Chapter 30 – Tax mission

After a short silence.


A circle of snow splashed and formed a small wave of snow, at the same time, the body of the little hatchling dragon was completely exposed.

“You should go and collect taxes for the Empress now.”

Yeona reminded with pleasure.

The Red Dragoness had given Saga the task of collecting taxes some time ago.

The Red Dragoness’s main activity area was near the Yakan Volcano, but now the entire Thorn Isle was actually the Red Dragoness’s territory. On Thorn Isle, the Red Dragoness was the uncrowned queen, and no force could rival the Nest of Ashes.

After Thorn Isle was occupied by the Red Dragoness, many sapient beings fled from here.

But there were also some who chose to stay.

Thorn Isle belonged to the noble lord of the Rosen Kingdom, whether it was a dragon or an evil dragon, it made no difference to these beings.

By staying in the Red Dragoness’s territory and living under her protection, as a return, they would pay a certain amount of taxes to the Red Dragoness every year, as a gratitude for the Crimson Flame Empress’s protection. It was completely reasonable.

In winter, it was time to pay the taxes.

With five gold coins as a commission, the Red Dragoness gave Saga a task.

To collect taxes from various sapient beings tribes on Thorn Isle.

Thorn Isle had a total land area of about 200,000 square kilometers, originally the third largest island occupied by the Rosen Kingdom. After being occupied by the Red Dragoness, most of the Rosen Kingdom’s subjects had evacuated, but there were still many sapient beings races living here, all of whom needed to pay taxes to the Red Dragoness. The majority of this was taken care of by the Red Dragoness’s kin, and Saga was only responsible for a small part of it.

The young hatchling dragon, who didn’t have much property, valued every gold coin, so naturally, he happily accepted the task.

It was just collecting protection fees, and it would be an easy task for him to handle it himself.

Saga thought so.

“The Empress has instructed that, for the purpose of training, your task can only be completed by you alone.”

“Your Highness Saga, I won’t follow you anymore.”

The sound of snake scales rubbing against tree branches sounded, accompanied by a cluster of flames that ignited out of thin air, Yeona disappeared from Saga’s sight.

“The Undead’s Nest, the Human Town, the Succubus Territory, the Troll Tribe…”

“Let’s go to the Undead’s Nest first.”

The little hatchling dragon flapped its wings and flew over the winter forest full of frost, tearing through the snowflakes in the sky, flying towards the Undead’s Nest located in the marshes of Thorn Isle.

With heavy snowfall and bitter winds, Saga’s dragon wings created intense friction with the air as they flapped, making a rustling sound.

Facing the wind and snow, Saga looked down.

Looking down at the earth from a high vantage point, the frost-covered forests came into Saga’s view. A layer of ice crystals formed on the surface of the rivers on the island, creating a silver-clad, cold and quiet scene, with rare traces of animal activity.

In winter, especially in snowy weather, most beasts and magical creatures would choose to stay in their own nests to avoid the harshness of winter.

At this time, Saga turned his head and glanced at the Yakan Volcano.

The towering Yakan Volcano stood out, looking out of place amidst the silver-frosted surroundings.

On the mountain that was several kilometers high, not even a trace of snow could be seen. Not only on the mountain, but also on the surface of the area surrounding the Yakan Volcano, there was no trace of snow remaining.

Snowflakes floated down towards the Yakan Volcano, but before they could touch the mountain, they seemed to encounter an invisible barrier and melted into water in mid-air, evaporating into the air.

This special phenomenon at the Yakan Volcano was related to the Red Dragoness.

All dragons had the ability to influence and reshape the surrounding terrain.

Once an adult True Dragon built its nest, the environment around the nest would be influenced by the True Dragon’s aura and become the most suitable environment for the True Dragon to live in. The older and more powerful the True Dragon, the stronger this radiation ability would be.

For example.

The area around a White Dragon’s nest would be filled with ice crystals.

A Green Dragon’s nest would give rise to a forest of vines.

This ability was generally referred to as the Dragon’s Domain. In the Dragon’s Domain, all aspects of a dragon’s abilities would be enhanced. Experienced adventurers would immediately realize the presence of a dragon’s nest when they entered the Dragon’s Domain.

As a Red Dragon, the area around the Red Dragoness’s nest would become hotter, with the earth cracking and blackened, and magma flowing out from the cracks.

In the vicinity of the ancient Red Dragon’s nest, there would even be energy vortexes connecting to the plane of fire elements. Fire elemental beings from other planes would often choose to follow the ancient Red Dragon and become guardians of the dragon’s nest.

The Red Dragoness disliked cold environments the most.

So even in the winter with snowflakes flying, under the influence of the Red Dragoness’s power, the area around the Yakan Volcano still maintained a dry and scorching special environment.

Saga had the bloodline of a Red Dragon.

But because of his outsider status, he didn’t dislike cold environments like the Red Dragoness did. He didn’t feel any discomfort in the winter, but instead found the frost-covered world to be a different kind of scenery.

In the freezing cold wind, the young dragon’s body glided through the frosty forest, flew over low hills, and crossed frozen rivers, heading north.

Although his flying speed was affected by the snowstorm, Saga still arrived at the northern edge of Thorn Isle, near the area close to the Whirlpool Sea, in a short amount of time.


Saga heard the sound of waves crashing against the rocks, the sound of rolling and boiling.

Looking into the distance in the air.

An endless expanse of blue ocean came into view, with surging waves emerging layer by layer, sparkling water splashing everywhere. Due to the strong winds, the waves even rose several meters high, and the sea in sight was as turbulent as boiling water.

Turning his gaze.

Saga looked towards an area that was still a distance away from the coastline.

In a winter world clad in silver frost, there were desolate ruins filled with deathly silence, broken walls and ruins filled his vision, dilapidated buildings, and scattered withered bones could be vaguely seen under the black snow.

Above the ruins, there was a cluster of gray-black deathly aura.

Ordinary beings couldn’t see it, but as a top magical creature, Saga could see that deathly aura.Snowflakes fell from the sky, passing through the aura of death, tainted and corroded by it. When they landed on the ground, they turned into a blackish-gray color, spreading an ominous hue across the ruins. The ground was covered with a heavy layer of black snow, born in this manner.

The Undead Nest.

Sometimes, the residents of Thorn Isle also referred to it as the Ruins of the Undead.

The Ruins of the Undead were born five hundred years ago.

Five hundred years ago, a caster proficient in necromancy came to Thorn Isle, secretly set up a dark laboratory, captured the residents of Thorn Isle who belonged to the Rosen Kingdom for evil human experiments, explored the mysteries of flesh and soul, studied necromancy, and thus gave birth to the Ruins of the Undead.

Necromancers are one of the eight schools of casters, and also the most notorious.

On Saiga Planet, there is a necromancer joke that actually happened in an adventurer team.

Warrior: “My wife and children were killed by a demon, I want to seek revenge!”

Priest: “My holy light will guide your way.”

Knight: “My heavy sword will cut through your confusion.”

Ranger: “My arrows will shoot into the darkness for you.”

Necromancer: “The fresh corpses of your wife and children will fight alongside you, shielding you from harm.”

Warrior, Priest, Knight, Ranger: “……………Evil one, meet your end!”

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