know the location of the Deep Sea Dragon City, it would be difficult for me to reach the Golden Sea alone from the Vortex Sea with my abilities.”

Saga thought silently.

After staying in place for more than ten minutes, he turned his head and looked deeply in the direction of Yakan Volcano.

Immediately.The golden, radiant hatchling dragon flew towards the sunset, its wings beating rapidly as it soared through the sky. It skimmed over the shimmering, undulating azure sea, heading westward, gradually distancing itself from Thorn Isle, advancing towards the next stage of its dragon life.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the coast, in the shadow of the tree canopy unnoticed by the hatchling dragon.

A raven, its body entirely black, tilted its head, its eyes reflecting the image of the departing hatchling dragon, then quietly vanished into the shadows.

“Finally, it has left the nest.”

“The Mother Dragon’s attention is drawn by the inexplicably powerful presence within the volcano, she didn’t notice my hiding, hehe, little dragon, you are mine now.”

Deep within the ruins of the Undead, a whisper unknown to others echoed from within the silent Death Knight’s armor.


It was now the dead of night.

Winter had passed, but the nights of spring still held a touch of chill.

Especially over the vast, boundless sea, the cold night wind blew, carrying with it the slightly fishy mist of the sea, haphazardly beating against the scales of the hatchling dragon.

Saga had been away from Thorn Isle for six hours now, above him was the boundless sky, and about a kilometer below was the deep, dark vortex sea, the sound of the surging waves never ceasing.

Looking back, Thorn Isle was no longer visible.

The small island was hidden between the sea that resembled a sky-blue striped cloth, hard to spot with the naked eye.

This was Saga’s first time leaving Thorn Isle, leaving the protection of the Red Dragoness.

He felt a bit reluctant.

However, along with the reluctance, Saga also felt a sense of freedom, as if the sky was high for birds to fly, and the sea was wide for fish to leap. On Thorn Isle, although he lived comfortably, everything on the island belonged to the Red Dragoness, and he had to act according to her will, always feeling a sense of invisible restraint.

But now, between this boundless sky and sea.

Under the starry night sky, the little hatchling dragon flew higher than ever before.

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