Chapter 28 – The Story of the Red Dragoness and the Golden Dragonfather

Hearing this, Little Saga already guessed the direction of the story.

However, Saga was puzzled. According to the age of Golden Dragonfather, he should at most be an ancient dragon. Ancient dragons are indeed powerful, even among legendary creatures, but it is unimaginable for them to grow to the level of Golden Dragonfather.

How did Golden Dragonfather achieve this?

Could it be that he received the blessing of the Platinum Dragon God?

The Platinum Dragon God favors golden dragons the most, so it is only natural for him to bestow blessings upon them. If he is pleased enough, he might not even require them to believe in him – Saga thought.

In addition, the relationship between different dragon species within the entire dragon clan is actually quite delicate.

For example, the Five-Colored Dragon and the Metal Dragon are hostile towards each other and tend to fight when they meet.

But under normal circumstances, these fights would not be fatal. After all, they are of the same kind, and the fight usually ends with one side beating the other and the loser signing a series of unequal contracts as a result.

However, if they encounter special circumstances.

For example, if a golden dragon is severely injured and in critical condition, even if it encounters a Red Dragon, as long as the Red Dragon does not pose a threat, it would lend a helping hand.

Of course, it would demand a lot of compensation afterwards.

Saga believed that the Red Dragoness must have taken good care of the legendary golden dragon and discovered the kind side within the evil dragon during its recovery, eventually falling in love with each other.

Thinking of this, Saga couldn’t help but smile.

What a beautiful love story.

However, the Red Dragoness shattered Saga’s beautiful imagination with her next words.

It turned out that the beautiful, evil, and clever little Red Dragon, upon discovering the critically injured legendary golden dragon, directly poured tons of golden dragon blood. Taking advantage of the golden dragon’s unconsciousness, she used the blood to create a devil summoning formation, and under the witness of a demon from hell, she made a blood contract with the unconscious golden dragon.

Moreover, because it happened to be during a period of strong desire and longing for the opposite sex, the legendary golden dragon, who was obtained through enslavement, was very attractive. So, when the golden dragon just woke up, the Red Dragoness took advantage of his weakness and couldn’t help but… and because Golden Dragonfather’s resistance was not very strong… the Red Dragoness directly forced herself upon Golden Dragonfather.

“This… the Red Dragoness directly forced herself upon Golden Dragonfather!”

Little Hatchling Dragon widened his eyes, a little surprised, but upon careful thought, it seemed only natural.

This was very much in line with the Red Dragoness’s style.

The story continued, and Saga listened carefully.

Under the lustful power of the Red Dragoness, the recently arrived Golden Dragonfather was in pain and pleasure, submitting to her. However, due to his inner sense of justice, even with the blood contract and even after being slept with by the Red Dragoness, he would not agree with everything she said. For example, when faced with the task of robbing people’s treasures, he would firmly refuse unless the Red Dragoness could provide a reasonable and justifiable reason.

But even so, the legendary golden dragon obtained through enslavement allowed the Red Dragoness to enjoy a period of dominance on the Clair Continent.

From the expression on the Red Dragoness’s face, Saga could guess that this was probably the happiest time of her life.

Speaking up to this point, the expression on the Red Dragoness’s face suddenly became gloomy.

Little Saga anxiously asked, “And then? What happened after you enslaved my father?”

“And then…”

“That despicable and vile golden dragon secretly set up a spell reversal formation while I was young and careless, reversing the blood contract agreement.”

The Red Dragoness didn’t want to say much here, but Saga already knew that after the blood contract was reversed, the Red Dragoness became the servant of the golden dragon.

After all, it was not surprising that a legendary golden dragon could reverse the blood contract of the young Red Dragoness at that time.

Interestingly, after becoming the master, the golden dragon began to command the Red Dragoness to perform a series of good deeds, such as saving small creatures in distress and actively helping small countries invaded by evil creatures.

For an evil dragon, doing good deeds was extremely humiliating.

This made the Red Dragoness very dissatisfied, but she could only obediently comply.

Little Hatchling Dragon listened with great interest.

Although it wasn’t as beautiful, this kind of love-hate experience sounded pretty good.

Saga patiently waited for the next part, wanting to know how the Red Dragoness and Golden Dragonfather came together and why they eventually went their separate ways.


Buzzing… violent vibrations surged.

As if an earthquake, an area of tens of kilometers around the Yakan Volcano trembled, causing countless creatures living in the Ashen Nest domain to panic.

Due to the intense shaking, even the Dragon’s Nest where Saga was located, reinforced by magic, raised clouds of dust.

At the top of the Yakan Volcano, several kilometers high, cracks began to extend from top to bottom, and countless rocks rolled down the trembling mountainside, falling into the surrounding dense forest, raising endless dust and filling the air.

At a place invisible to Little Hatchling Dragon, the peak of the Yakan Volcano.

Accompanied by the sound of the mountain cracking, billowing black smoke rose into the sky, like roaring demons, covering the sky and dimming the surrounding sky.

The Red Dragoness’s gaze sharpened.

“Saga, stay here and don’t move.”

She said in a deep voice, and then spewed out raging flames, surrounding Saga. In the embellishment of some magic runes, a dragon flame formation was formed, protecting Saga within.

“An earthquake?”

“Or is the Yakan Volcano about to erupt?”

“Isn’t this a dormant volcano?”

“What’s happening?”

In the midst of the earth-shattering commotion, Little Hatchling Dragon felt a little frightened. He looked at the dim sky, curled up into a ball, and hid in the dragon flame formation, holding onto his own tail.

The Red Dragoness’s wings trembled as she left the Dragon’s Nest and flew into the sky.

Without any hesitation, she ascended to the top of the mountain and, after circling, entered the palace standing at the summit.

In the low Dragon Tongue, boundless elemental energy gathered, turning into a sea of flames and flowing light, like a three-dimensional vortex of flames that covered the sky, extending for dozens of kilometers in a funnel shape. The center of the funnel was the Yakan Volcano.From above, a stream of refined fire elemental energy continuously poured into the palace at the peak of Yakan Volcano.

The terrifying spell phenomenon created by the Crimson Flame Empress was seen by all creatures on the islands, rendering them silent.

Under the Red Dragoness’s spell, the tremors of Yakan Volcano ceased.

This sudden and peculiar earthquake seemed not to be of natural origin.

Several days after the earthquake subsided, the Red Dragoness left the palace at the mountain peak and returned to the Dragon’s Nest.

With a hint of fatigue in her eyes, the Red Dragoness deactivated the Dragon Flame Formation and released the Hatchling Dragon.

“Mother, what happened?” the Hatchling Dragon asked.

However, the Red Dragoness just shook her head, not answering Saga’s question.

She closed her eyes and fell asleep directly.

Saga blinked, moved to the edge of the Dragon’s Nest, and peered around at the surrounding scenery.

Cracks spread across Yakan Volcano like branching lightning or a spiderweb, extending directly to the ground at the base of the volcano. Countless deep fissures resembled the gates of hell that devoured life, surrounded by broken tree debris and various sizes of shattered rocks.

On the shattered land, the creatures loyal to the Red Dragoness were rebuilding their nests.

One by one, they were covered in dust and dirt, many with injuries.

“A sight of devastation,” Saga thought silently to himself.

He didn’t know what had happened, but judging by the Red Dragoness’s reaction, she didn’t seem surprised.

After the sudden earthquake, although Saga was still curious about the story between the Red Dragoness and the Golden Dragonfather, looking at the Red Dragoness now, she clearly had no mood to tell stories.

The Hatchling Dragon, who hadn’t eaten for nearly a week, was starving and also not in the mood for stories.

The deep-sea magical serpent brought by the Red Dragoness was still lying nearby. As a nearly legendary magical creature, even after a week, its flesh showed no signs of decay and still emitted a fresh scent.

This tempted the Hatchling Dragon, who had just emerged from the Dragon Flame Formation.

Turning back from the edge and walking into the Dragon’s Nest, Saga didn’t care about the dust and debris splashed on the deep-sea magical serpent due to the earthquake. He tore off the flesh along with the dirt and began to feast.

Yekaterina had been taken away.

These foods, without the dragon to compete with Saga, were now all his.

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