Chapter 36 – Yekaterina’s Ambition

In the depths of the Storm Ocean, there is a peculiar sea area.

Every drop of seawater here is filled with rich elemental energy and carries a strong dragon aura. Many dragon veins and sea creatures live here, as well as magical creature tribes such as the Grey Beak Demon Bird, the Dreamy Jellyfish, and the Thunderfish. Countless mysterious creatures inhabit this area.

Traces of magic can be found throughout the sea, and due to unnatural factors, the water here has a golden shimmer, hence its name.

– Golden Sea.

In the central position of the Golden Sea, where the golden glow is the most intense, there is a huge and majestic island.

The floating island on the golden liquid-like sea resembles a dormant giant beast.

It has dense forests, tall mountains, glaciers, deserts, beaches… all kinds of terrains.

There are countless dragon figures moving between the islands.

There is a golden dragon with a chin beard and golden scales.

There is a silver dragon with an elegant and magnificent figure and silver-like scales.

There is a bronze dragon with a brass-like texture and warm luster, with some dark brown spots on its scales.

There is a copper dragon with reddish-brown edges and eyes like turquoise.

There is a bronze dragon with bronze scales and blue-black edges, with a streamlined body and smooth scales.

… The five types of metal dragon clans, from hatchling dragons to ancient dragons, can all be seen here.


The sea churns, and countless translucent golden water splashes scatter in all directions. Even in the darkness of night, they are still bright. Dragons break through the sea, flying out from the golden liquid-like water, soaring in the air, and then landing on the island.

Below the island, at depths ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of meters, lies the deep-sea dragon city beneath the massive dragon island.

Towering and magnificent, with dragon scale patterns, dragon statues with soaring wings, and a grand volume, these palaces are made of shiny metal and have distinct dragon architectural characteristics. Many true dragons reside and roam here, along with countless giant whales, sharks, deep-sea giant squids, and bottom-dwelling fish and other lifeforms living on the outermost edges, admiring the radiance of the true dragon scales.


A figure with a reddish-gold color rushes towards the surface of the sea.

The sea surface rises and shatters.

Amidst the cluster of countless water droplets, the figure with a reddish-gold color breaks through the sea, travels from the habitat of the deep-sea dragon city to the dragon island, hovers for a while, and then stops on a beach of the dragon island.

In her field of vision is an endless expanse of golden sea.

Moonlight falls and shines on this little dragon, who is different from many metal dragons. It reflects in her ruby-like eyes, making the radiating golden threads inside more prominent.

This is Yekaterina, brought to the deep-sea dragon city by the Golden Dragonfather.

“Thorn Isle, Mother, and my foolish little brother…”

The Little Dragoness murmurs, showing her teeth when mentioning Saga, but at the same time, a different look appears in her eyes.

“Hmph, my foolish little brother, I haven’t determined a winner with you yet. When I pass the young dragon stage and can go out, I will return to Thorn Isle and let you know how formidable I am.”

Shaking her head, Yekaterina thinks to herself.

At the same time, a small figure flies over and lands in the beach area where Yekaterina is.

This is a golden dragon slightly larger than Yekaterina, about five meters in length. It is also a Little Dragoness, a hatchling dragon.

The golden dragon hatchling looks at Yekaterina.

The other party’s red color like a gem, and the scale color with golden threads, make it very curious.

Approaching Yekaterina, the little golden dragon says, “Hello, lovely… um… Copper Dragon? How should I address you?”

Yekaterina glances at the little metal dragon, who is strong and has golden scales. Although she is a female, she still reminds her of Saga.

“Both have golden scales, but not as good-looking as Saga’s.”

“Its scales are just a common circular mosaic structure, but Saga’s are like diamonds…”

Yekaterina thinks in her heart.

“Are you an outsider dragon?”

“Well, what kind of dragon are your parents? You look special, but I don’t seem to know you.”

“Are you new to Dragon City?”

The little golden dragon continues to approach, asking curiously.

“Stay away from me.”

Yekaterina snaps back to her senses, looks at the little golden dragon, and says, while flicking her tail. Her eyes turn into vertical pupils, showing a guarded and impatient attitude.

In the deep-sea dragon city and the dragon island, the same clan of dragons that the little golden dragon encounters are generally friendly and easy to talk to.

Being reprimanded by Yekaterina, it is slightly stunned.

Due to the harmonious nature of the metal dragon clan, the little golden dragon is well protected. It ignores Yekaterina’s warning and continues to approach.”You seem very nervous, don’t be afraid, I just want to be friends with you.”

With these words, the little golden dragon approached step by step, moving slowly and without any guard, indicating that it had no ill intentions. It even revealed a warm and gentle smile full of goodwill.

However, its goodwill was not reciprocated.

“I told you, stay away!”

A low growl.


Yekaterina was quick-tempered, and because the other party ignored her warning, she could no longer suppress her rising anger. She spread her dragon wings, like a flame interwoven with red and gold, and without a second word, she pounced on the little golden dragon.

This fierce posture was reflected in the little golden dragon’s astonished eyes.

Along with it, was the rapidly enlarging dragon claw.


With one swipe, the little golden dragon’s head tilted, and the entire dragon was sent flying, drawing a pitiful parabola in the air before falling into the shallow sea beyond the beach.

“You……………… hit me…….”

The little golden dragon staggered, steadied itself, only to feel dizzy.

The competitive nature of dragons made it growl, spread its wings, and pounce at Yekaterina.


A few minutes later.

“I’m going to tell the elders in Dragon City, you hit a dragon for no reason, you’re so fierce.”

The bruised little golden dragon left crying and holding its head, going to complain to the dragons.

This little dragoness was slightly larger than Yekaterina, but in terms of strength, speed, defense, and other attributes, she was inferior and was suppressed by Yekaterina. She was not an opponent at all and was beaten up throughout.

“Head of the Metal Dragons, Head of the Good Dragons? That’s all.”

The ‘Red Dragon’ exhaled a breath of hot air, sneering.

As for complaining…………Yekaterina didn’t care, she knew the status and power of the Golden Dragonfather who brought her to Dragon City.

Moreover, the dragon clan respects strength.

Even the Metal Dragon clan is the same.

It’s just a minor injury, just a play fight between the young ones, no elder would care.

“I’m far behind my detestable brother.”

“Saga could make me suffer as soon as he was born, although mainly because I was careless…………..”

The little dragoness lay on the ground, slightly looking up at the vast starry sky.

“My stupid and detestable brother.”

“What are you doing now?”

“What should I do in the Sea Dragon City? I don’t fit in here.”

Time passed like flowing water, the little dragoness bathed in the moonlight, quietly thinking.

Seemingly having thought of something, the little dragoness suddenly stood up, put her claws on her waist, and burst into wild laughter.

“Hahaha, I’m going to beat up all the famous hatchling dragons in the Sea Dragon City!”

“I’m going to rule all the metal hatchling dragons here! Let them all live in my shadow, only looking up to me, Saga will definitely be jealous of me!”

Meanwhile, inside the Sea Dragon City.

In a particularly luxurious palace, made of gold and mithril, adorned with many gems.

The Golden Dragonfather’s gaze shifted slightly, revealing a strange expression.

“It seems the little dragons in the city are in for a hard time.”

“But it’s also good, this generation of hatchling dragons have been living too comfortably under the protection of the city, they need a bit of a setback.”

“However, Yekaterina, the power you possess……… can already affect ordinary lifeforms, and it seems to be growing.”

Under the night sky, at the place where Yekaterina broke out of the sea, many small marine creatures such as fish, shrimp, and crabs were floating belly-up, as if they had been eroded by some strange power and had lost their lives.

“Whether it’s good or evil, you are my daughter, my bloodline, I just hope this power of yours won’t backfire.”

The Golden Dragonfather frowned slightly, then slowly relaxed.

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