Chapter 44 – Moon Bay

After thinking for a moment, Saga’s expression became serious, and he said to the Red Dragoness, “Mother is right, it’s time for me to start living independently.”

Pausing for a moment, Saga looked up and gazed at the enormous Red Dragoness, and said again, “Thank you, Mother, for sheltering me for these past two years. I will always cherish the time I spent living under your dragon wings.”

The Red Dragoness smiled slightly and gently stroked Saga’s head with her dragon claw.

“I am certain that we, mother and son, will meet again. I hope that by then, I will see a towering True Dragon.”

“I look forward to that day.”

The dragon mother and son communicated for a while.

In the end, the Red Dragoness gave Saga a spatial crystal and said, “Little Saga, this is a gift from your mother. I hope you become a legend soon.”

The spatial crystal was valuable, and True Dragons loved to accumulate treasures, so they were extremely stingy.

The fact that the Red Dragoness gave Saga a spatial crystal as a farewell gift was enough to show her love for him.

Even one could say she was doting.

Saga solemnly put away the spatial crystal, tucking it into the inner layer of scales around his neck, and exclaimed with joy, “Thank you, Mother.”

Then, in Saga’s happy gaze, the Red Dragoness lazily said, “Little Saga, Eiyona, as one of my retainers, is not an ordinary snake person. She has the bloodline of a legendary Snake Person King and is a princess of a snake person kingdom. She followed me since she was young and has great potential to become a legend.”

“If you want her, I can transfer her to you.”

“However, as a True Dragon, you should understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world. We, mother and son, also need to settle accounts.”

Saga’s eyes lit up, and he straightened his posture, asking, “Mother, what do you want? That you would transfer Eiyona to me as a retainer?”

Eiyona was the Red Dragoness’s retainer and her wealth.

For a True Dragon, trading retainers was a normal behavior.

The Red Dragoness smiled slightly, extended a hooked toe, and lightly tapped Saga’s forehead, causing the young dragon, who had just straightened his posture, to plop down on the ground.

“What I want, you little guy can’t afford right now. We’ll talk about it later.”

“When you become a legend and have enough wealth, if you still want Eiyona, then come to Thorn Isle to find me.”

Saga nodded.

Anyway, he was still young and immature, unable to do much. There was no need to rush.

“Mother, if I leave Thorn Isle, where should I go? Do you have any recommended places?”

Saga asked.

The Red Dragoness thought carefully and slowly said, “To the west of Thorn Isle, flying in the direction of the setting sun, about three thousand kilometers away, in the near-sea area of the Yar Continent, there are three small islands that are very close to each other. They have a crescent moon-like shape when facing the direction of the newborn moon.”

“These three islands are called Waxing Crescent Island, First Quarter Island, and Waning Crescent Island respectively, and together they are called Moon Bay.”

“The resources on Moon Bay are not abundant, but for your current stage, it is already enough. It can be a place for your development. The more abundant the resources on an island, the stronger the lifeforms living on it, which you may not be able to handle. Moon Bay is just right. You may encounter some troubles there, but there will be no life-threatening danger.”

“In addition, there are occasional merchant ships passing through the surrounding waters, which can be a good source of wealth. I spent some time on Moon Bay when I was young, and there is my abandoned Dragon’s Nest there.”

Upon hearing the Red Dragoness’s words, Saga nodded.

Moon Bay… three thousand kilometers away.

For most sapient beings, three thousand kilometers was a relatively long distance.

But for a True Dragon, it was nothing.

With Saga’s current flying speed, under the condition of rushing, he could average more than 140 kilometers per hour. His endurance was also strong, able to fly continuously at this speed for days and nights without rest. Three thousand kilometers, for Saga, would be a journey of less than thirty hours if he flew continuously without encountering any unexpected interference.

“Mother, Moon Bay is not far from Thorn Isle. If I miss you, can I come to Thorn Isle?”

Saga said.

The Red Dragoness shook her head and said in a deep voice, “No, before you become a legendary True Dragon, do not set foot on Thorn Isle again unless I invite you.”

Saga did not ask for the reason, but he felt that the Red Dragoness’s reaction was somewhat strange. According to reason, there was no need for her to be so opposed to him coming to Thorn Isle.

“Before becoming a legend, I won’t go to Thorn Isle. However, if you miss me, you can come to Moon Bay to see me. I will be very welcoming.”

Saga said again.

Upon hearing this, the Red Dragoness was slightly stunned, then lowered her gaze to look at Saga, and a smile appeared on her face behind her mask. She said, “Alright, I will remember that.”

Next, Saga left the Dragon’s Nest, took his belongings, bid farewell to the little succubi on the island, and went to see his old lover.

“Your Highness Saga, you will come back, won’t you?”

The purple giant python coiled its body and raised its head, whispering to the little Hatchling Dragon hovering in the air.

“I will, Eiyona. After I leave, don’t be too sad, but of course, don’t forget to miss me, because I will miss you too.”

Saga blinked his eyes and sweetly said.

“I will always miss you.”

After a pause, she continued, “Leaving the protection of the Queen, you will be alone outside. Although I know you have extraordinary potential, it is inevitable that you will encounter some troubles and dangers.”

As she spoke, the purple giant python extended its body, and its huge head approached Saga.

“This is a silver leaf scroll I obtained before. It contains a six-ring spell—Frost Armor.”

From the open mouth of the purple giant python.

A slender and tender tongue curled around a silver, leaf-shaped strange object, and it uncurled it, handing it to Saga.”Please accept this, I hope it can provide a little help when you encounter trouble.”

Saga extended his dragon claw and took the silver leaf.

He looked down at this silver leaf.

The thin silver leaf was indeed made of silver, and not just any silver, but mithril that had been nourished by magical elements. It was tough, lightweight, and valuable. On the mithril leaf, there were magical patterns like the veins of a leaf, crisscrossing and giving a faintly cool touch.

Magic scrolls are not just in the form of books.

Scroll is just a general term.

Magic contained in carriers such as mithril, gold crystal, magic gems, etc., is often also referred to as a magic scroll. However, scrolls made mainly of magical plant fibers mixed with a lot of magic powder are the most common and most common because the materials are the most affordable and easiest to obtain.

“Good stuff, Iyeona, I’ll take it.”

The beautiful silver leaf scroll was very much to Saga’s taste.

Even if it wasn’t a magic scroll, wasn’t a magical creation, just as a valuable mithril precious metal, Saga liked it very much.

“I hope you never have to use it.”

Iyeona stuck out her tongue and said.

Immediately, the body of this purple python, much larger than the hatchling dragon, began to tremble slightly, and the scales like purple gems rustled.

Ding ding dong dong……..

Some long-collected gold and silver coins and a few gem fragments were shaken off from Iyeona’s scales, falling to the ground, silently sprinkling a crystal luster.

“Your Highness, these are the rewards from the queen, rewarding my performance in the island capture battle.”

“Now I’ll give them all to you, you should like them.”

Iyeona took out all the treasures she had.

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