Chapter 37 – Dragon Vein Storm Bear

Bathed in the moonlight, Saga flew all the way, his golden figure passing over Thorn Isle.

Yakan Volcano, at the foot of the mountain.

In the winter, the distant land was covered in white snow, but the ground here had a scorching temperature, like a hot summer day, causing the air to distort slightly.

The temperature in the air was at least sixty degrees, but Saga didn’t feel any discomfort.

Before the hatchling dragon was officially born, it needed to soak in magma to absorb fire attribute energy. As a red dragon outsider, Saga was not afraid of high temperatures and flames.


Looking at a rough and deep cave in the foothills, Saga shouted inside.

Immediately, heavy footsteps sounded, and the ground around trembled, raising layers of dust and tiny stones.

A person stood up, a giant bear standing nine meters tall, stepping out of the cave. Its fiery red fur swayed in the wind, as if it were burning flames.

Ulysses, the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear, one of the leaders of the Red Dragoness’s followers.

“Your Highness Saga, do you have any business?”

The Dragon Vein Rampage Bear was fierce and imposing, but its voice was very gentle when speaking to Saga.

As Saga knew, Ulysses was the Dragon Vein follower who had been with the Red Dragoness the longest. It had the highest combat power besides the Red Dragoness. The Red Dragoness was the empress of the Ashen Nest, and Ulysses, this Rampage Bear, was like the first general under the empress.

In the battle to capture Thorn Isle from the Rosen Kingdom, the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear, with a life level lower than legendary, managed to hold back a human legend from the enemy at the cost of severe injuries. It bought time for the Red Dragoness to defeat the enemy’s high-level forces. The scars on its bear face were left from that battle.

It was a bit of a waste to have Ulysses deal with the Troll Clan, mainly because Saga wanted to see the performance of the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear. He had been curious for a long time.

“Mother asked me to be in charge of the tax collection in various areas. The Troll Clan didn’t obey orders and showed hostility towards me.”

Saga shook his head and said.

After hearing Saga’s words, Ulysses, who was not one to smile, frowned, and a bloodthirsty light flickered in its eyes.

“Your Highness, I understand.”

“Disrespecting Your Highness Saga is disrespecting the Crimson Flame Empress.”

“Disrespecting the empress requires paying the price of blood and death.”

After nodding at Saga, the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear took big steps, its limbs on the ground, rumbling and shaking the ground like an armored vehicle, rushing towards the location of the Troll Clan.

“It’s good to have followers. Many things don’t need to be done personally.”

“The lord just needs to give orders, and the followers take care of the rest.”

Saga blinked his eyes and looked at Ulysses’s departing figure.

Unfortunately, both Yieona and Ulysses were followers of the Red Dragoness, not his, Saga’s.

Every blade of grass and every tree on Thorn Isle also belonged to the Red Dragoness.

In a few years, when Saga had the power to survive outside, he would need to leave the Red Dragoness’s territory. It would be difficult to have powerful followers like the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear.

However, Saga was not discouraged when he thought about these things.

“Sooner or later, I will have my own territory and followers.”

Under the sunlight, the hatchling dragon raised its head and thought so.

Hoo hoo.

Saga waved his dragon wings, flew up in the strong wind, soared from hundreds of meters high in the sky, and chased after Ulysses.

The Dragon Vein Rampage Bear had a strong physique. When it ran on the ground, its fiery red fur flew, like a burning flame, igniting the night. It rampaged along the way, leaving behind a large number of tree and rock debris.

If it were on a flat plain, it would be difficult for Saga to catch up with Ulysses at his current speed.

However, this was a mountainous forest with changing terrain.

Saga had no obstacles in the sky, while the Dragon Vein Rampage Bear encountered many obstacles on the ground. Therefore, as a hatchling dragon, Saga could barely catch up with the powerful Dragon Vein Rampage Bear.

Time passed slowly.

After a few short minutes, Saga and Ulysses approached the swamp where the Troll Clan was located.

After a day of fierce battle, the exhausted trolls had already returned to their fur tents or wooden and stone houses to rest.

But with a louder and louder rumbling sound, and the ground trembling from slight to intense, some trolls were awakened.

In a towering stone house adorned with brass and black iron frames, the first to wake up was the muscular troll chieftain, over three meters tall.

“Wow!”It let out a loud cry, simultaneously picking up a thick, blood-stained war hammer and running out of the stone house.

Upon hearing the call of their leader, hundreds of trolls woke from their slumber and gathered together.

The troll leader’s face was solemn as he stared in the direction of the disturbance.

In the dark jungle, a cluster of colors as bright as flames was rapidly approaching, as conspicuous as the golden silhouette of the Hatchling Dragon above it.


Hundreds of meters away, under the watchful eyes of the trolls, a burst of fire suddenly leapt into the sky, tracing a dangerous arc like a falling star, and plummeted towards the most densely packed area of trolls.

“Rau Makaba!”

The troll leader sensed danger, his pupils contracted, and he roared.

The gathered trolls immediately scattered.

At the same time, the fast-moving fireball had already hit the ground.


In the deafening noise, the rare land surrounded by the swamp shattered, forming a circular pit nearly a hundred meters in diameter. At the same time, cracks that looked like spider webs or lightning extended to further places. A ring of fire also erupted, sweeping across the ground.

In the pit, flames were burning fiercely, illuminating the night.

The Dragon Vein Berserker Bear, with blood-red eyes and hot breath from its mouth, walked out of the pit. Inside, one could vaguely see more than twenty bodies that had been shattered and charred.

More than fifty trolls were affected by the explosion of the fire ring. They howled, rolling in the swamp mud. By the time the flames were extinguished, their bodies had been severely burned, their flesh blurred.

The trolls’ pride in their regenerative abilities was useless against the fire that restrained them.

Fire and strong acid were the abilities the trolls feared the most.

The night wind fluttered, the treetops swayed.

The Dragon Vein Berserker Bear stood up, with a shoulder height of nine meters. Its robust body and fierce aura carried an astonishing oppressive force. Sparks erupted from its fur, connecting and igniting into a raging fire.

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