Chapter 2 – Five Color Dragon Culture

Saga's scale pattern cannot be said to be exactly the same as that of the Red Dragon hatchling, but rather completely different.


Even though Saga's body shape is roughly similar to that of the Red Dragon, because of this unique scale pattern, it is difficult for any creature to associate him with the Red Dragon.


Thanks to the golden dragon scales, if Saga is considered a golden dragon hatchling, from a distance, some creatures might mistake him for one. However, for those who have a certain understanding of dragons, as long as they take a closer look, they will realize that Saga is completely different from a golden dragon.


"Three pairs of dragon horns, and golden dragon scales that resemble diamonds…………"


Saga blinked his eyes and looked down at his dragon claws.


He had a total of five toes, four in the front and one slightly further back near the wrist. His dragon claws were covered in fine, golden scales that shone like gold. The rest of his body had the same scale pattern, and at the sharp tips of his claws, it was as if there were crystal diamonds.


"Am I considered a golden dragon or a red dragon? Or neither?"


The little hatchling pondered.


At the same time, after Saga revealed his true name, the Red Dragoness relaxed.


Looking at her unique offspring, the Red Dragoness showed a hint of surprise in her eyes.


Although there had been a mutation, since Saga was able to speak his true name, there was no doubt that he was a true dragon. However, whether this mutation was good or bad… the Red Dragoness silently wondered as she looked at Saga.


The Red Dragoness didn't mind Saga's different appearance.


True dragon mutations were quite common.


Dragons were creatures that easily underwent mutations, and dragons that underwent mutations were generally referred to as outsider dragons.


Whether these mutations were good or bad, the bad cases couldn't even accept the inheritance of dragons and were driven out of the dragon's nest as dragon beasts. On the other hand, the good mutations endowed outsider dragons with extremely powerful talents, far stronger than normal true dragons.


In the eyes of the Red Dragoness, as long as Saga could accept the inheritance and obtain a true name, it meant that he was a true dragon, and that was enough.


Originally, the Red Dragoness had a total of five dragon eggs.


The first one to hatch was a female hatchling, the largest in this clutch of dragon eggs, known as the "Dragon Sister." Then, the next three were dragon beasts that didn't accept the dragon's inheritance and had already been thrown out of the dragon's nest. As for Saga, who had undergone a mutation, he was the last one to hatch and the smallest in the clutch.


The Red Dragoness was quite surprised by the two hatchlings she had given birth to.


There had been obvious mutations in Saga.


The appearance of his scales didn't resemble that of a proper red dragon.


And besides Saga, the female hatchling born before him also had significant mutations.


Saga didn't know what the Red Dragoness was thinking.


He heard a tender dragon's roar.


Turning his head, a red hatchling, several times larger than him, appeared in Saga's field of vision.


It didn't look like it had just been born; it had already hatched several weeks ago and was bigger than Saga.


In Saga's view, the red hatchling's red color wasn't pure.


On its fiery red scales, one could see radiating golden patterns that covered its entire body. Its ruby-like pupils also had this strange radiating golden pattern………. Although its mutations weren't as obvious as Saga's, and it still had the outline of a red dragon, like Saga, it was also an outsider dragon.


"The one who was born before me, my sister……"


Saga, who couldn't figure out his own state, withdrew his gaze from the Dragon Sister and looked up at the colossal Red Dragoness, weakly asking.


"Mother, am I a golden dragon or a red dragon? In my inheritance, it seems to mention that I am a golden dragon, and I am a bit confused about this."


The Red Dragoness remained expressionless and said, "My child, you have accepted the inheritance of the red dragon. Although you have undergone a mutation and your appearance is different from that of a normal red dragon, you are a genuine outsider red dragon."


"You have nothing to do with the golden dragon, and there may have been a small mistake in the content of the inheritance."


"When you grow up, if you encounter a golden dragon, remember to beat them to the ground, showcasing the dragon's might and glory as the leader of the Five-Color Evil Dragons."


The Red Dragoness spoke calmly, lifted her dragon head, and looked deep into Saga's eyes.




As the leader of the benevolent dragons, the golden dragon, and the leader of the evil dragons, the red dragon, were always at odds with each other.


But the emphasis from the Red Dragoness, along with the fact that the other red hatchling had radiating golden patterns and the fleeting reminder in the inheritance, made Saga even more doubtful.


"Regardless, both hatchlings in this clutch are outsider dragons…………"


Both dragons were outsider dragons, and the Red Dragoness could be considered quite skilled in giving birth.


Outsider dragons were common, referring to the overall level of the dragon race, but the actual probability was still quite rare, let alone a clutch where all successfully accepted the inheritance were outsider dragons……….. To a normal true dragon, it was simply unimaginable.


This probability was extremely low."My Outsider traits are even more pronounced."


Saga withdrew his gaze, silently pondering in his heart.


He felt a slight trepidation, unsure whether his mutation was good or bad.


However, what was somewhat comforting was that he looked very healthy. His golden scales shone brightly, his muscles and bones under the scales seemed quite sturdy.


But the strength of a True Dragon was not only in its size, but also in its iron-hard scales, indestructible dragon breath and claws, awe-inspiring dragon might, and outstanding magic talent.


If he could not obtain the Transcendent power of a True Dragon…


His future was uncertain.


"I have received the inheritance and have my own true name."


"There's an eighty to ninety percent chance that this mutation is good."


Regardless, even if it was a bad mutation, even if he became a dragon beast unable to accept the dragon's inheritance, it was still a fortunate thing compared to death.


Saga took a deep breath, turning his gaze to the obsidian-embedded walls of the Dragon's Nest, the tightly packed dark brown ground, and the huge Red Dragoness and the little Mother Dragon beside him.


The Hatchling Dragon smelled a scent that made it feel hungry at this time, and its stomach suddenly rumbled.


Saga lowered his head to see a large amount of crushed eggshell fragments in his sight. The fragrance was coming from these eggshells, wafting into Saga's nose.


The eggshell was the first meal of the dragon species.


The first conflict among the Five-Color Hatchling Dragons in the same nest was often caused by fighting over eggshells. Even after finishing their own, the naturally greedy Five-Color Dragons would still covet the eggshells of other hatchling dragons, and this was also a way to establish their status.


Fighting over dragon eggs.


This was almost an indispensable tradition of the Five-Color Dragons, a part of the Evil Dragon's corporate culture.


Saga instinctively felt an attraction to the eggshells.


The newly born little hatchling dragon moved its short and thick legs, lowered its head, picked up the eggshell fragments with its dragon claws, and quickly put them into its mouth.


Crunch crunch…


The shell of a dragon egg was actually quite hard, not less hard than granite. However, even as a newly born Hatchling Dragon, its claws and teeth were already sharp enough.


The eggshell was quickly chewed into smaller pieces in Saga's mouth, then swallowed by the slightly squinting Hatchling Dragon.


"Hmm… the taste is surprisingly not bad."


Saga's tail moved slightly, and he stomped his little foot claws.


Dragons have a developed sense of taste, and he thought his eggshell tasted a bit like crispy snowflake pastry.


The nutrients contained in the eggshell were indeed high. After eating a dozen pieces of eggshell, Saga felt a faint warmth flowing from his abdomen to his limbs, and his body seemed to be quickly filling up.


Meanwhile, as Saga was happily eating.


Another hatchling dragon, several sizes larger than him, smelled the scent of the eggshell.


The eggshell of a hatchling dragon was a feast.


It extended its bright red tongue to lick its lips, reminiscing about the wonderful taste of the eggshell, then slowly approached step by step.


The hatchling dragon interwoven with golden threads moved, approaching Saga as if he was not there.




Saga stopped eating and looked at his "sister" again.


On her body, the intricate red and gold scales were like clusters of burning golden-red flames. The white dragon teeth were neatly arranged in her mouth. Her neck was neither long nor short, and the proud curve of her neck was full of beauty. Her face was symmetrical, her backline was balanced and graceful, and the proportions of her dragon tail, dragon wings, limbs, and torso were just right.


In dragon aesthetics, she was a well-developed, healthy, and good-looking little Mother Dragon.


Since she hatched before Saga, the little Mother Dragon was Saga's sister.


However, as a Red Dragon of the Five-Color Evil Dragons, Dragon Sister would not take care of Saga, her little brother.


As for why Saga adapted so quickly and thought that the little Mother Dragon was beautiful… it was because True Dragons have eyes that can see beauty, a terrifying aesthetic sense that spans all races.


Even a mud monster has unique beauty in the eyes of a True Dragon.


This aesthetic sense began to show signs at the Hatchling Dragon stage.


In addition, the powerful bloodline of dragons can break through reproductive isolation.


Adult True Dragons who are proficient in transformation magic wander among various races. Due to their terrifying aesthetics and the ability to ignore reproductive isolation, they have created countless dragon descendants, making outstanding contributions to the diversity of species in the multiverse.


At this moment.


Under Saga's gaze, the little Mother Dragon actually picked up a larger piece of Saga's eggshell with her tail in front of Saga, glanced at Saga, and said casually in Dragon Tongue, "Saga, my good little brother, let me taste your egg."


The special cultural habit of Five-Color Dragons to snatch their siblings' eggshells was no exception in this nest of hatchling dragons.

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