Chapter 40 – Kill!

Feeling the imminent crisis, the troll leader’s pupils contracted.

Bending his legs slightly, the troll leader leaped forward, curling his body to dodge the two gravity blades that were coming towards the hatchling dragon.

It calculated well.

Its angle was just right to avoid the range of the gravity blades.


Just as it approached the gravity blades, the troll leader’s expression changed slightly. It felt a huge suction force coming towards it, and the lateral high-pressure gravity waves were attracting it, trying to crush and squeeze it.

“Boiling Blood!”

It roared in troll language, and its blood boiled completely. The high temperature made its skin turn a terrifying red, covered in cracks, and blood beads emerged from it.

The steam became even denser and turned blood red.

It exchanged its overloaded boiling blood for a short-term surge in strength.

The troll leader resisted the attraction of the gravity blades, trying its best to dodge and pass by them.


Behind the troll leader, a distance of hundreds of meters was cut through by the gravity blades. Numerous towering trees were cut in half, and many rocks were crushed. The ground also had obvious traces of compression, leaving a trail of devastation along the way.

“I just recently mastered it, and this is the first time using it in actual combat. The timing of the attack was not good, and the accuracy was a bit off, but the power is not bad.”

Saga’s gaze was cold, contemplating in his heart.

At the same time, the troll leader, with its body glowing red-hot like a branding iron, roared and rushed towards Saga like a shooting star.


The troll leader spoke in broken common language, resisting the suppression of the force field and leaping up with its fist the size of a sandbag, carrying a fierce wind and shaking the air, smashing towards the hatchling dragon’s head like a meteor.

Saga could feel the power carried by this punch.

If he were hit, he would definitely be in a lot of trouble.

Normally, at least a teenage dragon over fifteen years old would be able to easily defeat this powerful troll leader. Ordinary beasts like lions and tigers were no different from small dogs and cats in front of the troll leader. And Saga, who was not even three years old yet, was a tender hatchling dragon. The troll leader was a formidable opponent for him.

Especially after going berserk, it became even more ferocious. The reasonable way to deal with it was to temporarily avoid its sharpness, maneuver for a while, and then strike when it weakened.

However, Saga had no intention of retreating even a step.

In this intense moment, the flow of time seemed to slow down.

The moon was obscured by dark clouds, and under the dim night, the hatchling dragon’s scales, as dark gold as obsidian, had a cold and indifferent vertical pupil. It opened its mouth again, and sharp dragon teeth glinted in the faint moonlight.

At the same time, in front of Saga.

“Damn dragon bastard, don’t underestimate us trolls.”

“Little hatchling dragon, dare to face me in my boiling blood state… the arrogance of dragons will make you die by my hands!”

The troll leader’s face showed a fierce expression as it thought in its heart.

It didn’t dodge or avoid. It grew larger, and its blood-red claws, full of bulging veins, brought high-temperature steam as it tore towards the hatchling dragon’s face.

Saga’s golden dragon eyes reflected the troll leader’s fist, revealing a faint mocking expression, as if mocking the opponent’s arrogance.

The troll leader saw the hatchling dragon’s gaze and felt uneasy, but it didn’t have time to change its fighting style anymore.

As the fist approached the hatchling dragon’s head, the troll leader’s face showed a pleased expression.

But at that moment.

Hoo… as if an invisible wind blew out from the hatchling dragon’s mouth, passing through the troll leader’s huge blood-filled iron fist.

Silently, under the troll leader’s astonished and unbelieving gaze, its skin, muscles, tendons, and bones… inch by inch, layer by layer, its fist disintegrated and turned into countless invisible particles, disintegrated and dissipated by the intangible breath. With a gust of night wind, it scattered like dust.

Not just the fist.

The troll leader’s entire right arm and most of its shoulder were decomposed and annihilated, leaving no trace in the macroscopic view.

Because it had no idea what had happened, the troll leader, who had always been brave and fearless, finally showed a look of horror, staring at the hatchling dragon with contracted pupils.

“It seems like you think you can defeat me.”

“You are truly ignorant and foolish. Did a neighboring succubus squeeze your head too hard?”

Regardless of whether the other party could understand, the hatchling dragon said so.

The breath that Saga had just exhaled was the same one that had shattered a layer of dragon scales on the Red Dragoness.

He named it – Annihilation Breath.

Since Saga unconsciously exhaled the Annihilation Breath, he had been searching for that feeling. After a period of exploration, he gradually gained control over it.

The Annihilation Breath was intangible and invisible. When exhaled, it did not cause any obvious disturbances and was difficult to detect. It also carried a terrifying destructive power. With the body of a hatchling dragon, it could even annihilate the dragon scales of a legendary Red Dragon.

Currently, Saga was still unclear about the limits of the Annihilation Breath.

At this stage, it seemed that it could break through any defense.Saga speculated through his own knowledge and intuition that the Annihilation Breath likely affected the strong and weak nuclear forces at the microscopic level, commonly known as the strong and weak interactions. This breath could disintegrate the nuclear forces between the microscopic particles that make up a lifeform, causing the target to break down and collapse.

Even the legendary Red Dragon’s scales showed no resistance to the Annihilation Breath. Moreover, this was only the breath of a Hatchling Dragon. The power of a dragon’s breath is not fixed, but can grow with the True Dragon. It is indispensable, a fundamental ability that can span the entire life of a dragon.

In the face of such terrifying breath, the troll leader’s arm disintegrated upon contact.

Unfortunately, Saga was still unable to use the Annihilation Breath at will, as it drained him greatly.

“Experiencing my breath is your honor!”

Taking advantage of the troll leader’s imbalance due to the loss of his right arm and most of his shoulder, Saga suddenly stood upright, his hind limbs supporting his several-ton body, his right dragon arm pulled back like a bow, claws spread wide.

Under Saga’s calculation, the half-ruined body of the troll leader had just entered his attack range.


His claw, like an arrow released from a bow, violently swept across, landing heavily on the troll leader’s head.


In the dull, thunderous sound, the troll leader’s head began to spin.

His neck twisted like a rope, spinning five or six times before finally bleeding from all orifices, his neck facing the Golden Hatchling Dragon, his cervical vertebrae shattered.

The robust body swayed, then fell to the ground with a thud.

“Those who offend the dragon’s majesty will ultimately meet death.”

Stepping on the body of the troll leader, the little Hatchling Dragon lifted its chin, deliberately putting on a profound look, feigning depth.

At the same time, the bright moonlight poured down like mercury, just coating the Hatchling Dragon’s diamond golden armor, casting a faint white light edge, reflecting off the dragon’s golden scales, shining brilliantly.

Puff, puff, puff… like a deflating balloon, the troll leader’s swollen body slowly shrank back to its original size.

Saga looked down at the troll leader.

The guy was trembling slightly, not yet truly dead.

The troll’s regenerative ability was astonishingly strong. Physical damage was often not fatal to a troll. Moreover, the troll leader was an exceptional troll warrior with an even more superior physique.

The Hatchling Dragon opened its mouth, taking a deep breath.

Between the crisscrossing fangs, a ball of golden fire was rolling.


A fan-shaped flame roared out from the dragon’s mouth, engulfing the troll leader’s body, consuming it, and in its faint struggle, burned the troll’s body to ashes.

Fire and strong acid could completely kill a troll.

After spewing a mouthful of fire, without caring whether the troll leader would explode, Saga didn’t spare him another glance, instead looking up at the sky.

Without using Power Essence, he could deal with the troll leader using his own Red Dragon and Golden Dragon powers. However, this wouldn’t serve as a training exercise. Living under the protection of the Red Dragoness, he lacked real combat experience. He saw the troll leader as a good whetstone to hone his abilities.

Under the vast night sky, the golden Hatchling Dragon flapped its wings, its body bathed in moonlight and a slight snowfall, soaring back to the troll clan surrounded by mountainous stone barriers, where flames were burning fiercely.

When Saga arrived, the Dragon Vein Berserker had just crushed the neck of the last troll.

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