Chapter 43 – Leave Thorn Isle

“Mother, do you have any instructions for me?”

Entering the Dragon’s Nest, Saga saw the majestic figure of the Red Dragoness.

She was waiting for him.

At this moment, the Red Dragoness heard Saga’s words, but she remained silent, just silently looking at him, as if contemplating something.

Under the gaze of the Red Dragoness, Saga was puzzled and a little nervous because she had not spoken. He closed his mouth and waited for her response.

The Red Dragoness had always treated Saga fairly well, even for an Evil Dragon, one could say she treated him very well.

However, the aura of this legendary Red Dragon was too strong, full of oppression. Especially when she silently scrutinized him, the powerful pressure made the surrounding air seem to freeze, even though the Red Dragoness did not emit any dragon’s might.

Saga crouched on the ground with his limbs close together, his tail curled up to the position of his front paws, sitting in a obedient posture.

After waiting silently for a while.

The Red Dragoness lowered her gaze, her eyes like lava balls staring at the little Hatchling Dragon, and spoke.

“Saga, how old are you now?”

Her voice was magnetic and deep.

Saga sat up straight and truthfully replied, “Almost three years old.”

The Red Dragoness nodded slightly, her gaze swept over Saga from head to tail, which had already exceeded five meters and was growing towards six meters.

Currently, Saga’s body was about two meters and three centimeters long, his neck and head were about half a meter long, his tail was two meters and six centimeters long, and his wingspan was nearly eight meters. The proportions of his body parts looked very handsome and attractive in the aesthetic of a True Dragon. Due to the high density of scales, muscles, and bones, his weight exceeded ten tons.

In addition, a long tail and long wings were the types that True Dragons preferred.

If the tail and wings were short, there was no need to look at anything else………….. at a glance, an ugly dragon would be despised among the True Dragon clan.

“Dragons within six meters are considered small dragons.”

“When the total length of a dragon’s body exceeds six meters, it is considered a medium-sized dragon. Normally, a medium-sized dragon can only reach this size at the end of the Hatchling Dragon stage. But you are still in the Hatchling Dragon stage.”

“My Red Dragon clan is famous for its physique and immense strength. Even among dragons of the same age, they often cannot reach your current size and weight.”

The Red Dragoness said slowly.

Saga knew about the knowledge of dragon body sizes. Body size often represented the strength level of a dragon.

He himself was still considered a small dragon, but he was already approaching the limit of a small dragon.

The Red Dragoness, thirty-six meters long, was like a giant monster, belonging to the category of giant dragons. Usually, only legendary dragons could reach this size.

Moreover, this size often referred to the normal state. If the Red Dragoness fought with all her might and used various abilities to enhance her size, her size in battle would become extremely exaggerated.

The former Dragon God, the Nine-Faced Dragon God Aio, who fell in the Dawn Battle of the Primordial Era, was said to have a body so vast that even the smallest scale was like a huge world. His body length was measured in light-years.

The vastness of his body was unimaginable.

As for the Golden Dragonfather……….. he could be considered a super giant dragon. There was no specific division for super giant dragons. Even a True Dragon with a body length of a thousand kilometers could be considered a super giant dragon. It could be said to be a super super super super super giant dragon.

Saga didn’t understand why the Red Dragoness suddenly mentioned body size.

He made a cute face at the Red Dragoness, blinked his eyes, and tilted his head, praising the Red Dragoness, “That’s because I inherited my mother’s excellent bloodline, so I can grow faster than ordinary Red Dragons.”

A faint smile appeared on the Red Dragoness’s face.

However, this smile quickly disappeared.

The Red Dragoness had a calm expression, her voice calm as she said directly, “Saga, you are different from ordinary Red Dragons. The strength level of normal Red Dragons at the corresponding age cannot be compared to you.”

“You are not yet three years old, but I think with your current size and strength, you can leave the protection of your parents and establish your own territory, subjugate other clans, and create your own kingdom.”

Upon hearing this, Saga was slightly startled.

Was the Red Dragoness implying that she wanted him to leave Thorn Isle?

Saga knew that this day would come sooner or later, and he didn’t oppose it. He didn’t want to live under the protection and shadow of the Red Dragoness forever. But he didn’t expect it to come so soon because normally, Rainbow Dragons would let their Hatchling Dragons leave their territory after they turned fifteen. Some dragons who didn’t like having offspring would let their Hatchling Dragons leave their territory after they turned six.

Saga had been living comfortably on Thorn Isle and didn’t want to leave now.

So, the little Hatchling Dragon blinked his eyes and put on a pitiful look.

“Mother, do you want me to leave Thorn Isle?””But I’m still just a child, barely weighing over ten tons, a fragile hatchling dragon not even three years old. I’m very delicate, unable to withstand the wind and rain, whimpering.”

The Red Dragoness flicked out a claw, tapping it on Saga’s head.

Saga’s head tilted back.

At the same time, there was a clang, like the sound of steel striking steel.

“I know, your scales are already hard enough to withstand the wind and rain, so stop showing weakness in front of me.”

There are differences among dragons. Under normal circumstances, a hatchling dragon of Saga’s size would have scales with defensive power similar to rocks. However, Saga’s scales were already stronger than steel.

“Many dragons larger than you are not as robust as you are now.”

The Red Dragoness squinted slightly, her gaze seeming to penetrate Saga’s scales. She chuckled, “Besides, you’re in my territory. Apart from flirting with my kin and mingling with my subjects, you do nothing all day.”

Hearing the Red Dragoness’s words and seeing the smirk on her face, Saga blushed, realizing that his flirtations with Iyeona must have been discovered by the Red Dragoness, and he felt a bit guilty.

Then Saga thought again,

He considered himself the leader of the evil dragons, so there was nothing to feel guilty about indulging his desires and doing bad things.

The Red Dragoness should even praise him for it.

So, Saga straightened up, his demeanor solemn, his gaze serious, like a forthright gentleman.

“Mother, I am merely following your teachings! Striving to be a qualified Red Dragon.”

The Red Dragoness nodded, her voice calm, “Now you are a qualified Red Dragon. So, it’s time to leave my protection, gallop across the sky, roam between heaven and earth, and spread your own fame.”

Saga’s expression fell, realizing that the Red Dragoness was determined.

However, having stayed on Thorn Isle for a long time, Saga was actually yearning for the outside world.

His feelings were complicated now.

On one hand, he was anxious about leaving the protection, on the other hand, he was looking forward to the future. The mixed feelings were peculiar.

Perhaps it was time to leave.

After all, this is not my territory.

I also want my own territory and kin…

“It must be related to the changes in the volcano… Otherwise, the Red Dragoness wouldn’t be so eager for me to leave. Perhaps Thorn Isle has become unsafe.”

Saga, quick-witted and agile-minded, linked the changes in the volcano to the Red Dragoness’s insistence on him leaving Thorn Isle.

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