Chapter 41 – Indulgence

“Your Highness, the Queen will be proud of you for being able to single-handedly kill the troll leader at such a young age.”

The giant bear, with flames rolling all over its body and fur flying, looked up and gazed at the golden hatchling dragon, speaking softly in Dragon Tongue.

Saga was not close to where the battle between him and the troll leader took place, but he was still within the perception range of the giant bear. Although he didn’t know the specific details of the battle, the bear knew that Saga had successfully dealt with the troll leader.

“No need to be surprised, it’s normal for me.”

The hatchling dragon waved its claws and said casually.

Immediately, the hatchling dragon ignored the burning flames and stepped directly into the fire, flipping over the charred troll corpses.

The flames licked the golden scales of the hatchling dragon, adding a touch of bright firelight to it, but it didn’t have much impact.

After flipping over the troll corpses, Saga ran one by one into the dilapidated troll houses. While praying to the Dragon Gods, he searched and rummaged.

After a while, Saga walked out of the most “luxurious” stone house of the troll leader.


The hatchling dragon made a disgusted expression and spat dragon saliva on the ground.

“Damn trolls, they’re a bunch of poor guys, not even a single gold coin.”

While cursing, the hatchling dragon stuffed the treasures it found into the inner layer of its scales.

In total, Saga only found some worn-out silver and copper coins in the troll clan, not even a single gold coin. In their houses, there were mostly jars filled with strange things, burnt animal fur, useless broken weapons used as table legs, and burnt unknown books…

“I shouldn’t pray to the Dragon Gods next time, I think I made a mistake.”

Saga imagined that if the Dragon Gods could hear his prayers, there might be a possible reaction.

[Great Dragon Gods, bless me with more wealth.]

[No problem, I’ll give you some]

“Cough, this idea is a bit disrespectful to the gods, I shouldn’t think too much.”

The hatchling dragon shook its head and expelled the thought from its mind.

It’s okay not to believe in the gods, but it’s best not to maliciously slander them.

“I’m not slandering, it’s just a little joke.”

“With the greatness and nobility of the Dragon Gods, they won’t have the same knowledge as me, a little hatchling dragon.”

Saga built a defense in his heart.

He looked at his spoils again.

This time, the search was not as satisfactory as the dragon’s intention, but he still gained something.

In the troll leader’s house, Saga found a magic gem that the troll leader used to prop up the bed corner.

It was a yellow-orange magic gem named Yellow Fluorite.

At this moment, in the hatchling dragon’s claws, there was a crystal composed of irregular columns, about the size of an adult man’s fist. It emitted a warm magical luster, and a faint yellow light shone on Saga’s golden dragon scales.

“It’s much better than the agate fragments I traded with my mother.”

“The trolls are really brainless. With the quality of this Yellow Fluorite, it could easily be enough to pay taxes.”

The troll leader probably didn’t even know what a magic gem was. He just treated it as a normal pretty stone and used it to prop up his bed corner.

Ah woo.

Looking at the yellow-orange crystal, the golden hatchling dragon thought for a moment, then turned its eyes and swallowed the Yellow Fluorite, pressing it under its tongue.

After putting away the magic gem, Saga took out a charred, square-shaped plaque.

This plaque was made of stone, rectangular and quite flat. It was covered with scratches and traces of smoke and fire. It was also a trinket that the troll leader used to prop up his bed corner.

Saga glanced at it and saw the inscriptions of the common language carved on the stone plaque.

[Find happiness in every moment, indulge in every whim]

[Every power can be used, every feeling can be experienced, enjoy pleasure, desire, decadence, and self-indulgence]

[All other existences are for satisfying our desires, making us feel pleasure, and enjoying eternal fruits]


[Time is just a symbol, indulgence is eternal]

The words were small and densely written on the stone plaque.

“Is this the propaganda doctrine of a certain deity?”

“Pleasure, desire, enjoyment… Could it be the goddess of lust? No, that’s not right.”

On the other side of the stone plaque, there was a pattern carved.

At the bottom of the pattern was a circle with thorns, and in the center of the inner circle, there was a blurry face with a long forked tongue sticking out. Then, on the side above the circle, there was a skull embedded in the circle, and above it, there was a crescent moon with sharp edges.

“It’s not the emblem of the goddess of lust.”

“The core doctrine is completely different from the goddess of lust.”

The dragon’s inheritance did not trigger, which meant that there were no relevant records in the inheritance.

Saga didn’t bother to think about it, he just curiously looked at it a few times.

Who knows where the troll leader picked up this trinket.

The material of the stone plaque was very ordinary, just the most common marble, without much value. It wasn’t gold or silver, not even brass or iron.There were too many deities in the many dimensional worlds. If they were somewhat famous, their legacies would be recorded. Those not recorded were basically minor, local gods whose faiths were hard to maintain.

Such things could very well be the work of some emerging cult, and might have nothing to do with gods at all.

There was no need to pay them any mind.

“What a piece of junk, wasting my time.”

The Hatchling Dragon casually crushed the stone tablet into dust and threw it into the surrounding flames, kicking up a cloud of smoke and ash.

Under the night sky, Saga spread his dragon wings and soared into the heavens.

After a while.

As a hint of dawn rose on the distant horizon, the sun, like a shy maiden, peeked out from the sea level, casting a soft morning glow that illuminated everything.

Saga returned to the Dragon’s Nest.

“Little one, you’re back.”

“How did the mission go?”

After Saga returned to the Dragon’s Nest, the Red Dragoness coiled inside slowly opened her eyes. Her gaze, as if forged from molten lava, rested on Saga as she asked in a soft voice.

The Hatchling Dragon lifted his head, under the gaze of the Red Dragoness, he reported everything that had happened during his tax collection mission. Throughout the process, the Red Dragoness remained calm, nodding slightly, as if she had already known everything before Saga had spoken.

Saga thought for a moment, and also told the Red Dragoness about the stone tablet he had casually crushed.

“Time is but a symbol, indulgence is eternal… Heh, how can one enjoy indulgence without power? Power is eternal.”

The Red Dragoness chuckled, casually saying, “I’ve never heard of such a doctrine, and there’s no record of it in the legacy. Don’t worry about it.”

After saying this, the Red Dragoness lazily lifted her eyelids, not saying anything more, and beckoned Saga with her finger.

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