Chapter 29 – Relentless

In a certain place in the Frost Forest, just a few dozen miles away from the Yakan Volcano.

A touch of bright red in the snowy white Frost Forest seemed like a burning flame, dazzling.

The hatchling dragon, covered in diamond-like unique scales, was now on all fours, moving rhythmically up and down, breathing heavily, doing some kind of exercise.

While Saga was exercising, Yekaterina, who had slept later than him, was still sleeping in the Dragon’s Nest and showed no signs of waking up in a short time.

Yeyona, who had transformed into human form, was sitting on a branch of a nearby pine tree.

Her ivory-white slender legs, exposed to the cold air, swayed gently with the tree branches.

Watching the small hatchling dragon in front of her, Yeyona recited numbers.

“One thousand one hundred eleven.”

“One thousand one hundred twelve.”

“One thousand one hundred thirteen.”

“One thousand one hundred fourteen.”

“One thousand one hundred fifteen.”


The snow on the ground beneath Saga had been swept away, and compared to the surroundings, it was clearly sunken in a circular area. The soil, which should have been soft, was very compact and had a texture that looked like granite.

If an ordinary bird flew over Saga’s head, it would be pulled to the ground in an instant.

Because there was a layer of super gravity field covering this area under Saga’s control.

Under the pressure of twice the gravity, Saga was extremely disciplined in exercising his body. Since the earthquake happened, Saga had been trying to train himself in this way.

Most dragons are lazy and rarely exercise their physique.

The reason is simple.

For the true dragon, who is a top-level magical creature, they don’t need to do anything. Just by eating, drinking, and sleeping, their physique naturally becomes stronger over time, so they are too lazy to actively train themselves.

Of course, being diligent in training can make the growth of their physique faster.


Saga’s mouth made a heavy breathing sound. When he reached the two thousandth push-up, his limbs were already extremely sore.

At this time, the small hatchling dragon had a total body length of four meters four.

Due to the dragon’s compact muscles, high-density bones, and steel-like scales… this hatchling dragon, who was not even three years old, now weighed a full five tons.

This means that under the influence of twice the gravity field, Saga was enduring a pressure of ten tons.

Even with the physique of a true dragon, Saga was starting to struggle a bit.

A few minutes later.

Saga stopped.

The small hatchling dragon lay directly on the solid and cold ground, giving his sore limbs a moment of rest.

“Your Highness Saga, you are getting stronger and stronger. Your scales shine like red gemstones, and your body is agile and robust. I have never seen a hatchling dragon as beautiful and strong as you.”

Yeyona swayed her exquisite and jade-like feet and smiled coquettishly at the hatchling dragon.

Saga raised his eyelids and glanced at the charming snake woman sitting on the treetop, his eyes dazzled by her exquisite jade feet.

The snake woman’s feet were smooth and delicate, gently swaying. From the tip of her toes to the arch of her feet, the curves were elegant and perfect, with round and smooth toes like white jade, gently curling and stretching. When she raised her ankle, the snow-white and slightly pink delicate skin on the sole of her foot was revealed, catching the eye.

“Yeyona, how many hatchling dragons have you seen?”

After coming back to his senses, Saga shifted his gaze to the delicate face of the snake woman and asked.

Yeyona tilted her head and thought for a moment.

“I have only seen Your Highness Saga and your sister Yekaterina.”

Under the gaze of the small hatchling dragon, Yeyona continued with her soft voice, “But even if I have seen a thousand or ten thousand, even if I have seen all the hatchling dragons on the Saiga Planet, it will not shake your position in my heart, Your Highness Saga.”

“A magnificent true dragon like you, no matter where you go, is like a flame in the dark night, shining brightly and dazzlingly.”

In a tone similar to singing and praising, Yeyona said so.

The small hatchling dragon was very pleased with this self-praise.

“You can say more of these words in the future. I love to hear them.”


Yeyona stuck out her forked snake tongue and said.

Next, while Saga was lying on the ground, he did not completely rest, but changed to another way of training.

The hatchling dragon’s wings extended to both sides, forming a wingspan of nearly six meters.

Hoo, hoo, hoo…

The flapping of the dragon wings stirred up gusts of wind, blowing away the frost and snow on the surrounding trees, as if a gust of ice storm was sweeping towards the distance.

Even in the super gravity field, the power generated by the flapping of the dragon wings was not enough to make Saga take off.

In fact.

Even without the super gravity field, it would be difficult for a dragon with its body structure and weight to fly just by flapping its wings.

Dragon flight is actually a magical ability. During flight, elemental energy spontaneously gathers, allowing the massive and heavy true dragon to soar between the flowing wind and clouds.

The function of the dragon wings is more to stabilize the body and adjust the direction.

Some adventurer teams who are keen on dragon hunting must have spells that block the sky, suppressing the flying ability of true dragons and forcing them into ground battles.

A four-meter-long hatchling dragon should have a wingspan of about five meters.Thanks to his relentless training, Saga’s wingspan had already reached nearly six meters.

The robust and broad dragon wings, just like the vibrant dragon scales, towering dragon horns, and so forth, held a crucial position in the aesthetic standards of dragons.

Saga desired to possess a pair of strong dragon wings that could take flight without the need for magic energy. Therefore, he persistently trained himself using a heavy gravity field.

Time quietly passed amidst the fluttering snowflakes.

Although his spirit and body were already very fatigued, the little Hatchling Dragon was still diligently flapping its wings. At the same time, the snowflakes falling from the sky were repelled by the air pressure created by the dragon wings, forming a blank area around Saga’s body.

At present, Saga was still unable to take flight solely relying on the power of his dragon wings.

However, the training was already showing initial results.

Saga’s dragon wings, whether in terms of length, width, toughness, or the power they carried, were clearly stronger than those of other Hatchling Dragons of the same size.

He firmly believed that as long as he persisted in training his wings, he would eventually be able to soar freely in the sky without the aid of magic energy, and even fly freely in magic-free zones.

By then, if a Caster set up a no-fly spell targeting Saga, the impact on him would be minimal.

After training for a while longer, until his wings were too weak to flap and hung limply at his sides, Saga finally removed the heavy gravity field.

Without the suppression of the heavy gravity field, the little Hatchling Dragon took a long breath, then directly fell back into the snow, belly up, and fell into a deep sleep right there, completely devoid of any dignity.

The best way for a True Dragon to recover was sleep.

Whether it was physical weakness or mental fatigue, for a True Dragon, a good sleep could solve everything. If one sleep wasn’t enough, then two would do.

While Saga was sleeping, Iyeona took on the duty of guarding the Hatchling Dragon. Her pupils became sharp, suddenly vertical, resembling those of a snake, cold and dangerous. At the same time, her body transformed into a small, inconspicuous snake the thickness of a chopstick, coiled on a tree branch.

Day turned into night.

A heavy snow quietly arrived, covering the earth in a blanket of white frost. In some places, the accumulated snow piled up to half a foot high.

Suddenly, a slight tremor appeared on the surface of the snow-covered ground.


A dragon head popped out.

“Ptui, ptui, ptui.”

The little Hatchling Dragon shook its head, spitting out the snow in its mouth.

Looking up at the goose feather-like snowflakes falling from the sky, Saga felt refreshed, and his body seemed to have grown a bit.

“Prince Saga, you’re awake.”

Iyeona, who looked like a small snowball, shook off the snow on her body. Still in her snake form, she said to Saga.

“Um… I slept so well, I want to sleep a little longer.”

Enjoying the experience of sleeping buried under the snow, Saga, who had just popped his head out, dove back in, planning to sleep a little longer.

But at this moment, Iyeona reminded him, “Prince Saga, it seems you have forgotten the Queen’s instructions.”

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