Chapter 39 – Gravity Blade

Saga blinked his eyes, and at the same time, his six-meter wingspan flapped fiercely.


A strong wind rose, stirring up layers of snow on the ground.

The hatchling dragon soared into the air, flapping its wings and swooping down from above. Its dragon claws extended, sharp as iron hooks, glinting in the moonlight.

A burst of dragon might swept past the fleeing troll chieftain.

Some dust particles in the air seemed to be carried by an invisible shockwave, spreading out in visible concentric circles.

In an instant, it felt as if mountains were collapsing, rivers were bursting their banks, and a sense of time slowing down, as if facing a great disaster. A suffocating feeling surged into the troll chieftain’s mind, as if an invisible hand was strangling its throat.

As the top-tier magical creature, even the dragon might of a hatchling dragon was equivalent to a mental spell, with remarkable effects.

The erupting dragon might surged like turbulent waves, battering the troll chieftain’s spirit.

It stumbled, its fast-running body tilting and losing balance.


An innocent fir tree was struck by the sturdy troll chieftain, emitting a creaking sound as its trunk snapped in half, forming a slanted angle on the ground.

The forehead, which was mangled due to the violent impact, quickly regenerated and healed at a visible speed. It was only a superficial injury, and within a short second, it was as good as new.

The troll chieftain had thick skin and flesh, so it only shook its head.

At the same time, its dark brown pupils contracted as it saw a rapidly approaching and enlarging dragon-shaped shadow behind itself.

The troll chieftain was not planning to escape anymore.

Firstly, it couldn’t fly. Although its speed when sprinting at full speed in a straight line was actually faster than the current hatchling dragon, it couldn’t be sustained. Moreover, Thorn Isle was not a flat land; there were many obstacles such as vegetation, rocks, and ravines. It was impossible for it to escape Saga’s pursuit.

The troll chieftain abruptly turned around, facing the hatchling dragon directly.


While roaring angrily, the troll chieftain raised its fist, the size of a sandbag, and smashed it towards the diving hatchling dragon.

The troll chieftain’s arm was long, hanging down to its knees, with overlapping muscles that seemed to be made of steel. Its attack range was even greater than that of the current hatchling dragon, which was why…


The troll’s fist landed on Saga’s face mask, causing a few small dragon scales to crack, but it didn’t completely shatter.

The troll chieftain felt as if it had hit a steel plate. Although it had some effect, the opponent’s head didn’t even tilt. This was clearly a punch that could crush rocks and turn them into powder.

This was not because the troll chieftain was weak. Its strength was indeed not to be underestimated, and its immense power was enough to crush a steel ball. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have had this effect. The main reason was that Saga’s defense was extremely strong, and it was unparalleled among his excellent attributes.

Saga felt some pain and vibration that didn’t need to be taken seriously.

At the same time, under the stimulation of slight pain and vibration, the hatchling dragon became even more focused and rational. Its pair of golden eyes seemed to lose all emotional distractions.


In the instant the troll’s fist landed on the hatchling dragon’s face mask, Saga’s small monster-like body, with a powerful impact, pierced through the troll chieftain’s chest with sharp dragon claws.

Saga collided with the troll chieftain’s body, striding forward in a fierce manner. Amidst the rumbling vibrations, he advanced dozens of meters, smashing several tall fir trees along the way. The troll chieftain’s legs plowed a long trench on the ground, covered in bloodstains, and its back was filled with broken sharp wooden thorns.

The troll chieftain didn’t fear the pain; it only made it more ferocious.

While the hatchling dragon’s dragon claws pierced through the troll chieftain’s chest, pressing its body back, the troll chieftain roared lowly, raised its right palm, and fiercely stabbed towards the hatchling dragon’s eyes.

The troll’s palm bones were large, its skin rough, and its fingers had black and curved nails that glinted with a cold light, like knife blades, extremely dangerous.


A force field erupted, and an invisible heavy pressure enveloped the troll chieftain.

The troll chieftain was very powerful, but because of its robust body, its weight was also substantial. In Saga’s force field, it was subjected to even more pressure, and its movements immediately became sluggish, as if a rusty machine.

At the same time.

The hatchling dragon’s eyes revealed a fierce and ruthless look. Due to the battle, the blood in its body boiled with excitement.

In the instant the troll chieftain’s movements became sluggish due to the force field, Saga tilted his head, avoiding the troll chieftain’s claws, and opened his dragon mouth, swiftly biting the troll chieftain’s wrist.


The interlocking, steel-like dragon teeth closed.

Amidst the troll chieftain’s screams, the hatchling dragon’s fangs first pierced through the troll’s rough, leather-like skin, then tore through the muscles, and finally, with a crack, bit through the tough and sturdy bones.


Blood spurted out, splashing onto the snow-covered ground, intertwining the red and white, as if a strange blood flower bloomed in the white world.

The blood splattered on the hatchling dragon’s golden dragon scales, adding a touch of ferocity to the already dignified hatchling dragon.

The hatchling dragon bit off the troll chieftain’s palm and spat it out disdainfully onto the ground.

The troll chieftain’s face twisted violently.It was extremely ferocious. Even with its palm severed, enduring excruciating pain and trembling, it still maintained a fierce and menacing expression, its roars echoing continuously.


Under the gaze of the Hatchling Dragon, at the same moment its palm was bitten off, the troll leader’s forehead veins bulged, and he growled lowly.

His blood seemed to boil, and his dark green skin suddenly emitted wisps of steam. The blood vessels and muscles on his body swelled and turned blood red, looking like a red-hot iron, emanating high temperature, sizzling when in contact with the cold night wind.

Tiny snowflakes fell from the sky, melting instantly upon touching the troll leader’s body.

At the same time, the troll leader’s body, like a blood-filled sponge, swelled by a third.

The already towering troll leader now stood over four meters tall, with broad shoulders and a wide body, his muscles stacked like a muscular giant. He looked much more robust than the still young Hatchling Dragon, exuding an overwhelming pressure.

【Some powerful individuals among the trolls can harness the power of blood, using blood as the core energy to embark on the Transcendent path known as the Berserker, possessing the Berserk skill, a trump card ability that can turn the tide in critical moments.】

In an instant, Saga understood the current state of the troll leader through his inherited knowledge.


The intact palm pressed against the dragon claw piercing his chest, and at the same time, he pushed his body outward.

The immense force allowed the troll leader to break free from Saga’s restraint.

At the same time, he pushed off with his legs, retreating more than ten meters away from the Hatchling Dragon, the ground beneath his feet shattering.

More than ten meters away.


The muscles on the severed right hand twisted and squirmed, regenerating rapidly.

The nearly transparent blood hole on his chest was also regenerating rapidly, with blood strands interweaving into new flesh, filling the terrifying wound on the troll leader’s chest.

The troll’s powerful regenerative ability was fully displayed on the troll leader at this moment.

Like a bellows, he gasped heavily, his eyes turned blood red due to the blood rush, staring fixedly at the Hatchling Dragon. The high temperature of his body in contact with the cold air caused steam to rise.

“Berserker of the troll clan, I underestimated you.”

“But, this won’t change anything.”

Saga’s face was calm, his eyes sharp and cold.

At the same time, the Hatchling Dragon’s wings rose high, and an invisible and intangible dense force field converged, covering the dragon’s wings. Then, with the dragon’s movement, it swung heavily towards the troll leader.


The arcs overlapped.

Two invisible forces intersected.

Crack, crack… The rocks and trees on the ground were crushed, the snow on the ground was compressed into crystal-clear ice, the things in front were crushed and destroyed, and then sucked in.

This force was invisible.

But just like the wind is invisible, it can outline a shape.

The changes in the surrounding environment, the addition of many attached objects, in the real vision, shaped a nearly ten-meter-long, one-meter-wide, turbid intersecting giant blade. It was not sharp, but it carried a sense of crushing power.

This was a highly compressed gravitational wave.

This was a ten-meter-long horizontal gravity wave.

This was Saga’s rudimentary use of his own ability.

Its name was – Gravity Blade!

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