Talk about the follow-up of this book – Talk about the follow-up of this book

Some readers have given feedback that there are too many stitched elements and the style is very different from the previous book, as if it was written by a different person.


Let me explain here.


Reading it feels like it was written by a different person.


For me, this is actually a kind of praise.


Because I hope to be able to write something different, instead of writing another book titled "Dragon Emperor" disguised as Saga.


Readers who have come from the previous book should have noticed that Saga and Dragon Kind have distinct personalities.


Unlike the previous book, which mainly focused on the Great Circle, only involving Olympus and the old multiverse at the end, the main storyline of this book is determined to be the contact and collision between different limited multiverses, including but not limited to Warcraft, Warhammer, Magic: The Gathering, Diablo, Dungeon Fighter, and so on. As for the limited multiverse setting, many readers who have read the previous book understand it, so I won't go into detail here.


This is also the reason why there are more stitched elements, to make it easier for the main storyline to unfold.


However, since readers have brought it up, it means that there are some problems here. In order to improve this, I will take a more gradual approach to make the appearance of different elements smoother, but it is impossible to completely eliminate them, because that is the tone of this book, and it will involve many different elements.


The main storyline that has already been determined will not be changed.


In addition, this book is named "Dragon Emperor" and has nothing to do with Dragon Kind.


Firstly, in the book, it means the emperor of the dragon race. Secondly, outside the book, I hope to achieve outstanding results in the dragon genre.


(The author also has a little ambition, and according to the feedback from the editor, the current data is indeed very good, better than "Time Dragon". If it can be maintained, maybe it can reach a new height, even the top of the new book rankings, which was previously only something to look at.)


In order to achieve this wish, I really need the support of all readers.


If readers have any suggestions, feel free to speak up. I will read and consider them, and if there are any problems, I will solve them; if there are no problems, I will optimize them, and try my best to make this book better and go further, matching its title.


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