Chapter 3 – The ability to show initial signs

"Let me taste your egg," said the little mother dragon, not caring about Saga's response, and stuffing the eggshell fragments into her mouth.


She completely disregarded Saga.


Saga's gaze hardened, and he crouched down, his eyes turning into narrow and dangerous vertical pupils, assuming the fighting stance of a hatchling dragon.




With his mouth wide open, Saga let out a slightly immature growl.


Although the sound was immature, it carried a threatening meaning.


While growling, Saga stared fiercely at the red hatchling dragon, his expression appearing fierce and cute.


Because Saga had just been born, the hatchling dragon in front of him was much larger than him, but he couldn't show any weakness.


The bond between evil dragons was very weak, although there was the concept of siblings, the hatchling dragon, who was born before Saga, would not think of giving way to Saga, his dragon brother.


On the contrary, if Saga showed weakness, it would only become more aggressive and continue to snatch Saga's food to strengthen itself.


Because of the existence of dragon inheritance, the red hatchling dragon already understood the way of fighting and survival of its own race, knowing how to seize by force.


In the normal concept of a red dragon, if it is weaker, it should contribute everything to the stronger one, including wealth and body, and become its slave, to be at its beck and call.


In the inheritance of the five-color dragons, there is a saying: the powerful naturally have the right to dominate and control the weak, to give life or take it away.


Of course, not all dragons think this way, as different dragons have different inheritances.


Red dragons, blue dragons, green dragons, black dragons, white dragons… these five types of dragons are generally considered evil dragons due to their violent nature.


Among the five-color evil dragons, the red dragon is the strongest in terms of individual strength.


In addition, there are many other dragons.


Golden dragons, silver dragons, bronze dragons, brass dragons, copper dragons, and other kind and orderly metal dragons, amethyst dragons, crystal dragons, jade dragons, sapphire dragons, topaz dragons, and other neutral gemstone dragons.


The above are the most common dragons, and there are also some very rare true dragons.


For example, amber dragons, ocean lord dragons, celestial dragons, spiked ancient dragons, mirror dragons, inferno dragons…


There are many types of true dragons, and they can sometimes mutate and pass on their mutations, branching out and creating new dragon species. Therefore, the true number of true dragon species is difficult to count, and even the dragon inheritance cannot contain them all.


Returning to the story, after being discovered and warned by Saga, the hatchling dragon showed no embarrassment on its face.


The little mother dragon stared at Saga with her ruby-like red vertical pupils.


She raised her head high and looked at Little Saga with a proud and contemptuous gaze. At the same time, she used her tail to wrap the eggshell fragments and brought them to her mouth. Instead of directly eating them, she extended her tongue and licked the eggshell, spreading the faint fragrance of dragon saliva evenly.


She had already put the eggshell fragments into her mouth several times, and then, as if to tease Saga, she deliberately used her tongue to roll them out again and continued to play with them.


In the increasingly dark expression on Saga's face, the little mother dragon, with her malicious behavior, fully demonstrated her extraordinary and flexible tongue for more than ten seconds.




Ah-woo… After giving Saga a provocative look, the little mother dragon tilted her head back and threw the eggshell fragments into the air, opening her mouth, ready to swallow them.


When the little mother dragon made a move, Little Saga realized what he needed to do.


Due to being born earlier, the little mother dragon was much stronger and larger than Saga. Even if he couldn't win, Saga had to show his fangs and fierceness, letting the other party know that he was not someone to be bullied at will.


When the little mother dragon's tail wrapped the eggshell fragments and threw them into her mouth, Little Saga let out an immature yet fierce roar.


Thanks to the dragon inheritance, Saga knew how to use his body to fight even though he had just been born.




As soon as the roar sounded, Saga tightly grasped the ground with his short limbs and exerted force. His small and cute wings flapped hard, and his short and round dragon tail swayed to adjust his balance.


Little Saga leaped swiftly towards the little mother dragon, who was not far away.


Because he had just been born and his body had not fully grown, Little Saga looked chubby and round, but his movements were agile and nimble, like a golden and agile fat cat.


Although dragons have scales and claws, they are not reptiles.


The body movements and proportions of dragons are more like those of feline hunters.


At the same time.


To Saga's surprise, while he was focused, an invisible and intangible strange power rose from all directions, entwining his body like ripples.


This strange power greatly reduced the gravitational restraint from the earth.




Saga's movements brought about a swift sound of wind.In the midst of the wind, with the surprised gaze of the little mother dragon and the astonished eyes of the Red Dragoness, Saga's body was like a golden flame, moving at an extremely fast speed, and in an instant, he arrived in front of the little mother dragon.


Saga didn't have time to study the strange power within his body.


Taking advantage of the little mother dragon's dazed state, he extended his dragon claws and grabbed her shoulders on both sides. With a forceful push, he pushed her back, then lowered his head and used a dragon's charge, using his not-so-sharp dragon horn to hit the little mother dragon's chest, and then forcefully lifted his neck, suddenly raising his head.


Caught off guard, the little mother dragon, who was a size larger than Saga, was directly lifted off.


The power of a true dragon's charge should not be underestimated, even if Saga was just a hatchling.


She tumbled a few times and ended up in a rather embarrassed position, lying on her back.


With the intention of pursuing victory, Saga immediately jumped up and, before the little mother dragon could get up, he used his own body to press down on her, taking advantage of his weight and posture.




Saga's entire body pressed down without any hesitation, heavily pinning the little mother dragon underneath him.


At this moment, the little mother dragon had just put the fragments of Saga's eggshell into her mouth and was still rolling them around with her tongue, not having had the chance to swallow them yet.


Saga's attack speed and fierce assault were not at all like that of a newly born hatchling.


The Mother Dragon, who was watching from the side, looked at Saga in astonishment.


Under this series of unexpected and rapid attacks, the little mother dragon had not yet recovered and was in a dazed and passive state.


Saga did not stop his actions.


While the little mother dragon was in a dazed state, Saga quickly extended his dragon claw and reached directly into her mouth.


The external scales of a dragon were as hard as iron.


However, at least the flesh inside a hatchling dragon's body was still soft.


Because he first touched the opponent's mouth, the sensation of tenderness came first, followed by the sticky and hot dragon saliva.


The temperature that could make Saga, who possessed the bloodline of a red dragon, feel hot was naturally unimaginable.




The little mother dragon, with her mouth blocked, had a blank expression in her eyes. She never expected Saga to react and act so quickly. She wanted to say something but could only make incomprehensible whimpering sounds.


At the same time, because her throat was accidentally touched by the dragon claw, the little mother dragon experienced this for the first time, feeling a mixture of shame and anger.


Feeling both shame and anger, she also felt a strange and contradictory sensation in her throat.


Saga did not hesitate and decisively reached out with his other hand.


Splat… The dragon claw took the fragments of the eggshell that had been in the little mother dragon's mouth for a moment and pulled them out. The claw and the fragments of the eggshell were still covered in some shiny saliva.


The hatchling dragon, feeling some pain from the powerful movement of the dragon claw in her mouth, became angry and embarrassed.


As a hatchling dragon who had been born almost a month earlier than Saga, her size, strength, reaction speed, and other attributes should have surpassed Saga by a lot. But in this friction, due to her momentary negligence, she was instead at a disadvantage, which made it difficult for her to accept.


When Saga withdrew his dragon claw, the little mother dragon regained her senses and bit down suddenly. Her sharp and overlapping dragon teeth closed together.




A crisp and loud sound echoed in the spacious Dragon's Nest.


Saga promptly took the eggshell out of the little mother dragon's mouth and, at the last moment, retracted his dragon claw, avoiding being bitten. Otherwise, with Saga's newly born scale hardness, it would definitely have been bitten open, injuring the flesh beneath the dragon scales.


After retracting his claw from the little mother dragon's mouth, in order to prevent the fragments of the eggshell from being taken back by her, Saga quickly took a few steps back and then lowered his head to see the dragon claw that was stained with shiny saliva. Almost instinctively, he leaned closer and took a sniff.


It smelled like the fragrance of a flame flower blooming in a magma lava field, hot and with a hint of freshness.


Surprisingly, the dragon saliva of the little mother dragon actually smelled good.


Saga opened his mouth, wanting to eat the retrieved fragments of the eggshell, but when he thought about the fact that the eggshell had just been taken out of the other's mouth and was still covered in that creature's saliva, Saga stopped this thought, even though it smelled good.


Saga picked up the fragments of the eggshell and vigorously shook them.


Then he wiped them on his own dragon scales.


At this time, the little mother dragon, who had already reacted, stood up straight and stared at Saga with vertical pupils.


In general, the higher the intelligence of a creature, the more expressive their facial expressions and psychological activities would be. Dragons were no exception. And since Saga's thoughts were not concealed in the slightest, the somewhat disdainful expression was clearly written on the still immature dragon face.


After seeing Saga's disdainful expression, the little mother dragon seemed to have been greatly insulted and her anger surged.


"Saga, my foolish little brother, you will pay the price for your arrogance and arrogance!"


The little mother dragon deliberately lowered her voice, making her voice sound deeper and more oppressive.However, this was only the voice in the Mother Dragon's imagination. When it actually reached Saga's ears, the immature tone, combined with her deliberate attempt to lower her voice, turned into a strange, unnatural falsetto, almost causing the Hatchling Dragon to lose control of its expression.

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